Ranks & Commands

How to rank up

There are 8 ranks in-game; You rank up in-game naturally by just playing in-game through playtime, travelling, collecting XP and breaking/placing blocks.

You can check your status at any point with /rankup.

Contributor Ranks

There are 3 Contributor Ranks that offer a range of features.

You can obtain these by purchasing from the Store or use /donate in-game.

Staff Team Ranks

The PirateCraft Team consists of a lot of talented people that require specific roles.

You can contact the PirateCraft Team by creating a support ticket.

You apply for staff by filling out the staff application.

Please select each role to see which each one is for.

All Commands

Searchable, sortable command list. Use the search box to find commands based on category or rank, it searches all columns.

/50 Online

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