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updated Creative 🟒 Gave EVERYONE WorldEdit on Creative! πŸ”Έ I gave all WorldEdit commands/permissions to everyone. πŸ”Έ I set limits per rank on the maximum amount of blocks you can edit at once, the further you rank up the more blocks you can edit/change at once! πŸ”Έ Limits: Deckhand starts at 1000 block changes at once up to Firstmate which is 20,000 block changes at once. @Contributor Limit is set to 50000000 Blocks, which is 50 Million block changes in one go (Not joking!)
updated Creative 🟒 Gave everyone access to build the new Big animated doors on creative that were released on Survival yesterday #📢β”‚announcements (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added NPC at cove to open the /donate menu after fighting with it (The command isnt properly registered, god damn you Tebex!) 🟒 Enabled Push Commands from the /donate Store, Theoretically this should mean instant processing and no more waiting for it to refresh/update every 10-15 mins. (Will activate next restart) (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added /contributorranks /donateranks /contributor to open Custom Info Book for /donate ranks thanks to @Deleted User (Next reboot) 🟒 Added /captain /commander /lieutenant as direct Info Books for /donate ranks direct thanks to @Deleted User (next reboot) 🟒 Added /atalantaa @atalantaa Talk to @Deleted User for anything you want changed (For next reboot)
updated Survival 🟒 @NicoSemsrott has created us 2 new custom painted paintings for PirateCraft!! Looking absolutely amazing! πŸ”Έ At present these are only on display at /warp cove at the Art Gallery! Go see them! πŸ”Έ Will be on sale soon ℒ️ πŸ”Έ You can buy 3 of her other custom map artwork already go buy some! πŸ”Έ These are normal maps, so you can place them in a frame, no resource pack needed! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated OS/DB/Bungee/Rebooted/Tidied up General boring Maintenance - For my record 🟑 Updated Live map plugin 🟑 Updated Discord plugin & nuked configs (Running snapshot) πŸ”΄ Removed BuyCraft/Tebex push system as it caused infinite reboots.
updated Survival 🟑 Discord plugin wiped and re-setup, requires a restart to be active stupidly, hopefully next reboot this fixes discord integration, they royally screwed up their updated version release and broke everything.
updated Survival 🟑 Live map plugin updated (Hotfix) 🟑 Analytics plugin updated 🟑 Changed the alias commands /purchase /store /buy /contribute /donateranks /contributorranks /contributor to all open the in-game information pages, as the BuyCraft plugin does not register their command properly and these will not bind as alias. 🟒 @Deleted User Added new in-game information pages/books for Contributor perks that are triggered by parrots at /warp donate πŸ”Έ /captain /commander /lieutenant give them a try!
updated Survival 🟑 The Discord chat/link was fixed! The live chat #💬β”‚live_gamechat is now updated and looking fancy with peoples skins as they log in! 🟒 All staff can now post from the #💬β”‚live_gamechat @Discord Admin @Admin @Moderator @Developer @Build Leader @Builder @Helper and as a new perk for Discord Server boosters @Discord Booster role can now message from the #💬β”‚live_gamechat channel too now!
updated Survival / Discord 🟑 Fixed all in-game Discord->Chat Usernames showing with color to match their ranks! 🟑 Fixed #💬β”‚live_gamechat having just one » not 2.
updated Survival 🟒 Brand new /warp donate I finally after about 7 years built a Store room in-game, I started one years ago and didn't even get 25% of it done haha! I may be a bit late to doing this, better late than never? We now have a /warp donate that actually has the Store items in it. πŸ”Έ You can click the Parrots for @Contributor ranks for rank info that will pop up into books thanks to @Deleted User πŸ”Έ You can click the NPC "Full Shop" to open up the /donate menu πŸ”Έ There are now signs you can click and it will send you a link to the store item in chat, I had no idea this existed until yesterday! puffi πŸ”Έ RIP old Donator statue island. The warp was moved to the old XP Boost area in Cove as I made the XpBoost a NPC and I opened up all 3 floors into one big open area!
updated Survival 🟒 New custom painted artwork for PirateCraft Please welcome Puffi by @NicoSemsrott /nicosemsrott found at /warp cove Gallery NPC. 🟒 Introducing Splatter maps these are multiple maps which are condensed into one only available when I make custom artwork maps. 1️⃣ You place the required Frames onto the wall first, for example Puffi is 2x2. 2️⃣ Right click the lower left frame and all 4 frames will automatically be filled. 3️⃣ To remove in one go, Shift+Left click to remove the whole painting in one go back into a splatter map. ℹ️ Splatter maps CAN be duplicated like normal maps to be re-sold at HIGH prices at the /marketplace 🟒 You can now buy Puffi map artwork from the Gallery NPC for £3500 in-game. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added /market /markets /marketplace as alias for /shops
updated Survival 🟒 Added a blacklist of blocks to the Big Animated doors plugin, starting with Bedrock and obsidian, doors opening to the void is a bit of an issue! Please do #🔭archived-suggestions more blocks that should be on it, or we can work the other way around, having a whitelist and adding blocks we want to just be used for these big beautiful doors. Current block blacklist: - BEDROCK - OBSIDIAN - SPONGE - DIAMOND_BLOCK - BEACON
updated 🟒 Added :D as dark green via #🔭archived-suggestions 🟑 Changed the May BOTM Missive to the JULY one via #🔭archived-suggestions (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added TRAPPED_CHEST, ENDER_CHEST, CHEST to the blacklist for the animated doors plugin, I really need to think of a name for the new doors plugin to explain it easier.
