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updated Survival 🟑 Fixed the Next/Previous having a strikethrough in /guides out of the blue, as the developer decided to change how formatting works, thanks for noticing @Deleted User
updated System 🟒 ⚠️ Changed to an entirely different branch of Java to see if this has any effect on the JVM crashes πŸ”΄ ⚠️ Removed All Java JVM Flags, this may reduce performance, but I need to know if these are the cause of issues. this is trial and error. 🟑 Updated Bungee server. updated Survival 🟒 Re-added ships 🟒 Re-added Big animated doors 🟑 Updated Jump pads plugin 🟑 Updated premium suite of essentials plugin 🟑 Updated pet parrots plugin 🟑 Fixed chat plugin after yesterdays aftermath from CloudFlare going down. ℹ️ Yesterday CloudFlare went down, which took down half the internet as it serves as the backbone to most services, Including Discord (If you wondered yesterday why discord wasnt working) PirateCraft website also uses CloudFlarfe, when it took down the website it broke my /motd update script which pulls from the website Forums/Blog posts, which in turn broke the Chat plugin! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed permission create /doors again, the update added new permissions. 🟒 Gave @Admin the /doors ability to re-locate the power block. updated Creative πŸ”΄ Removed Java startup flags from Creative too. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated all the region flags at /spawn πŸ”Έ You can now use buttons/levers at spawn πŸ”Έ You can now kill passive mobs at spawn (Like the chickens people spawn) πŸ”Έ Updated the greeting/farewell messages to include /map in the message. πŸ”Έ Denied using TNT/Flint and steel/frosted ice boots/block-trampling/enderman-grief
updated Survival 🟒 Yo dawg, i heard you like maps, so i made a map of the map map at /spawn πŸ”Έ This player spawned as I put it down and instantly used the /map command, talk about instant use! πŸ”Έ Clicking the Hologram will also run /map Via @Deleted User in #🔭archived-suggestions (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added /tpyes and /tpno as alias for tpaccept/tpdeny via #🔭archived-suggestions by @Cysteen (Next reboot) 🟒 Added /ob and /over as alias for /manoverboard via #🔭archived-suggestions by @Jim25j (Next reboot) ℹ️ The /Mob you suggested is too confusing with mobs in-game.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed all /vote top commands, due to them crashing the server/lagging the server, I found I reported this to the developer a year ago, and he refused to add 1.12.2 support, i will try again as he fixed this in later versions for 1.13+. Thanks for the report @Deleted User ℹ️ Use /vote help to list all the commands you can use with voting. ℹ️ You can still see the top 5 people at /warp cove through the heads in the vote room, I will extend this to top 10.
updated Discord 🟒 Added new temporary channel #🔫guns_testing given the chaotic responses filling #🔭suggestions_chat. PLEASE keep this relevant and helpful. Thanks @Markusi13 <3 🟑 Updated channel names to replace '_' with '-' for consistency per suggestion from @KangyRoo
updated Survival 🟑 Updated brew board with 2 new brews. Good luck!
updated Play server I got the /server play PvP server close to alpha testing, then IRL got in the way and it took a backseat, going for a revive, I will need help with it/ideas on what direction to make it go. Shortcut is in the server list for its own direct connect, currently whitelisted. 🟑 Updated Main PvP plugin 🟑 Updated Anti-Cheat 🟑 Updated protocol hack for newer clients. 🟑 Updated Protocolib 🟑 Updated 4 EssentialsX pluigins 🟑 Updated NPC plugin 🟑 Updated chat plugin 🟑 Updated premium suite of essentails plugin πŸ”΄ Removed Java startup flags (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated VotingPlugin, I managed to get the developer to backwards port his newer versions to 1.12.2 and hes working on fixing heads for 1.12.2 in top lists, this should allow me to re-enable /vote top to stop it crashing the server, but it will show paper instead of peoples heads atm. 🟑 Updated NPCS, Implanted a fix to stop NPCS being stolen using boats. 🟑 Updated Discord plugin from Snapshot to release
updated Survival 🟒 Re-enabled /warp warm-ups for all non-captains/staff. Not sure when this broke, something must have updated with the Premium essentials plugin, At least youve all had a while of instant warp teleport to experience Captain rank teleport speed! πŸ”Έ Added particles for teleport like when you /tpa πŸ”Έ Uses the cool boss-bar timer countdown like /tpa 🟒 Re-added /vote top using later version of plugin that was backdated just for us! πŸ”Έ This is now 1000x faster to load and go through pages. πŸ”Έ Sadly due to how heads changed in 1.13, the backdate wont work with heads, so it just shows paper, but at least its working! πŸ”Έ No longer crash the server. 🟒 Added /vote list to quickly show the vote list, this was a #🔭archived-suggestions from ages ago, that got implemented back then, but it was for 1.13 versions only until today! 🟑 I was forced to change the color system for /vote links, as whatever changes he made, he made it so I cant set colors on URLS otherwise they cant be clicked. LAME puffi , not cool, now we have to have all white urls in vote. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated /warp cove vote room. πŸ”Έ Now shows top 10 monthly voters πŸ”Έ New shows top 7 weekly voters. πŸ”Έ Expensive Blocks to show whos top at first glance.
