Survival November Changelogs 2020 – New Crew & Map Features 🏴‍☠️

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  • Allowed 1.16.4 Clients, includes an assortment of fixes for protocol hack update.
  • Brewing fixed the really obscure bug I found where pistons will not work in the same chunk as a barrel!
  • Updated /wild message in chat once used to tell the user they can use it again! Suggestion by @ProWil.
  • Enabled Enderpearls at /warp event Halloween2020 Event due to how much of the map is designed as parkour can get tedious. Suggestion by @Nationalistic.
  • Re-enabled Grappling hook pulling yourself server-wide, but not pulling others
    • Disabled pulling others with grappling hooks server wide for /warp event to prevent pulling mobs/people into the lava as its a PvP free zone. The plugin does not respect Multi world permissions, so its global.
  • Added 5s warmup to /as tp for shop owners, So this matches all existing teleporting.
    • Apart from Captains! You gained a bypass permission to keep your instant TP to your shop!
  • Updated /doors plugin.
    • Admins gained the ability to /listplayerdoors to list a players doors.
  • Added Permission to Sailor+ to set the colour of your Crew Ranks you create, remember you must create the Crew Rank first and then set its Display name with the color! Reported from the bug tracker.
  • Created NPC at /warp cove to showcase all the items @CallieMav has created for the Halloween 2020 event!
You will not believe the sheer amount of items available to collect!
  • Removed 10s teleport immunity. Changed it to 1s. This seems to have been added by the premium suite of Essentials at some point in an update and was defaulted to 10s! Now its 1s, to give at least 1s to load chunks on teleport.
    • Re-added Death immunity only at 10 seconds (It takes 5 seconds before the respawn screen disappears, but others can see you before you can see them!)
    • This is for any death, not just PVP Death
Video Demo of time (And the blank long death respawn screen).
  • Crew leaders can now toggle /crew bank Withdrawing/Depositing
    • Toggle Withdraw: Crew leaders /crew Click your crew, Hover over Gold Ingot Bank and you can Middle click to Toggle withdrawing from the crew bank (Withdraw permission is set at Sailor+).
    • Toggle Depositing: Crew leaders /crew Click your crew, Hover over Gold Ingot Bank and you can Right click to Toggle depositing from the crew bank (Withdraw permission is set at Sailor+).
    • Thanks to @_Augustus_Caesar for testing this with me.
  • Updated Crews plugin.
    • Should fix only being able to post 1 word bb messages.
    • Should fix mute crew chat command.
    • Adds confirmation messages for accepting/denying invitations.
  • Added CrewHomes & Kills to live map.
    • Added plugin to show crew homes & crew kills on live map.
      • When a crew kill another crew member a gravestone will be shown on the live map for 5 mins showing the crew tag the person that died and the person that killed them!
      • Deaths and crew homes defaulted as off, you have to toggle them on from the layers menu
    • Crew leaders can pick a crew home icon from a list of crew icons I have created (They are all Pirate hats with different coloured feathers) use /crewmap listicons
      • Crew sizes are shown when clicking crew homes on the livemap.
    • This plugin makes it possible to hide people from the map when crews are in war, I have disabled this for now.
    • Added Sailor+ Crew leaders can /crewmap listicons.
      • Added Sailor+ Crew leaders can /crewmap seticon.
  • Updated Crew languages file.
    • Spent a lot of time updating the languages file (all the messages that the crew plugin displays) for the entire /crew plugin to give better feedback/messages for the new GUI update, our old languages file was missing a lot of key feedback for toggles as it was custom. This may make some things look different that I customised in the past, there are 786 messages in Crews so I’m bound to have missed something custom.
  • Removed NPC Crates plugin as we don’t set crates to NPC’s.
  • Fixed the chat formatting working, from the recent website update (/motd is dynamically created based on website content, from a custom plugin I made).
  • Created new NPC for universal server trades Tradesman who is now at /warp meet.
    • This was the Keymaster NPC that was on the /warp cove ship, and still has the key trades on a second page in the NPC.
    • All future and existing trades with the server will all happen with this NPC.
      • Added Halloween 2020 Infused Item trades onto the Tradesman NPC.
  • Crew Leaders can now set banners for your crew! Hold a banner and do /crew setbanner.
    • You can see all crew banners by running /crew and clicking on List, this will show all crews with their banners they have set!
    • You will need to be a Crew Leader + Sailor to set Crew banners.
  • Disabled Halloween Event:
    • Removed Mob Spawns. Thanks @CallieMav.
    • Removed Halloween world.
    • Removed CoffinCrate Keys from Web store.
    • Removed CoffinCrate Keys from dropping every 30 minutes.
    • Removed Halloween 2020 CoffinCrate from warp cove.
    • Moved the Halloween Item NPC to the Cove Museum.
    • Moved the /warp event warp to the Cove Museum.
    • Moved the Halloween Hologram to the Cove Museum.
    • Updated the server listing MOTD & Server Icon to be generic Pirate again!
  • For Admins and Build Leaders, I have changed & created some new alias shortcuts for adding/removing Builders.
    • /addtempbuildercreative Adds as craftsman to creative for 1 week, this stacks, so run it multiple times to add time.
    • /removetempbuildercreative Removes temporary role as craftsman from creative.
    • /addbuilder Adds as craftsman permanently on all servers.
    • /removebuilder Removes as craftsman permanently on all servers.
    • /addtempbuilder Adds as temporary craftsman on all servers for 1 week, this stacks, so run it multiple times to add time.
    • /removetempbuilder Removes temporary role as craftsman on all servers.
  • Survival Permissions Update:
    • Created new rank Portmaster Made for @Lego as PirateCraft’s now official Community Manager.
      • The chief official in charge of a port; = “harbour-master”.
    • Moderators (Commodore) now inherits Build Leader (Housewright) so they can Add/remove Builders.
    • Build Leader (Housewright) gained the badge colour Grey.
    • Media (Sea Artist) Just got their rank colour updated to Aqua the same as Housewright and now has an orange badge.
    • Community Manager (Portmaster) gained a pink badge.
    • Developer (Shipwright) gained the badge colour of Dark Red
    • This Permissions update is the groundwork for a uniform baseline for all servers, so I don’t have to manage each servers permissions individually
    • Moderators gained /checkcommand – search our premium essential suite plugin for commands based on key words.
    • Moderators also gained /checkperm – checks our premium essential suite plugin for permission required for command.
  • Updated /ranks in game to reflect all the new Changes to staff colours & badge colours. Thanks @Lego!

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Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego

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