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survival Build of the Month 🔐 August 2021 Build of the month entries now closed! add September 2021 Build of the month entries now open! 🔸 @DeofiloW1 is still running BOTM in September but they are currently on vacation so I made the thread so that I could get it live and people submitting, just make sure to select any date in September for your entries! 👍 🔗 survival Website rem I batch closed every Competition thread that's ended in the Forums, so that only open Competitions are open to reply to, much easier to see whats active & open. survival Survival upd Updated BOTM Competition missive in-game (with differnt colors) for the new September botm forum thread. (edited)
survival Creative - Created Item Comeptition add Made this graphic to explain Treasure Chest dates and all future competitions that you will be able to enter, this is the first of many! Design Items for the Summer Crate 2021 with the theme of "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" Read the #📢│announcements 🔗 ℹ️ Full competition details: 🔗 ℹ️ Additional templates to copy & paste can be found on (All pre-made for Summer 2021 Treasure Chests!) 🔗
survival Survival add Added missive for Treasure name competition! add Added missive for coupon code summerrum for 10% off /donate survival Website upd Updated comp thread 🔸 Explained you can use /plot continue to re-edit a submitted plot if you messed up. 🔸 Updated date 🔸 Added section on OP enchants 🔸 Updated submit section to link directly to the discord channel #🏆summer_treasure_chest_entries as a discord invite. 🔗
survival Creative & Survival add Added in-game version of my Treasure Chest Graphic at /warp treasure on /server creative to explain the process for submitting treasure for those people that visit without reading announcements, changelogs, fourm threads! add Same as above but I put one at /warp cove too! 👍 (edited)
survival Creative add Gave permission to @Media @deleted-role @Moderator @Admin to access/interact with peolpes plots on /warp treasure on /creative to duplicate items out of chests for the competition rem Removed the render distance extending permission from @Build Leader & @Media (so also @Moderator and @Admin ) who inherited these, to allow you to use later clients again on PirateCraft (anything past 1.12 broke chunks loading). Hit me up if you need the permission added again for taking video/screenshots in 1.12 I can set it per user!
survival Creative add Gave permission to @Media @deleted-role @Moderator @Admin to use /plot list done and click the number on the left in the list to teleport directly to plots in /warp treasure ignore the ones marked as the halloween world! We need to find a way to clear these!
survival Survival - New Casino! Slot machines at Cove! Visit the Casino at /warp cove its the building next to the Lumberjack! Thanks to @RatRaceRobot for designing the interior of this building, I re-designed the floors/outside. add I created 6 Slot machines at cove (Not sure if slot is the right word, but I needed to call them something!) 🔸 3 x In-game money bets, £10, £100 & £1000 with a chance to double your money if you win! 🔸 3 x Diamond Betting, 10, 32 Diamond and 10 Diamond Block bets, Double your diamonds if you win! add Created Casher NPC who you buy chips or trade diamond for chips to use the machines! 🔸 Buy Chips or Trade diamond for Chips, use Chips in slot machines! ℹ️ I made this using the Treasure Chest system! No extra plugins, but it works slightly differnt there is a rectangle animation when betting! 🔸 As it picks these items at random, it could give you a full house of potatoes, or it could give you 4 chances to win! 🔸 Added sounds/titles/particle feedback when you win! ℹ️ I have also got each of the 3 machines in one block! This is a new concept, you can click on the slot and then you can click on the corresponding jackpot slot to see the odds! 2 clicks! This just means I only need 2 areas to bet instead of 6! Much cleaner! Keys will auto-pick the correct slot treasure chest! ℹ️ I can always add in additional prizes later, I was considering a basic win your money/diamonds back small prize to replace one of the empty potato slots, needs to be used for a while to collect some usage stats first! ℹ️ Some of the older players may remember we used to have a diamond jackpot machine at cove that took up an insane amount of room! trophy Just happened to win first time when using the machine in the video 😂 (edited)
survival Survival - Treasure Chest expiry dates add Added 2 new Missives, one for the Pocket hole casino and one to explain the expiring dates for the Spring 2021 Treasure Chest and the Legacy Treasure chests, these will go on these dates! 🔸 Spring 2021 Will Expire this Sunday the 29th August. 🔸 Legacy Deadmans & Headcoffer were only left around to use up keys! These will be gone by September 22nd when we bring in the Autumn Treasure Chest. Use your keys up now! ℹ️ Make sure you check out #📢│announcements to help build the Summer Treasure Chest! it wont be around for long!
survival Survival - Entirely new Vote Treasure Chest! parrot Use /vote to get keys! Entirely free! add I built a new Vote Treasure Chest entirely from scratch! Lots of features and prizes! pirateflag Organised layout that's easy to understand and browse! pirateflag Everything is using my new V3 Treasure Format/Template! pirateflag Brand new Personal XP Boost Tokens! only found in this Treasure Chest! pirateflag Brand new Force Lotto!, Some of you might have seen this mini event that I created where I give everyone money and force everyone to buy a ticket, that's now part of the vote treasure chest! pirateflag Brand new Casino Diamond Chips! to use in our new /warp cove Casino! pirateflag 2 Collectible treasure items! directly in the Vote Crate; 5 star Jolly Storm and 4 star Lucky Number Seven with Fortune IV! pirateflag Unique 100 use grappling hook! The only way to get a grappling hook with this many uses! pirateflag As well as all the old favorites of Claim blocks, Money & XP Levels! pirateflag Top right vine is for credit (Just me 🤣 Its there for the next bullet point)! parrot With the new Creative Treasure world I created this means that the items will be able to be swapped out semi-regularly when YOU create them! parrot Left-click to see everything in person! Remember there are 3 Locations for the Vote Treasure chest, 2 at /warp cove and one at /spawn hook Massive thanks to all @Media @Helper @Moderator @Admin and specifically @bombniks for all the help testing this with thousands of keys and helping me in the process! (edited)
survival Survival add Added a way to redeem personal XP Boost tokens at /warp xpboost 👍 (Via the new Vote Treasure Chest! see update above!)
survival Survival rem Blocked a naughty command thanks to @mqstic & @creatingwithkass pog
survival Survival rem Small optimisation, Disabled armor-stands-do-collision-entity-lookups as I don't think we need this check (active next reboot). Logging just in-case it makes any plugins act odd.