updated Survival 🟑 Re-made S79 /shop7 to be a popup (Semi shop) instead of a stall & made it much bigger. Re-given to @Fernando Alonso If anyone else wants their stall changed to a popup at shop7 and made bigger, I need to re-make them, since the stalls are basically empty with 1 sign, I will change them all to popups.
updated Survival Spent the entire day changing all Design, Portals, Holograms & Warps for all of /shop warps & Portals so you cant accidently walk into a portal, via #🔭archived-suggestions via @TheTikiTotem @anton requesting all portals be removed, Im not removing the ability for new players to find the market, so I have re-made them all to be impossible (unless you are really stupid) to walk into by accident. Thanks to @Pjeturr helping build & design with me. 🟑 /warp shop πŸ”Έ Redesigned, so the warp is above the portal, so its now impossible to accidently walk into the portal. πŸ”Έ Color coded each Pirate Marketplace, so each market has its own official color. πŸ”Έ Changed the particle effect for all portals. 🟑 /shop1 /shop2 /shop3 /shop4 /shop5 /shop6 /shop7 /shop8 πŸ”Έ Redesigned, so the warp is above the portal, so its now impossible to accidently walk into the portal. πŸ”Έ Created Hologram for every marketplace, made the decision to call these "Pirate Markets" not Pirate shops. πŸ”Έ Changed the particle effect for all portals. πŸ”Έ Gave each market its own color. πŸ”Έ Made all portals exit where the warp exits, so you can never accidently walk into the portal.
updated Survival 🟑 Re-made S81 /shop7 to be a popup (Semi shop) instead of a stall & made it much bigger. Re-given to @Palmerto If anyone else wants their stall changed to a popup at /shop7 and made bigger, I need to re-make them, since the stalls are basically empty with 1 sign, I will change them all to popups.
updated Survival I figured out I can send messages to discord channels using a command in-game, so im going to alert for some automated things. 🟒 Each month we have 2 winners for the most /vote you can check /vote top to see where you are, the top 2 peolpe at the end of the month will win 2 custom items you can see at /warp cove, now this message is broadcast in-game once, so nobody gets to know who won it! So i've set it up to send a message into #🎉β”‚giveaway-events each month when the prizes are given out with the winners username so we can have a full log! 🟒 Added automated messages to be sent into #🛒β”‚marketplace when a shop gets unrented and rented, so we can have a searchable way to track how often they rent/unrent.
updated Survival 🟒 Via @NicoSemsrott in #🔭archived-suggestions gave @Helper use of &f &r in chat for White text and reset to reset to default. 🟑 Via @Fabul0usGandalf in #🔭archived-suggestions Updated /warp ship3 icon on the live map, I also updated the message for the Ship Docks 2 map icon. (edited)
updated Creative 🟑 Updated /doors to work properly again, same permissions as survival.
updated Survival 🟑 Via @☽ kass ☾ in #🔭archived-suggestions Made chairs be able to be longer, from 3 long to a maximum of 10 long. 🟑 @☽ kass ☾ changed the messages when you use chairs which are also now live.
updated Discord 🟑 Via @KangyRoo in #🔭archived-suggestions changed all Discord channels to use underscores as spaces (As i'm used to this in programming too!) Much more consistent not having a mix, sorry @Deleted User for removing all your dashes lol
updated Survival 🟑 Via @gepetrus in #🔭archived-suggestions moved the Live /map Icon for /warp west to its updated location, it was still set in the old warp location.
updated Survival 🟑 Updated /warp travel πŸ”Έ Changed all portal particles to be more dense & changed particle, much easier to see now. πŸ”Έ Moved down all the Holograms to eye level & added additional information per-warp to explain what the areas for.
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Premium suite of Essentails plugin πŸ”Έ I requested using portals should not reset your last location for /back This is now live, you should be able to use portals from today without setting your last location after using them! Via a bug report that was posted in #🔭archived-suggestions 🀣 πŸ”Έ Fixes right clicking heads again to see who's head they are!
updated Survival 🟑 Greatly increased how often the spam/chat filter resets, it was set to reset every 400 seconds, it now resets every 60 seconds via @ratelicious in #🔭archived-suggestions we will see how this works live. Doesn't seem to make sense, Set it back to what it was, and disabled the points system entirely, as its getting blocked no matter what I change this too, what I dont understand how some people are able to spam the same thing over and over, yet in my testing I cant even do it once. Makes no sense. This will have to go on the backburner. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated NPC Admin Shop πŸ”Έ Hopefully fixed hot key bug when using shift+number on all inventory It was the admin shop plugin all along! via #deleted-channel @Nationalistic @Deleted User 🟑 Updated Premium suite of essentials plugin, theres an interesting fix I want to test out. 🟑 Updated head plugin for decorative purposes. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added Via @NicoSemsrott in #🔭archived-suggestions gave @Helper and above /afk and I have also allowed the AFK message /afk [message] to be set staff will not abuse it! 🟒 Added @Moderator and above being able to /afk <user> being able to set AFK status on user. 🟒 Added made @Moderator + exempt from the AFK kick. 🟑 Moved /warp event to Cove museum 🟑 Moved Summer Hell Items NPC to Cove museum (I need to add the newer items to him still) πŸ”΄ Removed all Spawners for Summer Hell event 2020. This event has now ended!