updated Survival 🟒 Created Davy Jones NPC to escape out of the Locker! Much easier to find than the old signs, which I have kept just in case the NPC breaks for any reason. πŸ”Έ This means we can update the cost to get out whenever we wish without having to edit anything. πŸ”Έ Better lore, actual Davy Jones you have to pay to get out of Davy Jones locker, skin and all! And hes glowing! πŸ“· Come check out some Davy Jones Locker screenshots in #📷β”‚media While I was in there! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Live map Icon for /warp donate & updated its text, the Statue thing hasn't been working for years now! via @.tulips in #🐛bugs-legacy 🟑 Moved the /warp travel Map icon πŸ—ΊοΈ (edited)
Minecraft Pirate map. View PirateCraft players live position, chat and health. Talk to players in-game right from the browser.
updated Discord 🟒 Added some Pirate Emojis treasurechest coin hook pirate key map thief sign campfire pickaxe parrot rum steeringwheel shipinabottle cannonalarm sword alert alert2grappling (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated animated doors plugin (next reboot) 🟑 Updated NPC plugin (next reboot) (edited)
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed Gravity from Turret and Crane Ship Type as some people are getting confused in #🐛bugs-legacy with Turrets/Cranes on ships causing Gravity assuming its all ships. πŸ”΄ Temporarily removed Turret and Crane Ship Type permission due to reports in #🐛bugs-legacy I'm waiting on @Developer to respond to me, as this seems like a bug and out of my control. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 New permission to set an auto close timer on your big animated /doors just click the timer in the GUI and then use /setautoclosetime 3 for a 3 second close on a door. via #🔭archived-suggestions 🟑 Fixed in the plugin update, No longer relocatepowerblock for Big animated doors, this was a bug with the permission node, we definitely don't want people to be able to set the power block anywhere in the world! I have already requested that a distance limit be added like we have with shop chest distance! Please be patient. πŸ”Έ This means you have to put a power block (GOLD BLOCK) on the hinge of your big animated doors and control them with redstone. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated brew hints wall with 2 new brews at /warp brewing . Good luck! (edited)
updated Survival ⚠️ Looks like the live testing of cannons is proving troublesome as its effected the ship plugin working, please be patient while we figure out what is causing issues with the cannons plugin which is effecting the ship plugin.
updated Survival 🟑 Hopefully next restart resolves issues with the Ships plugin 🟒 Updated all the messages for the ship plugin to be the orange [ship] and green message now! Much easier to see in chat. 🟒 Going to trial a test battle system for Ships tomorrow live! If youre on tomorrow morning GMT feel free to test with me, Using ships to battle and win land based on the winners! No idea how this works yet!
updated Survival 🟒 Introducing Cutlass Haven for @Contributor your new /warp vip Massive thanks to @IronAR for building the spawner! πŸ”Έ Includes a 3 spawner skeleton grinder just for @Contributor as /warp spawner gets busy sometimes! πŸ”Έ Previously a small island off of cove with nothing in it at all, to a town at the back of cove past the aqueduct. πŸ”Έ Massive Town with not much going on at present, but lots of room to expand! πŸ”Έ Region protected so only Lieutenant, Commander & Captain can enter! No you cant get teleported in! πŸ”Έ Ideas in #💎β”‚contributor for things we could put/build/use here please! πŸ”Έ Builders will at some point have access to build/update/change this area! 🟒 Buffed Entity limiter for Skeletons limit per chunk from 10 to 25 NO. NOT OTHER MOBS, SKELETONS ONLY, DO NOT ASK FOR OTHERS. 🟑 Moved the Arena2 Region for an experiment with ship battles tomorrow, stay tuned. πŸ”΄ Removed old Contributor spawn so anyone can go in there to see there was nothing in there! New area at cove to explore now. (edited)
survival Survival steeringwheel Ships fixed and new messages are working! pirateship (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed permissions for /warp vip all back up and working @Contributor (No more claiming and breaking/placing blocks! with deckhands getting in lol) 🟒 @Build Leader @Builder You now have build rights for /wrap vip to make changes as you see fit! 🟒 Added deny entry message, and added admin claim passthrough public to prevent claims. Thanks @Deleted User for helping test.
updated Discord πŸ”΄ Removed the ships_battle Channel, all ship information should go in #🚢ships and Ship batles will be posted in #📢β”‚announcements πŸ”΄ Removed the category for other servers, condensed, Renamed Survival Server to just PirateCraft, #🐛bugs-legacy and #🔭archived-suggestions are global, post your server based suggestions in those. 🟑 Renamed #🏛creative_server #🏗test_server_1-12 #βš”pvp_server_alpha that will open when they are needed and close when they are not to save space.
