Crews give you the ability to work together in a team, they offer groups of players an array of benefits for working together. You can get to the main menu and help in-game by using /crew

  1. Create a crew
  2. Crew Types
  3. Crew Chat
  4. Crew Alliances and Rivalries
  5. Kill / Death Ratio (KDR)
  6. Crew Tags
  7. Crew Home
  8. Crew Bulletin Board
  9. Custom crew ranks
  10. Inviting, kicking, trusting and promoting members
  11. Crew list, crew members and pirate leaderboard
  12. Crew Stats
  13. Crew Vitals and Crew Coordinates
  14. Crew Profiles and Player Lookup
  15. Pirate Kill List
  16. Leaving a crew or disbanding a crew
  17. Crew Commands
  18. Crew Permissions
  19. Crew Score
  20. Crew Wiki


Create a crew

You can start a crew by using /crew create TAG Full Name Of Crew (example: /crew create PC PirateCraft Crew) this costs £20, a crew requires both a name and a tag. The tag will be used as the unique identifier for you crew, will be used in crew commands, and will represent your crew on lists and scores. A crew tag usually is an abbreviation of a crew name, Crew tags have to be between 2-5 characters that have not been used before.

Crew Types

There are two types of crews, verified and unverified. Unverified crews have a restricted command list, Verified crews are unrestricted. When you first create a crew it will be unverified, These crews have a reduced feature set, no coordinates, vitals, stats, etc, they will not show up on any crew listings, and are automatically deleted if none of its members log in for 90 days (to be greatly reduced in the near future). The purpose of unverified crews is to allow for teams to quickly team up without polluting PirateCraft with one off abandoned crews. This separates from verified crews that are active, verified have an inactivity timer of 365 days (To be greatly reduced at a later date). to verify your crew use /crew verify, this costs £250 in-game and requires you to have the rank Sailor or above.

Crew Chat

Crews have their own private chat you can talk in using /c [msg], you can also talk with your allied crews using /a [msg]. See below for how to create alliances.

Crew Alliances and Rivalries

Any crew leader can send an request to start an alliance with any other crew with /crew ally add. If the request is accepted by a leader of the second crew, the alliance is formed. The alliance can be broken by any leader of either crew at any time with /crew ally remove, no one needs to accept the removal of an alliance.

Crew rivalries can be started by any crew at any time, no request is needed, rivalries are automatically formed once a crew leader decides he wants one by using /crew rival add. If someone has pissed you off and you want them as rivals, their permission is not needed. To break a crew rivalry on the other hand, you need the acceptance of the other crew, you must use /crew rival remove to send the other crew a request, once one of their leaders accept the rivalry is broken.

You can view a list of all crews and their allies with the /crew alliances command, or their rivals with the /crew rivalries command.

Kill / Death Ratio (KDR)

Once a pirate is part of a verified crew, all their kills and deaths will be recorded. All kills are not equal, Killing a member of a rival crew, neutral crew and a civilian not attached to a crew carry different weights; Rival: 1.5, Neutral: 1, Civilian: 0.5.

Each pirate has a Kill/Death Ratio attributed to them based on their kills and your deaths (weighted kills divided by deaths). This is the metric that shows a pirates PVP level.

For example, If your weighted kills are 1000 points but you died twice as much, 2000 times, then your KDR will be low (.5), far lower than a pirate who killed 20 pirates but died only 1 time (KDR of 20). This metric determines PVP skill. The higher the KDR the more worth you are to your crew.

Top PVPers are shown on /crew leaderboard KDR is also shown on your /crew stats page.

