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πŸ”΄ You will now be hidden again in shadows on the livemap (Not sure how this disabled itself) πŸ”Έ 0 is full shadow and 15 is full light open to sky, you will be hidden at 5 light level from the live map. πŸ”ΈVia @.xeron. This means you will be hidden from map when its night time, and you are out in the open. This will allow sneaky people to build, sail, and attack at night and be hidden from map. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated main OS Java/Rebooted the physical machine πŸ”΄ Updated bungee server πŸ”΄ Added protocol hack to allow 1.15.2 Clients to connect (the bungee might not be updated yet) πŸ”΄ Backdated the Chat plugin temporarily
πŸ”΄ Added :cat: For @romich02 replacement in server chat does ΰΈ…^β€’ο»Œβ€’^ΰΈ… πŸ”΄ Updated /chat 6 to display the added chat replacement, we have 6 pages in this now! πŸ”΄ Spent way too long writing a guide on how to understand Client side lag/network lag/Server lag and some tips on how to fix these issues, now when someone writes "lag" in chat, it will give them their notification but also link to this page: πŸ”— ⚠️ This is a work in process, I only started it today and there's so much more yet to add/finish. ℹ️ Please Link people to this page when they "lag", I might be able to save someone's entire existence on Minecraft by fixing a few basic things. (edited)
How to make Minecraft run faster There are different types of Minecraft lag, it can be Client lag where your computer cant keep up, it can be your Network connection to a Minecraft server or it could be the server itself struggling, Most times its your network connection to a...
πŸ”΄ Cove Wood shop replaced! We now have a glowing NPC called Lumberjack, Mr Lumberjack does buying/selling of all oak logs, now only for Deckhands & Cadets. πŸ”Έ The glowing NPC is much easier to find at cove and more modern opposed to signs. πŸ”Έ I can move this shop anywhere if we need to move him πŸ”Έ I can increase the sell prices so Deckhands/Cadets can make more money selling Wood, so more money for them to spend in the market! πŸ”Έ This unlimited source of money can now be capped per player if we need to. ℹ️ The wood shop has always only been intended for Deckhands/Cadets to make some small chump change to get started, its NEVER been for players to make tree farms for an infinite supply of free cash! ℹ️ Yes I know people will use Alts/Deckhands to cash in, but it might get players talking to new players that otherwise not have been talked to ever! talk to them (Don't enslave them). More to come! Soon ℒ️
πŸ”΄ Buffed the KDR kill-weights that calculate the KDR. πŸ”Έ Civilian kill is now -0.5 KDR instead of -1.0 (Person not in a crew) πŸ”Έ Neutral kill is now +1.0 KDR instead of 0.5 (Person in a crew but not allied/rivaled) πŸ”Έ Rival Kill is the same at +1.5 KDR Since people can still go into Minus, the crew score list will be a bit wonky until its updated to accommodate for minus scores, Im hoping this is a little more balanced, but its trial and error as Nobody's done the maths! (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat, going to re-do the configs after restart as this is updating a few versions. πŸ”΄ Updated Entity manager πŸ”΄ Updated Jump Pads
πŸ”΄ Via @pnaft #🔭archived-suggestions Removed the channel #πŸŽ„xmas-calendar-suggestions from Discord (I bet I have more Xmas stuff left over still somewhere) (edited)
πŸ”΄ Removed lazy-loading images from website as it was squashing them into weird shapes
πŸ”΄ Anti-cheat NPC disabled, Chat Checks turned off, Message removed to broadcast when someone is kicked, but most importantly a whole new Machine learning file that was for some reason not updating previously, this should help with better checking, to go with the changes in the AC itself.
πŸ”΄ Updated Pirate crew score plugin /crewtop and /crewscore to take into account the updated KDR. πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat & Analytics plugins πŸ”΄ Restart was required for updating the "Ship in a bottle" now titled "Build Crate" So I should hopefully be able to finish what I started yesterday to be able to sell placeable ships
πŸ”΄ Trade your old Crate keys for vote keys! πŸ”Έ I have tried to find as many versions of crate keys as I can, each one will trade for a vote key. πŸ”Έ Make sure to use your event/crate keys while Crates exist as they will not come back, this is just a nice gesture for people to use up exiting keys they have stocked up. ℹ️ Use /warp cove and Right click the NCP Named KeyMaker
πŸ”΄ Deleted the #Video channel, which was originally intended just for ideas for an animation that never got followed through on by the animator. All Videos made for/about PirateCraft go in #📷β”‚media if you make a video also post it to: πŸ”— To get it put on: πŸ”—
πŸ”΄ Thanks to @SpikyCactus_ January 2020 BOTM is live! πŸ”— πŸ“£ See #📢β”‚announcements
Arrrg, it’s that time again! We had a stunning assortment of beautiful builds this month, ones that would make the best builders gaze in awe. Make sure to look at each one, and tell us which is your favourite in the comments section! The Rochester Ballroom By Reef It is a...
πŸ”΄ Website: Finally got around to re-doing the layout for comments on blog posts, Blog post comments now are displayed properly, get commenting.
πŸ”΄ Website: When going through blog pages, the Features & Slider image will no longer show when you are going through the pages on the homepage, I have also made it show the page you are on and pagination at the top as-well as the bottom, to get through pages quicker. Creative/Test/Play Blog Changelogs to come separate. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Wrote a massive Survival Changelog from December 12st 2019 – January 30th 2020 Creative/Play/Testing & Website changelogs to come separate. πŸ”— (edited)
Changelogs from December 12st 2019 – January 30th 2020 on main Survival server. Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you are following our Discord server to be the first to see changes! Updated chat plugin 4 times Now ignores...
πŸ”΄ Creative Changelog from December 12st 2019 – January 30th 2020 πŸ˜„ Good to actually see my custom made Changelogs bit on the homepage show different icons to Survival when I split them up! πŸ”—
Changelogs on the creative server /server creative from December 12th 2019 to January 30th 2020. Fixed the /motd on /server creative to not have the survival motd (Must have overwritten it) Colors match the creative server in the server list now Re-fixed...