Instructs armor stand entities to do entity collision checks.
parrot Quick reminder that Spring Treasure chest gets removed today! use your keys up! parrot Get your last entries into #🏆summer_treasure_chest_entries as it will close in a few hours!
survival Survival ⚠️ Last chance to use your keys up for Spring Treasure chest at Cove, Chest will be removed within 24h! rem Removed Spring Treasure chest keys from store rem Removed Key drop every 30m for Spring Treasure chest keys
key **Shops Shop S72has been evicted hassent been stocked in weaks. Reminder for all shop owners to check there shop and use it as a shop and not as a storage, thanks
survival Survival - Summer Treasure Chest 2021 add Created Summer Treasure Chest 2021 - Until 22nd September (This month!) 🔗 add Gave out keys to the winning Summer Treasure winners! 🔗 add Created #🎉│giveaway-events for Summer Treasure Chest add Created summer keys on store add Added Missive for new Summer Treasure Chest add Created chests with keys for staff to collect upd Updated Legacy Treasure missive & Removed Competition Missive upd Updated my dropkey script to drop Summer keys every 30m
survival Survival upd Fixed the name of the "British Musket" once you won it, it had "Gonna" between the "Muske" and the "t" I can only assume this was an accident in post, had the wrong window open when talking maybe? Anywho, if you want your British_MuskeGonna replaced with the actual British Musket any @Admin can replace your dodgy one with a proper one, or keep it upto you! 😂 🔸 @davidj123456 @atalantaa @TotoHundebein Checked the drop logs, looks like you are the only peolpe that got this version! (edited)
survival Permissions add @Helper and above gained access to bypass the /enchant limit and can also make invalid /enchants outside of vanilla on /server creative now, before this was limited to admins only, now its all staff! @Moderator add @Build Leader Now inherits @Helper role aswell as @Builder and Captain so they can access areas like /warp private smirk_two_hand 🔸 I also increased the "weight" for Build Leader. add @Moderator now inherit @Media (Sea Artist) so you can now interact (Open any chest on /warp treasure on Creative) 🔸 I also updated the weight of moderator ℹ️ If there's any oddities with me changing these rank weights please tell me as I may need to re-look at every single ranks weight!
survival Website upd Updated the staff list for my online players widget on the website 🔸 Lots of changes, all recent @Helper & @Moderator should now show up! 🎉
survival Creative upd Updated every single /kit example treasure items on Creative to have Winter 2021 lore ready for that competition upd Updated the text at the npc at /warp treasure to show the item color codes which is also in /treasure this NPC just runs /customitem which can be run from any server. (edited)
survival Preparing for Winter Summer Treasure Chest competition! rem Removed the Summer graphic from Cove/Creative treasure worlds. add Created a new competition graphic for Winter 2021 Treasure Chest item design competition! 🔸 Graphic put up at cove on survival 🔸 Graphic put up at /warp treasure on /server creativeWait what happened to Autumn? We had so many entries for the Summer Competition we are rolling over them into Autumn, there will be a whole second set of winners posted when that Treasure Chest goes live for keys to that Autumn treasure chest! ❔ Where do we post entries!? Give me some time, I need to make the forum thread/discord areas and all sorts! I also need to find a way to wipe all the "plot done" so they are fresh again!
map Competition time! add I created #❄winter_treasure_entries with a Lot more information directly in the discord this time, and pinned that infomration for those that skim read the forum thead! add I created a new competition forum thread for Winter Treasure Chest 2021 with all information and updated it based off the last competitions issues, I made some new graphics to explain 2 things people missed, that you need to submit 2 items and also you have to follow the color schemes for name & lore! 🔗
Home › Forums › Competitions › Winter 2021 Treasure Chest Item Design competition This topic has 0 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 14 seconds ago by GodsDead. Viewing 1 …
survival Creative rem I manually removed all the /plot done so we have a completely fresh /plot list done add Added permission for @deleted-role and @Media to /plot continue plots in Treasure world to remove them from /plot list done and re-open them for people aswell as @Build Leader @Moderator and @Admin to help players in #❄winter_treasure_entries and any future competition entries to clean up the list 👍
survival Website upd Updated all my copy & paste Treasure Templates to say Winter 2021, so that they are quicker to create items for #❄winter_treasure_entries 🔗
survival Survival add Posted #📢│announcements for the Winter Treasure Chest item design competition! add Created Missive for the competition
survival Proxy/Survival/Test/Play upd Updated Analytics plugin (Optimisations) survival Survival upd Updated big animated doors plugin 🔸 Fixed end rods not rotating upd Updated votifier plugin (Optimisations) upd Updated Entity manager plugin (Optimisations) survival Survival/Creative/Test upd Updated Premium essentials plugin & Lib
survival Survival add Gave out prizes for #🎉│giveaway-events @_Gores @Cosmic_Raiders collect your keys! add I made a new #🎉│giveaway-events for 5 people to win 15x Summer Treasure Keys, the previous giveaway one of the winners got themselves banned! 🔗 (edited)
survival Survival add Gave the Gardener rank 🌴 2 new permissions: 🦧 Visualize nearby claims, when you are flying shift+right click with a stick to show ALL claims nearby. 🦧 Safe Spectate, this is a version of spectate that puts you back to the position you run the spectate command, it means nobody can be accused of using spectate to enter a vault as they wouldn't be able to leave spectate in the vault! /spectate Via @atalantaa ℹ️ Gardener Rank is a temporary rank given out by @Admin to help regenerate areas of the world, you gotta be super trusted & trained for this role!
