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updated Survival πŸ”΄ Via request for /back teleport, I have enabled /tpbypass for Lieutenant+ for those that want to risk unsafe back locations!
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Auction 15 is now live! /auc to bid, lasts ~5 days. See #📢β”‚announcements for video. (edited)
updated Website πŸ”΄ Spent a fair amount of time doing a full page update for the PirateCraft Team page, with staff resurrected from the dead (Easter pun) and expanding the team this was much needed! Check out the fully packed Rear Admirals and Privateers! You all rule! πŸ“ πŸ”— πŸ† @Admin @Moderator @Developer @Media @Helper
Admiral & Vice Admiral Owner & Lead Admin of PirateCraft GodsDead Owner – Admiral Xeron Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Admin & Moderation Team Bazurka Rear Admiral lazydog11 Rear Admiral Markusi13 Rear Admiral Lawzoneon Rear Admiral SmokeyRiver Rear Admiral Vapecloudbear Rear Admir...
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Anti-cheat again, I love these regular updates, I have reported the issues from #🐛bugs-legacy to the dev caused by A/C hopefully we will see if he fixes them. 🟑 Updated premium essentials suite plugin. 🟑 Updated Crate plugin 🟑 Updated Jump pads plugin 🟑 Updated Brewing plugin (May have issues) πŸ”Έ I may have to backdate due to some errors on boot, but @Smokeyriver is testing to see if its caused any issues to existing data (Dont worry I have backups) πŸ”ΈFIX: Cauldron now starts properly at minute 0 and as intended takes longer until usable brews come out πŸ”Έ There is a new lore system, so brew lore will look different πŸ”Έ This was a major version upgrade so its going to give @Smokeyriver @vapecloudbear and @.xeron. some crazy new features for future brews if we can get the issues on boot fixed and there's no issues. 🟑 Updated Admin shop NPC plugin (still need to be remade) 🟑 Updated ship in a bottle plugin ℹ️ Im thinking about a new system for changelogs, colored circles based on updated/added/removed. yay/nay? Traffic light bois 🚦 πŸ”΄ Removed 🟑 Updated/Fixed 🟒 Added (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed: Next reboot, /back location will be reset when you are killed in PvP, thanks @Creeprr
updated Survival/Creative Please welcoem @BGraph back to the team as Housewright! 🟒 Added @BGraph as @Build Leader (Housewright) To be able to add/remove craftsman for the new spawn rebuild project on Creative! πŸ‘ πŸ”Έ Will work on invite only process, so please don't send Bgraph a ton of messages asking to be on the team! πŸ”Έ If you have awesome skills in making pirate themed villages/towns/islands please post them in #📷β”‚media for everyone to see, this way we can find new builders for specific areas of the new spawn building project! ℹ️ First time hearing about the new spawn? take a sneak peak! Ideas welcome in #🔭suggestions_chat but we already are going to solve a lot of current issues with spread out spawn/cove :) πŸ”— (edited)
Minecraft Dynamic Map
updated Website 🟒 Added @BGraph to the staff page πŸ”— (edited)
Admiral & Vice Admiral Owner & Lead Admin of PirateCraft GodsDead Owner – Admiral Xeron Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Admin & Moderation Team Bazurka Rear Admiral lazydog11 Rear Admiral Markusi13 Rear Admiral Lawzoneon Rear Admiral SmokeyRiver Rear Admiral Vapecloudbear Rear Admir...
updated Survival 🟑 Updated BOTM Missive for May 2020 πŸ”—
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updated Website 🟒 Added new vote URL which is actually the old Vote9, the website magically came back up! πŸ”Έ Were only 2 places away from being on the homepage! Lets get these votes in! πŸ”Έ 🟒 Added Vote 12 to the website sidebar widget 🟒 Added Vote 12 to the vote page 🟑 Updated the vote webpage to not look so cluttered and open vote websites in new tabs. updated Survival 🟒 Added vote 12 to /vote in-game! ℹ️ You can now earn 4 vote keys a day! As votes are cumulative, you need 3 votes for 1 key, 12/3=4 Keys! ℹ️ That's 1460 keys a year if you vote every day for 365 days! When we had 11 vote sites that would have been 1,095‬ a year, so a massive 365‬ extra vote keys a year!
updated Survival 🟑 Updated /stats command next reboot, to take priority when we have custom mobs plugin on the server which "breaks" it by overriding it with their command which does nothing! If you need to use /stats today use /stats:stats temporarily until next reboot.
updated Survival 🟒 Added πŸ†• Easter Treasure Chest! Currently the only way to get a key is from the Vote Chest /vote at /warp cove Thanks @.xeron. 🟒 Added πŸ†• BOTM Treasure Chest! at /warp cove This will be for BOTM winners to use keys on! Thanks @.xeron. 🟒 Added πŸ†• Preview of Dead Mans Chest 2 at /warp cove as a placeholder, this is not available in any way yet and needs to be tweaked! No way to get keys! Just for a preview of items! Thanks @.xeron. 🟒 Added Custom Mobs plugin for @calliemav who has created some new custom Easter Mobs with their own custom item drops! To come very soon! (Or he might spawn a couple tonight to fight!) 🟒 Added Free Easter basket of goodies at /warp meet for everyone! Lots of Easter eggs! 🟑 Had a massive move around of ships inside /warp cove and rebuilt and moved the dock, thanks @Deleted User for crashing into everything and stealing the ship during the process pirateflag 🟑 Updated brewing plugin (For next restart) to hopefully fix some boot errors. 🟑 @Deleted User Updated some /guides (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added /servertime for everyone, this is the real world time that the servers in, which is GMT, my time. This will allow you to do events "server time" and people can stay on the same track without having to work it out their end! 🟑 Fixed /time for showing the game day/night time for @Contributor New plugin overwrote it, so it gives a bit more information now.