πŸ”΄ Created NPC at /warp cove to open /auc
πŸ”΄ Updated Missive for Build of the month February 2020, sign up now! πŸ”—
Home β€Ί Forums β€Ί Competitions β€Ί BotM February 2020 Entry! Tagged: botm This topic has 0 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 5 days, 16 hours ago by SpikyCactus_. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Author Posts January 28, 2020 at 5:54 pm #64802 SpikyCactus_Member Topics: 2R...
πŸ”΄ Website: Renewed all SSL certificates (Both maps)
updated Changelogs πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat 4 versions, Configs done. πŸ”΄ Updated Permissions System to a new major version on Bungee, Survival, Creative, Play, Test servers. πŸ”΄ Updated Chat plugin on Bungee, Survival, Creative, Play, Test servers. πŸ”΄ Updated head plugin on Survival & Creative πŸ”΄ Updated Glow plugin but may be subject to change based on #🔭suggestions_chat πŸ”΄ Updated EssentialsX suite of plugins on Creative πŸ”΄ Updated main OS/Bungee Server πŸ”΄ Updated the Live map plugin a Major Version + 10 Small versions on Survival and Creative πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat on Play PvP (edited)
updated Changelogs πŸ”΄ Fixed /msg working from Creative -> Survival. Cross server message should be working fine now. /me should also work on creative now too. (edited)
updated Changelogs πŸ”΄ Changed the perspective of the Creative Live map to match the survivals live map, It will look a bit weird until the full render has finished.
I've been meaning to ask this for a while, but is there any way we can make it so the creative server has the same livemap angle as survival? It's been driving me nuts for some reason.
@BGraph πŸ”— πŸ”—
updated Survival Changes πŸ”΄ /ignore or /ign has been using the right plugin (The chat plugin), you can see who you have ignored with /ignore ? the issue was we had 3 plugins trying to use /ignore over the 7+ years we've been going so i'm trying to clean it up. πŸ”΄ Removed all ignored players from Grief Prevention ignore list. πŸ”΄ Changed it so staff can not be ignored. πŸ”΄ No more permissions to Ignore in Grief Prevention or Essentials, this may pose an issue if you have ignored people in Essentails from years ago as there isnt a command to wipe them, trying to figure this out. πŸ”΅ Todo: Cross-server ignoring & Requesting the option to ignore people from specific commands, like /c and /a.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ changed the chat plugin to use mysql to make '/ignore' cross-server, will need to set this up on the other servers still. πŸ”΄ updated the NPC book plugin πŸ”΄ removed permission system legacy API support
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed Crew Taxes. We have been trailing crew tax for the past 6 months, and we have come to the conclusion that it is ill suited for this server. While it encouraged crews to recruit new players, it also gave rise to opportunistic exploitation of new players who were not informed of a crew tax. In addition we observed a few crews who were straight up recruiting new players for the sole reason to take their money. We do not want this sort of exploitation, so we have chosen to remove the tax. If your crew wishes to continue to tax members, you will need to organise this yourselves. ℹ️ I did mention in the initial post when I released taxes for crews that if people used it this way it would be removed.
WhAT aBoUT a permissIoN To NoT Tax dEckHaNDS
I have already got this feature added for the Crew plugin, but its only available in 1.13+ so we may be able to re-add it later. πŸ”΄ Crews had their tax disabled: ver, us, isen, tne, csn, asn, hce, spqr, cotij, rome, gsc, dogs
updated Survival πŸ”΄ @Moderator (Commodore) can now Set, Check and Remove Wakeup Points for when people get blackout drunk. πŸ”Έ Can always login, even with extreme drunkenness πŸ”΄ @Moderator (Commodore) can now set the drunkenness of a player (As means of another punishment for such as toxic chat, alternative to tempmute in a pirate theme) πŸ”Έ Extending my idea from #🔭archived-suggestions to automate making someone physically toxicated for thier toxic chat (I will need some examples of what is classed as toxic in #🔭suggestions_chat ) πŸ”΄ @Moderator (Commodore) can now send people to the locker world. (edited)
updated Discord πŸ”΄ Added #🐛bugs_chat-legacy for the new #🐛bugs-legacy channel which should be used the same as the #🔭archived-suggestions & #🔭suggestions_chat ℹ️ I have kept #deleted-channel which is the old bugs channel as a means to copy over any existing bugs to the new #🐛bugs-legacy channel, where its just reports and no chat! this will be removed once they have been migrated.
add a channel beneath #deleted-channel for discussion. to keep the bugs channel clean, and to keep specialized discussion in one spot to leviate confusion as opposed to just going to general channels.
updated Creative πŸ”΄ Chat plugin is now cross-server with /ignore
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated Crew score plugin thanks @Creeprr to adjust with the new KDR scores, also updates 50 crews at a time. πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat a few versions
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Got the premium version of the admin shop plugin & updated to that version.