updated Survival 🟒 Added map icon for Cutlass Haven. 🟑 Temp disabled splatter maps from the Gallery NPC as there not saving on restart for giving you the full proper item, this is a bug with the admin shop plugin. πŸ”— (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Added CPU profiler to monitor naughty plugins 🟑 Updated Anti-Cheat
updated Website 🟒 Re-built the skin & Resource Pack page on the website πŸ”Έ Using the actual website theme engine not the legacy one πŸ”Έ Fixed all the links to mojang, so you can click them again, looks like Mojang changed their urls. πŸ”Έ Added 3 new skins created by @s6977 Piratelass, Ceasar, Pirateskinshiprekt ℹ️ Now I've re-made this skin page in the proper layout library it can easily be updated! So get posting your custom made skins to #📷β”‚media for this page! 🟑 Moved the PirateCraft Resource Pack repository to the PirateCraft Organisation on GitHub and not on my private GitHub, New URL is; πŸ”— ℹ️ The PirateCraft Resource pack is Open source! This means you can make changes and make a PR request for changes! πŸ”Έ This includes creating custom 3D assets for special items we can make server side! ❔ This page was made in 2012 when Resource Packs were called Texture Packs, Do I change the URL to not say Texture pack? (edited)
updated Survival & Website Rules update: 🟒 Added "no beacons at /warp shops" 🟒 Added "no fake [rent] signs at /warp shops" 🟒 Added "do not use [sell] signs to empty a player's balance" 🟒 Added "We do NOT tolerate poor attitude and disruptive behaviour*" 🟒 **__Re-added "no claim manipulation"__** 🟑 Updated '/back after pvp death'* to include end-crystal bombing 🟑 Updated wording and positioning of other rules. 🟑 Fixed spelling errors. πŸ”΄ Removed duplicate "no exploiting" rule. πŸ”Έ Most of these rules have been enforced for a long time but were never formally added to the website. πŸ”Έ Many thanks to @Deleted User for updating the in-game /rules. ℹ️ As staff, we have found it difficult to draw a line between 'raiding chests' and griefing. When we updated ships, we anticipated players stealing double chests out of claims, but not players being able to move entire parts of buildings out of claims. Furthermore we don't want to promote the mentality of 'I'm only safe if I live in an underground box'. ⚠️ Therefore we have decided to re-introduce the 'no claim manipulation rule'. πŸ”Έ Under this rule it will be (once again) illegal to manipulate the contents of any claim you do not have access to. πŸ”Έ This means stealing chests, parts of buildings out of claims, or opening iron doors with ships will no longer be allowed. πŸ”Έ However, we will continue to allow players to steal unlocked ships inside claims. ℹ️ You can find all changes made on the website, or in-game using /rules πŸ”— These rule changes will be enforced from the moment this post was made. (edited)
PirateCraft Rules Rules can change at any time, up-to date rules can be found at any time in-game using /rules. You are responsible for all activity on your account and from your IP. The use of alternate accounts is forbidden. General Rules: Be polite & respectful to players A...
updated Survival 🟒 Added permission to delete your doors in /doors 🟒 Added command /ListDoors to list your doors 🟒 Added command /DoorInfo 🟒 Added addowner/removeowner to your /doors 🟒 Added new command /xpb info to see how long your XPBoost has left! Via #🔭archived-suggestions @pippip5789_3467 🟒 I found the "bug" that is stopping iron golem farms working, when I updated the Entity Manager it set a new default to disable spawning of Iron Golems, as much as I wish I could just keep this off for the good of the server & future there are too many moaners that have "farms" So next reboot, so either today or tomorrow Iron Golems will start spawning again. πŸ”Έ A while ago I found out how to change the drops of mobs specifically to target Iron farming to reduce the Items dropped by Iron Golems, so this is the compromise between not having them drop anything at all and the few players that have iron farms wanting to keep their free spawning iron, it will get nerfed! πŸ”Έ There was already a massive discussion in #🔭suggestions_chat about removing iron farms, no need to start it again! 🟑 Fixed being able to toggle a /doors from the GUI & Fixed setting the autoclose time for all /doors 🟑 Updated Premium Essentials plugin (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Removed and rebuilt the hint area at /warp brewing - double sided board has been replaced with a small hut. πŸ”Έ I've moved the board to a different location but it will no longer be updated. πŸ”Έ Added a [donatehand] sign to replace the hopper system which was prone to bugs
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Anti-cheat 🟑 Updated Premium essentials 🟑 Updated Jump Pads 🟑 Updated Analytics plugin
updated Store 🟒 Added a mail to be sent to you when you/someone buys you in-game money, all in-game money from Store page was missing this mail! 🟑 Updated all existing mail sent to players when you purchase something from the store to include the package name and quantity. πŸ”΅ In-progress working on player verification for store purchases, somehow this isnt built into Tebex/Buycraft but they have a web-hook to create your own verification system. (edited)