updated Survival 🟑 Temp set new players balance to $0 when they spawn to stop bots giving it to people, next reboot the anti-bot plugin will be on again, who's the salty boi this time! πŸ”Έ Considering that new players have to interact with a sign/NPC to receive their $25 starting money so it doesn't inflate the eco numbers for the whole economy, whatcha think? (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added grappling hooks! These will most likely be moaned about greatly during sieges/PvP but they are SOO much fun, so im testing it live to see how they are really used. I want to sell these at Cove for $x but I need to find a price, peolpe have said between $100-$2000 so far! So this test is to find a price! They may only be on for a short time if they are found to be too OP! πŸ”Έ For a live test get to /warp cove and grab your free one from the chest! Its got 25 uses! πŸ”Έ Yes it will work in other peoples claims. πŸ”Έ It will only work from Cadet+ atm so bots cant nab them for people during the test πŸ”Έ There's a 5 second cooldown between uses (Talk about if this is too long/short in #🔭suggestions_chat ) Part of the test is finding the timer. πŸ”Έ They have 25 uses atm, this can be changed if we need to #🔭suggestions_chat πŸ”Έ I enabled them pulling players to you, as its hilarious. This is a permission so it can be disabled say in #🔭suggestions_chat πŸ”Έ I wont enable crafting as people have so many resources they could make infinite!
updated Survival 🟑 Moved Parrot NPCS from /tuts to /spawn watched 3 new players join and use them all! Good times. 🟑 Removed /pay from Deckhands for the first few hours they play, and gave them their $25 spawn money back, Still considering instead only giving it to them when they read the rules or getting started guide from the NPC, what do you think? Like they could have to read through them and click it at the bottom of the book. #🔭suggestions_chat
updated Survival 🟒 This is from a previous update that I didn't include so is for visibility, the previous PvP Manager tag plugin updated added an Action bar timer cooldown!
updated Survival 🟑 Updated analytics plugin
updated Survival 🟒 Added /warp shop6 after building a spawn location to be in the centre! I created 2 new shops (Not yet active) moving some shops and terrain around, lots of moving to create this into a small marketplace. 🟑 Removed and re-made S11 @Deleted User you are ready to setup shop again in the fresh new location of S11. 🟑 I need everyone that has shops marked up to answer the messages I sent them about letting me remove their shops and re-build them closer to the warp. The quicker you can empty your shop and notify me the quicker I can do this. 🟒 @IndexOutOfMJ and @ScriptX will start work on a whole new market from scratch (Bottom right image) this will have its own shop warp! Please be patient as this requires creating all these shops from scratch in survival, do not pester them! 🟒 @BGraph has taken to creating an entire new market inside the church where there will be lots of stalls! A new warp will go here too! (Top right image) 🟒 Market stalls will be re-made in a much larger region dedicated to marketstalls outside the church by @SpikyCactus_ where the pond once sat, so that the main /warp shop1 can have a cantered warp once we remove the stalls! Anyone that has a shop that needs to be moved/removed/re-built will be contacted on Discord first. Please do reply to the messages as soon as you can as the only way to resize/move a shop is to remove it completely and re-build it from scratch. This is only the beginning of a whole shop renting update for PirateCraft! Please read at the bottom of the forum thread for planned upgrades. πŸ”— (edited)
Home β€Ί Forums β€Ί PirateCraft Server Updates β€Ί Turning back the tides to player marketplaces This topic has 1 reply, 2 voices, and was last updated 21 hours, 17 minutes ago by CountMonteCristo. Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total) Author Posts April 18, 2020 at 11:14 pm #6...
updated Survival /warp shop6 Re-designed This took a bit of work, but I have managed to successfully remove 5 shops and re-build them in much better locations all as cuboids and all using the latest price algirtmn at /warp shop6 this was moving people from old shops in bad positions and auto-renting the new shops I made in their name, so they didn't lose their shop. Would not have been able to do this without cooperation from @RuffyLJ @Edible_Sandwich @Taulov @CT_7567 and @MrLimeWise they all managed to clear their shops within 24h of me sending them a PM so I could get this all done in one night! Amazing work you lot! 🟑 S6 Re-made @RuffyLJ 🟑 S9 Re-made @Edible_Sandwich 🟑 S12 Re-made @Taulov 🟑 S13 Re-made @CT_7567 - Was also owned by @RuffyLJ but you have been evicted from having 2 shops! You now have S6! 🟒 S7 Created as a new shop (Re-used an old name) moved in @MrLimeWise πŸ”΄ Removed Shop S55 Previous owner @CT_7567 πŸ”΄ Removed Shop S70 Previous owner @CT_7567 Also Evicted from having 2 shops! Now just S13 πŸ”΄ Removed Shop S69 Previous owner @MrLimeWise We have to re-use this name somewhere smirk_two_hand (edited)
updated Survival New /warp shops 🟑 Updated premium essentials suite plugin 🟑 Updated admin shop plugin 🟑 Updated Ship in a bottle plugin 🟒 Added the animated doors/portcullis/sliding doors plugin I have on the test server, I'm yet to setup permissions and write guides on how to use it, it will be available soon. 🟒 Re-created my "Marketplace Hub" I originally released the market with /warp shops putting you in front of a big map with buttons to warp to locations, this was seen as an "extra step" and so ended up being moved a few times and ending at the /warp shop1 location, which is bias to that marketplace. I have re-created my shop hub, where /warp shop and /warp shops place you in roughly the center of the marketplace (where the old church was on a hill) with a 360 degree selection of shops to visit. The time was creating 16 portals, setting up their particles and activation range, but this give us seamless movement around the marketplace without need of the warps (The warps still exist, and will stay as fast travel) but I have universally seen people recommending users to use /warp shops as a universal reply to anyone asking to buy/sell. So I spent the time creating this area, so its not Bias to a specific market, so we can have holograms/information above the portals, so we can have more notice boards about things happening at the marketplace, and in the near future hopefully a tutorial will be moved there, so we can remove the castle and make way for more marketplaces. Give me your feedback, I mostly focused on technical and require @Builder to make it look a bit better, as goes /warp shop6 need some tender love from @Builder (edited)
updated Discord 🟒 Added puffi emoji (puffi). We have quite a lot of emoji spaces left on discord now (thanks to those who boosted us!). If people have emoji suggestions -> #🔭archived-suggestions and add/link the emoji!