Crew Tags

Crew tags have the ability to use color in their tag, This is a Captain donator perk that allows the crew tag to be modified at any time, only the capitalization and color can be changed in the tag. As an example, Lets create a new crew called “Knights of the Cove” with a red and blue tag  “KotC” to do this I would check /info colors to view color codes in game, or use This online color chart and use the following /crew create command:

/crew create &4K&1o&4t&1C Knights of the Cove

Its possible to modify the tag’s colors and capitalization at any point. Lets make this tag less tacky by changing it all to uppercase and just red “KOTC“. To do this we use the /crew modtag command:

/crew modtag &4KOTC 

Crew home

Verified crews can set a home-base for their crew locations with /crew home set, This costs £500 each time a /crew home set is issued by a leader, this may be changed in the future to only allow the home to be set once to avoid complications with abuse if it arises.

After the home is set, any crew member can /crew home to teleport to the crew location, this costs £15 to use the crew home (The same price as the NESW server warps), there is a 10 second warmup to use a crew home.

Crew Bulletin Board

The activity of a crew logs the last few events and are displayed to each crew member when they log in to give them a quick overview of whats happened. The builtin board can be pulled up at any time using /crew bb view. Trusted members can add messages to the bulletin board using the /crew bb add [msg] command. Messages added to the bulletin board are also announced to any members that are currently online. Each individual pirate can toggle the display of the bulletin board on join with /crew toggle bb. The bulletin board can be cleared with /crew bb clear.

Crew Ranks

You can create custom ranks for people in your crew, this allows forms of role play, or organizational rules specific to your crew. Setting a custom rank for someone in your crew is as simple as /crew rank assign [username] [rankname] .

Inviting, kicking, trusting and promoting members

Founders of crews will become the first leader, they can invite other pirates to join their crew with /crew invite. These members are first added with the untrusted status. These members will not be able to view crew vitals, coordinates, or stats. This is to prevent players form joining crews just to spy on other crews by writing down coordinates of bases or viewing vitals during battles. Once a player has gained the crews trust they can be upgraded to trusted status with /crew trust. A player can be untrusted from a crew with /crew untrust [player].

A player can be kicked from a crew by a leader with /crew kick [player]

You can have multiple leaders for your crew, Pirates can be promoted using the /crew promote. To promote a leader all other leaders must be online and must accept the vote. A leader cannot be promoted unilaterally without the consent of all other leaders. Demotion using the /crew demote command works the same way.

Crew List, Crew Members and Pirate Leaderboard

List all verified crews using /crew list, the list is ordered by KDR, so you can see the most aggressive crews, this will give you an insight in how they play on PirateCraft.

To view your crew members use /crew roster, this shows the members of you crew and their associated ranks and last seen. you can also view members of other crews using /crew roster [tag].

The /crew leaderboard shows pirates from all crews KDR, this is a ranked leaderboard can show you who the top fighters are.

Crew Stats

Look at your crew killing statistics with /crew stats, this shows you all of your crew members KDR, raw kills, and death stats. Leaders show on the top and members on the bottom. both are sorted by KDR.

Crew Vitals and Crew Coordinates

The /crew vitals command shows you the vitals of all online pirates of your crew. Here you can see their health, armor and weapons they are carrying as well as the material for the weapons, Vitals also shows health and food bars for each member.

Help find out where your crew members are with /crew coords. This is exceptionally handy with the distance indicator and coordinates of all online pirates of you crew, sorted by distance.

Crew profiles and Player lookup

You can look up the profile of any crew with /crew profile [tag] using just /crew profile will show you your crew profile. It shows you the crew leaders, how many members are currently online, the KDR, the sum of all kills and deaths of all members of the crew, allies, rivalries, the date founded, and how many days it has been inactive for.

You can view a pirates profile by looking up specific players, use /crew lookup [player] to find out their KDR, kills, deaths, what crew they belong to, date they joined the crew, status in a crew, when they were last seen online, a list of all past crews they have been part of, and how many days he has been inactive for. You can view this information for yourself by using /crew lookup.

Pirate Kill List

The pirate kill list, shows you the list of the latest victims from a pirate /crew kills [player], here kills are ordered by who is being dominated the most by this pirate, their death count for the victims is listed here.