updated Survival - Added premium suite of features I have added a premium suite of features to slowly replace plugins on the server that are their own individual plugin so all these features are under one plugin so its more easily managed, the suite includes a lot of admin/mod/quality of life features without adding each one as its own plugin, this also means a few of our older plugins have been/will be replaced. This new plugin suite will has an essentials set of features that will benefit us over time, but may currently have quit a few conflicts, so any oddities please post in #🐛bugs-legacy or if you are unsure please use #🐛bugs_chat-legacy πŸ”΄ Removed Painting Switcher plugin / Replaced with new painting switcher πŸ”΄ Removed Chair plugin / New version sucks, Next reboot the old chair plugin will be active again. πŸ”΄ Removed /Glow plugin from @Contributor via #🔭archived-suggestions & poll results from #💎β”‚contributor (its obnoxious) πŸ”΄ Removed Conditional Commands plugin legacy leftovers from the old anti cheat πŸ”΄ Swapped the teleport system between players /tpa /tpahere πŸ”Έ Stops the glitching technique of using safe teleport to get past iron doors/thin blocks. πŸ”Έ Clickable accept/deny messages in chat, to accept or deny a teleport request, hopefully a QOL improvement. πŸ”Έ Warmup timer is shown live in the hot bar announcement πŸ”Έ There is a visual teleport particle when someone teleports, so you can tell they are teleporting ℹ️ Not yet configured with /top and /back but will be replacing these too. πŸ”΄ @Contributor can now use color codes in books! Use the normal /colors command πŸ”Έ New command /colors for everyone (as well as the old /info colors still) (edited)
updated Survival (Carried on from previous post, discord limits) πŸ”΄ Brand new Statistics viewing system /newstats, this actually uses a different set of data for viewing statistics, this will be the new system we will move forward to when we move to 1.13+, what I will be doing is using this to see how different these stats are to your current /stats so we are able to compare the 2 in-game live! ℹ️ The /newstats uses the same data as from when you press ESC > Statistics, which is data only collected after we moved to 1.8, where as the current /stats is from far back as ~1.4 days! ℹ️ You can also view other peoples stats with /newstats <username> πŸ”΄ @Admin (RearAdmirals) Gained the ability again to view and edit inventories and ender chests from online/offline players. πŸ”΄ I will be rolling out an entirely new in-game help system, that will be able to be viewed in chat or via books, it will not be restricted to pages, it will have clickable links and most importantly it will be open source in a GitHub, so anyone can make a pull request to in-game help files/text, this means we will be able to have sort of an in-game wiki of information that can be updated by players via pull requests (Stay tuned!) it also has the benefit of showing any player/server information with the information, for example, you are a sailor you need to rank up to use this ship! πŸ”΄ @Moderator @Admin have a new moderation tool to cuff a player, freeze them and handcuff them! πŸ”΄ Added the ability to add Holograms πŸ”΄ Added the ability to add Portals again. πŸ”΄ Player heads will be dropped again! Only currently set to killing other players. πŸ”Έ Right clicking heads on a wall will show the skin owners username again! πŸ”Έ 50% drop rate, and then a another 25% reduced trying for a second one! πŸ”΄ New day/night cycle that gradually speeds up the day/night cycle so the sky animates (edited)
updated Survival (Carried on, Discord limits) πŸ”΄ New, if everyone sleeps at night in a bed, the new day/night cycle will happen!
updated Survival (Same Premium suite of features plugin) πŸ”΄ Added the ability to make custom crafting recipes on the fly, instantly. 🧊 You can now craft packed ice! Via #🔭archived-suggestions Use 9 blocks of ice to craft 1 packed ice!
updated Survival πŸ”΄ @Moderator @Admin got a new command to /point at things, it'll let them point at thigns with a particle of their choosing. Quick particle reference for staff. fireworks_spark, crit, magic_crit, potion_swirl, potion_swirl_transparent, spell, instant_spell, witch_magic, note, portal, flying_glyph, flame, lava_pop, footstep, splash, particle_smoke, explosion_huge, explosion_large, explosion, void_fog, small_smoke, cloud, coloured_dust, snowball_break, waterdrip, lavadrip, snow_shovel, slime, heart, villager_thundercloud, happy_villager, large_smoke, water_bubble, water_wake, suspended, barrier, mob_appearance, end_rod, damage_indicator, sweep_attack, totem, spit, squid_ink, bubble_pop, current_down, bubble_column_up, nautilus, dolphin (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ @Contributor /back and /top have been moved to the new teleport system, this should hopefully fix the oddities after I changed the teleport, there still may be some to do with homes, spawn and warps as they are all on the old system, please report if there is in #🐛bugs_chat-legacy πŸ”΄ New Jail system! We now only have the cove jails. πŸ”Έ Jailed peoples chat will only be in proximity of 20blocks of people of the jail they are in πŸ”Έ Jailed players can no longer escape jails, you are restricted to the jail zone. πŸ”Έ Reasons for jailing can now be given that are shown, in-chat to public, the jailed user and in a hologram in the jail πŸ”Έ A hologram is shown in the cove jail when someone is jailed with a countdown timer of how long they have left and the reason they are jailed πŸ”Έ Jailed users will get a bossbar countdown timer with the time they have left in jail. πŸ”Έ When you are released from jail you are sent to an out of jail location. πŸ”Έ Jail time is not counted if you go offline
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Temporarily removed the ship-in-a-bottle plugin due to a few bugs πŸ› Duping blocks and crashing the server It was never properly released once it was setup, so you didn't miss it being released, I did the setup and within an hour we found a few issues with it, so I disabled the shop. Once fixed, I will re-add it, re-test and release properly if theres no issues. (edited)
updated Survival New open source in-game text/books πŸ”΄ I have remade /rules as a start to re-doing all the in-game text help with our new system that supports hovering/clicking text with auto pages. Video attached a demo of the now live rules in-game. πŸ”΄ All of out old in-game text has been put into a public repository that I can accept pull request's from, the idea will be to convert it all to look the same (Like the rules.txt) and have a nice organised guide index that people can just click to get to the information from. At present I have only done the rules.txt this took a few hours of formatting, you can see how its formatted from the repo to get an idea of how we can make more text in game. Each one of these files represents a command, so /ctext bible (ctext = customtext) will load the bible.txt but it also allows opening in a book with /openbook bible I then create alias like /rules to make it easier. With this in mind, this means someone can convert the current bible (Pirate Code) to be formatted just for /openbook bible then we can have an always updated available bible without having to deal with physical copies and opened up anywhere and create an alias like /code or /bible or both. This system does also support the full placeholderapi plugin for showing information from any of our plugins/player/server. I'm open to pull requests now, if anyone wants to help start work on converting the old in-game text files to the new system I can give more information via PM, please do message me so we have communication of whos working on what! I will put a message up in #🗄β”‚help_wanted_archive and keep that updated when people say they are working on parts. πŸ”— (edited)
