Ranks & Commands

The PirateCraft ranks system is to reward loyal players with server features and kits, The first upgradable rank; Sailor unlocks Movecraft for sailing those ships you have made, Gunner unlocks using cannons to blast a hole into a house you are siegeing or sinking a ship.


This is the starting rank for new and normal players, these players have a white username.

  • Building & Destroying blocks no whitelist!
  • Protect Land & Builds with claims using GriefPrevetnion. (Golden Shovel)
    New players start with 100 claim blocks and you earn 60 claimblocks for every hour played, Chests are not locked! You can however put a block over a chest in a claimed land to protect its contents from pirates! For all GriefPrevention Commands and information please visit the information page.
  • Spawn a basic toolkit with /kit tools, /kit sushi for a fish & /kit bible just for the PirateCraft Bible, Each rank also has its own kit, /kit deckhand, Which is rotten flesh for deckhand.
  • /sethome to set a home warp & /home to warp home.
  • /donate Donation perks in-game menu and /warp donate to warp to the donate room
  • /msg can be used to send messages to other players in-game, quick reply using /r
  • /mail to send an offline message to a player.
  • /spawn will teleport you back to spawn.
  • /help List all in-game commands and /helpop requests help from online staff.
  • /rules View the rules to playing on PirateCraft.
  • /ignore Mute another player in-game.
  • /bal Shows in-game currency, /pay pays a player from your balance.
  • /stats Displays some of your basic recorded in-game statistics.
  • Fire cannons that have been created by Gunners
  • Other useful commands /afk Away from Keyboard, /list Online Players, /motd Message of the day, /compass Displays your current bearing in the world, /depth Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level, /getpos Displays your current coordinate.

Deckhand Kit

1 wooden sword, 1 wooden pickaxe, 1 wooden axe, 1 wooden shovel, redeemable every 3.5 hours.


This first rank update which lets you sail your own custom built ship.

Requirements To auto-rank to Cadet

  1. Deckhand Rank
  2. 10 hours game play
  3. 5000 blocks broken
  4. 5000 walked on foot


You are gifted these items when you rank-up, 1 Compass, 1 set of Shears, 1 golden hoe

Permissions and commands

  • Inherits Deckhand permissions & kits
  • Aqua Badge next to username *
  • Build, Pilot, Move and Rotate a custom built ship: Dhow.
  • /warp cove Lets the user warp to The Cove which contains a market and the end portal.
  • /release Releases a ship that’s currently being piloted.

Cadet Kit

1 Cooked Salmon, redeemable every 3.5 hours.


Sailor is our rank for trusted long-term players, this unlocks teleporting and a new ship to sail: Schooner.

Requirements To auto-rank to Sailor

  1. Cadet Rank
  2. 24 hours game play
  3. 10,000 blocks broken
  4. 10,000 Sailed by boat


Gifted items to build your first ship: 200 wood, 2 signs, 32 wool, 1 golden hoe

Permissions and commands

  • Inherits Cadet permissions & kits
  • Light gray username
  • Load and Fire cannons that have been created by Gunner rank
  • Schooner ship is now available to build
  • Create, Break and Use [balance] signs
  • /tpa Asks the player if you can teleport to them.
  • /manwhois to find which group a user belongs to.
  • /kit sailor

Sailor Kit

1 Sailor Dinghy, 1 Sailor fishing Rod, 1 leather Sailor Chestplate redeemable every 3.5 hours.


Moving up from sailor to part of the PirateCraft team, You will be wanting to expand, carpenter gets you another sethome and some more permissions.

Requirements To auto-rank to Carpenter

  1. Sailor Rank
  2. 72 (3 days) hours game play
  3. 10,000 blocks placed
  4. Gain 60xp Experience
  5. Cut down 700 Oak logs
  6. Cut down 500 Dark Oak or Acacia Logs


Gifted items to make a mess; 32 Creeper Eggs, 32 Enderpearls, 1 brewing stand, 1 Diamond Axe, 64 Oak logs, 64 Spruce logs, 64 Birch logs, 64 Jungle logs.