survival Survival upd Tested the Gardener Rank with @Taulov and @eisengraf upd MAJOR cleanup of the northwest spawn area - much of the area has been unclaimed and regened! Fresh new land to build on! Pretty sweet before and after too!
survival New schedule system I have enabled a new schedule system that allows me to do a few more things than my previous schedule system. add You will be sent to Creative before the survival reboots as of today. In the mornings at 10:30am GMT we have a survival restart. 🔸 New action bar message counting down to reboot 🔸 Auto sent to Creative instead of kicked add At the same time 10.30am a Boss bar title will be sent to the Creative server that will auto send you back to creative when it hits 0. 🔸Bossbar countdown is 6 mins, which is roughly 1m longer than it takes the survival to shut down and start up again, when it finishes it should send everyone on creative to the survival server again. 🔸This will get shown to anyone that joins the server when the survival is rebooting, imagine being a new player and being sent to creative straight away during reboot! At least with this title it will tell them what is happening and auto send them to Survival after 6 mins. 🔸There is no way to check if the survivals back up before sending, so im hoping 6 mins is enough, if not I will just set it to 10 mins and you can use the command earlier if you wish. add I have scheduled discord messages to be auto sent using the same system! At present these are sent to staff online into a staff channel. 🔸Set reminders for Treasure chest competition dates & due dates now that I have specific dates for Treasure Chest releases! Hopefully this will make them consistent! 🔸I will use this for setting due dates for reminders for people! ℹ️ To see dates go to /warp cove and look at the information board or look at any of the competition forum threads like the open winter one! ❄️ (edited)
survival More schedules add Added schedule for birthday discord message & pre warning to staff add Added schedule for SMAUG discord message timer for 10 mins before for people that wish to be reminded this will be posted into #⚓│general for now.
survival Discord upd Moved the Smaug discord events to the #📗│uptime_logs channel, not sure why I put it in general! 💩
survival Website upd Updated PHP Version and website software. upd Big update to the videos page on the website, I was using some random plugin to manage videos in the gallery but it was cumbersome, slow and I couldn't get anyone else to add videos. 🔸 I have manually copied every single video into a normal website page and just embedded videos directly, this means any @Media role that wishes to add/update videos posted in #📷│media can now do so! 🔸By default youtube normal embeds are hideously slow, but I found another plugin to only load the youtube code once the videos been clicked on! Brilliant! this is now site-wide for all youtube videos. 🔸Removed the old chunky slow video gallery plugin entirely. 🔸My previous update for the gallery page that allows people to upload images themselves is suppose to support video but its broken! So until then we will have to manually update the video page! add Added missing @dpex81 videos to the Video page and gave them its own category! ℹ️ The video page hasn't had any new videos in a very, very long time, can someone go through #📷│media and find videos that we could add please and get on contact with @Media to add them to the videos page! 🔗
survival Website add Added new Anti-spam plugin to try and stop those bot signups, never used this plugin before, so if there are any issues with the website, random things breaking report it! If it breaks viewing the website, sending forms, being blocked at work/school, certain words/parses/emails not allowed etc, then report it! Also tell me if you get a "challenge" screen, that challenges if you are a bot, it will be a page with "Access Blocked" written on it and a captcha. If we still get spam signups, then it's a human making them in a farm somewhere. (edited)
survival Survival rem Nerfed Smaug dragon respawn times due to complaints from people in #📗│uptime_logs that he spawns too often every 3 hours, so i've changed it to 00:00,06:00,12:00,18:00,24:00 via /servertime 🔸 Updated the schedule system to reflect this.
survival Survival - Armour Stands ⚠️ It seems last night an unknown cause removed armor stands in loaded chunks, I have done a deep diagnostics this morning and haven't found anything out of the ordinary, even performing a few tests with reboots this morning. This is bad news, it means there is no clue to what caused it. Do not worry, I keep world backups This is the main consideration, never panic, never get angry, I keep backups and can restore selections of a world without needing to backdate an entire world. The best thing you can do right now, is to write down the coordinates where your armor stands were for when I create a discord channel and forum thread to manually restore them, please be patient and consider how you choose to talk to staff regarding the matter. When something like this happens, we have to find the cause, since I have made 0 changes that could have caused it, and there is no errors or logs of anything, all I have to go off is my previous changelog, which was simply changing the dragon respawn times, there is a single armor stand involved with this plugin, it was at cove and updated when someone killed the dragon, For whatever reason that armor stand was no more also! This was a posed statue with arms, so our armor stand limiter plugin and entity management plugin are most likely not to blame as they both check for customized Armour stands, ignoring those that have been posed or have a name etc. rem I have removed both plugins required to run the dragon spawn event and we will have to see if any more vanish. upd Updated NPC plugin (Uses Armour stands for holograms) upd Updated Premium essentials plugin (Uses Armour stands for holograms) upd Updated armor stand limiter survival Proxy & OS upd Updated the Bungee server & OS + rebooted the physical machine for patches. (edited)
survival Survival add Created a thread in #⚓│general to request armor stand restores via coordinates please read the PSA #📢│announcements I also have created about it.
