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πŸ”΄ Undone changes to permissions for unverified members from last changelog. πŸ”΄ @Markusi13 has setup a bot to hopefully stop these spam messages - if there are anymore, please report in #📁β”‚support_archive. (edited)
πŸ”΄ From #🔭archived-suggestions Slight change how some word filters work, you should ⚠ NO PROMISES THIS IS UNTESTED ⚠ be able to use "gain" again. πŸ”Έ Changed "L" in chat to send message to user to not be toxic, but allow now, These are also logged now. πŸ”Έ Stronger automated punishments for racists in chat. πŸ”Έ Started blocking words from books as some people have to ruin it for everyone. πŸ”Έ Re-added the "lag" spam checker, to send a message to the user to check their /ping and F3 for Client FPS. (edited)
πŸ”΄ New discord emojis: πŸ”Έ pirateship 'pirateship' πŸ”Έ cannon 'cannon' The cannon seems a bit dark, if someone has the time to brighten it or find better emojis for both that'd be cool. πŸ”΄ Removed old emojis: πŸ”Έ The crappy dab πŸ”Έ Knuckles πŸ”Έ 'Thot' πŸ”Έ 'Loser' πŸ”Έ another random old one i forgot what, no one used it anyways (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated Protocol hack to allow 1.14.3 clients to connect to our 1.12.2 server. pirateflag pirateflag_2 pirateflag_3 Which Pirate flag do you like best for the Discord? (from (edited)
πŸ”΄ Next Reboot The head drop plugin will be back on πŸ‘ (edited)
πŸ”΄ Removed 2 un-used plugins Holograms and an old legacy custom scripting plugin πŸ”Έ No more /menu when you click on players in chat, this was the last thing I had custom scripted in the legacy scripting plugin, I will have to re-make it in our newer plugin.
πŸ”΄ Server maintenance, Updated Essentials, JumpPads, Crate plugin. πŸ”Έ Updated Bungee server should allow 1.14.3 to connect properly. πŸ”Έ New /tpauto command allows players to automatically accept /tpa requests (Will not use, people could use an alt as a custom portable warp!) πŸ”Έ Teleporting to a home now shows a message πŸ”Έ Water is now considered a "safe" spot to teleport for example from /home πŸ”Έ You will not be sent back to previous location if you have been jailed, when un-jailed you will remain in the cell and be let out. πŸ”Έ @Admin can now /back any player (Don't ask for it, you'll most likely get punished!) πŸ”Έ Removed the head drop plugin again as its just spamming console. πŸ”Έ Clicking a username in chat will now instead /msg <username> (edited)
πŸ”΄ Fixed /checkrank
πŸ”΄ In bungee configs disabled use_netty_dns_resolver to see if its the issue causing random (internal Exception: connection reset) dropouts. Total guess here, report any issues in #βš“β”‚general via @iamthereaper89 report (edited)
πŸ”΄ Fully re-made /travel can also be used from /go /play /piratecraft New sub-menu for shops. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Created a super rudimentary /pirate <username> for a GUI menu for pirates. please make #🔭archived-suggestions to what you want to see on this menu to link to players (With the item to represent it too, can also use custom blocks)
πŸ”΄ Removed Freedom kit for 4th July πŸ”΄ Updated protocol hack on creative to allow 1.14.3 to connect to the creative
πŸ”΄ Updated chat plugin & chat bungee dependancy πŸ”΄ re-added the head drop plugin again (lets hope its finally fixed)
πŸ”΄ removed the damn head drop plugin again, as it's a piece of shit and spamming console.
⚠ I have created a ticket for the chat plugin crashing the bungee server, please be patient.
🚧 Ships plugin updated on test server Please see #🚢ships and also reply in that channel with any issues you face, the more testing the quicker we can do it, the faster we can move this to production, which means we can make ship changes/add more ships. Its on you to test! No testing means not going live!
πŸ”΄ Hopefully fixed all the chat permissions that broke (the developer changed all the perms!) β„Ή TIP Did you know you have /calc to do calculator maths in chat? for example /calc 4 + 4 / 2
πŸ”΄ I re-enabled the use_netty_dns_resolver in the bungee configs, as this didn't seem to be the issue with the Connection reset by peer, bungee devs think its host side (They always try to not take the blame) I was looking at the logs last night and there was 500 random connection drops from the bungee. Still not resolved, but i'm on it, never had this issue before so it could be an issue host side with their network dropping connections. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Fixed /msg I disabled the bungee integration with private messages (I had to remove the cross-server talk as it was rebooting the bungee server) and it was getting stuck trying to send them cross-server. πŸ”΄ Updated Essentials suite of plugins, fixing a metric ton of console spam messages for signs. πŸ”΄ Updated the Discord integration plugin. (edited)
seen Discord - Added "seen" emoji, not sure if it'll come in handy, just to mark things as "seen".
