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Pirates need their grog! Here on PirateCraft you can craft any of our 222 custom Brews & potions by fermenting, distilling and barrel aging!

All custom Brews start by putting ingredients in a cauldron over a fire (Fermenting), the majority of brews are created with this way, others are more complex requiring distilling (Brewing stand) and barrel aging (Block built barrel).

You can follow an in-game tutorial by visiting /warp brewing as well as using /brewing for step by step guides.

Visiting the brewing warp teaches how to build a fermenter and brewing barrels, as well as seeing all Brews, Brew hints, Full /recipes and get the materials for a tutorial brew from the Alchemist at /warp brewing.

Table of Contents

    How to build brewing apparatus & make your first brew!

    Step 1. Build a fermenter

    Step one consists of fermenting ingredients in a caldron over a fire.

    1. Place Cauldron over a Camp fire, Fire/Netherrack or Magma block as heat source
    2. Add water!
    3. Right click Ingredients into cauldron
    4. Wait while they ingredients Ferment
      1. Right click Cauldron with clock to see how long its been fermenting.
      2. You can get fermenting times from /recipe hints.
    5. Right click empty glass bottles to collect your fermented brews!

    TIP: Use a clock on a cauldron, if you want to know the time the ingredients have been fermenting.

    Step 1a. Ferment “Tutorial Brew”

    1. Add 5 x Sugar Cane
    2. Add 1 x Warped fungus
    3. Add 1 x Brain Coral
    4. Add 20 x Cocoa beans
    5. Wait 7 mins (Right click clock to check time)
    6. Right click 3 empty glass bottles for your fermented brew

    You are now ready to distil your fermented Tutorial brew into a base brew!

    Step 2. Build a Distiller

    Distilling happens in a vanilla brewing stand with glowstone filter, this is not consumed.

    1. Put fermented bottles (Base brews) into brewing stand
    2. Put glowstone dust as filter on top into the brewing stand (The filter will not be consumed)
    3. Distil… Check time with clock

    Step 2a. Distil “Tutorial Brew”

    1. Add your base Tutorial Brew into the brewing stand
    2. Wait 30 seconds
    3. Remove your Distilled Brews!

    You are now ready to barrel age your Normal Tutorial Brew.

    Step 3. Build a Barrel for ageing

    A brewing barrel is needed for ageing. It can be built in 2 sizes, big or small and can be made in 8 different types of wood (Birch, Oak, Jungle, Spruce, Acacia, Dark Oak, Crimson, Warped).

    Some brews don’t require ageing, some require a specific wood type and others can use any barrel wood type.

    Small barrel

    Fig A
    1. Build 8 Wooden stairs as shown in Fig A.
    2. Place a Sign on the lower right side and write “Barrel” on the upper Line.

    Message “Barrel created” should appear if you have built the barrel correctly.

    Big barrel

    Fib B
    1. Build 4 Fence posts, 12 Wooden stairs, 15 wood planks as shown in Fig B.
    2. Attach a Spigot (Fence) and a sign in the middle that has “Barrel” written on the upper line.
    3. Right click to open barrel and put the bottles for ageing.

    Message “Barrel created” should appear if you have built the barrel correctly.

    • Depending on the Recipe the Type of wood used may alter the quality of the aged Brew.
    • Breaking a Barrel will spit out everything inside.

    Step 3a. Barrel age “Tutorial Brew”

    1. Right click barrel to open
    2. Add your Distilled Normal Tutorial Brew(s) into the Barrel
    3. Wait 7 Minecraft days (20 mins)
    4. Remove your finished “Good Tutorial Brew”

    Step 4. Drinking

    The amount of alcohol inside the brew will be applied to the player when drinking.

    Depending on the quality of it, that may have different effects.

    • The pirate may not be able to walk normally anymore, he will weave, making it almost impossible to walk straight
    • Effects like Blindness, Confusion, Poison etc. occur
    • The chat will be altered depending on drunkenness, many things players write may be incomprehensible, sometimes it seems senseless.
    • Is the alcohol particularly strong, it may have poisonous effects
    • After drinking a lot, there is a chance of vomiting
    • When logging off, the player may have difficulties reaching his character, thus some logins shortly after may be denied
    • After over drinking the player may faint (Disconnecting)

    Step 5. Getting Sober

    After drinking an alcoholic brew it takes a while for the alcohol to wear off, You can speed up the process by drinking Milk from the bucket and consume bread.