survival Survival Armour Stands upd Temporarily blocked placing armor stands for damage control while it takes more time to figure out what the cause is, it wasn't the dragon plugin. 🔸 Since I have literally nothing to go on for a cause, i'm in the dark here, please be patient and help where you can. ℹ️ Please do not panic, I have a world backup from before they vanished, you can report yours missing for now in the thread in #⚓│general and this will be my main focus until its figured out.
survival Website - Cant catch a break It must be one of those times where everything goes wrong, got mass attacked by a lot of bots creating 1000's of spam groups, which brought in an extra 10,000+ hits a day to the website to the spam 😢 rem Manually deleted about 1000 groups & forums, we still have a ton of accounts that need cleaning up. upd Changed security plugin, it somehow made it worse & temp disabled Google login until I can yet again figure out what these assholes are doing to bypass the captchas/email activation for accounts. REeeeeeee Please satan give me a break (edited)
survival Website - More security and bot prevention This has been a game of cat and mouse! Slowly addedfixed You should be able to login again using your normal login or Google Login! upd The login page changed, I had to ditch having the login form on all pages when logged out and instead replace it with a button (doh) upd If any new security thinks you are a bot and sends you an email to verify you are a human, you can now verify this! The link wasn't working before, but using the new button to login you shouldn't have to do that at all. Quite a stressful few days, turns out whoever runs automated spamming for 123Movies across the internet either has some extremely sophistical bots that can solve Google captchas & verify emails, or they hire a farm of real people in India/China/Russia/Vietnam to manually sign up accounts judging from the locations these are coming from, quite a depressing thought that those even exist, I could blanket ban those countries to solve everything 😂 backup plan. I hope the changes ive made in the last few days bloody work. ℹ️ There is no way to permanently block all automated bots, I just need to keep an eye on new accounts being created/seeing what spam comes up and coming up with sneaky ways to prevent that, I will look into if I can add a "spam" button to add to accounts/content for staff to remove at will! ℹ️ If we get an influx of bot signups tonight, I will have to disable the Google auth again! survival Armour stand replacement ℹ️ If you dont want to post /getpos to #⚓│general thread restore_armour_stnads then you can make a support ticket on the website 👍 (edited)
survival Survival - /shop7 got moved from Popup to perm shops! While were in a quiet period of the year with little activity in the market, I have opened up /shop7 to all be perm shops instead of just popups! This means you can put effort into your shop designs at /shop7 now without the worry about them expiring! upd Changed s82, s81, s80, s79, s78 from popup shops to normal shops. 🔸 No change for those that already have them, this is a seamless transition with nothing required from you, apart from renting obviously! 😂 (edited)
survival Survival - /shop3 shops got moved from popup to Perm shops! Same as above, while were in a quiet period without the demand for shops at market there is no need for popup shops, so I have converted all shops at /shop3 from a popup shop to a fully fledged normal shop, the best news? As of writing this not a single one is rented! You might want to act quick, these are very, very cheap 🤣 upd Changed every shop at /shop3 from a popup shop to a fully fledged perm shop (If you want one, no buying to resell!) 🔸 s34, s35, s36, s37, s38, s39, s40, s41, s42, s43, s44, s45, s46 Updated to a full shop! (edited)
survival Survival - Place armour stand permission add Gave @Helper And above permission to place armor stands to help me test vanishing armor stands so we can try and speed this up! @Moderator @Admin @deleted-role
survival Survival - Tradesman upd Because @atalantaa asked gave permission to craft Halloween2020 fragments from the Tradesman for everyone.
survival Survival Prize giveaway add Gave out prizes for #🎉│giveaway-events key@Kangy_Roo, @WildWestReaper, @eisengraf, @Cosmic_Raiders, @darkmatter51 collect your keys by logging in for at least 15m, the store will send them! add Added one last #🎉│giveaway-events for Summer Treasure Chest keys 2021 Be in it to win it!
Survival While we are quiet and theres resources, better smash your guardian farms 👍 add Buffed spawn-limits for water-animals mobs (Squids & Guardians) More than doubled! Approximate 65% buff (we will see what Minecraft actually does lol) add Buffed Guardian Mob limit to 10 per chunk (16x16 blocks) & buffed elder guardian chunk limit from to 5 per chunk. ℹ️ Be aware this is not how many mobs spawn, this is just a limit to what the vanilla spawn-limits create for water animals which bundles all water animals together (See above). add Added separate logging for entity cleanup for much easier analytics for whats being cleaned up. Armor Stands We are no closer to figuring out what caused armour stands to vanish, so i'm still not comfortable re-enabling them even though they seem to stay perfectly fine now, i'm conflicted with not knowing what caused it. For now, Im going to re-enable the things I disabled (Apart from armour stand placement) to see if they vanish again. add Added both dragon plugins add Added schedule system add Added armour stand limiter (this definitely wasn't the cause even tho its called this! 😆 ) upd Fixed the dragon spawning timer (00:00,06:00,12:00,18:00)
survival Proxy upd Trialing not restarting the proxy every day, I want to see how stable it is. survival Survival upd Backdated entity limiter for some testing, no changes to entity limits.