updated Survival Massive cannons update: 🟒 Added bronze (gold) cannons for firstmate+ 🟒 Added bronze triple cannon 🟒 Added short (2 block), medium (3 block), long (4 block) and mortar varients for coal, iron, bronze varients 🟒 Added shrapnel (flint), playercannon (lead), cursed projectile (dragon breath), blinding (ink), and frozen (ice) projectile types. πŸ”Έ Cobblestone - Deckhand πŸ”Έ Cannister, Shrapnel - Sailor πŸ”Έ Diamond, Firework, TNT, player cannon - Gunner πŸ”Έ Corpse, cursed, blinding, frozen projectiles - Firstmate 🟑 Coal cannons and beyond can be loaded with any projectile 🟑 Improving the material of the cannon now increases its range. 🟑 Increasing the length of the cannon now increases its accuracy. 🟑 Completely reworked accuracy, range, spread, and velocity of all cannons. 🟑 Changed when cannons are unlocked: πŸ”Έ Rusty carronade (grey wool) - Deckhand πŸ”Έ Carronade (black wool) - Cadet. πŸ”Έ Cast-Iron (coal) - Sailor πŸ”Έ Iron (iron) - Gunner πŸ”Έ Bronze (gold) - Firstmate 🟑 Reworked double and triple cannon firing speeds. 🟑 Completely reworked diamond, firework, and corpse projectiles. πŸ”Έ Diamond can now be shot into water and still explodes. πŸ”Έ Firework penetration increased significantly. 🟑 Adjusted cobblestone & cannister shot projectiles. 🟑 Increased speed at which you can aim using clock. 🟑 /cannons reset given to all ranks. 🟑 Greatly increased firing angles & accuracy of mortar to be more user-friendly. πŸ”΄ Explosion power for cobblestone no longer depends on cannon type or # of gunpowder added. πŸ”΄ Removed enderpearl, rusty cannonball, and smoke projectile πŸ”΄ Removed temporary nether star projectile πŸ”΄ Removed fire spawning from all projectiles An announcement, forum post, and wiki/website details will follow shortly when everything has been finalised. If something is not working please tag me in #📁β”‚support_archive with the issue. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed @Moderator punishment times.
updated Survival 🟑 @Bazurka Updated some of the chat filters for the racist comments, this should hopefully automatically punish automatically alternative spellings of certain horrible words, it will never be possible to filter them all, but we always will try and stay on top of it. If you know who does these, then tell staff.
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed Soft Siege blocks that have been added for years but never worked as I had the wrong material names, should be working now in sieges as soft blocks: ⚠️ Dead Bush, Leaves 2, End Stone, Long grass, Glass Pane
updated Survival 🟒 Added Custom mobs plugin and setup started for @calliemav amazing summer event, stay tuned! Dropping very soon, keep an eye on #📢β”‚announcements 🟒 Created an NPC this year at /warp cove that showcases all the event items for PirateCraft Summer Event 2020, Just right click and scroll through the pages ℹ️ This is a massive event with an absolute ton of custom mobs which have unique abilities, unique fighting styles and moves that drop an assortment of unique items. This event has been created by @calliemav so keep an eye out for his post in #📢β”‚announcements !
updated Survival Siege update 🟒 Added siege cooldown after siege defeat (currently 15 min for everyone and 60 min for attacker) 🟒 Added maximum siege time (currently 20 minutes) 🟒 Split siege over message into 5 different messages depending on who won and how 🟒 Added sound notification when sieged so you will be notified if afk 🟒 Added bossbar for time left when sieged, sieging or attending a siege 🟒 Added bossbar for loot time with time left when attending a looting 🟑 Edited siegeable blocks to the list shown below: - DEAD_BUSH - LEAVES_2 - ENDER_STONE - LONG_GRASS - THIN_GLASS - DIRT - GRASS - DOUBLE_PLANT - LEAVES - COBBLESTONE - GRAVEL - SAND - WOOD - WOOL - SNOW - GLASS - STAINED_GLASS - STAINED_GLASS_PANE - WOOD_DOUBLE_STEP - WOOD_STEP - NETHERRACK - GRASS_PATH - COBBLESTONE_STAIRS ⚠️ Added list of blocks that can ONLY be broken in the loot time (after the siege is won) - MELON_BLOCK - MELON_STEM - NETHER_WARTS - CARROT - POTATO - POISONOUS_POTATO - SUGAR_CANE - SUGAR_CANE_BLOCK - WHEAT - YELLOW_FLOWER - FLOWER_POT_ITEM - CACTUS - CROPS - PUMPKIN - PUMPKIN_STEM - JACK_O_LANTERN - BROWN_MUSHROOM - RED_MUSHROOM - HUGE_MUSHROOM_1 - HUGE_MUSHROOM_2 ℹ️ This update will be live today at 10:30
updated Survival 🟑 I forgot to put this down, but this morning I updated the plugin I use to do the protocol hacks for allowing newer clients to connect to older server software (1.12.2) they added 1.16 support but I'm sure Bungee server needs an update, untested.
updated Discord 🟑 @Markusi13 has moved the #🐸pmc_memes channel under Piratecraft stuff, and will now be for exclusive PMC-related memes as per suggestion from @Tujek puffi
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Temporarily Removed Custom mob plugin & Disguises plugin dependency to try and solve the reboots, Will be brought back later on.