πŸ”΄ Added a much more harsh auto-punishment for racist people. They will be auto kicked, warned, added to a custom log, fined and tempmuted 24h. Thank you @cysteen for the #🔭archived-suggestions I will start adding a βœ… to things in #🔭archived-suggestions that have been implemented. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated Ranks and Commands page on website to match current ranks. Thank you @rexyrex (edited)
πŸ”΄ Discord - Added negative "negative" and added "added" emoji's for #🔭archived-suggestions for Gods and I to use (beforehand they were both green and it looked a bit confusing) Removed "lmfaokys" emoji as no one was using it ROFLMAOok (edited)
πŸ”΄ Added new missive "Yarr! Pirates be on the loose! Watch out for scammers and bounty hunters!" as per suggestion from @pnaft
πŸ”΄ Upgraded protocol hack to support 1.14.4 clients πŸ”΄ Updated the ship plugin (This is major) to an alpha re-build to help quickly find out any bugs with it, nobody was testing in #🏗test_server_1-12 so its time to test live I guess! πŸ”Ή The plugin has been remade using an older version of the plugin, but built for 1.12.2, Our current old version hasn't been updated since 1.10, movement on ships should be faster and ships should use less resources, we can also make changes to ship files live with this version. πŸ”Ή There will be bugs, please post issues in #🚢ships or create a forum thread. πŸ”Ή Known issue: When a ship scuttles, it sometimes leaves an air pocket behind. πŸ”Ή I forgot to upload the languages file, so the messages will be messed up until next restart. ⚠ I will have to backdate it again, The bug with kicking people off ships is somehow still present! URGGHHH - Backdated. πŸ”΄ Updating chat plugin & its Cross server counterpart to hopefully bring back cross server bungee chat without the Bungee server restarting. πŸ”΄ Head drop plugin enabled again,Trying the head drop plugin again to see if all spamming console errors have been resolved. πŸ”΄ Updated the View Distance plugin to hopefully have better performance and fix invisible players (There's still an invisible players bug with the Protocol hack) - Backdated it as it was throwing errors. πŸ”΄ Updated Analytics plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Crew plugin - Mostly logical and chat sync fixes πŸ”Ή I now have a permission to deny talking in ally and crew chat. πŸ”Ή For some unknown reason (None of the configs have changed) Crew chat is disaplying the same format as the Ally chat, I assume this is a bug with the update. Do not moan, I have reported it. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated Head drop plugin for next restart, it had issues with material names πŸ”΄ My #🔭archived-suggestions for a dynamic /motd script to pull changelogs/blogs/competitions/super sticky forum threads is ready and done! I will hopefully test run it tomorrow when the servers not so busy (in case I break it again! Whupps batman ) its so fricking sweet. β„Ή I had to backdate the Ship plugin as it was booting people off ships & backdate the View distance plugin as it was throwing errors, the Crew chat formatting bug report I made has been eyeballed by the developer and I am awaiting a build of the plugin to repair it. "Patience you must have my young padawan" - Bob Ross (edited)
πŸ”΄ Crew plugin updated to fix crew chat. πŸ”Ή Crew chat formatting should be fixed πŸ”Ή /c leave should now ask you to confirm you want to leave a crew thanks to a #🔭archived-suggestions made a while ago, the developer built us a test version to test this. πŸ”Ή I need some people in crews to test this and report back to me please πŸ”΄ /motd is now Dynamically generated! I wrote a script to automatically pull the latest 4 blog posts & changelogs, and then it also shows Sticked posts in Competitions forum & also shows Super sticky threads around the whole forums: πŸ”Έ This allows updates & changelogs to auto be shown in game πŸ”Έ This allows you to read part of an update by hovering over the messages πŸ”Έ This allows other staff members to post competitions, messages too! πŸ”Έ It allows a staff member to Sticky or super sticky a post from anyone to have it shown in here too (If we need it to get attention). πŸ”Έ I'm now forcing all users to run /motd once an hour, so you actually read changes. πŸ”΄ Removed the head drop plugin again, this developer really isn't testing at all. Wrong heads being dropped now! reeeee (edited)
πŸ”΄ We are over-populated with Skeleton horses again, so I've re-enabled my kill script, runs every 30 mins and kills Skeleton horses loaded in chunks, Most likely kills the ones you have as pets too, try naming them to see if it doesn't kill the named ones.