Permissions and commands

  • Inherits Sailor Permissions & Kits
  • Light grey username with bronze badge *
  • 2 set homes
  • /tpahere Asks the specified player to accept transport to your location.
  • /balancetop to see who’s got big money
  • /me allows emote in chat
  • Create [mail] signs.
  • /kit carpenter

Carpenter Kit

1 Chainmail Carpenter Helmet, 1 pair of Leather Carpenter Boots. redeemable every 3.5 hours.


Gunner unlocks the ability to build and use working cannons in-game to rain destruction upon your enemies, sink their ships and blow mobs to the nether!

Requirements To auto-rank to Gunner

  1. Carpenter Rank
  2. 7 days, 168 hours game play
  3. 30,000 Blocks broken
  4. 30,000 Blocks placed
  5. Gain 80xp Experience


Gifted items to build two cannons; 64 Firecharges, 6 black wool (2 cannons), 2 torches, 2 stone buttons, 64 cobblestone, 65 Sulphur (Gunpowder), 64 TNT, 1 Flint and steel,

Permissions and commands

  • Inherits Gunner Permissions & Kits
  • Light grey username with gold badge *
  • 2 set homes
  • Gunners can build both Black wool Cannons and Iron Cannons that shoot exploding cobblestone cannonballs use /cannons for an in-game tutorial or visit the Ships and Cannons page.
    Maximum of 2 cannons for Gunner
  • Can shoot TNT Cluster-bomb, Cobblestone and Fireworks from cannons.
  • Ability to Auto-reload, Auto-aim and use redstone on cannons
  • /kit gunner

Gunner Kit

3 TNT, 20 Sulphur (Gun Powder), 20 Arrows, 1 Fire Enhanced bow, 1 Pair of Iron leggings. Redeemable every 3.5 hours.


Boatswain is a dedicated PirateCraft player.

Requirements To auto-rank to Boatswain

  1. Gunner Rank
  2. 15 days played (360 Hours)
  3. 100000 Blocks broken
  4. 100000 Blocks placed
  5. Gain 100 XP Levels
  6. Move 100000 blocks on foot


Gifted items; 2 diamond blocks, 1 beacon.

Permissions and commands

  • Inherits gunner permissions and kits
  • Grey username with Pink Badge *
  • 3 Set homes
  • /kit boatswain

Boatswain Kit

2 Ender Pearls, 1 Pumpkin Pie, 1 Lead, 1 Iron Helmet with waterworker:1 & respiration:2, 2 Large fireworks.


Firstmate is mostly cosmetic, to show elite status of a player.

Requirements To auto-rank to Firstmate

  1. Boatswain Rank
  2. 30 days played (720 Hours)
  3. 300,000 Blocks broken
  4. 300,000 Blocks placed
  5. Gain 125 XP Levels
  6. Move 5,000,000 Blocks on foot


  • Gifted one time use kit /kit firstmate_rankup
  • Global 2.5x XPBoost for 5 hours to everyone online at the time of rankup.

Permissions and commands

  • Inherits Boatswain permissions and kits
  • Grey username with Turquoise Badge “»
  • /kit firstmate
  • /kit firstmate_rankup (only if ranked, not bought)

Firstmate Kit

Resets every 3.5 hours.

  • 1 x Soup
  • 1 x compass
  • 1 x chainmail boots with depth strider

One time /kit firstmate_rankup

One time use kit.

  • 1 x Aqua shulker box named Firstmate Treasure Chest
  • 1 x Diamond Sword named Firstmate cutlass with sharp:2 looting:3 sweeping:1 durability:1
  • 1 x Gold helmet named Firstmate Headguard with protection:2 respiration:1 unbreaking:2
  • 1 x Gold Chestplate named Firstmate Breastplate with protection:2 unbreaking:1
  • 1 x Gold Leggings named Firstmate Legguards with protection:1 unbreaking:1
  • 1 x Gold Boots named Firstmate War Boots with protection:1 unbreaking:1 featherfalling:3 depthstrider:1


Quartermaster is mostly cosmetic, showing legendary status. Getting this rank is very difficult, its only obtainable by ranking up in-game and by the most dedicated of players.