updated Website 🟑 Via @IgnFry in #🔭archived-suggestions Removed the "Chat requires login" from the Livemap, we no longer allow using the live map chat feature, thats reserved for Discord server boosters and staff, cant figure out how to fully remove the "login" on the bottom right tho!
updated PSA for /doors 🟑 Ive been playing detective for a while to figure out the redstone bugs with /doors see #deleted-channel and #🔭suggestions_chat of me talking to myself to figure things out, I figured out these things; πŸ”Έ /doors automatically sets the "power block" a Gold block you will have to place, to control the door via redstone in the centre under the portcullis/drawbridge/sliding door, but I found a few bugs I've reported... πŸ”Έ At present there is a bug where if you use even number of blocks width for say a drawbridge /portcullis/sliding door, it cant properly find a center and will put it in either the left or right center block location, and the door wont work with redstone until a reboot happens (I found the bug and I've reported it). πŸ”Έ You have /doorinfo and /inspectpowerblock when you use /doors and hover over a door, it will give you the ID of the door, you can use this to find the doorinfo which will tell you where to place the power block, its generally in the center unless its a big swinging door where then its directly under the hinge, this is still a pain in the ass, I have suggested a request he adds a system that highlights the block you need to place the "power block" Gold block to control it from redstone, as this is a bit of a pain in the ass, then you can use /inspectpowerblock on the power block. πŸ”Έ Big swinging doors set the "power block" under the hinge not in the center to confuse matters πŸ”Έ once its working with redstone, that power block can be controlled via any redstone, which means you can then set /accesstrust on your claim to people for using buttons/levers but not give them trust permission, for shared farms etc, so then its 1 trust system and not having multiple systems, nice and simple. ℹ️ Ive submitted the bugs that I found out & requested improving visuals for the power block, hopefully it gets added, for now use the steps above to figure out where to place it., (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 pirateship Updated Ships plugin, this should hopefully be a fix for fuel types, I will need to first change the parameters in the ship files to work with this one, but a step closer! This update also added fading wrecks too that needs to be tested. 🟑 diamondUpdated premium suite of essentials plugin, just random fixes nothing major, it did add warp groups which is interesting, I hope it doesn't break my existing laid out warps. 🟑 πŸšͺ Updated /doors plugin, from my previous changelog (Last post, read up) and testing I found some bugs which should hopefully should be fixed in this alpha build. πŸ”Έ The issue with where the power block is placed and requiring a reboot should be fixed, the issue was a cache that needed to be emptied, so now the power block should automatically be placed and work without a reboot, remember find it with /doorinfo πŸ”Έ I got a feature added I requested, having a limit on distance a power block can be re-set at, before this was infinite you could create a power block for a door anywhere in the world! Which is why It had to be disabled, now this has been added, hopefully I should be able to set the maximum distance a power block can be set from a door (The same distance that I use for wireless redstone for the shop plugin!) so not only should the power block be fixed, we should be able to pick and set where it is to power via redstone. 🟑 Updated the server list MOTD to not mention the now closed event. Glad I did that testing and report now. (edited)
updated Discord 🟑 Added the ability to request crew channels, look at #deleted-channel for more information. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Requested in-game, added /suicide with a 30m cooldown. There was a reason I removed it originally, but I cant remember why, so treat this as a temporary thing! Most likely something to do with PVP. #🔭suggestions_chat to remind me why I turned this off originally! It can be a Saturday command yourshoesareuntied
updated Survival 🟑 Updated the NPC at /warp cove Museum that showcases all Summer 2020 Hell event items. πŸ’‘ Suggestion: Each old event should have a corresponding NPC to showcase all existing event items just like this one in the Museum! I challenge you @CallieMav to organise chests of each event with items in! 🀣
updated Discord - Updated to Community Server! parrot Updated the Discord server to a Community server, this gave us a welcome screen for new users, some server insights & announcement channels which will allow you to get changelogs & announcements in your own servers! 🟑 #📢β”‚announcements is now an announcement channel you can follow! 🟑 #📋β”‚changelogs is now an announcement channel you can follow! πŸ”— (edited)
Deleted User 01/08/2020 20:34
updated Website Changelog Round Up - March 2020 🟒 I've started going back to viewing all of the old #📋β”‚changelogs from the start of March to post for you guys on the forums, this will be one of many to come! πŸ”—
Deleted User 02/08/2020 14:55
updated Survival & Website Shop Rules Update: 🟒 Added "Villager breeders and mob farms are not allowed." 🟑 Updated the flashing lights rule to include noteblock songs. This rule will be enforced from the moment this is posted. πŸ”—
updated Website 🟑 Renewed SSL certs for live map, back up 🟑 Renewed SSL certs for Creative live map back up ℹ️ You may need to refresh the map page if it doesn't show!
Minecraft Pirate map. View PirateCraft players live position, chat and health. Talk to players in-game right from the browser.