Custom Text for in-game information for PirateCraft - PirateCraft/CustomText
updated Survival All ships got faster and you can move entities! πŸ”΄ @.xeron. updated all the ship speeds to match what I was testing with the brig & schooner and never got around to updating the rest! πŸ”Έ All ships got MUCH faster when cruising. πŸ”Έ Submarines stayed the same speed. πŸ”Έ Climbing ladders when moving now seems to be impossible, I will create a bug report. πŸ”΄ Barge, Frigate, Brig, Galleon, Indiaman & Manowar can now move entities on ships! Move villagers or sheep to new islands! πŸ”Έ Schooner and Dhow will not move entities, you will be required to build a larger ship to move them. πŸ”΄ Removed valentines kit (edited)
updated Survival Ship in a bottle testing needed! πŸ”΄ Updated a Shared library plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat a few versions (I need to redo the configs) πŸ”΄ Updated decorative heads plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Treasure chest (Crates) plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Async Worldedit plugin πŸ”΄ Added Ship-in-a-bottle plugin ready for testing before I open the shop. πŸ”Έ I have re-made the shop with this version of the plugin just in-case. (edited)
updated Survival - Auction 13 is live πŸ”΄ Made /auc 13, now live see #📢β”‚announcements for video of it. πŸ”΄ Added Hologram to /warp cove as you spawn to tell people the auction has been updated. πŸ”Έ You can click the Hologram and it will open /auc πŸ™‚
updated Bungee πŸ”΄ Added Cross-server portal plugin (for smooth transition between server portals!) updated Survival πŸ”΄ Changed siege soft block from Melon to Melon_Block hopefully this will fix it being a working siege block. πŸ”΄ Added portal to /warp south under the cannons shop, and a portal back from south to the cove, I used to have these all in the train station, but its too out of the way, going to hide them around cove. updated Test server πŸ”΄ Redesigned it a bit to open up space for future tests, stay tuned! πŸ”΄ @Deleted User has single handily been working on redoing all the in-game information/guides with our new system, so pop onto test and /guide to list all the guide pages to see if anything needs changing/updating, when you first joined what did you want to know? what information in a guide page would have helped you? Maybe write in #🔭suggestions_chat or PM @Deleted User (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Got cross server portals working! (Test server <--> Survival) I need to add the plugin to Creative/Play. πŸ”Έ So when you use the portals you come outside of the other portal, instead of where you last was on the server, so if you connected directly to test server then used the portal, you would come out above at the train station at the cove. πŸ”Έ This isn't really intended to be a use-case, the train station is too far out of place, I just wanted proof of concept for later on when we re-design the spawn. updated Test server πŸ”΄ Updated a ton of plugins on it, Did some more building changes, made the NPC as the main "control" man for things.
updated Survival - Switching ship plugins πŸ”΄ Doing a live test switching ship plugins to @eirikh1996 version. πŸ”Έ The previous test, people were getting kicked off ships when we sailed/cruised, someone tell me after todays reboot if this happens and I will swap them back. πŸ”Έ Im aware of the bug with ships attaching random blocks when sailing, I suspect this happened when I turned on moving entities with ships and its detection is terrible, If we have to stay on a version that this continues to happen I will disable entities moving with ships until the bug can be fixed. πŸ”΄ Updated Jump Pads plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Admin Shop plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat 4 versions (And Configs updated) πŸ”΄ Updated Analytics Plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Premium suite of features plugin πŸ”Έ Apparently hes fixed the import, so once its live I will try importing all mail again to see if we can move to a better mail plugin, fingers crossed please. (it was crashing the server on import due to having to many people ti import!) πŸ”΄ Updated Chat plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Ship-in-a-bottle plugin (Me and @Deleted User did some preliminary testing and all seems fine now ready for release!) Im sure someone will find an exploit with it within 24 hours! ROFLMAOok πŸ”Έ I wont be able to release this today as I cant get in-game, plus I want to make a small video to show how it works. πŸ”΄ Updated Bungee server (edited)
updated Survival - Removed some allowed blocks from all ships I have removed the following blocks from being allowed on ships. πŸ”΄ Removed Crafting Table from ships - for a future update (Not required for a ship, handy yes but not imperative) πŸ”΄ Removed Dragon Egg from ships - Why? I have no idea why I had this on there! πŸ”΄ Removed Beacons from ships - Again, why! The only thing we can think of, is that we had a demo ship that it was decoration on at some point. (edited)
updated Survival Released buying a ship in a bottle you can place anywhere! within reason πŸ”΄ Re-added crafting table to ships (for now) πŸ”΄ Added new portals at /warp cove and their exits, look how fast they are in the video attached! πŸ”΄ Dhow/Barge/Brig speed tweaked via @.xeron. πŸ”΄ Released the ship in a bottle! You can buy a pre-made ship in a chest you can place anywhere in the world as long as you have trust! πŸ”Έ Buy from /warp ships or /warp cove ship shop. πŸ”Έ Claims are protected, you have to have room and not be in someone elses claim you are not trusted in. πŸ”Έ If you mess up, dont worry you have 5 mins to /sb undo which will undo your ship placement and give you the chest back! πŸ”Έ If you sail or break blocks on your ship after you place it you will not be able to undo it! πŸ”Έ Yes the prices are very high for a schooner (£250), but this is initial release! Prices are never permanent and will change if no issues are found with this plugin! Think of it as premim tax for a portable ship you can place anywhere even in the sky! (Ships cant fly ℒ️ ). πŸ”΄ I made a video of me buying one and placing a ship so you can see how powerful this is! I also included some earlier changes for our new /guides and the new portals I created, lots of visual things and I just fancied making a video! (who can you spot in it?) πŸ“Ή (edited)
updated Survival - Nerfed Entity Limits πŸ”΄ I have drastically nerfed the amount of entities allowed in chunks, maybe the config was reset at some point or something as a lot of entities were for some reason set to unlimited. πŸ”Έ Hopefully you will notice your mobs being purged. πŸ”Έ This was triggered by some utterly gargantuan farms, with every farm possible all crammed together to maximise their production when someone was in the base, one of them I swear had about 50-60 guardians being put down their guardian grinder every 60 seconds! These giant farms are the main cause of server lag, so either I will reduce the mob spawns, or we will have to block them entirely. (I'm talking about the utterly gigantic ones with multiple farms all crammed together) (edited)
updated Creative - Worldedit updated πŸ”΄ Updated Async WorldEdit/Voxel plugin & its Custom Worldedit version. πŸ”Έ Tell me if this fixes the dodgy client updates, so then I will update the main servers. Been driving me nuts.