Requirements To auto-rank to Quartermaster

  1. Firstmate Rank
  2. 60 days played (1440 Hours)
  3. 1,000,000 Blocks broken
  4. 1,000,000 Blocks placed
  5. Gained 150 XP Levels
  6. 2,000,000 Blocks walked


  • Gifted one time use kit /kit quartermaster_rankup
  • Global 2.5x XPBoost for 12 hours to everyone online at the time of rankup.

Permissions and commands

  • Inherits First Mate permissions and kits
  • Grey username with Dark Red Badge “»
  • /kit quatermaster
  • /kit quartermaster_rankup (only if ranked, not bought)

Quartermaster Kit

Resets every 3.5 hours.

  • 1 x Book & Quill
  • 1 x Speed potion power 2 for 60 seconds

One time /kit quartermaster_rankup

One time use kit.

  • 3 x Red shulker boxs named Quatermaster Treasure Chest
  • 1 x Diamond Sword named Quatermaster cutlass with sharp:3 looting:2 sweeping:2 durability:3
  • 1 x Chainmail helmet named Quartermaster Headguard with protection:2 respiration:2 unbreaking:2
  • 1 x Chainmail Chestplate named Quartermaster Breastplate with protection:3 unbreaking:2
  • 1 x Chainmail Leggings named Quartermaster Legguards with protection:2 unbreaking:2
  • 1 x Chainmail Boots named Quartermaster War Boots with protection:2 unbreaking:2 featherfalling:3 depthstrider:1

Donator Ranks


Lieutenant rank is a donation rank, you can obtain this by visiting the donation page.

  • Inherits up-to Carpenter rank & kits
  • Lime Green username
  • 3 Set homes.
  • Join a full server as a VIP
  • Use colour and formatting on signs & chat, Colours can be found in the bible or /info colors or from this website (Color Codes)
  • /time displays world time.
  • /workbench to open a workbench anywhere.
  • /tptoggle Toggles players ability to teleport to you.
  • /near Lists the players who are nearby.
  • /hat Get some cool new headgear.
  • 3 spawn eggs & 1 gift
  • /kit lieutenant

Lieutenant Kit: 1 Iron sword, 1 Iron Shovel, 1 Enhanced iron pickaxe with efficiency:1 & durability:1, 1 Iron Axe, 2 Boats, 1 leather Helmet, 1 enhanced Leather chestplate with protection 1, 1 Leather Leggins, 1 Chainmail boots. Redeemable every 3.5 hours.


Commander rank is a donation rank, you can obtain this by visiting the donation page.

  • Inherit Sailor, Carpenter, Gunner & Lieutenant ranks + Kits
  • Lime Green username with bronze +
  • 4 Set homes
  • /warps List all warps and use them all.
  • 3 spawn eggs & 2 gifts.
  • /top Quickly escape caves
  • /kit commander

Commander Kit: 1 Iron sword, 1 Iron Helmet, 1 Iron Chestplate, 1 Iron leggins, 1 Iron boots and 1 Golden Apple, Redeemable every 3.5 hours.


Captain rank is a donation rank, you can obtain this by visiting the donation page.

  • Inherit Sailor, Carpenter, Gunner & Boatswain, Lieutenant and Commander Ranks + Kits
  • Lime Green username with pink +
  • 5 Set homes
  • 3 spawn eggs & 3 gifts.
  • Initial 1 Enderchest
  • /back Teleport back to where you died
  • Bypass Teleport Cooldown & Timers
  • /kit captain

Captain Kit: 1 Iron sword with sharpness:1 knockback:1, 1 Iron Pickaxe with efficiency:1 durability:1 fortune:1, 1 iron shovel with digspeed:1, 1 iron axe with efficiency:1, 1 iron hoe with durability:1, 1 Iron helmet with PROTECTION_ENVIRONMENTAL:1, 1 iron chestplate with PROTECTION_EXPLOSIONS:1, 1 iron leggins with PROTECTION_PROJECTILE:1, 1 Iron boots with PROTECTION_FALL:1, 1 Golden apple. Redeemable every 3.5 hours.