View full screen. Creative & Hub Live Map This is a live map for the PirateCraft creative and hub server. Anyone can build on the Creative plots world, you can access it in a few ways: From the main survival server you can use /travel, this will show a GUI travel menu to selec...
updated Survival 🟑 @Bazurka made some helpful changes to the racist filter in chat. 🟑 Fixed lighting at /warp shop8 via #🔭suggestions_chat @BGraph (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Another tweak to the chat filtering system from @Bazurka πŸ”Έ Should fix f being filtered. 🟑 Updated JumpPads πŸ”Έ Finally a fix for fall damage (hopefully) 🟑 Updated Anti-Cheat 🟑 Updated Premium Essentials 🟑 Updated Chat plugin 🟑 Updated admin NPC shop plugin 🟑 Updated Mob Farm Manager πŸ”Έ Now check more chunks, not just those around players updated Bungee 🟑 Updated the bungee counterpart for the chat plugin
updated Survival/Creative - For the Team 🟒 For @Admin and @Build Leader Created /setcreativecraftsman <username> & /setsurvivalcraftsman <username> to quickly set craftsman without remembering the long syntax and contexts needed, this defaults at 1 week, you can use it multiple times to add more time. πŸ”Έ Will work next restart, and only from Survival atm. 🟒 For @Admin and @Build Leader Created /removecreativecraftsman <username> & /removesurvivalcraftsman <username> which will remove craftsman without remembering the long syntax or contexts required for creative. πŸ”Έ Will work next restart, and only from Survival atm. 🟑 @Admin Fixed /oe to open EnderChest (edited)
updated Website 🟒 Included enderpearl machines in farms that are not allowed. πŸ”ΈThese have been illegal for a few years but I forgot to add them. 🟑 Fixed wording and general grammar on rules page. πŸ”—
PirateCraft Rules Rules can change at any time, up-to date rules can be found at any time in-game using /rules. You are responsible for all activity on your account and from your IP. The use of alternate accounts is forbidden. General Rules: Be polite & respectful to players A...
Deleted User 07/08/2020 19:41
updated Survival 🟑 Updated rules in-game following the recent rules update (above). 🟑 Updated all info commands as spacing was removed due to a result of an update. πŸ”Έ Fixed outdated info and added some new info. πŸ”Έ Please let me know if there are any typos that I've missed!
Deleted User 10/08/2020 15:40
updated Website 🟒 Added Crew Album. This is so crews can share more than just a single picture of their town, port, etc, to the server gallery. πŸ”Έ If you want your screenshots uploaded, please send them in #📷β”‚media with a description and tag me. ℹ️ I am still accepting screenshots for: &, if you have any that you want to see uploaded, please don't hesitate to ask! πŸ”—
updated Discord 🟑 Created a sperate welcome channel for non verified people, so that verified people don't get private messages from bots.
updated Website 🟒 Added April Changelog blog post catch-up πŸ‘ Massive thanks to @Deleted User doing the core of the blog post by copying all the updates from #📋β”‚changelogs for me to get a massive head start. updated Survival 🟒 I created 2 big banners the other day for the BOTM post, I did them as 2 so that I was able to put these both up at Cove! This means you can also see the BOTM entries (very small) at /warp cove do make sure to look at the full blog post! πŸ”—
All the changes made to PirateCraft Minecraft server in April 2020, a roundup from the changelogs in our discord!
Ahoy you filthy scalawags! It’s that time again… everyone really came together this month and built some marvelous creations. Please enjoy them just as much as I did! Himaji Castle By FatherAnderson This towering Japanese castle looks out over the lands of the north and is fro...
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Protocol Hack plugin (Allows 1.16 clients to connect to 1.12.2 server) 🟑 Updated chat plugin 🟑 Updated NPC Admin shop plugin
updated Website 🟑 Fixed "Forgot Password" link by actually setting it to a link, thanks @Deleted User for the report! 🟑 Changed the update time of the users online widget to update every 60s instead of every 30s which was a bit extreme.
updated Survival 🟒 Added 1.16.2 client support for the 1.12.2 survival. 🟑 Updated Bungee server to support 1.16.2. 🟑 Full OS Distribution minor update / Restart updated Creative 🟑 Updated Protocol Hack plugin (Allows 1.16 clients to connect to 1.12.2 server) updated Test 🟑 Updated Protocol Hack plugin (Allows 1.16 clients to connect to 1.12.2 server) updated Play (Whitelisted) 🟑 Updated Protocol Hack plugin (Allows 1.16 clients to connect to 1.12.2 server)
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed spawn kit still giving out a "Bible" instead of the Pirate Code! So we've had 2 sets of named Bible/The Pirate code for ages! Found this by accident testing kits for mark.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed s64 🟒 Built entire new s64 at /shop4 in a much better location ready to move in @PIPPIP5789 ℹ️ First shop I've done with a basement with chests already in it! Wish I did this and not obsidian rooms for all shops πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ πŸ‘‹ Shop design by @BGraph pinched from Ceylon! ℹ️ @Grafando Your S62 nextdoor could be extended both out back, forwards and in height. If you empty it all out, I can delete and re-create it for you, if someone has a long skinny build I could fit in there.