πŸ”΄ Re-formatted all the Contributor missives (That took hours..) so they are actually readable, with empty space between Missives and also including Coupon code walktheplank for 15% off this Summer.
πŸ”΄ Updated "Crucial" Missives, no longer says crucial, just Missive in red, Client message now says 1.13->1.14.4 on this 1.12.2 server, Removed the [NEW] From the very old missives, Removed kicked in chat Missive as that bug was fixed, updated the /travel missive to also include /go and /play for whatever people prefer to type, added Missive for Skeleton horses, Added Missive for Auc, Added missive that we have a creative server, Added Missive that you can /msg between servers and global chat between servers prefixing chat with !, Added missive about /motd being automated, Added empty line break at start and end of these missives to break up them getting lost in chat.
πŸ”΄ Updated Essentials suite of plugins
πŸ—£ Teamspeak server has been updated! I had no idea the Teamspeak server was so outdated that the latest client couldn't connect! I miss having a busy teamspeak, lets get people using teamspeak again! β„Ή
πŸ”΄ Updated Chat plugin, JumpPads plugin, BKCommonLib πŸ”΄ Removed Dynamic render distance plugin to test some bits πŸ”΄ Updated Crew plugin πŸ”Ή Bulletin Board improved πŸ”Ή Admins can demote crew leaders πŸ”Ή /crew leave now asks for conformation (Yes/No) to be entered in chat. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Fixed hovering creative server to show a random list of who's online in it.
πŸ”΄ Pirates are now required to be Sailor before they can /crew verify any issues with this please complain in #βš“β”‚general
πŸ”΄ Next reboot will retire our Mob/Entity limiter per chunk in favour of a new alternative with a lot more features, There will be quite a few changes so a forum post will follow with details.
πŸ”΄ Added Bazurka's map time-lapse videos to video page (the last 4 videos)
πŸ”΄ Changelog for the Mob/Entity limiter, reply as a comment if you want changes made: πŸ”—
I swapped out our old Ancient Chunk mob limiter for a new one with more features (And one that actually accepts all mobs/entities past 1.10) There are a few changes, nothing is set in stone and we are happy to accept change if you request it on the forums, let me try and list...
πŸ”΄ Next reboot: Crew homes will be shown on the live map! This will act as a way to show if they have been misused and will also show where crews main bases are automatically. There will be no added functionality like picking your flag or the message displayed (Yet).
πŸ”΄ Crews can now set fees! (They can be set and toggled separately) πŸ”Ή Crew leaders can use /crew fee set 5 To set a tax to automatically be taken from each member of the crew every 24h IRL time into their crew bank. πŸ”Ή Crew fees are auto taken at noon each day, I assume 12:00 GMT (Will need to be checked and someone tell me) πŸ”Ή Crews can set a fee and toggle if they want it to auto be taken using /crew toggle fee to check if its enabled/what it is, read the next bullet point: πŸ”Ή You can check your crews fee by using /crew fee check All users. πŸ”Ή I cant find a way to check a crews tax fee without being in the crew at present, I have requested it be part of /crew profile πŸ”Ή Inactive crew members are purged for being inactive for 365 days (I have requested a purge of banned players) πŸ”Ή A Bulletin board message will be added when a fee is changed, be aware leaders can clear BB messages now (as they did previous with empty blank messages) πŸ”Ή If you cannot afford your fee, you will automatically be kicked out of the crew. πŸ”Ή Crew fees are entirely optional to the crew, this will add a new dynamic to the economy and crews bank balances, pick your crew wisely! πŸ”΄ Crew BB messages now updated to show dates πŸ”΄ Gave crew leaders /crew bb clear to clear their Bulletin board messages (Clears for everyone in the crew!) You have to be Sailor+ to unlock this as a crew leader, as I just found out people have been spamming messages to hide their actions like Kicking members, best just have permission to clear it, this will fully wipe your crew BB history, sadly it only keeps the last 6 messages and a full history of crew actions is not kept (I have requested this) if we get that feature then I will remove clearing. (edited)
πŸ“œ Crew leaders can now set a daily tax to members! & Changelogs catch-up! πŸ”—
Crew leaders can now tax their crew members automatically every 24 hours with a maximum of £5 a day fee pp into their crews bank. Crews can now set fees! (They can be set and toggled separately) Crew leaders can use /crew fee set 5 To set a tax to automatically be taken from...