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed ship in a bottle plugin (for next restart) as I think this is the cause of the crashes today after updating it yesterday, it is highly possible it will crash the server one more time, which if it does will kill itself as it will be removed. Ironic.
updated Survival 🟒 Added new shop s1 to warp shop6 ⚠️ Due to a player that already owns a shop renting this new shop even after new rules have been imposed for 1 shop per person, I will be imposing a technical restriction to 1 shop per person. Since there is such high demand at present for shops, more are being added, many many more. But this is time dependable on when they can be built and created by me. So right now we need to restrict shops per person to 1. Once more markets open and the demand decreases we can relax and Allow people to have more again! Those that have multiple shops should not be kicked out automatically and will still be renting until the rent runs out. (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed Animated door plugin πŸ”΄ Removed Custom mobs & disguise plugin that woks with it. Server is still somehow crashing itself with absolutely 0 information on what is causing it, which resolves to trial and error.
updated Whole server ℹ️ Still an unknown cause for the reboots as its a JVM crash. Some maintenance today to see if any of these fixes it. 🟑 JAVA Update 🟑 Full system reboot, this fixed it last time, which is scary as this makes me think its hardware related, I hope not. 🟑 Updated Anti-Cheat 🟑 Updated Bungee server πŸ”΄ Removed the useless Anti-bot plugin, I have a new one I want to test already.
updated Survival 🟑 Updated the Kill abuse to use the new jail system (Or force it to use it!) ℹ️ Gods fact of the day The Kill abuse system works by jailing a player for 5m if they: Kill the same player more than 5 times in 5 mins.
updated Survival 🟒 Added /kit ship for Deckhands only! Thanks to a #🔭archived-suggestions from @pippip5789_3467 who also made the kit! πŸŽ‰
How do I make a ship? Means they can instantly learn with materials!
🟒 Added /kit poop temporarily as I'm a child.
updated Survival 🟑 Cleaned up the area around /warp west. Remember that you can always message an admin online to regen an area or remove inactive claims! We have so many people joining we can't keep up with our regular cleanup - so don't be afraid to ask!
updated Survival 🟒 Added Grappling Hooks to buy from NPC Gunsmith in the Cannon shop at /warp cove 25 uses each grappling hook at £125 in-game money. 🟒 Added Easter Crate key drops Automatically every 30m Someone will be picked at random every 30m and given an Easter key! 🟒 Added 15 x Easter Crate keys to the Store at $4.99 use /donate or Click the link below! 🟒 🟑 Updated layout of Treasure chests (for keys) at /warp cove 🟑 Updated /donate Referral gift to be 3 x Vote Keys instead of the DeadMansChest keys (Add a username on the store as a referral to gift these keys to someone!) πŸ”΄ Removed Shop S71 (To be relocated) @_Augustus_Caesar You will auto be given a new one once its ready. πŸ”΄ Removed Shop S72 (To be relocated) @ironamerica You will auto be given a new one once its ready. πŸ”΄ Removed 200,000 player rewards at cove. πŸ”΄ Removed grappling hook test chest at cove ℹ️ I wont bother adding the Easter key 2020 to the this to the Website Store page as it will be extremely temporary, so if you are interested use it now via /donate or the link above, as I'm very late to Easter! Better late than never right? ℹ️ I plan to only run this Easter Crate for maybe a few days or at the very maximum up to the weekend, sorry for the very late release. (edited)
updated Survival Carrying on with the Improvements to the Marketplace, I have updated /pirateshops to /shops and /shop 🟒 Added NPC at /warp shops to open the new /shopsinfo previously /shops 🟒 Added /shopinfo and /shopinfo for next restart as the main alias for /info shop /ctext shop previously /shops & /shop (next restart) 🟒 Added 4 jump pads to /warp shop to launch to the marketplace if people prefer than using the portals/warps/gui/walking. 🟑 Changed /shops and /shop to open the GUI to /pirateshop which has been around years, which is the GUI from /travel this gives us more options for adding more GUI items. 🟑 Updated the GUI for the new /shops to include all 8 pirate shop warps (Warp 8 does not exist atm at I'm planning to change warp systems) and also includes an option for the /shopsinfo (edited)
updated Updated ℹ️ Hopefully from this screenshot you can better envision my plan for Shop1 markets, 3 new shops will be added and markets moved to a new location. 🟒 @IndexOutOfMJ Has started work on the new spawn location for /warp shop1 after I was able to remove some markets for relocation (See below) 🟒 2 new shops at /warp shop1 have been built by @IndexOutOfMJ ready for me to make them active. There is no ETA so please do not ask, We have made some stairs and pathway connecting other parts of the market from /warp shops to /warp shop1 🟒 I moved /warp shop1 and its portal(s) to the new location dead centre between all shops, we are waiting for the remaining people with markets to vacate so we can do the rest of the area. πŸ”΄ Removed S79 (Stall To be relocated) @CrazyMoneyy You will auto be given a new one once its ready. πŸ”΄ Removed S78 (Stall To be relocated) @.xeron. You will auto be given a new one once its ready. πŸ”΄ Removed S73 (Stall To be relocated) @CT_7567 You will auto be given a new one once its ready. πŸ”΄ Removed S74 (Stall To be relocated) @ILoveMrDixon You will auto be given a new one once its ready. ⚠️ S76 @mikael145 ⚠️ S75 @portugalj Can you 2 please empty your stalls for relocation asap. ⚠️ S14 @gepetrus Can you please empty S14 so it can be relocated to shop1 (way better position! check out the pink markings) (edited)
updated Survival ℹ️ The new market stalls are not ready yet, thank you for your patience those waiting on new stalls. 🟒 Blocked people from pulling staff with grappling hook due to players using it when me and max are doing Worldedit commands, where our position is vital. You can no longer grappling hook @Moderator @Admin Or Me. 🟒 Moved S14 from the middle of nowhere to a prime location at /warp shop1 🟒 Re-made S16 from scratch to be much longer to take the position of the old S14 @_Gores you are ready to re-move back in. 🟒 New shop S22! in the prime location of /warp shop1 🟒 New shop S71! in the prime location of /warp shop1 🟒 New shop S72! in the prime location of /warp shop1 πŸ”΄ Removed S75 (Stall To be relocated) @portugalj You will auto be given a new one once its ready. πŸ”΄ Removed S76 (Stall To be relocated) @mikael145 You will auto be given a new one once its ready. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Java start up flags As another attempt to figure out these JVM crashes. 🟑 Updated Bungee server 🟑 Updated Anti-Cheat 🟑 Updated admin admin NPC shop plugin 🟑 Updated Jump Pads 🟑 Updated Treasure chest plugin (Crates) 🟑 Updated premium Essentials plugin 🟑 Updated custom head plugin (for me)
updated Survival πŸ›οΈ @IndexOutOfMJ has finished updating /warp shop1 buildings and spawn! its looking amazing now! πŸ›οΈ There are a few legacy shops I still need to update at shop1 I will be in contact with each person or create a group chat with those that have shops that need updating via discord!