updated Test 🟒 Added @Xeron Summer Crate 2020 to test server /server test press the button get keys and test it. πŸ”Έ Anything broken in it; report to #deleted-channel πŸ”Έ Any good ideas for items for a Pirate summer create for items (NOT OP!!) can go in #🔭suggestions_chat for @Xeron πŸ”Έ Max needs logs, so go use it a bunch of times this will give us drop rates! thanks! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated BOTM Missive to September 2020 Link via @Tulipss in #deleted-channel πŸ”—
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed s62 🟒 Built entire new s62 at /shop4 in a much better location ready to move in @Grafando ℹ️ I've done with a basement with chests already in it! No more Obsidian basements for new/updated shops.
survival Survival 🟑 Changed all the prices of Ship-in-a-bottle from £250 to only £150 for schooners! ℹ️ Ship-in-a-bottle is a schematic of a ship that you can buy and place anywhere in the world you have build permission! This means you can buy a ship and place it at your base! buy from the ship shop at /warp cove or from the Shipwright at /warp ships ℹ️ I really need to re-name these from Build Crate to Ship-in-a-bottle to not confuse people... then again how will I do my other things like trees? (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 Created 6 New Dhow Ship-in-a-bottle Build crates at only £50 each! πŸ”Έ I created all the Dhows at /warp ships as buyable Build crates that let you place the ship anywhere in the world! They are only £50 in-game! πŸ”Έ Find an Shipwright NPC at /warp cove or at /warp ships
updated Discord 🟒 Mark was kind enough to make a temporary #deleted-channel channel. So please put all feedback there and ping me with suggestions. Don't put the crate stuff in #🔭archived-suggestions or #🔭suggestions_chat ta puffi
survival Survival 🟑 Fixed being able to post links into game-chat, with https/www prefix for everyone! You can now re-send guides to people/forum posts/wiki pages, I had no idea it was broken, found this out myself by accident! πŸ”Έ There was some really bad Rexex going on for our URL checker, I really really need a regex expert to help me fine tune our regex, I hate it! πŸ”Έ If anything else gets through the filter apart from links, report in #deleted-channel right away, £500 in-game for anyone that finds a URL that you can use in-game that bypasses the filter that people can click (Brute force testing?) 🟒 Added Spotify URLS to whitelist for in-game chat links (No, I'm not adding youtube/imgur/reddit/discord anything else so don't ask!) (edited)
PirateCraft is a pirate themed minecraft server run by Pirates! Build & sail your own ships, Fire cannons, Join right now using:
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Removed broken crane at /warp ships 🟒 Remade all the Schooner ship in a bottles schooner_dock1, schooner_dock2, schooner_dock3, schooner_dock4, schooner_dock5 πŸ”Έ All 5 now facing the right way (from behind) πŸ”Έ All now place at sea level "Sea" the gold block in the screenshot, this is where you would place them to be perfectly placed. πŸ”Έ Remember even if you screw it up you can /sb undo and get it back to re-place! 🟒 Started building an area at /warp ships where peolpe will be able to place their ship in a bottles I keep seeing new players buy these and try and place them in cove... even though we have docks for them to buy the same ship cheaper! πŸ”Έ This will also double up as one of my very old #🔭archived-suggestions from about 3 years ago for Wood/wool changing dock, only downside is we will have to make it a £1 rent for the dock to stop people changing your sails as you try and sail away or just burn your ship down, plus we will need a way to clear the area from debris/crap people leave behind auto (See screenshot) (edited)
updated Discord 🟒 Created a new subcategory called Testing Channels, all current and future channels related to testing will be there.
survival Survival 🟒 Remade all the Dhow ship in a bottles dhow_dock6, dhow_dock7, dhow_dock8, dhow_dock9, dhow_dock10, dhow_dock11, πŸ”Έ All 6 now facing the right way (from behind) πŸ”Έ All now place at sea level "Sea" the gold block in the screenshot, this is where you would place them to be perfectly placed. πŸ”Έ Remember even if you screw it up you can /sb undo and get it back to re-place! ℹ️ Right now thats the small ships done for in bottles, shall I do some of the bigger ones at warps? or should I do other assets like trees/cannons etc?