Staff Ranks

Visit our PirateCraft Team page to meet out staff members.


Craftsman is the builder rank for the survival /warps and spawn. This includes the Cove. Craftsman is a secondary rank, so its a little different to most other ranks, they stay the same rank they are and inherit craftman as a second rank.

  • No special coloured username.
  • Has access to /warp build1 /warp build2 /warp build3 /warp build4 /warp build5
  • Is automatically added to the build permissions on Spawn, Cove and the NESQ warps.
  • Is allowed access to a cove build room nobody else can get in.
  • Cross server, Craftsman has extra permissions on the Hub and Future games server.


Housewright is a lead builder rank, This role takes leadership over build projects and in time will be able to promote/demote craftsman.

  • Turquoise Username
  • Inherits Captain, Craftsman ranks and all previous ranks, kits, ships, warps and perks.
  • Has access to /warp housewright
  • Can set their prefix to [busy] with /duty
  • Can toggle /pvp
  • Can set /pweather for player based weather.
  • Can set /ptime for player based time.


Privateer is a helper rank. A privateer is responsible for answering questions in chat, helping players understand server mechanics, and basic chat moderation.  They do not inherit other ranks.

  • Dark Turquoise Username
  • Use Chat Colour and Formatting
  • Receive /helpop messages
  • Warn, Kick, Mute, Jail
  • Use of staff chat
  • Bypass Spam & Paste URL’s in chat


SeaArtist is the media rank. The rank is given on a temporary basis and fulfills roles such as Screenshots, Videography, Writing, and Graphic Design for the server.

  • Turquoise Username
  • Use Chat Colour and Formatting
  • Can use /tppos
  • Can toggle /pvp
  • Can set their prefix to [busy] with /duty
  • Can set /pweather for player based weather.
  • Can set /ptime for player based time.


Commodore is moderator rank, Moderator has some special perks.

  • Blue Username
  • Inherits Captain rank and all previous ranks, kits, ships, warps and perks.
  • Receive /helpop messages
  • ALT Account Detection
  • Warn, Kick, Mute, Jail, Ban.
  • Live notifications of hackers/cheaters.
  • Use of staff chat
  • View server uptime and resource usage.
  • View other players stats
  • Combat Log Alert
  • Bypass Spam & Paste URL’s in chat
  • Use Chat Colour and Formatting


RearAdmiral is a super moderator rank, Super Moderator has some special permissions that help to manage claims, terrain and monitoring player activity.

  • Orange Username
  • Inherits Commodore rank and all previous ranks, kits, ships, warps and perks.
  • Bypass Claim protection
  • Delete and modify Claims
  • TP to/here anyone, TP people to spawn
  • Softmute & Deathblow
  • See Inventory & Enderchests
  • Restore Land back to Nature & Regenerate Land
  • Brewery Admin
  • God / Vanish / Fly & Speed / Tppos / Burn / Heal / Thru
  • Biome, Chunk & Block info
  • Forest Generation
  • Distr / Count / Size of block selection (Good for ships)
  • Extinguish fires / Delete Floating Trees


ViceAdmiral rank is a admin rank, and is reserved only for Iamthereaper89, some of the Perks of being admin:

  • Purple Username
  • Repeating answers over and over again
  • Being asked to fix things that have nothing to do with running a minecraft server
  • Listen to Drama that happens between players


The Admiral rank is reserved for the server owner me, GodsDead, my perks include:

  • Red Username
  • Managing and configuring server plugins.
  • Keeping the server alive and trying not to break things.
  • Building, editing and managing role permissions.
  • Building, developing and maintaining piratemc.com
  • Paying the server bills.
  • Advertising and Media creation for the server.
  • Custom terrain design and generation.
  • Burying loot under islands
  • The real boss
  • Nibbles the Horse
  • Better Secret Lair (Its got a party room!)


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