survival Survival upd I spent yesterday restoring armour stands for people if you still need yours done please make a note in #deleted-channel before the thread auto archive's 👍
survival Survival rem Blocked 2 very naughty commands. add Added /eisengraf @eisengraf smirk_two_hand add @Deleted User added /guide eisengraf
survival Survival Prize giveaway add Gave out prizes for #🎉│giveaway-events which timed perfectly for the last day of the Summer Treasure Chest! key@Last_Word, @eisengraf, @TobySF! Collect your keys by logging in for at least 15m, the store will send them! 🔗 ⚠️ All the legacy Treasure chests & The Summer Treasure Chest will be removed today! use up your keys! (edited)
survival Survival - Autumn Treasure Chest 2021 add Created Autumn Treasure Chest 2021 - Until 21st December /warp cove 🔗 add Gave out keys to the winning Summer Treasure winners! /crate claim 🔗 add Created #🎉│giveaway-events for Autumn Treasure Chest add Created Autumn keys on store add Added Missive for new Autumn Treasure Chest add Added Autumn Treasure Keys to Vote chest! /vote add Created chests with keys for staff to collect upd Updated my dropkey script to drop Autumn keys every 30m! upd Updated missives, removed notification about today's date for removal of Legacy Crates, summer sale coupon ends today too, and removed summer treasure chest missive. rem Removed Summer Treasure keys from store rem Removed both legacy Treasure Chests HeadCoffer & DeadMansChest
survival Survival - Armour stands addedfixed Restored a bunch more Armour stands via #deleted-channel 🦄
survival Buffed Autumn Treasure Chest upd Massively buffed the amount of low tier items you get in the Autumn 2021 Treasure Chest, even though this one was made a month in advance the entire staff team forgot to choose how many of each item you got! so it was still set to 1 of each item 😆 Thanks to @atalantaa for the penny dropping on this one! These were all 1x, now they are; Aztec Gold - x16 Explosive Cannonballs - x4 Kraken Carcass - x4 Bone Trinket - x16 Bombs Away - x20 Feather - x8 Ship Timber - x16 Top Soil - x16 Cursed Pearl - x8
survival Survival add blocked an exploit add re added script that auto reboots creative if it goes down
survival Survival - Vote Update Part 2 Part 2 of my /vote update! part 1 I completely re-made the vote treasure chest! And there is still another part yet to be done! upd Updated Voting plugin /vote, Re-made all the configs from scratch as it was needed. 🔸 Converted all the data from flat file to database, this took so long to complete that the last days worth of voting numbers would have been lost, this was required for preparation for future plans. 🔸 Increased the required cumulative votes to get a vote key to 4, so a maximum of 3 vote keys a day can be collected now, in preparation for a whole new suite of prizes and also more vote websites will be added soon. 🔸 Completely re-made the prizes for top monthly voters, ALL THE TOP 10 voters will all get a prize instead of the top 2! The top 3 voters will get a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Doubloon, and the 4-10 top voters will get a Doubloon fragment! This is in preparation for a new trader that will be created that will let you SELECT your prize by spending your doubloon token! and I will be creating a way to craft fragments into Doubloon tokens for all the 4-10 people, this means that the fragments will be able to be bought/sold/traded between players to collect to turn into full doubloons to buy an item from the Voting NPC. ℹ️ None of the items are made for the Voting NPC just yet, I would like to get some base items created and then hold a competition for players to design the items for these vote rewards! This system I have created will allow us to EASILY update/change items in the NPC at any time, and it will also allow players to design them too using our creative treasure world! But it also lets people see the items that are available too! survival Web upd Updated all SSL certs for live maps, Live map back up.
survival Survival upd Rule updated Do not create fake shop signs to scam players 🔸 Added: Breaking this rule may result in loss of ability to create shops 🔸 Updated /rules 🔗 (edited)
survival Survival add Added 4 more /vote MileStones for the high end players (Make an extra 25k from just Voting!) 🔸 2500 votes for £2500 in-game 🔸 5000 votes for £5000 in-game 🔸 7500 votes for £7500 in-game 🔸 10,000 votes for £10,000 in-game (Now the top achievement) upd Updated the date that monthly votes are picked to be the 1st each month, not sure why it was set to the 26th/27th. 🔸Since we just had some winners, this will most likely mean we will have a second set of "monthly" winners between today & the 1st next month! Then it should sort itself out from then on out. upd Updated the way Top voters are posted to #🎉│giveaway-events each month, hopefully works on the 1st! (edited)
survival Survival add Added new /vote website Vote13 🔗 🔗 add Added new /vote website Vote14 🔗 🔗 upd Updated the order /vote websites show based off their number. (edited)
survival Survival add Added new /vote website Vote15 🔗 🔗 upd Cumulative key reward increased to 5 votes to keep it at 3 keys a day (15 vote websites) 🔸 Please read up about all the extra prizes that are being added in addition to keys.
survival Website upd Updated vote page & Sidebar widget for Votes 🔗 upd Updated Featured shop item on sidebar widget to Autumn keys (its been parrots for like 2 years 😆 )
survival Survival add Gave out #🎉│giveaway-events prizes to @Deleted User @alonfyd @RexStrafes👍 add New #🎉│giveaway-events for 15x Autumn Treasure Chest Keys for 3 people 🔗 survival Website upd Fixed the sidebar widget having #12 and #14 the same URL, thanks @Drbipper (edited)
survival Survival - Top Voters this month piratecoin I fixed the formatting for the Vote Doubloons that are won (all of them) so if you won one, you can trade it with me and ill give you a proper one. piratecoin I changed the #🎉│giveaway-events message when someone wins the top voter the month, I found out its triggered when they log in thanks to @Deleted User 👍 So the discord message is only sent once they log in and their prize is scheduled and sent to them! This does mean that they may not be shown in order, and is dependent on when players log on to collect! Which also means, the only way for us to know who won, is to wait for them to log in LOL! I will talk to the developer for another way to do this.