updated Website 🟑 Updated SSL Certs for all website components, all maps back up! πŸ”— πŸ”—
updated Survival We're still on the update phase of the Marketplace, but its not stopping people trying to snipe peoples shops im updating! haha good try pirates! pirate 🟒 S20 at /warp shop1 re-made (it was so old it had blocks that are no longer in Minecraft and show as untextured!) @Deleted User Ready to move back in. 🟒 S15 at /warp shop1 re-made @volpex_ ready to move back in 🟒 S19 at /warp shop1 re-made @.xeron. ready to move in (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 NEW SHOP! S18 (A recycled number) was created at /warp shop1 It got rented in less than 1 second when announced, more are to come don't worry!
updated Survival 🟒 Added 8 Alias for shop warps (One less thing to type), you can now also use: /shop1 /shop2 /shop3 /shop4 /shop5 /shop6 /shop7 /shop8 ℹ️ Shop 8 will not work until I move over to the new Warps system. ℹ️ Try /shops or /shop for a GUI of all Shops too! (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added shop sign board at /warp shops! I think this was #🔭archived-suggestions by @pippip5789_3467 Board created by @IndexOutOfMJ I added a barrier block bridge so you can get up higher to read the signs. It goes from S1 to S84, the blanks are left intentionally for when I re-use the shop numbers. /warp shops and have a look/interact!
updated Discord 🟒 Added following emojis: iron iron, diamonddiamond, emeraldemerald, diamond_chestplatediamond_chestplate, diamond_sword diamond_sword, pufferfishpufferfish 🟑 Updated following emojis: gold gold, chest chest I know the sizes aren't great but I found it surprisingly difficult to find good png images online lol. If you have better ones, or want more -> #🔭archived-suggestions (Thanks to our discord booster @iwanidev again <3) (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Promoted @atalantaa to @Moderator #📢β”‚announcements 🟒 Added /duty for @Helper (Busy mode) via @Mystic #🔭archived-suggestions (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added ship in a bottle plugin again 🟑 Updated Anti-cheat 🟑 Updated Treasure Chest plugin (Crates at cove) 🟑 Updated Premium suite of essentials
updated Survival 🟒 New command /whowas <username> This is just a better formatted version of /seen just for username history. Using @romich02 for an example 🐢 🟒 Gave @Moderator and @Admin New /vanish or /v for much more control with this better vanish (edited)
updated Survival New Warp System! 🟒 Changed to a new warp system from the Premium suite plugin, to match the teleport system. /warps 🟒 Random Direction for Shop warps! This was my #🔭archived-suggestions which I manged to get implemented by the developer! Unique for PirateCraft but now everyone that has the plugin can use my idea! All /warp shop warps now will pick a random direction to face for shops! No more shop Bias for warps! Heck yeah! 🟒 New! GUI for /warps It took me a while to make all the custom items for the GUI but its much smarter than the old chat based list! 🟒 Sounds when warping! 🟒 Message feedback in chat when warping! 🟒 We can set GUI items if you have/dont have permission to show more information how to unlock warps. 🟒 No need to add permissions for creating warps! This means @Admin will be able to update/create temporary warps for people to use on the fly! Like Event/Holiday warps! 🟒 We can now create warp signs! 🟒 Added new /warp spawner to replace covetown (as its only use) 🟒 Added /warp travel to go to the old /warp info 🟒 We can toggle warps on/off if we need too! 🟑 Right clicking heads is now fixed and showing names again. πŸ”΄ Removed /warp covetown new /warp spawner πŸ”΄ Removed /warp info new /warp travel ℹ️ This will hopefully fix a few issues with /back after using /warps we still have /homes on the old system which will still cause some back issues until the import is fixed. (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed Easter crate from Survival, Store & Stopped dropping keys. πŸ‡
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed Easter Crate key from the Vote crate, I was suppose to do this yesterday and forgot! Thanks @.xeron.
updated Survival 🟑 Re-synced /crewtop -> should now display the latest and accurate scores, and all disbanded crews removed. (Thanks @Creeprr )
updated Survival 🟒 Added color to the ❀️ Emoji in chat <3 and also added color to :) and :( For no other reason that I am testing another idea!