updated Website πŸ”΄ Figured out some script issues using new PHP versions, upgraded some PHP scripts. πŸ”΄ Ban website issues fixed πŸ”΄ Mobile online checker updated πŸ”Έ Added progress bar at the top to how full we are, it will change color when we are busy/pushing it. πŸ”Έ Changed the staff highlight colors which were god awful, and added missing staff. πŸ”΄ Updated online users widget backend query code. (edited)
updated Test & Creative πŸ”΄ Updated protocol hack for test server & creative server thank @eirikh1996 for the report. you can now visit these with 1.15.2. updated Survival πŸ”΄ A drunk lumberjack is visiting /warp north having a cheeky pint, I think he's had a few drinks as he's buying Dark oak logs and Acacia logs off anyone for £8 a stack! Not sure how long he's visiting the north, if you fancy a pint worth going in tonight.
updated Survival - 2 New shops open at /warp shop3 πŸ”΄ 2 new shops created S48 and S49 (At very reasonable prices!) πŸ”΄ 1 stall removed at /warp shops (Its such a mess!) ℹ️ Thanks to @WaterPool & @SpikyCactus_ for building the shops! (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated PvP messages for newbies to display the correct command, it is /newbie disable for new players to disable their PvP protection, Via #🐛bugs-legacy
newbie protection off command doesn't seem to be working.
updated Play πŸ”΄ added 2 arena's @rivvurwood and @Curlyy nether arena and @rivvurwood and pals castle FFA castle in the sky. πŸ”΄ fixed NPC being clickable for FFA πŸ”΄ pre alpha testing started #🗄β”‚help_wanted_archive #βš”pvp_server_alpha
updated Survival - Mob spawn's & Entity management in chunks, nothing final. After seeing some of the gargantuan auto farms by some players, seeing Guardians spawn over 200-300 guardians every 60 seconds into their killing machine, Got me thinking how fair this is for a survival server that lets you protect your loot in claims people cant break/steal from (vanilla does not have block protection such as claims) I started tweaking the Entity's per chunk & spawn limits. The other issue is these are only available to veteran players that nabbed them early, or bought/have access to existing claims. The sheer output of these guardian farms is what I'm trying to target, this isn't final and will require me just sitting at farms and seeing their output over the following weeks and keep tweaking, I've started low so I can then increase, but its way more complex than just "setting the spawn limit per mob" that, isn't technically possible, so please get that out of your head! This is broken up into 3 systems, the spawn limits, the activation range and then a plugin the entity chunk manger, please do not get this confused. πŸ”΄ Nerfed monsters spawn limit from 50 to 40 (its all monsters, you can not set per mob spawn limits, only manage them per chunk) πŸ”΄ Nerfed water animals spawn limit from 4 to 3 Chunks not blocks πŸ”΄ Nerfed entity activation range for water mobs from 16 to 3 Chunks not blocks (Controls the range in blocks that entities will become "activated") πŸ”΄ Nerfed the chunk limiter for Guardians & Elder Guardian to only 2 per chunk from Unlimited which was doing about 200-350 from me standing around tonight. ℹ️ Nothing is set in stone, Do not panic! I will monitor a few farms I know about for their outputs to increase as we go. πŸ”— Post from 7 months ago πŸ”—
I swapped out our old Ancient Chunk mob limiter for a new one with more features (And one that actually accepts all mobs/entities past 1.10) There are a few changes, nothing is set in stone and we are happy to accept change if you request it on the forums, let me try and list ...
updated Survival πŸ”΄ @Deleted User has kindly made you all /guide moblimit for those that do not read changelogs/blog posts (So you most likely wont see this message!) next reboot /moblimit will exist for it. πŸ”— Current config πŸ”— 7 months ago
Home β€Ί Forums β€Ί PirateCraft Server Updates β€Ί Updated Per chunk entity limiter This topic has 0 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 2 minutes ago by GodsDead. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Author Posts March 3, 2020 at 10:29 am #65097 GodsDeadKeymaster Topics: 769Replies: 3254...
I swapped out our old Ancient Chunk mob limiter for a new one with more features (And one that actually accepts all mobs/entities past 1.10) There are a few changes, nothing is set in stone and we are happy to accept change if you request it on the forums, let me try and list ...