πŸ”΄ Updated Crew Guide to include tax information πŸ”—
πŸ”΄ Next Reboot: Gameplay change, bumped monsters activation range from 16 blocks to 24, hopefully you now get targeted by creepers more. πŸ”΄ Next Reboot: Enabled network compression on main survival server at 64, this takes more CPU but it should cut down on network overhead, Its been enabled on the bungee but not in the server software, so not entirely sure I need it or not, mostly testing, tell me if this makes any difference next reboot.
πŸ”΄ Moved to a different Java branch that will allow me to test newer versions of Java (Still trying to figure out this damn Lag spikes, maybe it is just the host) πŸ”΄ Updated Bungee server πŸ”΄ Updated Brews, Crews and Analytics. πŸ”΄ I reset all crews fee status back to not enabled, you will have to re-enable your /crew fee set due to the changes below: πŸ”Ή var, isen, csn, ree, spqr, gucs, tx, rome (all set to £0 and disabled, you will have to re-set fee & enable) πŸ”΄ Crew updates πŸ”Ή My feature request to set the percentage of leaders online to demote another leader was added, at present its 100% online to demote. Please talk in #🔭suggestions_chat what this percentage of leaders should be online to demote another leader at present. πŸ”Ή We predicted it and its already happened, scumbag pirate crews setting a fee to take deckhands money! No fear! From today youll need to pay a fee to /crew fee set of £500, you have to invest some money to try and make it back over a long period, be invested in your crew. Again #🔭suggestions_chat for whining. πŸ”Ή Crew fees should be shown in /crew profile now, I re-branded "fee" to tax in crew profile, but the command is still fee, do we change this to /crew tax set? #🔭suggestions_chat please. πŸ”Ή Admins can now purge crews from players with a command (offline ones) πŸ”Ή When a player is auto purged, a message is added to the crew BB (edited)
πŸ”΄ I built a micro website to show in-game polls live in a browser this evening (to keep track of if we should move hosts) πŸ”— (edited)
🌍 If you are unaware I changed hosts a few days ago please read #📢β”‚announcements Dedicated server is now in Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ πŸ”΄ Re-made the live map web-server with SSL and its back up and live! A re-render is happening now. πŸ”΄ From a #🔭archived-suggestions asking for +1 map zoom level to see the whole of the map, I added an extra zoom level to the map to see the whole map! πŸ”΄ I wanted to test out a new angle for the map to be rendered so I set it to 30 degrees, the old one was set at 60, a full render is happening and I will hold a poll at the end of the week to keep it or re-render it back at 60. πŸ”΄ Mods (Commodore) now have /vanish πŸ”΄ I fixed Voting, and I fixed the voting rewards being the defaults, I moved over all the missing data from voting. /vr ? πŸ”΄ I got the firewall port opened up on the web-host to allow the online player list to be shown again with the new host on the sidebar and on for mobiles. πŸ”΄ @.xeron. Has moved /warp shop3 from the old shop location to a new location at the bottom of /warp shop2 and the new area is being built by @stevenking169 @SpikyCactus_ @cysteen PetalFace @hiddenpuma234 and @xFTB ! Great work so far! πŸ”΄ Render distance on the server is now bumped to 4 (from 3) and the servers handling this perfectly fine, so we should be set to bump it again soon. πŸ”΄ Fixed up our backup script, its one of the reasons I wanted to move to a better host as backups were taking 3-5 Hours to complete and taking up all the CPU resources making the server laggy every day, the backup this morning reported it finished in 6 minutes, I may need to check that as that seems too good to be true! πŸ”΄ Shops S81, S82, S83, S84 have been removed, builders can decide what where they were. (edited)
Minecraft Pirate map. View PirateCraft players live position, chat and health. Talk to players in-game right from the browser.
πŸ”΄ Thanks to @Swampfoot who noticed Buycraft do not auto change http traffic to https traffic, I have updated all links in to link specifically to the https SSL because of BuyCrafts blunder there, i will email their tech team about their misshap. Thanks SwampFoot.