Leaving a crew or disbanding a crew

You can leave a crew with /crew resign, or you can completely remove your crew with /crew disband.

Crew commands

  • /crew rank permissions remove – Removes a permission from a rank.
  • /crew rival remove – Removes a rival.
  • /crew create – Creates a crew.
  • /crew bank withdraw – Withdraws an amount from your crews bank.
  • /deny – Denies a request.
  • /crew bank deposit – Deposits an amount of your money into your crews bank.
  • /crew profile – Shows your crew’s profile.
  • /crew profile [tag] – Shows another crew’s profile.
  • /crew rank unassign – Unassigns a member from a rank.
  • /crew bank status – Checks your crews bank balance.
  • /crew list [type] [order] – Lists all crews.
  • /crew rank create – Creates a rank.
  • /crew ally remove – Removes an ally.
  • /accept – Accepts a request.
  • /crew leaderboard – Shows the leaderboard.
  • /crew home clear – Clears your crew’s home.
  • /crew resign – Resigns from your crew.
  • /crew vitals – Shows your crew’s and allies vitals.
  • /crew trust – Trusts a member.
  • /crew bb – Displays your crew’s bulletin board.
  • /crew kills [player] – Shows your or another player’s kill count.
  • /crew rank delete – Deletes a rank.
  • /crew war end – Ends a war.
  • /crew toggle deposit – Toggles whether deposits are allowed on your
  • /crew rank permissions add – Adds a permission to a rank.
  • /crew description – Sets your crew’s description.
  • /crew home set – Sets your crew’s home.
  • /crew promote – Promotes a member to leader.
  • /crew roster [tag] – Lists another crew’s members.
  • /crew roster – Lists your crew’s members.
  • /crew bank withdraw all – Withdraws all from your crews bank.
  • /crew rank list – Lists your crew’s ranks.
  • /crew untrust – Untrusts a member.
  • /crew verify – Verifies your crew.
  • /crew alliances – Lists all crews alliances.
  • /crew disband – Disbands your crew.
  • /crew coords – Shows the coordinates of your crew’s members.
  • /crew rank permissions [rank] – Lists a rank’s permissions.
  • /crew rank permissions – Lists the available rank permissions.
  • /crew lookup – Looks up your info.
  • /crew lookup [player] – Looks up a player’s info.
  • /more – Shows more information.
  • /crew war start – Starts a war.
  • /crew toggle withdraw – Toggles whether withdraws are allowed on your crew.
  • /crew rank assign – Assigns a rank to a member.
  • /crew bb add – Posts a message to your crew’s bulletin board.
  • /crew home – Teleports to your crew’s home.
  • /crew help [page or keywords] – Shows help.
  • /crew demote – Demotes a leader.
  • /crew kick – Kicks a member from your crew.
  • /crew rival add – Adds a rival.
  • /crew invite – Invites a player to your crew.
  • /crew bb clear – Clears your crew’s bulletin board. 

Crew Permissions

You can assign specific permissions per rank to do different actions inside your crew. Ranks with permissions allow leaders to have finer control of who can do what, so you can build your empire the way you want to, with your own permissions.

Available permissions for ranks: ally.add, ally.remove,, bank.balance, bank.deposit, bank.withdraw, bb.add, bb.clear, coords, fee.enable, fee.set, home.regroup, home.set,, invite, kick, modtag, rank.displayname, rank.list, rival.add, rival.remove, war.end, war.start, vitals, stats, kills, mostkilled, description.

Crew Score

Crew Score is an algorithm that creates crew scores to get an overview statistic of a crew, scores will increase as your crew gains more claims, money, members, allies, KDR, and becomes more active, inactive crews will reduce the score. Use /crewscore to see your own crew score or /crewtop to see the crew score leaderboard.

Wiki & List of Crews

If you wish to make amendments to this page, please do so on the Wiki, the Wiki allows for crews to list their wiki page.

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