updated Survival 🟒 Added Showing Items in chat as a @Contributor perk. Via #🔭archived-suggestions by > @Unknown πŸ”Έ Lieutenant+ only. πŸ”Έ Active on Next Restart (10.30am GMT 13th May) πŸ”Έ Use with [item] or [i] in chat, nothing else needed. πŸ”Έ Item names will be colored if the item is colored. πŸ”Έ Item stacks will auto be given a x8 of how many you are holding. πŸ”Έ Hovering over the item will show its lore πŸ”Έ Limited to 1 use per message πŸ”Έ 120 Second cooldown until next use. πŸ”Έ Empty hand will show nothing (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added /h as a alias for /helpop Which has also been reformatted as a help channel. 🟒 Changed to a new /helpop system in our premium essentials plugin (edited)
updated Survival/Creative/Test/Bungee 🟑 Updated Permissions plugin updated Survival 🟑 Updated Analytics Plugin 🟑 Updated Ships worldborder plugin (To stop ships going past world border) 🟑 Updated Ships plugin a lot of versions thank you @eirikh1996 for your amazing work. πŸ”Έ This update Temporarily made all ships very slow, I'm actively working to figure out what changed with this update. Stay tuned with changes. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Entirely new AntiCheat configs I stumbled upon a community based config for our Anti-Cheat which I have swapped to today, it looks way more lenient to hopefully stop the absurd amount of false positives for things like Eating. Remember for things you can re-produce post into #🐛bugs-legacy with a video on how to re-produce if you get false positives. Lets see how well optimised this config is, we can fine tune/amend settings based on False positives we get ONLY if we can reproduce them. ℹ️ The server uses 1.12.2, we have a protocol hack that allows all latest versions, but these may cause false positives for sending differnt packets of data to the server, so if you are having issues on a newer version of Minecraft please try 1.12.2, I got told there is an issue with Jesus using 1.13+. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed /checkrank <player> after the permission plugin update, Ive asked for some advice on how to implement tab-completion and register this as a real command, its just a quick script I wrote! 🟑 Fixed /warp spawner it somehow toggled its permission on itself! Thanks @pippip5789_3467 from #🐛bugs-legacy 🟑 Fixed all /warp shop warps having random direction again, It seems like its somehow getting turned off without my input, Im wondering if theres an issue with it somehow resetting on reboot? (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 /warp shop7 is now been entirely built by @IndexOutOfMJ and @ScriptX Looking amazing! I have got around to moving some of the shops about and made them a working! 🟒 Created 9 New rentable shops at the new /warp shop7 consisting of; πŸ”Έ 3 Shops, 2 really big shops and 1 smaller shop. πŸ”Έ 6 Stalls Get a shop by entering the discord competition πŸŽ‰ For fairer competition for the first people that rent these, I am doing a #🎉β”‚giveaway-events where I will pay the first payment for you to the winners! All you have to do is react with a πŸŽ‰ in the #🎉β”‚giveaway-events channel on the giveaway!
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed the /warp shop GUI item in /shops
updated Spawn Update, New /warp travel This was on my mind as a much needed upgrade for new players to go with our new /warp system, I created /warp travel as its a bit easier to understand what this warp does. I wanted to simplify and shrink spawn (we still do plan to re-make spawn, we have already started! What we did today we should be able to re-use) I have spent today updating the small island just outside of spawn to have Portals to the most used warps for new players to easily adventure without needing to learn anything! I did lots of terrain changes to focus on this area, so its like a valley and @IndexOutOfMJ and @TheTikiTotem did lots of details and portal design! Big shoutout! What's changed at /spawn? πŸ”Έ Removed the old giant tree that was too far away from spawn and very outdated/too small. πŸ”ΈCreated 7 Portals on the small island just as you leave spawn πŸ”ΈBuilt 2 new mountains to block off randomly wandering. πŸ”ΈRemoved the pointless village in spawn πŸ”ΈRemoved pointless lighthouse πŸ”ΈGreatly reduced spawn protection by 100 blocks on 2 sides! πŸ”ΈMoved the small desert island in to show end of spawn protection. πŸ”ΈCreated Portals to warps & portals back to /warp travel πŸ”ΈCreated Holograms for each portal πŸ”ΈAdded markers around border of spawn to see where it ends (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Premium Essentials plugin πŸ”Έ Should fix random warp position staying after restarts πŸ”Έ Apparently it fixes holograms disappearing after you leave their range
updated Survival 🟒 Gave @Build Leader @Builder Access to modify the Aqueduct from Spawn to Cove, It needs ways to get on/off it at sections (I designed one at -374 84 -539), as its too high once you're on it at present to jump off, it needs repairing close to spawn where it was not protected for a while. But I only made that 1 way to get off, needs to be updated at intervals down the whole of it. 🟒 Gave the Aqueduct the same protection as Spawn, and allowed placing boats, riding animals down it, as well as PvP protection and no hunger. 🟒 Added an exit to the Aqueduct where the spawn border ends. 🟒 Added "life rafts" to the Aqueduct ship (on both spawn and cove end) that teleports you to cove, for the new players that want to sail a boat down the Aqueduct. πŸ”΄ Removed the old server path (Protected Admin claim) that run through British Empire "West Agraria Pike", Super legacy from an idea of having"server paths" that never took fruition or went anywhere, it was the first one that I built, The Aqueduct will stay, if anything it will be expanded and be given the fast travel with ice if builders are up for it. But all the old roads its time to retire them, they no longer connect to spawn anyway. πŸ”΄ Removed road_a, road_b, road_c and road_d which were legacy server roads that lead out of spawn towards cove, but were broken in multiple places along the way and were never updated, upkept by builders, so I think its better to let people build and claim their own roads! (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added Map Icons for /warp shop7 and /warp shop8 🟒 Added Missing Shop icons on the map for Markets 🟑 Updated all positions and edited the text on every single Market map Icon 🟑 Moved Shop warps /warp shop2 /warp shop3 and /warp shop5 warps to be more centered as they now have random facing direction instead of linear, so its 360 degree warps. 🟑 Updated all the Portals for the shop warps I moved, @Builder Feel free to change the spawn points for these, I did them quick to get them done.