πŸ”΄ New Added Ender pearl Cooldown (as requested 100 million times!) Currently set at 5 seconds. πŸ”΄ Fixed language file missing for "" this now outputs text. πŸ”΄ You now need only 75% of your Crew leaders online to demote another leader. πŸ”΄ New crew feature Crews can now have descriptions! /crew description Your crew description πŸ”΄ Updated chat plugin (Didn't fix the color in /me) πŸ”΄ Updated NPC commands plugin πŸ”΄ We can now tax crews that tax their players! This isn't active yet and we will have to talk it over (I will be changing the maximum you can charge per player per day again, its too high atm)
πŸ”΄ You can now buy a tame horse with a saddle at /warp south to travel once you get to the warp. £100 at present, see Hoofman for your sale!
πŸ”΄ Changed the maximum a crew leader can charge their members per day to £1 from £5 because of the scumbag crews using this mechanic to clear out a deckhands balance. As some leaders think they EARN this money now? There is a possibility that crews that tax their members will get taxed, if this attitude continues I will remove crews being able to tax their members. Crews that maxed out taxing their members: ver, tri, isen, csn, cotij, rome and pse all have had their tax set to £1 a day from £5. πŸ”΄ Removed /me and Bungee chat entirely due to poor behaviour until the chat developer can sort out his bugs with setting color.
πŸ”΄ Creative is back! /server creative I have moved the creative from our Canadian host to also be on the new German host! I have increased its ram and it should feel a lot faster now as its not having to go through a proxy->server as its all local! β„Ή We need a pirate themed creative spawn! I will be holding a competition with a ton of prizes for the best creative spawn! Stay tuned!
πŸ”΄ Sea artist role now inherits Captain! Yo ho ho!
πŸ”΄ Website: Added competitions to forum menu bar, how did I miss this? removed server polls from menu, moved server chat in menu.
πŸ”΄ Competition created for creating a Creative pirate spawn on creative
πŸ† BOTM Prizes: July BOTM πŸ₯‡ Joshua_Jones πŸ₯ˆ HaloBearer98 7500 claim blocks πŸ₯‰ StevenKing169 August BOTM πŸ₯‡ @.xeron. awarded 10,000 claim blocks! πŸ₯ˆ @Mystic awarded 7500 claim blocks! πŸ₯‰ @romich02 awarded 5000 claim blocks! (edited)
πŸ”΄ /auc 10 was added! Check #📢β”‚announcements or #🛒β”‚marketplace
πŸ”΄ Added: /brew info - Information about your own drunkenness via gordon377 (For some reason this is classed as an admin command, so tell me if it gives too much information)
πŸ”΄ Creative: Fixed VoxelSniper legit my favourite plugin ever, its still on the V5, so every old tutorial video on youtube will still work perfectly fine in creative! πŸ”— Learn VoxelSniper its 100x better than WE for terrain πŸ”΄ Creative: Moved the Plot database to MySQL storage.
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
πŸ”΄ Fixed live map for creative! With SSL! β„Ή Or you can use (edited)
Minecraft Dynamic Map
πŸ”΄ Hovering over parts of the map now show the region filename, easy way to diagnose which region is which without having to overlay squares all over the map.
πŸ”΄ Privateer ( @Helper ) will now receive /helpop messages.
πŸ”΄ Removed Missive about skeleton horses being removed every 30m as they are now handled by the entity manager via @elo106 in #🔭archived-suggestions (what about that for speed, less than 3 mins to implementation)
πŸ”΄ Adjusted position of /warp shop1 & 2 spawn locations and 'huts' to have a better and more fair layout. Shop2 was changed last week.