survival Survival 🟒 Updated /warp ships 🟒 Added 3 holograms to explain the 2 types of buying a pre-made ship (Docks & Ship-in-a-bottle), Dhows for new players and Schooners for Sailor+ 🟒 When you click the green question mark in the Shipwright/Ship Shop NPC it will open the how to sail book guide! 🟒 Added How to sail parrot at /warp ships 🟒 Created new dock 0 that you can rent for £5 in-game. πŸ”ΈThis is an empty dock, for placing a ship-in-a-bottle πŸ”ΈThis acts as a tutorial/demo on how to place a ship-in-a-bottle (At sea level) πŸ”ΈYou could if you wanted, just build a ship in this dock as its empty. 🟑 Moved Shipwright/Ship Shop NPC to middle where you spawn, so there's no longer 2. 🟑 Moved the warp back a bit to give more room for holograms and information 🟑 Redesigned the area. (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Fixed Depth Strider on /kit firstmate Sprinters water heels from #deleted-channel 🟑 Fixed Discord link saying you get $20 for linking (You don't any more) via @☽ kass ☾ 🟑 Changed /spawn to the same teleport system as /tp and /warp /back etc so you'll get the same warmup bossbar timer for spawn. (I'm still working on how the hell to convert homes) 🟑 Finally fixed my name showing red when I talk from Discord in-game, I had to change my default role color on discord for an exact hex. (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 Added Block 95 (Stained Glass) to Required Blocks for Barracuda, Seawolf and Submarine to allow the use of stained glass as a required block, they were already allowed just not allowed as a required block. πŸ”— Issue:
survival Survival 🟒 Re-enabled No damage hits tagging people in PvP (Eggs/Snowballs) for the only reason PvP players want to stop people teleporting by throwing things at them, re-tagging them in PvP via @Traptz who wanted it as theres no credit on the ticket. πŸ”— Issue:
survival Survival 🟒 Added Wooden doors to ignored blocks when right clciking a door with an ender pearl in your hand (Very very tiny issue here haha!). Will no longer trigger the enderpearl cooldown. Effective as of next restart as the plugin does not have a reload command. Will not be adding blocks that are locked in claims like Iron doors, Trapdoors, Gates etc due to people using enderpearls to try and spam through, so not adding them. Full list: ignored-block-types: - "ENDER_CHEST" - "CHEST" - "CRAFTING_TABLE" - "ACACIA_DOOR" - "ACACIA_DOOR_ITEM" - "BIRCH_DOOR" - "BIRCH_DOOR_ITEM" - "DARK_OAK_DOOR" - "DARK_OAK_DOOR_ITEM" - "JUNGLE_DOOR" - "JUNGLE_DOOR_ITEM" - "JUNGLE_DOOR_ITEM" - "SPRUCE_DOOR" - "SPRUCE_DOOR_ITEM" πŸ”— Issue 🟑 Fixed spelling mistake that was reported as a bug. πŸ”— Issue (edited)
survival Survival alert PSA If you have pistons in a chunk that "randomly" don't extend, its because you have placed them in the same chunk you have a brewing barrel. I figured out this really obscure bug diagnosing some kids piston door a while back and forgot to put it out as a PSA, ive reported it to the developer of the brewing plugin. so for now, don't put brewing barrel's in the same chunk you have pistons. πŸ”— Issue: (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Fixed /shop7 portal setting you really high up in the tree for some reason. πŸ”— Issue:
survival Survival 🟑 Fixed being able to "Grief" other peoples water with sponges. πŸ”΄ Removed the ability to use redstone sponges from WorldGuard, it was overriding GriefPrevention. πŸ”— Issue:
Describe the bug (A clear and concise description of what the bug is): You can drain water in other people&#39;s claims without trust using sponge and spam placing it. To Reproduce (Steps to re...
updated Discord 🟑 Mark and I are trying out some different layouts in our discord, so if you see channels move around or disappear don't worry. πŸ”Έ Ideas and feedback welcome, just tag me or mark in #βš“β”‚general . πŸ”Έ Nothing is ever set in stone!
survival Survival 🟒 Added bypass for Captains for /spawn warmup, I did ask yesterday in-game when the new /spawn was added, not a single captain would give me 5 seconds to test it. πŸ”— Issue:
updated Website 🟑 Fixed twitter URL on website sidebar & footer thanks @Markusi13 for the report. 🟑 Fixed link being https on discord link in footer πŸ”΄ Removed teamspeak link from footer and removed from information dropdown on main menu (RIP TeamSpeak I love you, Fuck you discord)
updated Discord 🟑 Cleared #deleted-channel and #deleted-channel. When reporting new bugs please make sure that the bug hasn't been reported already, you can check existing bug reports here:
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Permissions plugin 🟑 Updated Chat plugin 🟑 Updated Premium Suite plugin 🟑 Updated Live Map plugin 🟑 Updated Voting Plugin 🟑 Updated Entity Limiter plugin 🟑 Updated big animated doors plugin 🟑 Updated Ships plugin 🟑 Updated Ship in a bottle plugin updated Bungee 🟑 Updated permissions system updated OS 🟑 Updated MySQL server
survival Survival 🟒 Big /Crew Update - Ranks with Permissions πŸ”Έ NEW Entire new Crew Rank system where leaders can set permissions per rank to do different actions inside a crew. Ranks with permissions allow leaders to have finer control of who can do what, so you can build your empire the way you want to, with your own permissions. πŸ”Έ Crew leaders will need to re-make rank names, as this is an entirely new system. πŸ”Έ All crew rank features are unlocked at Sailor+ rank. 🟒 Crew Rank Commands πŸ”Έ /crew rank create [rank] Creates a rank with this name. πŸ”Έ /crew rank setdisplayname [rank] [displayname] sets the display name of the rank (it can be more than one word and colored) πŸ”Έ /crew rank assign [player] [rank] assigns a user to a pirate πŸ”Έ /crew rank unassign [player] unassigns a user from a rank πŸ”Έ /crew rank delete [rank] deletes a rank πŸ”Έ /crew rank list lists the crews ranks πŸ”Έ /crew rank permissions lists the available permissions for ranks πŸ”Έ /crew rank permissions [rank] lists the rank's permissions πŸ”Έ /crew rank permissions [rank] add [permission] adds a permission to the rank πŸ”Έ /crew rank permissions [rank] remove [permission] removes a permission from the rank 🟒 Available permissions for ranks ally.add, ally.remove,, bank.balance, bank.deposit, bank.withdraw, bb.add, bb.clear, coords, fee.enable, fee.set, home.regroup, home.set,, invite, kick, modtag, rank.displayname, rank.list, rival.add, rival.remove, war.end, war.start, vitals, stats, kills, mostkilled, description updated Bungee 🟑 Updated bungee server 🟑 Regenerated configs for chat bungee plugin (Having issues with default formatting!) (edited)