    • If you log off extremely drunk, you may log back on to find yourself at an completely unknown place in the middle of nowhere having no idea how he got there!
    • But if you log on after a few hours or the next morning, you will find yourself at /home, without any memories.
    • Also if the Alcohol was not of best quality, the player may face some bad type of hangover (slowness and hunger).

    Step 6. “Brew sealing table” for selling in shops and trading

    You can drop Brews to other players for them to use or age further, but if you wish to sell Brews in a shop or trade with an NPC (Alchemist at /warp brewing) you will be required to seal a brew.

    Craft a Brew sealing table

    1. Craft in a workbench with 2 Bottles over 4 planks.
    2. Place down the sealing table and right click to open, it will be named “Brew Sealing Table

    How to use Brew sealing table

    1. Put a Brew into the Sealing table to equalize it, This makes it equal to other Brews that have been brewed similarly so its possible to stack in shops and trade.
    2. Wait a few seconds for the Brew to seal before removing

    Brew un-label

    Brews can have their labels removed (Their lore) with the command /brew unlabel, This hides the detailed numbers on the label (Lore) of the Potion in your hand forever, this can be required for trading with the Alchemist NPC.

    This differs from Sealing a Brew, unlabeled Brews do not equalize the brew, they just remove the numbered lore.

    /brewing In-game Guide

    There is a detailed in-game tutorial that can be used from anywhere with /brewing this can also open the Alchemist from anywhere and links to recent /recipes.

    • Step by Step Tutorial for creating Brew apparatus
    • Houses a brewing index to access the Alchemist from anywhere to open the Brew Library and hints
    • Links directly to /recipe to quickly view the latest recipes for brews.
    • Explains how the Grog Master rank and how its obtained.

    Alchemist Brew Library – View all 222 Custom Grog!

    This Alchemist at /warp brewing houses a library of all 222 custom PirateCraft brews in a neat and tidy GUI that you can look through.

    Alchemist, Brew Hints

    You will have to experiment and trade recipes for Brews, When new brews are released hints are published for them. Head on over to /warp brewing and interact with the Alchemist!

    You can now see all new brews and view their hints by clicking from the first page in the Alchemist NPC.

    Those of you that wish to take these hints with you back to your base can use /recipe from anywhere.

    From the Alchemist you can learn how to Brew, Collect a Brew Tutorial Kit, See the current new brews and recipes, Library of all brews, Trade a finished brew for a reward and claim first place for Grog master! all in the Alchemist!

    Prizes for Brewing and Discovering competitions for new Brews

    Reward for making a Brew for the first time

    Create one of the new brews, then go to the Alchemist at /warp brewing and trade your brew for a Brewing Assistant Bottle(Click the gold “Buy” button bottom right to change the page to “Trade”)
    This is a one time reward everyone can collect for figuring out how to make that custom brew, there is a custom Brewing assistant bottle to collect for each of the new brews! Collect them all!

    Grog Discovery Competition, “Grogmaster”

    If you are the first pirate to discover a brew, you can obtain the Grogmaster rank for a month.

    There is a competition for each time new Brews are released to be The first person to find a brews recipe.

    If you are the first person to find a brew, you can take your Brewing Assistant Bottle upstairs at /warp brewing and trade it for a Grog Master Key.

    You take this key back to the Alchemist click the “buy” button bottom right, which will change the page to “Trade” and you can trade your Grog Master Key to unlock the Grog Master rank which will automatically be applied to you for a month!

    This process may be streamlined with new releases later on.

    The Grogmaster Rank

    This is for the elite, the best of the best, those pirates that can figure out how to brew something first before everyone else! The Grogmaster rank.

    What can the Grogmaster Rank do?

    The Grogmaster is the ultimate flex rank.

    • Custom star badge in chat and tablist
    • Custom overhead name
    • Custom one time use /kit grogmaster
    • Use of /beezooka to fire an exploding bee! Don’t worry does not do damage and has a cooldown!
    • Use of /kittycannon to fire an exploding kitty! Don’t worry does not do damage and has a cooldown!
    • Rank Will be added for 1 month!

    Whats in the Grog master kit?

    • 1x Grog Master Clock Trophy


    Sortable table of all Brews

    Below is a sortable and searchable table for all custom brews on PirateCraft, the recipes for the first 24 have been given to you here, the rest you will have to figure out yourself from hints! Get hints from the Alchemist at /warp brewing.

    Another way to figure out brew recipes is to talk to other pirates, trade recipes and get experimenting to see what you can create! You will be surprised what you can learn by making friends!

    Table Color Key

    Yellow = Starter brews that have their recipe given
    Green = Newest brews added with hints in the Alchemist at /warp brewing

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