πŸ”΄ Deckhands and Cadets now have /kit claim can be used every 6 hours for: 1 x Golden shovel (Claim tool) with lore/description 1 x Stick with lore/description
πŸ”΄ Live map The end Figured out the weird lighting for rendering the end, Changed the perspective to 30 degrees to match the main map & did a full render of the end. πŸ”— (edited)
Minecraft Dynamic Map
πŸ”΄ PirateCraft ticket system (Help desk) is now live. πŸ”— I have opened up a Help desk system to open tickets in private between players and staff, this way reports can be auto assigned to the correct team and issues can be closed when they are solved. A helpdesk/ticket system is designed for reporting issues and requesting things, so lets trial this out as an alternative to the forums, you will need to sign up to create a ticket (Screw having anonymous tickets created!) What kind of things would I create a ticket for? πŸ”Έ Reporting Bugs & Glitches πŸ”Έ Reporting player(s) or Crews πŸ”Έ Reporting a build (A stone box ruining a view for screenshots) πŸ”Έ Requesting help in-game (For @Helper currently no helper agents are setup) πŸ”Έ Request land regeneration (Back to new land!) πŸ”Έ Request land restore (Restore an area from backup) πŸ”Έ Request to remove claims (Following the rules) πŸ”Έ Request a new feature/suggestion for the server in detail What we will not use this for (for now) πŸ”Έ Do NOT use this ticket system for unban requests, those have to remain public in the forum. πŸ”Έ Do NOT post drama between people/crews Hopefully not having to post a public message will help solve the issue of people messaging staff directly, this way we can organise departments to handle specific reports and assign each task to a person. The forums & discord are both staying open, but this would the the right standard to handle such things, a ticket system.
customer support platform
πŸ”΄ Updated Chat plugin (Lets try this /me again) πŸ”΄ Core of voting (The part that accepts the votes not the one that processes it, thats also changing soon) This should hopefully fix the random odd times votes will not register (Quite rare) (edited)
πŸ”΄ /me and !cross server chat are back with the bug fixed with people being able to use colors in the messages.
πŸ”΄ Got around to updating the script that updates the punishment tracker website, back up and live (Updated once a day): πŸ”— Direct πŸ”— Embedded (edited)
πŸ”΄ You can Trust/AccessTrust/ContainerTrust/PermissionTrust/UnTrust an ENTIRE crew on your claims now! (Any crew!) πŸ”Έ /Trust group.<crewtag> Build/break/explosion toggle etc (you are TRUSTING them) πŸ”Έ /AccessTrust group.<crewtag> Access to use buttons etc πŸ”Έ /ContainerTrust group.<crewtag> Not really used on PirateCraft as we do not lock chests, but this is to give access to chests. πŸ”Έ /PermissionTrust group.<crewtag> Allows every single person in that crew to set permissions for that claim, not advised. πŸ”Έ /UnTrust group.<crewtag> untrusts that crew. β„Ή This works with any crew not just your own! You can give another crew just button access if you wanted! or give another crew trust on a sub-claim! β„Ή Remember you have always have access to /trust public for public access for everybody. This is going to open up a hell of a lot of new types of gameplay, I foresee a lot of betrayal and grief! ⚠ Check your /trustlist on all your claims for who you have given PermissionTrust access, these pirates could now add ANY crew to your trust ⚠ Remember, if you do a trust outside of your claim it will put it on ALL your claims, Triple check you are standing in your claim before you trust an entire crew on all of your claims, you use a stick for this by right clicking on the block you are standing on (edited)
πŸ”΄ Added us to a new vote website, can you all go give us a vote please: πŸ”— πŸ”— Memorable link
Find IP address and vote link for PirateCraft Minecraft server.
Find IP address and vote link for PirateCraft Minecraft server.
πŸ”΄ I found a virgin server list where we are only the 28th server on it and 1 vote got us on the homepage, for giggles how about we try and get the no1 spot by today we need to beat 31 votes only! πŸ”— πŸ”— Memorable Link
πŸ”΄ Website change, updated this vote widget. Fixed formatting, Changed the URLS and names to be like Vote Site #1 to be cleaner, added 2 new vote websites, updated the open all link, added some badges to pop and updated the paragraph on how to redeem keys. πŸ”— Also updated this page to reflect same changes (edited)
Todays reboot brings us: πŸ”΄ A completely new Anti-cheat plugin. πŸ”Έ Report any oddities/issues with gameplay in #deleted-channel πŸ”΄ Updated chat plugin, Updated Entity manager πŸ”΄ Added a plugin to create Lecterns in 1.12.2 (With multiple books!) To try out. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Removed the crappy Lecterns plugin i added (forgot I can make NPCs open books!) πŸ”΄ OS & Bungee server update this morning. πŸ”΄ Disabled the "ghost NPCS" 2spooky4me! & disabled the global message when people were getting kicked for using naughty cheating clients.
πŸ”΄ Get your Raid Area 51 /kit area51_raid πŸ‘½ Don't go raiding without preparing! ⏰ 24 hours only! From #🔭archived-suggestions via @Tujek (Heres your attribute, for asking for a kit) (edited)
πŸ”΄ Next reboot ender pearl cooldown should go back to 5 seconds again, its update a few weeks ago has a whole new config that did not generate.