updated Survival / Test / Creative / Bungee 🟑 Updated Permissions Plugin updated Survival 🟑 Updated Ships plugin 🟑 Updated Analytics plugin (Had infinite loop bug) 🟑 Updated Bungee server software 🟑 Updated OS/Reboot πŸ”΄ Fully removed the protocol hack to see if that is the cause of the reboots, trial and error sucks with JVM crashes as they cause so much trouble and useless logs. πŸ”ΈWhile there's no plugin to allow newer clients to connect to 1.12.2 server, only 1.12.2 clients will be able to connect, please keep an eye out to see if this fixes any other outstanding issues so we know its that specific plugin, I found out today that this is the reason that 1.13 clients trying to hover over items shown in chat do not show the lore of items shared in chat. πŸ”Έ This is trial and error, It will be temporary. If it is the cause I will talk with the developers about the crashes, please just be patient. ℹ️ As these have been JVM crashes, these could potentially cause data corruption in plugins, for example their configs could have been broken by these sudden deaths of the Java Virtual Machine, The only way I will know about these is if you report them in #🐛bugs-legacy so please also keep an eye out for these. ℹ️ If people are complaining they are able to get onto creative and not survival, they are using 1.13+, they need to downgrade to 1.12.2 and connect, please tell them this as they have not read the changelogs. I hate Java with a passion. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Gave @Moderator @Admin /viaver list for when were using the protocol hack to on survival to see what Minecraft version people are using. (edited)
updated Website 🟒 Added temp Warning to use 1.12.2 as people are joining and going directly to the creative, which I have littered with Signs to use 1.12.2 while we trial and error.
updated Website 🟒 Added link to guides navigation to my extensive "How to fix Minecraft lag" guide. πŸ”—
How to make Minecraft run faster There are different types of Minecraft lag, it can be Client lag where your computer cant keep up, it can be your Network connection to a Minecraft server or it could be the server itself struggling, Most times its your network connection to a ...
updated Survival 🟒 Added /distance for Boatswain+, to check distance between 2 points (the block you are pointing at)
updated Survival 🟒 Name changes will be broadcast When someone's logs in, a check will be made now if there has been a name change since they last logged in and broadcast it to the chat, this is to help with people frequently changing their names and not having any idea who people are. πŸ”Έ This could end up spammy, so may end up temporary depending on how often names are changed, lets call this feature pencilled in, we can run any command we want for the check if you have a #🔭archived-suggestions
updated Survival ℹ️ I think I figured out what was causing the JVM crashes/reboots, The Protocol hack plugin (ViaVersion) for 1.16 update wasn't compatible with ProtocolLib (Packet changer), but there was no indication it wouldn't work with it, so instead logs were throwing errors for the Disguise plugin used for custom mobs, which indicated that it was that causing issues, after todays trial and error removing ViaVersion the servers been stable for 6 and a half hours, so I'm calling that the problem and have contacted the developers. There may be a bunch of people stuck on Creative, anyone that joined with a client above 1.12.2 were being connected to Creative, I put up signs and was on all morning telling people but there will be people that were missed, if you see people stuck on creative and you please tell them to /server survival or click the NPC at spawn. ℹ️ For now, until ViaVersion can fix their JVM crashing for 1.16 clients, we can only allow up to 1.15.2 clients using their older build. 🟒 Re-added backdated Protocol hack to allow up to 1.15.2 clients to connect to the 1.12.2 server, 1.16 clients will have to wait until its no longer crashing the server! 🟒 Re-added Custom mob plugin, Disguise plugin for Skins & Getting the summer event back up and live! 🟑 Updated ProtocolLib, Packet changing dependency for a lot of plugins that was very outdated, see if this solves any outstanding oddities. sword Get yourself to /warp event for the PirateCraft Summer 2020 event! sword You can see all Items available at this event at /warp cove at the Summer 2020 NPC under the palm tree!
updated Test Server sword Testing Big /Crew update on /server test get involved! πŸ”Έ New GUI menu πŸ”Έ My suggestion was implemented for being able to create and assign ranks and set permissions as a crew leader, so you can create your own really unique crews setting permissions to manage the crews yourselves! πŸ”— map #🗄β”‚help_wanted_archive so it doesn't get lost in changelogs, feedback in #🏗test_server_1-12 (edited)
Help testing the new crew ranks update Get yourself onto /server test or and use the new /crew GUI! I want to know if your existing Crew based ranks copy over or if you have to start from scratch setting ranks for people, I assume they are set from scratch. I...
survival I still need a small Pirate desert island for Creative spawn! Edit: 80% already done via @.xeron. who is looking for @Builder to finish off what was already started! parrot In help Wanted: #🗄β”‚help_wanted_archive parrot Forum thread with example: (edited)
updated Creative 🟑 Moved /spawn to a new plot owned by @.xeron. Creative @Builder welcome to request access to update/add to it. πŸ”— 🟑 Updated ProtocoLib on Creative and it seems to have resolved the oddities with worldedit acting up and doing weird things! Give it a test please and feedback in #🏛creative_server ℹ️ Bonus: Moved to corner of map where there's loads of empty plots around it too! (edited)
Minecraft Dynamic Map
updated Survival 🟑 I always forget I can do this, Updated the MOTD in the server list to tell people there is an event!