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Limited Fireworks to 5 per chunk Via @romich02 posting his suggestion in #βš“β”‚general instead of #🔭archived-suggestions ℹ️ This may not work as we would expect and may just not work, worth testing tho.
updated Website πŸ”΄ Fixed the Creative map showing on
View full screen. Creative & Hub Live Map This is a live map for the PirateCraft creative and hub server. Anyone can build on the Creative plots world, you can access it in a few ways: From the main survival server you can use /travel, this will show a GUI travel menu to selec...
updated Survival πŸ”΄ /crewscore will work again next reboot, changed the help guide to /whatscrewscore πŸ”΄ Re-mapped the alias /info to do the same as /guide so next reboot /info siege will work the same as the new /guide siege for those too stubborn to learn a new command! πŸ˜†
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat 3 versions πŸ”΄ Removed NPC book plugin this is now included in our premium suite plugin.
updated Website πŸ”΄ Survival February Changelog roundup 2020 Faster ships! πŸ”—
I’m on this train of monthly recaps for changelogs over the previous month, this is a bullet pointed list of changes I have made from February 1st 2020 – February 29th 2020, been busy. Before we get into the changes, I need to give a quick public service announcement, we will ...
updated Survival πŸ”΄ @Contributor New permission! /togglepm to toggle your Private messages if you don't want to receive any from anyone. πŸ”΄ Managed to get the Entity manager notification working, and found out its global for the entire server not per chunk, so its more a moderation tool as opposed to player tool, as you can see from the screenshot from the ENTIRE SERVER Guardians are the ones having to be nuked, this was over 300 yesterday before my changes. Briefly gave to everyone, now its just Staff. updated Test server πŸ”΄ I figured out default loot tables for default mobs drops which can be setup using a web UI, which means we can start playing with default mob drops! Put ideas into #🔭suggestions_chat and #🔭archived-suggestions for changing default mob drops (getting a bit boring now, lets have some fun!) πŸ”— πŸ”Έ The iron golems on the test server have changed loot, you can test this for the ones that are spawned there atm (Added ingots drop too). πŸ”΄ I'm testing a brand new plugin on the test server for tutorials, which a user can interact with an NPC and you will be flown around to places and given titles to look around areas, the idea will be for tutorials for new players once we re-do all tuts but also could be used to show off a build or an area without letting people just run around and interact with things! I need people to help test it to make sure it cant be exploited as it gives fly temporarily to hold you in the air! πŸ”Έ /server test then click the NPC and its the egg top right. πŸ”΄ Tested Chat channels, its broken as anything so we cant use it until I get the developers to fix it. (edited)
Loot tables generator for Minecraft
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated missive about population limiter & changed /info siege to /guide siege in Missive. (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated Premium Essentials suite & Jump Pads plugins. πŸ”΄ Updated Bungee server
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Buffed Spider & Cave spider entity limits per chunk (For Spoder farms) Now 15 per chunk.
updated Updated πŸ”΄ Removed s68 (the balloon at /warp shop4) as nobody rented it. πŸ”΄ Created a second balloon at /warp shops to look out over the market, with a launchpad on it and connected to the castle.
updated Creative πŸ”΄ Gave the permission system a server name on creative to allow setting ranks just on Creative (Need to do the same on test/play), so we can give out Craftsman on Creative only if we want for build projects.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ @Deleted User has been doing lots of work on the in-game /guides again! This time working on books too! πŸ”ΈNew command /shipsigns will be live next reboot for quick information on signs for ships, aimed at new players. πŸ”Έ /chat was re-made to explain about chat in general and how it works. πŸ”Έ /emoji was created and all emojis moved here that are also now clickable! They will put into your chat bar like magic! No need to type the emojis now! πŸ”Έ Split the bible up into separate book guides that can be opened up with a command, which allowed me to create these Parrot NPCS that glow (They will be moved to spawn later!, curently at /tuts) Book variants of guides include: claims, commands, contributor perks, getting started guide, ranks, rules & soon how to build a ship. Right clicking the parrot opens up the book without having to give a book!
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Next reboot added /msgtoggle as an alias for /togglepm as I've always used msgtoggle and can never remember togglepm, is there an alias to something you used to use that no longer works? Put it in #🔭archived-suggestions and I can add it to the new command. πŸ”΄ /warp south NPC Stockman Removed spawn eggs, greatly reduced the price from 200 to 40-50 now spawns: πŸ”Έ Buy tamed horse with saddle for £40 πŸ”Έ Buy tamed donkey with saddle and chest for £50 πŸ”Έ But tamed mule with saddle and chest for £50 πŸ”Έ They will spawn in the Livery yard right next to you.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ New players that join will be given Speed 2 for 10 mins to see if that encourages leaving spawn πŸ”΄ Changed the login/out messages to just an arrow and username, matched the bracket style to the same as ally/crew chat (See screenshot) Via @godsdead in #🔭archived-suggestions #meta πŸ”Έ Tidying up chat spam a bit.
updated Survival - New blocks on ships! πŸ”΄ You can now use Pumpkins, Hay Bales and Melon Blocks on ships! Via @Deleted User #🔭archived-suggestions for transport ships pirateship
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat quite a few versions, he moved from Spigot releases to Discord so its much harder to track when its updated urrgh! πŸ”΄ Updated Light fix plugin and its dependency, hopefully it will run again and not crash the server, we will see...
updated Survival - Stockman at rest of warps πŸ”΄ Buy a tame Horse/Donkey/Mule with saddle & chest from /warp north /warp west /warp east one will spawn near the stockman once bought! πŸ”΄ @Deleted User has created a how to sail guide for one of the tutorial parrots at /tuts will be moved to spawn once we have tidied spawn up a bit! (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated rules page on website: I have re-added the "don't /back after pvp death" rule for donators and staff will be enforcing this manually from now on. This was previously done automatically thanks to a custom plugin, but it no longer works. (edited)
PirateCraft Rules Rules can change at any time, up-to date rules can be found at any time in-game using /rules. You are responsible for all activity on your account and from your IP. General Rules: Be polite & respectful to players AND staff (no trolling, harassing, bullying, ...