πŸ”΄ Stopped the /motd being force shown every hour as nobody is actually reading it, it will only be shown when logging in and when the command is run now. 1 less chat spam.
πŸ”΄ Crew update! You can now sort the global crew list! /crew list [name/size/kdr/founded/active] [asc/desc] For example to sort the list of all crews by player size, in ascending order (From 0 up) you would use /crew list size asc or it defaults to descending (highest to lowest). Other options are by name, KDR, founded date (to find new crews!) and most active! πŸ”΄ Second crew update! There is now a crew rejoin cooldown of 6 hours, this figure isn't definitive and can change to any #🔭archived-suggestions this means you cannot leave a crew and re-join it within a 6 hour period. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat πŸ”΄ Updated Chat Plugin
πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat (Again! twice in 1 day its been updated!) πŸ”΄ Update shop system (The ones you rent at /warp shop) Apparently I didn't push the update, so it will be active tomorrows reboot πŸ”Έ Support for 1.13+ for when we upgrade πŸ”Έ Signs should hopefully restore better when a shop expires πŸ”Έ Loads of small background fixes πŸ”΄ Updated Jump Pads plugin at shop πŸ”΄ Updated XPBoost plugin πŸ† Please welcome @AngelRow @TheAgentGamer and @Silkanravos to the Helper team! (edited)
πŸ”΄ Temporary blocked spawning the dragon at the end as @raspberry1 found out she plopped out an egg! We don't want to have random eggs be used for economic purposes so have temporarily disabled the Ender dragon being spawn able until this glitch is figured out. If you have a #🔭archived-suggestions on how we could replace the Ender dragon fight with something more fun and harder please do leave a suggestion!
πŸ”΄ Ye scallywags did it! WE ARE NUMBER ONE (on under the advert) πŸ”΄ Replaced the voting website as it wasn't pinging our server and their votifier is broken, So there was a reason nobody was using their website! now goes to; πŸ”΄ Added new voting website: (Get a vote in now please!) πŸ”΄ Fixed TopG and PlanetMinecraft votifier working, it was set to our old IP. The website links are automatically updated now, as they all use my short vote links! The whole of the in-game voting is in development to be entirely replaced. (edited)
πŸ”΄ DOUBLED Maximum render distance From 4 to 8 This means twice the amount of chunks are loaded for EACH player online, a few things this will change: πŸ”Έ Mobs will activate sooner πŸ”Έ Crops will grow in those loaded chunks πŸ”Έ You can see pirates sooner πŸ”Έ Redstone contraptions will work in closer proximity πŸ”Έ This will double the entire servers load on CPU/RAM/Disk so this is quite a jump, If this is too much stress when there are a lot of users on I will have to decrease this back to 4 or try 6, this may not be a permanent change. Note: I used to use a Dynamic Render distance plugin, but it kept making people invisible (annoying). β„Ή View distance are the chunks loaded in a radius around each player, each chunk is 16 blocks wide, so 8*16=128 blocks radius around each player. ⚠ Very important, Larger render distance means more data being sent from server <-> client. More data on bad internet connections creates client side network lag, if people start saying "Lag*" this is because they need to reduce their client render distance and is out of my control. It's up to the player to set their own render distance, we were set on 4, so if you were smooth on 4 and this bump to 8 now lags for you, reduce your client to 4. This is one of the major reasons I had the server set on 4, if people cannot set this themselves and blame the server, I will set it back to 4 again. Please tell people this if they complain, this wont be the server lagging. πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-cheat 4 versions. πŸ”΄ Updated NPC Command pluign πŸ”΄ Updated Entity manager πŸ”΄ Updated World inventory plugin (Lets hope it doesn't πŸ‡« up inventories) (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated anti-cheat, Chat plugin & XP Boost plugin
πŸ”΄ Added Bazurka as forum moderator, added Admin badge, updated LazyDog11's forum badge to admin. πŸ”΄ Made a new forum badge for Super Admin and set it for max on the forums (edited)
πŸ”΄ Re-created the staff application from scratch, now all staff applications will go through this one form as its dynamic (This took way way longer to do than expected) πŸ”— β„Ή If you have already submitted a staff application you do not need to do it again <3 πŸ”΄ Changed website navigation to only have 1 staff link under "information" & also fixed some links on the homepage that were backwards via a report. (edited)
PirateCraft staff application This application is to apply to be a staff member on PirateCraft, This includes moderating and media based roles, if you have a certain skill that is not listed please do still apply listing what kind of role may be suitable. Please make sure you...