updated Creative 🟒 Added Mirror Building for @Contributor Ranks on Creative! πŸ”Έ Use /mirror on /server creative to turn on/off! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Fixed SeaWolf Submarine not picking up Iron Blocks, working again thanks @Deleted User for the report. πŸ”΄ Removed Redstone devices from Dhows as they were being used to break bases. 🟒 Made a video about building Trains on PirateCraft: πŸ“Ή
updated Survival 🟑 @Bazurka Did some more work on Regex for the chat filters to prevent some more bypasses people have been using. πŸ”Έ Reminder you can send support tickets for abuse to these are not public and will not be shared public for reporting people, the mod team can aceess all tickets assigned to moderation. Maybe this would be helpful for @Helper ?
customer support platform
updated Survival 🟒 Added new AFK system from our Premium essentials plugin, as it has AFK machine detection & we can even disable mobs spawning near AFK players (In Farms) later on if we wish, currently not enabled. (Can even disable XP pickup when in AFK, not enabled) (Next reboot) 🟒 Added /afkcheck to check if someone is AFK (Next reboot) 🟒 @Helper @Moderator @Admin Will get their own AFK auto response message when they are AFK, they will also all not get kicked for being AFK. 🟑 /rules & /ships got updated thanks to @Deleted User πŸ”΄ Removed Vote Chest message in chat from being broadcast due to popular request that its used so much its considered spam. πŸ”΄ Removed /afk command due to it being used to spam chat. πŸ”Έ You will still automatically AFK after 15 mins inactivity, just no manual trigger now. πŸ”΄ Removed AFK messages being broadcast in chat due to being considered spam. updated Website πŸ”΄ Removed missive about using only 1.12.2 as were now allowing up to 1.15.2 clients to connect again. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Whitelisted some commands when PvP tagged for @Helper /m /duty /tempmute /jail /helpop /h (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Custom Mob plugin to latest & disguises plugin to latest. 🟑 Updated Votifier, the plugin that accepts incoming votes but doesn't handle prizes. After todays reboot, check that votes still work please! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Updated cannons shop at /warp cove πŸ”Έ I've tried to colour code the info to make it clearer which cannons & projectiles are unlocked at each rank. The NPC will be updated with the new projectiles soon.
updated Survival 🟒 Added a new 'burning projectile' (fire charge) for cannons as per popular demand from #🔭archived-suggestions πŸ”Έ Unlocked at sailor along with cannistershot and shrapnel. πŸ”Έ Can be used in all cannons & mortar types. πŸ”Έ Does not destroy blocks, but starts lots of fires in a 7x7 area. These fires will not spread or break the blocks they are on, and will automatically go out after a while. 🟑 Updated cannons shop at /warp cove to reflect the changes. alert2 Reminder that we are looking for new helpers & need help testing the new crew ranks update on /server test. Please check the latest posts in #🗄β”‚help_wanted_archive - all help is appreciated! ℹ️ If you applied for any staff positions over 2 months ago, feel free to apply again. We get a lot of applications so we tend to miss a few. We will only reply to applications that have been accepted, and we will usually do this within a few days. If you do not hear back from us, please don't nag us >.> (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 How is it that time again so fast, Renewed the SSL certificates for the Live map, Its back up! πŸ”—
Minecraft Pirate map. View PirateCraft players live position, chat and health. Talk to players in-game right from the browser.
updated Survival 🟑 Updated brew board with 2 new brews. Good luck!
updated Survival 🟑 Yesterday I backdated the custom mobs plugin to get the summer event working, we tried to get the latest version running but it wouldn't have it! Get yourself down to warp event!