survival Survival Armour stands and End Crystals add Re-added Armour stands 🔸 We still have no idea what caused armor stands to vanish on the 11th Sep 2021, I sadly cant resolve without reproducing, please use armor stands with caution, not storing valuable items on them! 🔸 I found out its possible to set custom messages for using specific blocks/items in-game! So this is what I have done, I have allowed the use of Armour stands, but set a message with them to alert people to be aware not to store anything of value on them and use them primarily for display! rem Removed placing end crystals for PvP players via many #🔭archived-suggestions from PvP players & a recent poll. 🔸 Seems to be a bit of a hot topic for PvP players, we are aware that everyone wanted a damage nerf but there is no plugin and no setting to do this, what was possible was removing placing them like I did with armor stands with a custom message to explain why (PvP player vote). 🔸 I took the main use case away from Minecraft when I made the dragon automated, I did this on purpose to make the entire use of them PvP/Decorative so we could do this, I set the foundations for another use case. 🔸We have already had deep discussions about many alternative unique use cases to re-purpose end crystals with a custom plugin, but its very low on the priority list at present. 🔸If this does not work out, we can easily revert the block at any time and it can be done live without a reboot required. 🔸My personal opinion is I liked the option to setup and kill OP players 🤷‍♂️ ℹ️ All End Crystal kills were recorded since 21st march 2021, there were 221 deaths to end crystals since then, sorry @Bazurka this could have been a good Stat for you! 😢 ℹ️ PSA Odd network issues may be caused by the host doing Maintenance on backbone connections between their data centers, they have sent me a notification. (edited)
survival Discord add Upgraded the discord server to appear in Discord's "Discovery" system.
survival Survival - Vote Update Part 3 update_outstanding Part 3 of my /vote updates! 15 new collectible items, Doubloon Fragment system for much more choice! 10 Winners each month! add Created Vote Trader NPC at /warp cove add I created 15 Collectible items, split up into 3 tiers. gold Gold Doubloon Armour set, Sword & Shield. iron Silver Doubloon Tools & Bow set. ironBronze Doubloon Chainmail set. 🔸 1 Tier Doubloon = 1 item of your choice! Pick what you want, collect the sets! 🔸Designed in a way that anyone can create Items to replace these items using the treasure world! So we are future proof! add Doubloon Fragment system Runners up, places 4-10 get given Doubloon fragments. But I created a system where you can break your winning Gold, Silver and bronze doubloons down to multiple fragments or craft fragments into any of the Doubloons to target specific items! 🔸 2 fragments = Bronze Doubloon 🔸 4 fragments = Silver Doubloon 🔸 6 fragments = Gold Doubloon There is no tax or cost to trade between these! ℹ️ PSA Vote update 3 was to finish off an outstanding project update_outstanding (Votes) as-well as as being designed for future of the server, allowing anyone to design items using my Treasure World Update when we want to swap the items out that I designed. The vote update was classed as update_important Important, required for 1.13+. All updates have specific reasons and are not random. ℹ️ The final Part 4 will be a web UI to display rankings, but its low on my priority list for now as these can be viewed in game with /vote top or at /warp cove
survival Survival & Creative upd Updated Live map plugin add Added Missive for new /vote Treasure at /warp cove rem Removed September BOTM missive. survival All servers upd Updated Anti Cheat plugin survival Website upd Updated Treasure page to include new Vote items & doubloon information. 🔗
survival Survival - Reboots send you to creative & back auto! upd Tweaked the schedule system by 30 seconds, which fixed sending people to creative at reboot! 🔸 It will automatically show you a boss-bar timer and send you back to survival after 6 mins, no need to spam /server survival any more! just chill for 6 mins on creative and it'll all be automated!
survival Survival && Creative upd Updated live map plugin again, apparently something is squiffy with the last release according to the developer 🤷‍♂️
Shops Shop s71 has been evicted, shop is not stocked, scam sign too, use your shops as a shop and not storage or just for the keeps
survival Survival add @Admin requested a new rule that was mostly a grey area for shops: 6.2: You cannot use your shop primarily for a vault, shops have to be active and in-use. For some players that are using their shop only as a vault with an inactive shop as a facade, this is now written for you. 🔗
upd Spent today trying to speed up the website in a whole host of technical ways, This metric has gone from a D-F Rating to an A, so thats improved, but there is still some TTFB issue I cant figure out and a metric ton of new age optimisations that need to happen, but i'm gassed out. Better than it was, I will chip away at it from time to time. 🔸 So many small optimisations that it most likely broke something or many things, throw a message into 🐛bugs 🔸 Google pagerank still stinks 😢
add Gave out #🎉│giveaway-events prizes to @TobySF @AwesomeCow329 @creatingwithkass add New #🎉│giveaway-events for 15x Autumn Treasure Chest Keys for 3 people 🔗
survival Survival rem Deleted all empty shops at /shop2 in preparation for halving their sizes & another test I want to trial! The 4 people left at shop2, I will be in contact as you will get the pick of the entire market where you want to go (Or stay) because the shops will require moving/updating for 3 of you. survival Website add Added a separate username field to the tickets support page, for some reason the default name that I renamed to username does not show up anywhere, so all tickets don't have a username attached. I think the name field gets auto populated with your logged in username of the website, Ive just required a second username field to make sure we get it logged as most people dont bother to write their username when making a ticket.
survival Website upd Updated staff application form by simplifying roles, no longer directly apply for Moderation, you have to apply for Privateer (Helper) first. 🔸 Staff applications are always open, if you have something else to help out the community and the role isn't on the list, I can create roles, just fill out the form! 🔗
survival Survival add Entire of /shop2 was re-made from scratch again! Massive thanks to @ScriptX @IndexOutOfMJ @MajSay23 and @RatRaceRobot 🔸 All shops were made half the size so they would be half the price. 🔸 4 corners shops we left as the largest shops in the entire marketplace as some pirates wished to keep giant shops 🔸I am Trialing 2 Malls, each of these has 4 separate shops, extremely cheap and in a prime location at shop2. 🔸Design of shop2 updated to autumn! 🔗 parrot @ScriptX @FeccBoiee @trooper306 & @mqstic I pre-rented and pasted your existing shops to the new/same locations as you requested since you were the 4 people that had existing shops at shop2! you may need to re-create your shop signs! You are all ready to go! You'll need to re-add your friends to your shops! make sure to re-rent as your rents only til the 20th oct! (edited)
survival Survival add Added a new "inhabited" live map layer to the overworld, I have no idea if it will work or not, it seems the the map developer removed the ability to reload the plugin live! So I will have to wait until tomorrows reboot, if the live map breaks tomorrow morning, you know why! survival Website parrot Promoted @creatingwithkass to forum moderator and support ticket agent a few days ago, forgot to changelog it!