πŸ”΄ Moved /warp shop5 back to its original location, with 7 new shops. Remember that its old location can be accessed from /warp shop3 easily - we basically had 2 warps in the same place
πŸ† Last night we beat our all time most online at once (Legit pirates & not bots!) I saw 78 playing at one point, Would have been 79 if I could have got on! First of all, thank you so much, seeing this many people on PirateCraft at once is utterly amazing, we have old players along with lots of new players, please do make sure to interact with new people and invite them into this community :) updated Survival Temporary changes for volume of players With this many people on the server at once, its tested the server performance, which is brilliant, for quality of playing, I have made some temporary changes this morning to try and claw back some resources for the high volume of players. πŸ”΄ Temporarily halved view distance from 8 to 4 πŸ”΄ Temporarily halved entity-tracking-range (when monsters and animals AI stars working) πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-Cheat πŸ”΄ Removed light fix plugin & dependency πŸ”΄ Temporarily removed in-game poll plugin πŸ”΄ Removed Sign editing & Ping plugins πŸ”΄ Replaced the /ping with a new ping from our premium essentials plugin. (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated Join/leave messages to say a player left/joined as people were getting confused with the minimal messages. updated Creative πŸ”΄ Added word protection for new Spawn build with new flags to stop growth of specific items like vines πŸ”΄ Removed per-world inventory & removed itemjoin plugin (Legacy for the hub) that cleared inv when moving between worlds, so now your inv will go between all worlds in the creative. (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Increased Ender Pearl cooldown to 10 seconds until this suggestion can be implemented by the devs (If they do it!)
Probably going to get a bit of hate from non pvpers but whatever. My suggestion is make 2 different pearl cooldowns, one for when you're combat tagged and one for when you're not. It's very hard to secure a kill unless the target is in a claim because the pearl cooldown is too short, it should be raised to something like 15 seconds at least, on the other hand, it should be a bit shorter, around 2 seconds, when you're not combat tagged, allowing people who're building/travelling to use their pearls in peace : D. @Nationalistic
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated all Missives to have space before and after them, removed some "crucial" missives to not be bright yellow and put them into the general messages pool, added a missive about locking your ships with a piston for: ⚠️ Lock your ships using a Piston block by this Friday 27th march 2020 ⚠️ Previously in #📢β”‚announcements earlier in the month, I have now set a date, I want to update our ships plugin, which with it will bring being able to sail double chests! Lots of pre-warnings here, so anything not locked properly come Friday the 27th with a piston not a double chest will be free game, we have had piston locks since day 1 with ships! Please do report any legacy ships from players offline years to staff so they can lock them, if we have historical ships that need locking, these need to be reported. πŸ”— ℹ️ This forum thread is also stuck in /motd now too to link people to it, each time they log in.
Home β€Ί Forums β€Ί PirateCraft Server Updates β€Ί PSA: Lock your ships with a piston now! (By Friday 27th March) This topic has 1 reply, 1 voice, and was last updated 2 hours, 33 minutes ago by GodsDead. Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total) Author Posts March 11, 2020 at 9:16...
πŸ”΄ Added 2 new emojis, 'gold' gold and 'chest' chest for us to use in announcements. Any further emoji suggestions are most welcome -> #🔭archived-suggestions Massive thanks to our server boosters @iwanidev and anyone else I missed, for giving us this opportunity
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed PvP "blood particles" via @pnaft in #🔭archived-suggestions πŸ”΄ Next reboot, Anti-Cheat has been updated again, quite a few versions.
updated Survival Ship plugin updated! use Double Chests! πŸ”΄ With massive thanks to @eirikh1996 & @ohnoey we have an updated Ship plugin today! pirateship πŸ”Έ You can now sail with a double chest! No extra hurdle to learn as a newbie! This means people that locked their ships with only double chests and haven't locked them are in danger if they haven't locked them! πŸ”Έ You can now climb ladders properly when moving, Better for climbing up sails to the crows nest! πŸ”Έ Items dropped on death seem to stay on the ship when being sailed and move with the ship! πŸ”Έ New Ship sign! Add a sign with Status: on the top line, and when cruising will show coords/fuel (we only use fuel on 1 ship) πŸ”Έ New Ship sign! Add a sign with Speed: to display the current speed in meters per second as well as average time it takes for the craft to move once πŸ”Έ New Ship sign! Add a sign with Name: on the top line and name your ship, ship names will show up in /contacts (Completely untested and most likely require perms) πŸ”Έ New ship sign! Add a sign with Contacts: Will display nearby ships on lines 2->4, Also new command available: πŸ”Έ New ship command /contacts Will display nearby ships with their names. πŸ”Έ I have updated all the Ship messages as a lot has changed, but they wont take effect until next reboot. πŸ”΄ Rebooted the physical server πŸ”΄ Updated Bungee server πŸ”΄ Updated premium essentials suite plugin. πŸ”΄ Added alias for openinv for admins (Im just stuck in the past with old commands lol) πŸ”΄ Updated Analytics plugin πŸ”΄ Updated NPC Admin shop plugin πŸ”΄ Added /claimblocks Next reboot, alias of /claimslist for claim info. πŸ”΄ Added access to /warp ships3Setup years ago, Was to encourage people to get there themselves, now with a warp. πŸ”΄ @Admin Got the ability to /tfly to temp add fly for X time (BOTM). (edited)
ℹ️ PSA: I'm keeping Test/Creative/Play down for 24h while I diagnose what's causing server crashes, sadly this is trial and error.
updated Survival No crashes in 24h, So looks like I fixed it (touch wood). πŸ”΄ Fixed voting being screwed up by the JVM crashes πŸ”΄ Fixed Brew data being screwed up by the JVM Crashes πŸ”΄ I'm going to need to re-make all the admin NPC shops, which utterly sucks as it took so long to do each one, the crashes wiped that too. ℹ️ Keep an eye out for plugins that may have also broken due to the crashes we had, all plugins seem to load fine and theres no errors, so its nearly impossible to find out issues unless they are reported #🐛bugs-legacy
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Fixed the weird &0 in front of all lines in a book you create. πŸ”΄ NEW Everyone can now use &9 color code in books to set titles colored titles! πŸ”Έ #💎β”‚contributor ranks get all colors in books! (edited)
updated Website πŸ”΄ Fixed URLs to the PirateCraft Resource pack, and added links to the 1.13->1.15 versions of the pack. πŸ”— ℹ️ Remember the PirateCraft resource pack is open source! Please add to it! (I accept pull requests) πŸ”Έ I want someone to find us some Pirate themed 3D objects we can use on an item with different damage values so we can spawn them in to show detail in our pack. πŸ”Έ Then I can host it on PlanetMinecraft πŸ”— (edited)
PirateCraft Custom MineCraft Skins PirateCraft has a set of custom made skins, created by the wonderful PaulOnFire. These skin previews are interactive! You can drag your mouse on each of the skins to view it from all angles! You can quickly set the PirateCraft skin by clickin...