survival Survival - Crew update continued .. Following on from the previous changelog, Discord is such a pile of crap with its limits. 🟒 Suggested Crew Rank hierarchy. ╔════════════╦═══════════════════════════════════════════════╦═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ β•‘ Ranks β•‘ Description β•‘ Permission β•‘ ╠════════════╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╣ β•‘ Coleader β•‘ Helps manage the Crew β•‘ all β•‘ ╠════════════╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╣ β•‘ Treasurer β•‘ Manages the Crew's bank account β•‘ bank.balance, bank.deposit, bank.withdraw β•‘ ╠════════════╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╣ β•‘ Ambassador β•‘ Manages the Crew's relations with other crews β•‘, ally.add, ally.remove, rival.add, rival.remove, war.end, war.start β•‘ ╠════════════╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════╬═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╣ β•‘ Recruit β•‘ A pirate in trial β•‘ stats, kills, mostkilled, rank.list β•‘ β•šβ•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•©β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•©β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•
survival Survival Crew update continued.. Seriously Discord, sort it out. 🟒 /crew Now uses a GUI to make things much easier. πŸ”Έ The feature to create your own crew banner is not yet out, we are waiting patiently for this! In the near future you will be able to set a crew banner per crew! 🟒 Its possible to set an alliance limit now (Not set) #🔭archived-suggestions if you think we should set one, and to what number. 🟒 Added language support for /crew crews can set their own native language for their crew. 🟒 Added feature for minimum members to verify crew (Not enabled) #🔭archived-suggestions if we should have a Minimum crew size to verify crews. 🟒 Chat plugin - Crew pirates are no longer able to message a player that is ignoring them. 🟑 I forgot to update the messages for crews, so next reboot the GUI menu messages will be updated, the reload command somehow doesn't refresh these.
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Temporarily disabled /ignore permission as it was crashing the server, chat plugin update has caused this. bug reported. ℹ️ After finding this bug I looked up to see if it was someone spamming the /ignore command to purposefully crash the server, but it turns out that @Fernando Alonso is so annoying that 5 people this morning all tried to ignore him/her crashing the server 5 times. Congratulations @Fernando Alonso for being so irritating that your personality crashed the server 5 times today. (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 Added permissions for adding crew permissions, listing perms, seeing available and removing permissions from ranks from Carpenter+ via #deleted-channel @PIPPIP5789
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Removed any crew related fee permissions from previous uses even if they were not active. via #deleted-channel
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Disabled Discord plugin auto banning people, it wasn't working as the bot didn't have the right perms in the first place, but after looking at the errors its tried to ban 85 people in the last few hours. Good thing I didn't give it permission! That does not work as expected, its going through all existing bans.
survival Survival 🟑 Fixed /crew formatting being picked up by the messages file, so its now showing the proper messages (The developer renamed the file and didn't tell anyone!)
alert2 PSA I'm aware that your changes to crews are not being saved when the server restarts with the latest Crew update, don't sweat poppets, I'm working with the developer to try and resolve it. Once its resolved I will be able to roll back crew data if needed/requested only once its fixed πŸ‘ All the backups! (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Updated /me to be grey, but I already hate it and want to change it, may change again soon.
updated Discord πŸ”΄ Deleted crew channels subcategory and its channels. 🟑 Moved #deleted-channel back to the Piratecraft subcategory.
survival Survival 🟒 Added Auction 18 use /auc in game see #📢β”‚announcements for video for items
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Premium Suite 🟑 Updated Chat plugin (Didn't fix the /ignore crashes even though he said he fixed them!) πŸ”Έ I have DISABLED The ignore feature in the plugin, yet somehow it still is trying to run ignore features when 2 people are online that one is ignored from the other. πŸ”Έ This has been a battle to even get this bug recognised and hes half-assed "Fixed" it, which hasn't fixed it, Getting sick of this developer, still causing crashes. 🟑 Updated Entity manager, performance boost. 🟑 Updated Live Map plugin 🟑 Updated Anti-cheat updated Bungee 🟑 Updated Bungee server (edited)
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Wiped whitelist as people keep logging in while I'm in maintenance testing, triggering the ignore check and crashing the server, somehow this isnt even working as you are still joining. 🟑 Updated all 4x EssentialsX of plugins due to the geniuses replying to my ticket about the /ignore crashes, This in-turn broke the custom mob plugin just in time for the new event! Great job! Cant backdate as it updates data. πŸ”΄ Removed Custom mob plugin & disguise plugin that goes with it. 🟑 Backdated Chat Plugin (To resolve the crashes) This may cause untold other effects from other plugins now. but im out of options until the developer gets off his ass.