updated Survival 🟒 Created 3 new Stalls at /shop5 on a pier! 🟒 New! S25 (£1.16 Per day) given to @CT_7567 who had the old S73 🟒 New! S26 (£1.16 Per day) given to @CrazyMoneyy who had the old S79 🟒 New! S27 (£1.16 Per day) given to @portugalj who had the old S75 🟑 Fixed all /shop1 /shop2 /shop3 /shop4 /shop5 /shop6 /shop7 /shop8 using the right warp system, thanks @_Augustus_Caesar ℹ️ You 3 are ready to move into your new stalls at /shop5 (edited)
updated Survival Sorry for the ping pingwhat I always try to avoid sending a message to everyone! Please act now! 🟒 Gave @Admin permission allow placing/removing Shulker Boxes from Chests/Enderchests, for the inevitable people who have been putting them in Chests/Enderchests while the pluigins been broken so they can help remove them later. 🟑 Shulker Boxes will be blocked from Chests/Ender chests next restart ℹ️ I managed to get a working version of the Shulker Box Blocker plugin working again, Which is going to be live in 24h with the next reboot, We have always had this plugin it's just been broken for a few months, honestly I was suppose to get this fixed the day it went wrong and completely forgot to do it, so this is my fault for allowing people to put them into chests and Enderchests, sorry, I got reminded in a PM yesterday. brain fart. ⚠️ Remove your Shulker boxes from Ender chests and chests today! Those people that have taken advantage of the plugin being down for this time who have put Shulker boxes into Chests/Enderchests need to remove them right now! Otherwise you will require @Admin assistance to remove them from your chests & Enderchests due to the plugin blocking removal too puffi! Having infinite Enderchests is not something we need when we have ships to sail across oceans for large quantities of goods, especially now that Ships can have double chests! That and Shulker Boxes are limited. If there is a @Developer that would like to help me fix this tiny plugin to allow removing Shulker Boxes from Enderchests & Chests, this is already part of a newer version of the plugin and just needs to be fixed for 1.12.2, Can you talk to me ASAP please! This will save @Admin a massive headache of people moaning! (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added Tab autocomplete to /checkrank <username> and /checkrank empty itself. So now its registered as a proper command, you can tab complete filling in checkrank and also usernames of people online.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed Lightning when someone is kicked by the Anti-cheat via @lxvejetty in #🔭archived-suggestions Written as PvP Death, which I dont think is related, Maybe its @lxvejetty flagging for cheating when they kill someone πŸ€”
updated Survival 🟑 Thanks to @IronAR the Cove /warp spawner is now a double skeleton spawner that's better optimized!
updated Survival Next Reboot: 🟑 Shulker Box plugin fixed by @IndexOutOfMJ so if you previously had shulker boxes in Chests/Enderchest you will be able to take them out now without need for @Admin to do it! πŸ”Έ You will be able to remove your shulker boxes from your enderchests/chests that were placed in there while the plugin was broken and was allowing you to do it. πŸ”Έ New feature! You can store empty Shulker boxes in Chests/Echests for storage, only Shulker boxes with items inside them will be blocked from being put into Enderchest/Chests. πŸ”Έ I amended the #📢β”‚announcements just in-case someone is late to reading it! Again sorry for how long it took me to remember this was broken I was reminded in a PM! ℹ️ Use ships to transport large quantities of items! Ships now allow double chests and you can stack many many Chests onto ships!
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Premium Essentials plugin updated Survival/Creative/Bungee/Test/Play 🟑 Updated Permissions plugin
updated Creative 🟑 Fixed staff chat for @Admin @Moderator @Developer @Build Leader on Creative, also its cross server. ℹ️ Tip Unrelated, but a reminder for those unaware you can use a [slot] sign as a shop sign to pick a random item out of a chest. ℹ️ Tip 2 Tip for the Tip I just gave, All items you put up for a random chest item need to be stocked, if I have 6 coloured pieces of wool and 1 of them sells out, then the whole shop will say its out of stock, you will need to stock the item that is out of stock, This makes sense to keep it a fair random item, as the price will stay the same, and if you are the last person to use it with 1 item left, then its not random is it! (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 For @Admin only at present, Added the ability to create [jukebox]
Allows players create jukeboxes by placing music discs in a chest
ℹ️ We will test to see how annoying this would be if it were given out globally, most likely too annoying for places like the shops.
updated Survival 🟒 Gave /setworth to @Helper so they can help update prices of items worth around the server whenever! ℹ️ You can use /worth with an item in your hand to figure out how much something is worth, holding multiple will tell you multiple price (roughly, estimated averages and prices change regular, these worth is set manually by staff) ℹ️ Worth Tip you can use /worth all to see what all your items in your inventory are worth (Those that have been set) ℹ️ You can also find the worth of an item without owning it, by using its name or ID with /worth stone ℹ️ You can also add the parameter for the amount how many of that item would be worth /worth stone 10 ℹ️ Full use /worth <itemname>|<id>|hand|inventory|blocks> [-][amount] (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 New for staff, gave @Moderator @Admin /whois which shows all types of information to staff about a player, where their last back was, where they last died, if there in god/fly/flyspeed, easy copy of UUID feature. This is an updated version of what we had previously with more functions, most importantly staff can now find someone's last back/death location and click to go to it for moderating (Up to their discretion, not on your asking!). ℹ️ I found a new command today we've had for 7+ years, you can /who sailor to show all online sailors, works with any rank, /who privateer
updated Survival 🟒 New [jukebox] Sign for Sailor+ (from the shop plugin) ℹ️ A jukebox sign is from the Shop plugin, you put your music disks in a chest and link it to a [jukebox] sign by punching both with redstone, the sign plays the song without having to put a disk in/have a jukebox! This means you can play Jukebox tunes without people stealing your tracks from a jukebox in public places (and for a cost if you so wish). ℹ️ If you rent it again, it will play the next disc. Thanks to @Markusi13 for testing and @calliemav for telling me it exists! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Anti-Cheat πŸ”Έ Hopefully fixed the Jesus False positives when you have depth strider enchantment and speed potion effect πŸ”Έ Hopefully fixed the Jesus False positives when walking on a boat πŸ† Thanks to @Deleted User and @CrazyMoneyy for figuring out how to re-produce the bug, record it and send it to me. I sent this to the developer and he was able to fix it in under 24h. Reminder that if you have issues with #🐛bugs-legacy , figure out how to trigger them, then record it and they can be fixed! (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added /auc Auction 16! Check out #📢β”‚announcements for video/items 🟑 Updated Cove Hologram for Auction
updated Survival 🟑 Massively increased the Cruise speed of all ships and submarines after the latest Ship plugin update changed the way Cruise works, thanks @eirikh1996 for the help 🟑 Doing a live test of a SUPER SPEED Cruise on Schooners, I doubled the Cruise speed to see what kind of issues we face having really fast ships, please give it a test and give us some feedback in #🚢ships ! (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Gave @Builder @Build Leader Permission to use color/formatting on signs without need of a Contributor rank. 🟒 Gave @Admin the ability to edit signs with shift+right clicking if they /toggleshiftedit This is a test to see how well it works with the claims systems and shop sign plugins to see if its safe to give back out to builders, I think you all know what happened last time! haha
updated Survival 🟑 Updated the Wild teleport plugin to a much newer version (Next reboot) 🟑 Changed Minimum amount of people to sleeping to change it from night to day to 25% of the server (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 /warp cove Cannon shop "Gunsmith" NPC now sells the Cannon projectiles, and in the near future "Cannon in a bottle" to place down cannons. πŸ”Έ Prices changed for all items that were previously sold in the cannon shop. πŸ”Έ We will never sell Diamonds (Hardened cannonball), so this will teleport you to the /warp shop (edited)
updated Discord 🟑 Updated some cooldowns in various channels. #🛒β”‚marketplace now has 1h cooldown to prevent idle chit-chat and promote more quality advertising.