survival Survival upd Fixed the Live map, I cocked up the config, this in turn fixed the shop signs, which is reliant on the live map plugin for some reason. ℹ️ Look at the screenshot, i'm testing a new map type called Inhabited, at present there is nothing to render, it may not even work, what its suppose to do is render a heatmap of how popular areas are on the world. I wanted to just see if it works, if it does it may not stay permanent as some people will be worried about their secret base locations, but if it does work I would like to see if its possible to restrict the area it generates so I can focus it on spawn, warps and the marketplace to get a heatmap of use 🙂 we need to see if it works first! The location I found out about it being part of the live map plugin was from a 7 year old thread so it might just stay a black screen, then ill just remove it. Edit: Seems like its working!!! (slowly) We will have to give it a week or so to see how people move around the world! (edited)
🎂 It's my birthday today, so I have made you some custom items at /warp cove to loot from the treasure chest! 🎉
survival Survival Removed birthday crate as there's been multiple moderation issues with it. Hopefully the players that were banned for alting learn something ❤️ (edited)
survival Survival add Enabled a setting to try and solve an issue with 1.14+ clients and books for next reboot.
survival Creative upd Changed creative Halloween world border to be smaller compact area to cordon off an area for a new event! This was my Simple idea to let us reuse the work I put in last year for this world and easily be able to know what was entered! upd Moved Halloween spawn to be in the middle of the moved over world border. Stay tuned, once the preparation is completed there will be a Halloween creative building competition! 🎃 (edited)
survival Survival add Created a portal from /warp cove that transports you directly to /server creative Halloween world! add Created banner for the Cove "booth" thing. survival Creative add Gave permission to Deckhand+ to access the halloween world again. /mvtp halloween when on /creative add Created 🎃 Pumpkin portal at /creative /spawn and exit/return portal on the Halloween world! For those that use creative and the spawn! add Created holograms for the portals on the pumpkin world to name the portals easily! ℹ️ Use /mv spawn to go to the spawn point of each world, differnt from /spawn!
survival Survival Starting some big event preparation, stay tuned ♥@calliemav add Copied over events world from creative Nassau a super old build by some players that no longer play on the server. I asked them to build this world so we could have an events world we could update constantly and hold events on, Credit will be posted once everything is up and working, this is just a #📋│changelogs 🔸 I named the event world after the infamous Pirate island, Nassau. You may have seen from black sails TV show! Hopefully we can get some more of its lore into events here! 🔸 Created region around this world the same as other event world flags, no PvP for when its open and ready. 🔸 We are in preparation/setup phase, so stay tuned! 🔸 The plan is this world will be used for all sorts of events throughout the year(s) PvP tournaments, Fishing events, Ship battles, hopefully the entire world will be redesigned multiple times in that time too! An ever changing canvas, we will see! be superb to have @Builder @Build Leader constantly update it when they feel like it on creative for it to be updated on Survival! 🔗 add Added Smoke plugin, this is a decoration plugin for admins to add working smoke physics to server builds, this is an ancient plugin that I got updated years ago and never got around to putting it on survival! its been working on creative for those years! add Added Custom mob plugin add Added Disguise plugin parrot I'm going to be vanishing for a few days on a much needed mini-break, just to keep you all in the loop! 🏖
survival Survival upd Run a full render on the inhabited map layer on the live map, this seems to be actually pulling data from the chunks over the entire server history of chunk use! Which is absolutely mental, with how slow this is rendering this might take a few days. 🔗 upd Fixed permissions working in Events world. upd @calliemav Fixed that special command I made for you 👍 (You know the /killeveryoneonlineandstealtheirarmor one 🤔 upd Fixed some random mob spawns from old events (Whoops) stay tuned for new ones soon! rem Removed the Autumn 2021 Treasure Chest Missive as we have a hell of a lot of entries! which is utterly amazing! So exciting! add Added Missive to advertise the #🎃pumpkin_comp Pumpkin/Halloween building Competition! survival Discord & Website upd Fixed the Competition URL in #📢│announcements for the Halloween Pumpkin Patch Competition 2021 upd Fixed the competition image in the forum thread for Halloween: 🔗
survival Survival add Created graphic for /warp cove notice board for the Creative Halloween Pumpkin Patch Competition, that points towards the portal to enter it! add Created pressure plates in front of the notice board that trigger the following addition: add Created /comp and /competitions 🔸 /motd will still be the automated place to latest comps, but I need to tidy it all up, too much info atm, so i've quickly made /comp to send just the current comp (Manually edited) so when someone steps on the pressure plate at cove, they can click for more information from the linked forum thread! Tidy!
survival Survival upd We had an issue with the shop plugin which required me need to wipe the database that sign data for linking books & trades to chests., Don't panic, I keep backups & no items are lost! its just the linking of signs to chests! The annoying thing is, it requires a reboot to activate and pull the data, and with trial and error I will need to test all the backups locally to figure out when it went wonky and figure out why, just need a bit of time. 🔸 Trade signs, books being sold may seem broken, you can either re-set them up or wait until I find a working backup, no items will be lost as they are saved in the chests remember! its just the data that links the signs to the chests! so no biggie! survival Server & Bungee upd Updated OS & Hardware reboot upd Updated proxy server (edited)
survival Discord diamond Thanks to @Discord Booster We got ourselves Icons for Ranks on discord! Currently we just picked emojis we have! add Created new rank @Item Designer a few days ago for help from my #🗄│help_wanted_archive for times when we need that extra juice of creativity for quickly getting some items designed!