updated Survival πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Happy 4th July America! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Added Coupon code freedom for 20% off /donate πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Added /kit freedom for some Trumy Boi Fireworks πŸ”—
updated Survival 🟒 Brand new painting from @NicoSemsrott you can see at /warp cove πŸ’° Currently for sale today only at /warp cove for £3500 in-game, once bought these maps can be copied and re-distributed! ℹ️ Currently I cant sell these at the NPC permanently as the splatter maps break when the server reboots with the admin shop plugin (Not the maps themselves), I reported this months ago to the developer, hopefully they fix it soon! Go check it out at the Gallery at cove! (edited)
updated Wiki / Website 🟑 Promoted @Deleted User again to admin for the Wiki πŸ”— ℹ️ You can see recent updated pages by using
updated Survival 🟒 S21 Created at /shop1 built by @atalantaa and was reserved for @atalantaa as she did a swap for this shop and owned it before it was torn down to be re-built and updated as it was legacy on the old system! Very awesome design with this shop! It fits in perfectly with the existing terrain @atalantaa and help from friend's @claymaester @WaterPool πŸ† Ready to move in! (edited)
updated Survival pirate New /hat for @Contributor via the Premium Essentials plugin, this allows many many more items to be used as hats, as we can see from @creatingwithkass and @solembus demoing Boots and Pick above their heads! Have a play see whats possible with the new /hat and post fun ones to #📷β”‚media pirate
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Premium essentials plugin 🟑 Updated Admin NPC shop plugin
updated Creative 🟒 Gave everyone Clear inventory on Creative Via @lye in #🔭archived-suggestions #Clear inventory * /ci * /eclean * /clean #Clear inventory toggle /clearinventoryconfirmtoggle, /eclearinventoryconfirmtoggle, /clearinventoryconfirmoff, /eclearinventoryconfirmoff, /clearconfirmoff, /eclearconfirmoff, /clearconfirmon, /eclearconfirmon, /clearconfirm, /eclearconfirm
updated Summer Event 🟒 Added new mobs to Summer Event lineup πŸ”Έ Baby Morphling πŸ”Έ Sludge family (Angry, Mid, Sludge) πŸ”Έ Morphling (Boss) 🟒 Added new weapon. Morph Shard(Boss Only) πŸ”Έ All new mobs use Summer Event loot tables πŸ”Έ Slight increase to Boss drops πŸ”Έ Slight increase to Mob drops πŸ”Έ Slight increase to Event drops πŸ”Έ Changes to various event items. Increase in effects. πŸ”Έ Luck. Effects Event drops. Increased by 1. Current Max(3)
updated Survival 🟑 Increased maximum range of all cannons by roughly 20%
updated Summer Event 🟒 Mob changes and additions πŸ”Έ Re-work of Sludge family. Skills, Stats, Size πŸ”Έ New Sludge Mobs. Sludgie, Sludge, King Sludge πŸ”Έ Various balances to Event mobs. Stats, Skills, Damage
updated Discord Tidied up the online list on the right of discord 🟑 Moved the Verify bot out of the Discord bots Role and put it in its own @Verify In-game role, and pinned that to the top so its much easier to find, matched the Yellow color to Verified members color. 🟑 @Deleted User Made the @PirateCraft bot only show for the Information channels, as these are the only channels someone can see if they are not verified, so the bot should not show on any of the other channels, so if you are verified that'll save one more space on the online menu on the right. 🟑 This means @Helper is "higher than bots" Via the #🔭archived-suggestions from @darkx_. this is what triggered me to re-organise the entire side-menu, because of this suggestion! So implemented by updating the entire online list. πŸ”΄ Removed other bots showing on the online menu, pointless waste of space. πŸ”΄ Removed myself being separate as Owner and plopped myself with admins, just a waste of space when I barley show myself as online. (edited)
updated Survival / Discord Fixing outstanding issues with @Deleted User for the Discord plugin not Syncing people to the discord. 🟒 You can now re-link your discord yourself by generating a new code in-game! 🟒 Added @Moderator to sync roles so new moderators will get the role on discord auto. 🟒 Banned players on the Minecraft server will auto be banned on Discord now. 🟒 New! Anyone with the quartermaster rank will be granted the @deleted-role role on discord, since quartermaster can only be achieved by legit gameplay (Minus those that have glitched stats, I still need to sort you out! πŸ‘Š ) πŸ”ΈThis means I can have a decent private chat channel I can get feedback from for targated audience that knows the server and history and not generic plebs that destroy my sanity when were looking for feedback or ideas for big controversial issues. This means I can ping ideas/changes off @deleted-role players directly after we talk them out in staff first for community feedback. πŸ”ΈSee this rank as a "Community leader", Do not bribe/nag these people, I will always still talk out ideas in #🔭suggestions_chat but after they have been verified first. 🟑 Fixed ranks being synced again from Minecraft to Discord πŸ”Έ This will now use username instead of display name which would be changed if someone had a nickname, I might change it back to nickname if I did this for a reason last time. 🟑 Fixed avatars working again, not sure how this broke. πŸ”΄ Removed money prize for linking your discord as everyone can re-link their discord themselves now!
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Discord plugin 🟑 Updated Anti-Cheat 🟑 Updated the Big Animated doors plugin
updated Survival / Discord 🟒 Re-added Protocol hack for 1.16 clients to connect to the 1.12.2 server to trial it with a newer version of ProtocolLib to see if it doesn't crash the server, sadly this is trial and error, cross your fingers it just needed a ProtocolLib update. 🟒 Added the #💎consultant_council channel for Veteran discussion, as all contributors just found out when they all inherited Veteran rank haha! Whoops! πŸ”΄ Removed the quartermaster auto being set to "veteran" role on discord, as it was just putting in all contributors as they inherited it! This means the veteran role will have to be set manually for the veteran channel, any staff will be able to do this after checking your ranks. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Created new category of shop, "popup" which is in between shop & stall, All of the S50-S57 shops at /shop8 will be popups. πŸ”Έ Rent 5 days at a time πŸ”Έ 1 Extend only, so max rent of 10 days at a time. πŸ”Έ Max rent time is 3 weeks, then it will un-rent. πŸ”Έ 25% money back on un-renting early. πŸ”Έ Automatically un-rents if a player is inactive 14 days. πŸ”Έ Same price algorithm for other shops, based on size. 🟒 Created new shop s50 in the new /shop8 marketplace. Rented to @reef as I ... πŸ”΄ Removed S85 as it was not near any market and just random. ℹ️ @reef you are ready to move into S50 at /shop8 ℹ️ All other shops once created will go up on #🎉β”‚giveaway-events like before. ℹ️ If this popup works, I will replace all the stalls at /shop7 with the popup group, as at present there all empty crappy stalls with 1 sign on.
