You can join the official PirateCraft discord server and community from http://discord.piratemc.com or click “Connect” below.

Getting Discord

Discord works from any web browser at https://discord.com/app

Discord also has OS based Clients https://discord.com/apps For OSX, Windows, Linux, Android and IOS.

What is discord?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming, Its suppose to be a modern voice and text communication tool to replace Teamspeak and Skype. PIrateCraft will continue to have a skype group and a teamspeak server.

Discord can be used from the web browser, it has its own mobile apps across all platforms.

Discord is all hosted by discord.com, its free for anyone to create a server. If you want a full feature list then you can visit their main website at https://discordapp.com/features which compares all vent, teamspeak and skype in once place.


PirateCraft Discord Roles

PirateCraft discord current roles include:

  • Admiral (Admiral in-game)
  • Admin (Rear-Admiral in-game)
  • Moderator (Commodore in-game)
  • Media (Media in-game)
  • Builder & Build Leader (Craftsman/Housewright in-game)
  • Helper (Privateer in-game)
  • Developer (Shipwright in-game)
  • Bug Reporter – Helps with reporting and managing bug reports to the Github.
  • Discord Booster – For people who boost the discord. (Helmsman in-game)
  • Contributor (Lieutenant, Commander or Captain in-game).
  • Verified – For people who verified themselves (read the linking section below).
  • Bot – Given to the bots on the discord.
  • Muted – This rank is for muting players in discord.

Linking your minecraft account

You can link your minecraft account with your discord account by doing /discord link ingame. This will give you a 4 digit code which you will have to pirvate message to the discord bot (see image below). This will set your discord username as your ingame one and it will auto update it when you change it.

This is the discord bot you need to message, we never ask you to send the code to anyone else.

Game Chat in discord

The in-game chat is a 2 way communication for staff with discord. Players can use it to read live in-game messages.

AFK Channel

Auto AFK is set to 5 minutes if you are in Voice Chat.

UI Choices & Photo Avatars

Personal preferences are set bottom left, there is a cog that when you hover over says “User settings”, Clicking appearance, there are options for a Dark theme and a Compact theme, select both of these, it makes the app 100x better, I wish I could default that to all users.

Discord user settings for setting a custom image and setting UI theme color
Discord User Settings
Discord setting to dark theme and ocmpact fit to match IRC
Setting the discord theme and to compact fit

As I don’t control this server software, I cant add plugins to auto pull images for your minecraft character, you can set your image in this settings are too,  to quickly get an image of your minecraft head put your username into this URL https://cravatar.eu/helmhead/GodsDead/256.png in a web browser and save the image to your desktop to add to discord.

Learn more about Discord

If you want to learn more about Discord, check out their useful beginner’s guide.

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