πŸ”΄ Updated the Team page to reflect the more active staff & add all the new team members! I have also Added boxes to show which roles we need more staff in (Nearly all of them) The positions with no team members are priority (Like media and developer) πŸ”—
πŸ”΄ Next reboot serverside block connections will be active for 1.13+ clients now were on this new host thanks to @wolfebersahd reminding me to do this in #🔭archived-suggestions
πŸ”΄ Website: Added Ticket link in main menu under "information" as "Request staff support" and updated footer of website, replaced the blog link with a support link and changed the "Ask for support" button to link to the ticket website.
πŸ”΄ Next Reboot: Entire vote plugin has been fully replaced, it may not work instantly when the server reboots tomorrow morning but it wont take much to fix. See preview screenshots in #📷β”‚media I will go over all the changes and features once I know its up and working! (It may also mean that voting is broken tonight until tomorrows reboot) (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated AntiCheat πŸ”΄ Updated Chat plugin πŸ”΄ πŸ†• Added new plugin SmoothSleep - gradually progress the night at a speed depending on how many players are sleeping. This will give beds a purpose to gradually speed up nights for those that want to sleep at night and I will remove that sign at cove! Demo πŸ”Έ Currently gives a sleep reward of luck if you sleep for 3 hours! πŸ”Έ This was an idea from #🔭archived-suggestions by @godsdead thonk πŸ”΄ pirateship Ship plugin updated with an alpha build of a new version specifically to test for bugs today As I dont have a test server up at present, Im having to test this live. Please report any issues with ships into #🚢ships πŸ”΄ Renamed the annimation discord channel to #deleted-channel to also be avalible for ANY video ideas you have for when we get a videographer. (edited)
πŸ† Please welcome @Taulov to Commodore (Moderator) on his 2 week trial period!
πŸ”΄ Disalbed the Anti Cheats Chat spam filter as we have our own. πŸ”΄ Disabled the NPC being visable for anti cheat checks (Again, he keeps coming back 2spooky4me)
πŸ”΄ pirateship Ship testing 2⃣ I have changed the graivty setting on all ships, hopefuly they dont sink as soon as you go forwards now. Please re-test anything and everything ship related, we are still using an alpha version of the ships plugin and testing live as its the best way to get results! Report issues to #🚢ships so @ohnoey can see all issues in one place!
πŸ”΄ 15min cooldown for /afk thanks to @cysteen #🔭archived-suggestions - You afk auto after 15 mins inactivity, so this cooldown matches this automatic setting, If you afk, play for 14 mins then afk again, you are using it too much.
pirateship We are continuing to use the alpha version of the ships plugin as no major bugs have been reported to #🚢ships PLEASE do report any issues you find with ships to that channel! πŸ”΄ πŸ†• Added WorldBorder Support for Ships to stop ships at the world border πŸ”΄ Updated Chest plugin πŸ”΄ Updated Anti-Cheat πŸ”΄ Updated Brewing plugin πŸ”Έ Reapply Potion Effects even if the player has got them already (edited)
πŸ”΄ Removed the broadcast for every single vote people make, instead it only broadcasts when a user votes on ALL vote websites in that day (Thanks to @cysteen for this in #🔭suggestions_chat ) πŸ”΄ You can toggle all broadcasts from the vote plugin yourself with /vote ToggleBroadcast This is ALL vote broadcasts mind, so you may miss important messages. Hopefully the new messages only showed via people voting on all websites will resolve the spam. (edited)
πŸŽ™ Teamspeak is back! pirateflag_2
πŸ“Ά New website online widget! I re-made our online pirates widget from scratch for the website! I actually made this about 8 months ago and just needed to polish off a few things! Its now live! πŸ”Έ Live updating! Leave a page open and it'll auto refresh itself with whos online! πŸ”Έ Dynamically loaded, so if the website cant connect to the main server for any reason it wont slow down loading the website pages. πŸ”Έ Sort users by alphabetical A-Z or Z-A. πŸ”Έ Sort by rank (put staff at top/bottom) πŸ”Έ Search for an online user or search by staff rank in the online list! πŸ”Έ Now says staff rank next to their username πŸ”Έ Added/removed staff as needed & slightly changed colours. (edited)

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