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Removed [jukebox] entirely from the sign shop plugin as it was creating lag spikes when used! 🟑 Moved back all the parrots to spawn that you stole... (edited)
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Temporary removed Bungee cross server msg to make it work again in survival. 🟑 /msg should be working again. ℹ️ Im waiting on the chat developer to fix a major bug. At present im having to use an outdated older version which creates other random issues.
survival Survival 🟒 Summer Crate 2020 went live! Massive thanks to @Xeron creating the crate and all those that have tested it on test server! #📢β”‚announcements 🟒 Summer Crate 2020 Keys being dropped every 30m to 1 lucky pirate that's online! you have to be in it to win it! βœ… Resolved this bug report 🟒 Added 15x summer crate 2020 keys to /donate and webstore 🟒 Gave @Xeron use of my custom /dropkey which does a random drop to someone online just in-case he's doing an event! 🟑 Fixed XP being given in the vote crate, this was due to updating essentials who changed their formatting of how to give XP. πŸŽ‰ New Giveaway! For 3 pirates to win 15x Summer Crate keys all you have to do is visit #🎉β”‚giveaway-events and ready to the giveaway πŸŽ‰ Emoji! (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Updated /crew plugin πŸ”Έ Changes crew names to crew tags for /crew alliances/rivalries πŸ”Έ Fixed roster not switching pages πŸ”Έ Should fix hovering crews for Alliances / Rivalries being too long πŸ”Έ Adds cache for player heads 🟑 Updated Essentials suite of plugins
🌍 Website ℹ️ If the website suddenly got super fast, its because I had a little moan on the hosts Facebook for silently throttling customers. I opened a ticket about the issue and they wouldn't admit it, but magically the website got 100x faster 20 mins after that ticket and Facebook posts! They tried to tell me something was using too many resources that isn't even run on their servers, which was hilarious. When my 3 year contract is up with them, I will be moving away from hosting the website with them, Especially when their initial answer was to "upgrade" to their even more expensive plan because they throttled me and tried to blame it on non existent issues like I'm some pleb, I kind of feel I should maybe make this known as these practises are disgusting for customers that will just believe them. TLDR: website got faster again.
survival Cleanup 🟑 Done a large-scale cleanup around cove area, will be doing other oceans soon. ⚠️ If you want claims removed or land regened, please ask staff in-game or put it in #deleted-channel (edited)
updated Discord 🟒 Added/renamed emoji for 'added / fixed' for #🔭archived-suggestions and #deleted-channel addedfixed
survival Survival 🟑 Buffed limits on mobs per chunk, details below; πŸ”ΈGrouped similar mobs together instead of having individual spawn limits to remember: Animals, Monsters, Nether & End. Matched each mob group limit to 30 mobs per chunk so its easier to remember, this means you could have a mix of 120 mobs in one chunk if its a mix of Animals, Monsters, Nether & End mobs, this will never happen mind! πŸ”Έ DOUBLED Guardian spawn limit, which is an exception to the groups. πŸ”Έ REMOVED LIMIT on Elder guardian via @Xeron advice that they don't often spawn, so they have no limit now. We will see how these go and adjust from there! Since Guardian farms are the worst abusers of server resources!
survival Survival map Added secret Treasure Hunt Hidden at /warp cove! map Yarr! Happy Hunting! If you find it, keep it secret! (everyone can loot it once!) alert2 This Hunt will stay up, you can search for it any time! (edited)
survival Survival key New /auc for Today only! Grab yourself some Summer Crate 2020 Keys by being the highest bidder!
survivalSurvival 🟑 Updated brewing hints at /warp brewing - Good luck!
survival Survival 🟒 Converted to new /mail System (From Premium Essentials suite for click actions and notifications/sounds) πŸ”Έ Mail Sound & Hotbar message when you receive /mail now πŸ”Έ Send Mail to people with /mail send <username> <message> like before. πŸ”Έ Click to delete in-chat (Much easier) πŸ”Έ Next restart will be Click to reply (Much easier) πŸ”Έ You can still clear all with /mail clear πŸ”Έ Much clearer to read with colored usernames & bright yellow messages, as opposed to before! πŸ”Έ Old messages were not deleted, you can read your old messages using the old system with /email read but you can no longer reply using the old system, it may be worth running /email clear to wipe your old mail if you want to keep πŸ”Έ I created a custom script to see how many messages all 260k people have and its used so little its not worth the conversion, so nice start from scratch! 🟑 Edited the message for the old /email system to explain the change, this is the message you get when you log in and it tells you how many mail you have, you can fully remove this message by doing /email clear ℹ️ I plan to remove the old /email system in the near future so people will no longer get that message from the old mail system when they log in, so either read your messages and clear them. Or if you have lots (say 50+ you keep for old times sake) you can contact me and I can send you a file with all your messages in a text format. (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Premium suite. πŸ”Έ Adds Click action to /mail 🟑 Updated Ships plugin 🟑 Updated Anti-cheat

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