updated Survival 🟒 /warp shop8 or /shop8 is now been entirely rebuilt by @BGraph Looking amazing! 🟒 Created 8 New rentable shops at the new /warp shop8 all the new popup shop, see directly above this post for popup shop features! Get a shop by entering the discord competition #2 πŸŽ‰ For fairer competition for the first people that rent these, I am doing a #🎉β”‚giveaway-events where I will pay the first payment for you to the winners! All you have to do is react with a πŸŽ‰ in the #🎉β”‚giveaway-events channel on the giveaway! I thought a screenshot would not do it justice, so I made a small video
updated Survival 🟑 Slight tweaks to the anti-cheat checks for KillAura, reach, big change to FastUse, Minor change to FastHeal. re-enabled noswing check. Mostly more lenient changes.
updated Survival 🟑 Updated the premium essentials plugin 🟑 Updated the big animated doors plugin (It broke on boot ☹️ ) (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 /shop8 is now live! Shops have been given from #🎉β”‚giveaway-events you are ready to move in! πŸ”Έ 2 pirates that won already have shops @iwanidev who got a better shop, and @Palmerto no idea, so I have created a 6 hour second giveaway for the 2 last shops in #🎉β”‚giveaway-events survival The rest of you congrats! you can now move into the new "popup" shops! First to test them! S51 1st @pnaft S52 2nd @ScriptX S53 3rd @Creeprr S54 4th @cottagesimcoe πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ s55 5th @mikeal145
updated Survival 🟑 Backdated the auto-afk system, I re-added it adding in AFK into the tablist to show who's afk, im sure there was a reason I removed that, maybe AFK people were targeted to be killed? But I've still kept /afk denied for people to stop the spam, but it will automatically put people in afk after 5 mins and kick after 15 mins of inactivity.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Removed /kit freedom from 4th July
updated Survival 🟒 /shop8 is now live for you all! you can now move into the new "popup" shops! First to test them! s56 6th @ExperienceMoore s57 7th @Janick_
updated Survival 🟑 Updated the big animated doors, they are now working again. 🟑 Updated Ship plugin thanks @eirikh1996 pirateship
updated Survival 🟑 Updated ships plugin again, as there was another version released! πŸ”΄ Removed big animated doors plugin as we were having JVM crashes and it seems to be the cause, sigh.
updated Survival 🟑 Via #🔭archived-suggestions by @Fabul0usGandalf I updated all vote URLS to point directly to the vote page, to save you a click on each one! ℹ️ May require emptying cache/DNS Flush to update as it'll be cached, if it works in a private window then its your local cache πŸ”Έ Updated πŸ”Έ Updated πŸ”Έ Updated πŸ”Έ Updated πŸ”Έ Updated πŸ”Έ Updated πŸ”Έ Updated πŸ”Έ Updated ℹ️ As I made a redirect at URL level, Update once and they will update everywhere, in-game, docs, website sidebar and website vote page πŸ‘ Forward thinking! (edited)
updated Creative πŸ”΄ Removed /v from vanish on Creative, to give it back to VoxelSniper πŸ‘
updated Discord / Reddit 🟒 Reddit posts on the Piratecraft subreddit will be auto posted to #🤖subreddit now!
updated Survival 🟒 Re-added big animated doors again. 🟑 Updated premium suite of essentials plugin πŸ”΄ Removed [jukebox] sign as it was creating lag.
updated Survival/Creative/Test 🟑 Updated bungee server πŸ”΄ Disabled premium Essentials plugin bungee support, on Survival/test/Creative I was only using it for Cross-server portals, as a hunch of mine from recent #🐛bugs_chat-legacy πŸ”Έ maybe require another reboot to take effect to disable them fully. (edited)
updated Survival I'm having to play this silly game of trial and error with these impossible to diagnose crashes as I am not being given any logs for issues, these are my only straws left to test as these are the only plugins that have updated before the crashes. If it continues then I will have to trial again without the Event mobs, then if that fails I will run a ramtest. πŸ”΄ Removed the big animated doors (TEMPORARILY) πŸ”΄ Removed Ships (TEMPORARILY) 🟑 Full system update & reboot. (edited)
updated Creative ℹ️ I just noticed the Creative has also been getting JVM crashes, not as many as Survival and not as often but still happening which is scary as this uses a lot of older versions of plugins, meaning it may be something more than survival. 🟑 Updated to latest Ships plugin πŸ”Έ Updated ship craft files to reflect the same as the Survival 🟑 Updated the big animated doors plugin to latest 🟑 Updated premium essential's suite 🟑 Updated to the latest Protocol hack for 1.16 clients to use Creative
updated Creative 🟒 Creative blocked people being teleported into worlds they don't have permission to enter. 🟒 Added world protection for Hubflat to @Builder and above only.

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