survival Survival add Added 7 New Halloween themed items to the Autumn 2021 Treasure Chest at /warp cove thanks to @DeofiloW1 add Added Halloween guillotine head basket gift for everyone at /warp cove to loot! upd Fixed bitly link for latest comp in missives upd @Deleted User removed old missive about bottle that's no longer active. upd Changed the 🎃 Jack 'o Lantern to be a normal pumpkin in the Halloween 2021 Guillotine Head Basket gift at cove, last night It was a lit pumpkin, which you couldn't put on your head! so some of you have limited editions. rem Removed Summer 21 Treasure Chest from /warp cove hopefully people have used all their keys up by now! (edited)
survival Survival keyGave out #🎉│giveaway-events prizes for @Decsain @nekracron @.tulips your keys have been sent. Use /crate claim (Perfect timing with the recent update to the Autumn Treasure Chest in 📃announcements ) 🔗 keyCreated new #🎉│giveaway-events for 15x Autumn 2021 Treasure Chest keys for 3 people
survival Survival upd Copied over the last of those armor stands that were submitted to the #restore_armor_stands thread under #⚓│general This has now been Archived, as its been around since early September. 🔸 That was a mammoth task, nobody store anything precious on armor stands until were on a later version of Minecraft, this is classified as an ongoing attack unless someone can direct a member of staff on how to patch it. You should have got a ping from me with a screenshot of your chests I have moved over the people that submitted. Not sure you can see the channel now its archived. (edited)
survival Survival upd Made a slight tweak to the GriefPrevention combat tag timer, it was reported to be behind the main combat timer. Sadly I cant just remove it as its required for Siege for breaking and placing block control, I have set the GP PvP tag timer to 14s, keeping the main one at 15s to see if we can sync them better, entirely untested, we will collect feedback from the people that reported it being out of sync and adjust until they work better together. survival Website upd @mionathegreat updated the Claims & Siege website Guide! 🔗 (edited)
survival Website - Publishing draft blog posts Going through the process of setting up a nice physical Build of the month hall in-game (Its not ready yet, wait for the announcement) and found some draft blog posts that were never published! Some extremely dated ones from 2016 to 2019! So i have quietly published these (No alerts to not confuse people) I will be going through those 2 winner posts for people that still play and backdate these prizes! Talk about better late than never, 5 year late prizes 😂 Since these were drafts, they have not been proof read, so theres bound to be a bunch of mistakes in them, im not so bothered about fixing them as they are so old. add 🥇 Lawzoneon 🥈 (gildor_stinky) jodorthedwarf 🥉 Lithvather / Steintod, Reptaria and ToxicKingRS add 🥇 Silverstone47 has already been crowned winner of this one! add 🥇 (gildor_stinky) jodorthedwarf 🥈 @Jmoo_ 🥉 @nickyb_123 (edited)
survival Survival add Added @mqstic & @Coldat as @Moderator 3 week trial see #📢│announcements upd Gutted all the custom mob spawners and started again, re-named all spawners for the upcoming event world so were organised! rem Removed random boss spawns at the arena that was causing server crashes. survival Discord add Created #🦜nassau_info under Autumn 2021 category in preparation. 🔸 Makes life easier to keep chat about something all together so its not blended in with general 👍 (edited)
survival Website upd Updated the X & Z Coordinates in the BOTM competition entry form to -10000 to 10000. @Media 🔗
survival Survival rem Revered 1.14 book change as it didn't do what we wanted survival Test Server rem Removed backup of overworld from main server. rem Removed 50% of test servers plugins to simplify the test server & improve speed it reboots. dab Looks like I accidentally overwrote the test servers world with the overworld from survival when I did those armour stand replaces.... and thats why using the same folder name is a bad idea kids! 😆 Dammit. I made that. add Added big jungle map from planetminecraft as new test world map, may change to an arena for testing custom mobs if this has too many trees. 🔗 survival Discord upd Updated the #🦜nassau_info description as you muppets keep thinking its for halloween 😆 Were building better foundations for the future, when its ready there will be a full explanation (Stop making up/believing mental rumours! lolminecraft )
survival Survival keyGave out #🎉│giveaway-events prizes for @pippip5789_3467 @solembus @Drbipper your keys have been sent. Use /crate claim 🔗 keyCreated 4th #🎉│giveaway-events for 15x Autumn 2021 Treasure Chest keys for 3 people 🔗
survival Survival rem Removed guillotine head basket add Created portal in @atalantaa @lazydog11 Kracken mouth at /warp cove in preparation for event, currently just teleports you above the portal to make a loop! add Created Treason gift basket at /warp cove for the next 24 hours only! for guy fawkes night! minecraftTNT #📢│announcements add Added infinite firework dispenser at /warp cove for firework night! 🔸 survival Creative add Added the use of TNT on creative (edited)
survival Survival rem Someone removed the Treason gift basket thankfully as I forgot to do it! rem Closed a bunch of open tickets that could be closed add Lots more setup for the #🦜nassau_info event, thank you for your patience. No point listing all the small things yet. survival Discord rem Closed Entries for Winter Treasure Chest competition 🔗 🔗 add Gave @Item Designer team their second task to create a Christmas advent calendar, all items have already been created and should be ready for a new method that requires testing for December 1st start. (edited)

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