updated Discord 🟒 Added castle:castle: as per suggestion from @corruptedcongo. If you want any further emoji's added, please suggest them in #🔭archived-suggestions
updated Survival 🟒 New /warp shop "How to shop" tutorial area under /warp shop warp! Thanks to @Builder Massive thanks to @WaterPool and help from @dokterdrap & @atalantaa 🟑 Fixed /wild working for Deckhands and the wild signs at /spawn will work again for everyone. πŸ”Έ Resistance/water breathing added when you use the wild signs/command. πŸ”΄ Temporarily broke cannons, Don't worry I know Cannon perms are broken, I accidently broke cannons when I pushed a massive cannons update to the live server by accident when I was suppose to be pushing it to the test server, I did it when I was half asleep, testing is happening fast to make sure we can re-release them, followed by a proper release and docs on the website, sorry for the temporary inconvenience. ❓ People #🔭archived-suggestions to disable pulling people with grappling hooks at regions, I replied but nobody is reading it. There is no setting to disable pulling peolpe in regions, so we can either entirely turn off pulling people with grappling hooks or just keep it on. there is no in-between. I just tested an alternative version of Grappling hooks, but its got its own flaws which are greater, like using some form of teleport to move people, eh. I suggested this before but everyone downvoted it, another option is to disable fall damage in warps, I quite like that people can drown/die at warps, does suck for events mind. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Via #🔭archived-suggestions by @pnaft Firstmate+ will now get the perk to show items in-chat by using the prefix [i] or [item] πŸ”Έ If this is abused/spammed, I will move it back up to @Contributor only. πŸ”Έ Contributors said that they are fine with this perk being moved to Firstmate+ and it doesn't devalue their Contributor rank, if you feel differently please read/write in #💎β”‚contributor πŸ”Έ Chat item cooldown increased from 2 mins to 5 mins to cut down on its spam use, as a lot more people have access now via a suggestion from #💎β”‚contributor (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added /clear for @Admin to clear their own or someone's inventory online or offline, no going back after this is used! ℹ️ You will get a message in-chat if your inventory is wiped by admin ℹ️ This will be for people that Xray, so we can reduce the Xray punishment length based on context. 🟒 Made @atalantaa full blown @Moderator welcome to the team fully Atalantaa! 🟑 Increased @Moderator limits for punishments massively. 🟑 Fixed @Admin being able to use the chat /emoji commands like :dog: (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added barrier blocks around Vote chests at /warp cove to stop people yanking people out with Grappling hooks ℹ️ Votes ended up 50/50 for Grappling hook pulling people, so for now, a quick simple fix is protecting the Vote chest areas. via #🔭archived-suggestions ℹ️ Downside is now fireworks get stuck under it, I made a chimney to allow fireworks out of the vote chest, im sure someone can pull people through this still 🟒 Added more of a classic portal design to the /warp cove portal and gave it a hologram to explain where it goes. πŸ”΄ Removed Resource pack being auto downloaded for the new animated doors plugin that hasn't been released yet! Its on the server, I just need to sort perms! Very close! (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added /nicosemsrott (next restart) to credit for; 🟒 @NicoSemsrott has created 3 custom pieces of Artwork just for PirateCraft, specifically for in-game maps to be used as unique artwork, without the need of a resource pack! These are normal Minecraft maps! 🟒 Added plugin to create custom artwork maps based on images (Next restart) 🟒 Next restart, I will be selling these pieces of Artwork at /warp cove using in-game money so you will be able to decorate whatever you want with them! ℹ️ Im not currently taking requests for more! You may #🔭archived-suggestions more unique artwork for maps and if @NicoSemsrott likes the idea it may be made! πŸ”— Check out her portfolio at (edited)
Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world.
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Anti Cheat 🟑 Updated Discord bridge plugin 🟑 Updated Admin Shops plugin (NPCS) 🟑 Updated PvP Tag plugin 🟑 Updated Analytics plugin 🟑 Updated JumpPads plugin 🟑 Updated premium essentials suite plugin 🟑 Updated entity/mob manager plugin 🟑 Updated all 4 Essential's plugins we use (edited)
updated Changed 🟑 Backdated Discord Bridge plugin as it fully broke on boot 🟑 Updated Shulker blocking plugin to hopefully fix #🐛bugs-legacy reported by @Nationalistic that made it block all Hotkeys working! Massive thanks to @IndexOutOfMJ who re-made this plugin for us!
updated Survival/Website 🟒 Build of the Month May 2020 is now live! Thanks @SpikyCactus_ πŸ”— See #📢β”‚announcements for more information πŸ”— 🟒 Created a graphic for the BOTM and created it on Maps at /warp cove so people can view them in-game!!