PirateCraft Resource pack for Contribute to FrozenBeard/PirateCraftRP development by creating an account on GitHub.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ /wild error message changed for anyone above Deckhand to tell you its for deckhands only, via #🔭archived-suggestions by @SpikyCactus_
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated the formatting of in-game chat πŸ™‚ πŸ”΄ Removed the permission to set your crew rank name.... (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ MultiVerse Inventory Plugin 3.0.0 database API crashed , all inventorys will be synced across all connected Bungee servers. ( Hopefully next reboot will fix it. Please don't take your creative inventory to survival !)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ All April 1st sillyness was reverted yesterday. πŸ”΄ I have changed all our backup scripts, its taken me a while, but were extra safe now!
updated Survival πŸ”΄ @vapecloudbear cross checked all the legacy ban system against the current one, added the ones that were missing and I was able to then wipe the old ban file so we no longer will get conflicts with people coming back after 5 years! updated Website πŸ”΄ I updated the website online players widget will now show @Smokeyriver when she's online.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ I fixed & tested subs not picking up iron blocks, working now. ℹ️ Remember for subs its 50% of Blocks 35,20,159,160,172,155,156,98, its more strict now with checking properly, it was VERY lenient before. πŸ”΄ @Deleted User Updated a ton of /guides or /index Good job! πŸ”΄ Removed missive about locking ships (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated AntiCheat configs, you can now ride Llamas again!
updated Survival πŸ”΄ I changed how players are seen in chunks, they should be seen much further away in your chunks and not flipping randomly disappear! Via a report by @Deleted User updated Website πŸ”΄ @Deleted User has taken control of the gallery page on the website which is in need of some serious love, please if you have amazing screenshots post them in #📷β”‚media πŸ”— πŸ†• Gallery πŸ”— (edited)
Collection of Ships in the PirateCraft world.
A still view into the world of PirateCraft over the years! We have collections of screenshots for you to browse, click one of the gallery images below.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ @Deleted User Now has permission to unlink your discord account to manage all discord unlinking, please make sure to create a forum thread to request an unlink so its public. πŸ”—
Home β€Ί Forums β€Ί Server Support β€Ί Help Request Ticket This forum has 515 topics, 3,008 replies, and was last updated 3 days, 21 hours ago by Xeron. Viewing 30 topics - 1 through 25 (of 519 total) 1 2 3 … 19 20 21 β†’ Topic Voices Posts Last Post PSA: Lock your ships... View Artic...
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Updated Chat plugin πŸ”΄ Updated admin shop plugin πŸ”Έ When the server was crashing a while ago, it wiped all my shops, so I need to re-make them all from scratch, so that's an entire evening lost redoing what I already did at some point. πŸ”΄ Updated premium essentials plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-Cheat πŸ”΄ Updated parrot pet plugin! πŸ”΄ Updated PvP manager πŸ”΄ πŸŽ‰ "fixed" the /vote plugin, sadly the developer is refusing to fix the issues with it, so I've had to duct-tape fix it by changing the database method, sadly his import also does not work (who would have thought!) very badly made plugin. πŸ”Έ Changing the database means the stats from previous votes have restarted from scratch, unless I can find a way to import the existing data, I should be able to with a few hours. πŸ”Έ I tested all the vote websites they ALL work apart from vote9 which seems like the website has fully disappeared from the internet, so i'm trying to find an alternative vote website to replace vote9. πŸ”Έ The key information to take away here is you will now get your keys again for voting, please as a community do give people shit about being toxic aggressive assholes, I know the plugin was broken and ive been trying to fix it with the dev, but he's not responding. There is absolutely no reason to be super aggressive and toxic towards me because you cant get your free keys for a small amount of time. Why is it always the free items that make people super toxic? PLEASE as a community help moderate these people, because I will blow a fuse especailly when im activity working on fixing things. (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Cleared 13,000+ notes from players automated via previous anti-cheat. (Just reference for myself if I never need to know when i did this)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Replaced vote9 with a brand new voting website that were going to have to start from scratch with 0 votes on as the old one just vanished! ℹ️ From the previous changelog, that makes all of them working again, still haven't found a way to import the old data, I will keep working on it, for some reason it works perfectly fine locally, Which tells me its a plugin conflict, just need to find out what plugin is causing it! πŸ”— πŸ”— Goes to
Find the top rated Minecraft servers with our detailed server list. Browse through and vote for your favorite.
Find the top rated Minecraft servers with our detailed server list. Browse through and vote for your favorite.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Due to chats in #🔭suggestions_chat I have buffed mobs per chunk: Chicken from 5 to 10 Rabbit from 5 to 10 Sheep from 10 to 15 Cow from 10 to 15 Pig from 10 to 15 ℹ️ Please consider these are relative to online players, so think about 80 players online each with 100 mobs, that's not that many for one person but * 80 is relatively large to manage mob AI when it comes to CPU power, if these increases effect server performance I will decrease them again.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Just for @Deleted User I have also buffed the mob limit per chunk for: MUSHROOM_COW from 10 to 15 ℹ️ Going to pause on any more buffs for mobs as I need to see how these changes will have an effect when were busy. (edited)

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