Hey Pirates! This build competition was truly amazing. We had a range of entries from chapels to warships, with each one looking absolutely stunning. So please, go ahead and view these marvelous builds!  Also, don’t forget to let us know which build is your favourite in the co...
updated Survival diamond Added /warp Cove Art Gallery! diamond 3 custom pieces of artwork created by @NicoSemsrott for PirateCraft, these are on Maps that can be bought from the Gallery NPC at /warp cove and put up in a frame anywhere without the need of a resource pack! πŸ”Έ These are extremely expensive pieces of art, £3500 per Map/Art due to the initial release as; πŸ”Έ These can be copied exactly the same as other maps and resold at the marketplace, once they have been copied a few times the copies can be copied and there will be infinite in circulation, This is your true test to see if you can keep an item a high price! πŸ”Έ Since nobody has bought any yet this will be a great experiment for the Pirate run marketplace can keep items at a high price (highly doubt!) or to see where it ends up! My bet is they are £10 by the end of the week! diamond Prices will dramatically drop once they are in circulation to gauge a better cost then on after! If you have requests for new artwork please post in #🔭archived-suggestions for @NicoSemsrott to pick and choose!
updated Survival ⚠️ Some cannon projectiles and cannon features will be disabled temporarily for a few days for testing and maintenance. You may get a permission error when trying to load cannons. We hope to finish testing later this week and your projectiles will return.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed/disbanded around 40 completely inactive and dead crews (all members over a year offline, no more than 4 members) to free up some crew tags for people. Mostly inactive sailor crews. πŸ”Έ Legacy crews such as NRWHL - The Narwhal Syndicate, BLC - Black Clover, TDG - The Diamond Guild, have not been touched don't worry. πŸ”Έ If you make a new crew and suddenly have random inactive members, ask any admin to remove them. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Premium Essentials plugin πŸ”Έ Adds the ability to wipe item name/lore from a command as requested in #🔭archived-suggestions I will have to figure out how to trigger this from an NPC/Sign! 🟑 Updated giant animated doors plugin (I still haven't released this yet!) 🟑 Changed "Francis" NPC at cove to "Ranks" and when you right click him will run /ranks also set to glowing to match the other NPCS. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added XpBoost NPC to redeem Xp Tokens at /warp cove πŸ”ΈMeans I can move the XpBoost redeem anywhere at any point. πŸ”ΈIt will always activate as you now, where as before we were using commandblocks to trigger closest player πŸ”ΈStops pirates glitching into the secret area and toggling the switch to get a free XPboost haha! Cheeky pirate πŸ”ΈWe can sell Xp Boost using in-game money now if we wanted, to individuals or global, if people want this post in #🔭archived-suggestions for individual boost costs/time/multiplier ideas 🟑 Moved /warp xpboost (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added >:( via #🔭archived-suggestions as dark red for angry face 😠 🟑 Reduced /crew home warmup from 15 seconds to 5 seconds in #🔭archived-suggestions by @Deleted User πŸ”΄ Removed /top working in the nether via #🔭archived-suggestions @Contributor via @lye (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added Auction 17 use /auc in game see #📢β”‚announcements for video for items
updated Survival 🟑 Moved the super legacy Coughing_Dogs Shop & "Rentable houses" from /warp cove to behind the cove. This was left here for years for purely nostalgia and memories. It was too confusing for newer players to have this random "shop" that did nothing and random buildings that also had no purpose owned by a player at cove. All under his shop had flooded and had been ransacked at some point, it was entirely destroyed. I moved these old builds to behind the cove. 🟒 Added PirateCraft museum of wonderful artefacts. How many of you knew this already existed? It was created by @Smokeyriver and @vapecloudbear to try and collect one of each PirateCraft artifact. πŸ”Έ This building will require a curator to add and manage all items in the museum if smokey & vape are not around I nominate @.xeron. (if you want it, I cant trust players to not steal all the items!) Plan will be to hopefully have items donated into the museum and have your name next to the item to say you donated it.
updated Survival - You can now build giant animated Swinging doors, Portcullis gates, Drawbridges and Sliding doors! πŸ”Έ Watch the video for them in action, or use them at /warp cove 🟒 Added Big animated swinging doors, portcullis, drawbridges and sliding doors for everyone! Its +1 door per rank! 🟒 Use via /doors GUI, there are commands too (coming soon in tutorial) 🟒 Recorded, edited and published video of these Doors in action around the cove πŸ”ΈTutorial coming soon! They are simple enough to figure out by using the /doors GUI if you read the steps in chat! πŸ”ΈI want to see your epic doors/portcullis/drawbridges/sliding doors you make in #📷β”‚media πŸ”ΈThe power block for these are Gold Blocks, put these next to the hinge of your doors πŸ”ΈYou can control the power blocks with redstone! πŸ”ΈThe slight downfall of these are they can be used as Instant drop traps, there's no way around it, as the doors are made using falling blocks client side, it is not possible to make them solid as they move, we already have Gates & bridges that are solid when they move, those are your alternative. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 @Helper can now jail for up to 20m via @.tulips #🔭archived-suggestions
updated Survival 🟒 Added /market and /markets as an alias to /shops /shop /pirateshops 🟒 Added /buy /purchase /contribute /store as Alias to /donate (Next restart) 🟒 Added Icons for all items and categories in /donate πŸ”΄ Removed Staff heads from Store & Removed category entirely. (edited)
updated Creative 🟒 Gave @Admin Full plot permissions to delete plots etc. 🟒 Enabled "plot-expiry" which should via the dev Expiry will clear old or simplistic plots with no other information, hopefully this clears the empty plots that haven't been used. 🟒 Enabled "comment-notifier" Notify a player of any missed comments upon plot entry 🟒 Disabled Redstone in plots when the owner is not online/occupied in the plot & also detect invalid edge pistons. 🟒 Found a bug that would teleport you back to spawn each time you logged in, Added permission to allow access to the actual creative world and it fixed it! Now when you log back into creative you should be where you left off. 🟑 Updated Plot plugin to latest "Legacy" version. (edited)

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