PirateCraft Rules

Rules can change at any time, up-to date rules can be found at any time in-game using /rules.

You are responsible for all activity on your account and from your IP. The use of alternate accounts is forbidden.

General Rules:

  1. Be polite & respectful to players AND staff
    1. We DO NOT tolerate poor attitude or disruptive behaviour.
  2. No trolling, harassing, bullying, etc
    1. Do not troll players (copy names etc.).
    2. Do not attack a player repeatedly without a valid reason.
    3. Griefing is allowed, but in small quantities.
  3. Staff decisions are final
    1. Do not contest or harass staff members over punishments.
    2. Lost goods will not be replenished, do not beg or ask staff.
  4. Do not game stats, bounties, or abuse game mechanics.
    1. Do not let yourself be killed by allies or crew members to claim bounties.
    2. Do not abuse mechanics to duplicate anything – this counts as cheating.
    3. Do not abuse [sell] signs to empty a player’s balance.
    4. Donators: Do not /back after pvp-related death (including end crystal bombing).
  5. Do not sell in-game items for IRL money.
  6. Use common sense.
    1. These rules aren’t exhaustive; if something doesn’t appear in these rules but seems like its illegal then it probably is!
    2. If in doubt ask a staff member, not another player.

Chat Rules:

  1. Keep everything displayed in chat PG.
    1. This includes crew names, weapon names, usernames. 
  2. Keep chat readable and non-toxic.
    1. English in global please.
    2. Do not spam chat and write in full sentences.
    3. Do not bypass or abuse chat filter.
  3. Do not share private information of other players.
  4. No advertising at all (website, servers, etc.)

Building & Claiming Rules:

  1. Only claim land intended for use.
    1. Try to move away from eyesight of spawn, warps, and other players before claiming & building.
    2. Claiming land can’t be used as a tool or weapon against someone else.
    3. Do not claim land to siege or block a player.
    4. Do not set a home for intentions of raiding or killing another player. Only set home’s you intend to use for a home.
  2. Do not manipulate contents of claims though use of ships/gates.
    1. This includes stealing chests or parts of buildings, or opening iron doors through use of ships.
    2. Stealing unlocked ships is allowed.
  3. No offensive structures.
    1. This includes phallic structures, symbols, and signs.
  4. No building outside of worlds (Not on top of nether).
    1. You are strictly prohibited from building on top or underneath worlds.
  5. Strictly no AFK pools or farms.
    1. This includes auto-fishing farms and enderpearl machines.
    2. Please ask staff if in doubt.

Glitching, Texturepack & Client Rules:

  1. Do not hack, cheat, or use glitches.
    1. If you find an exploitable glitch, contact a staff member.
    2. Items lost to glitches will not be replaced.
  2. Do not use any Minecraft client mods (we allow Optifine)
    1. This includes X-ray, schematica, replay mod, pvp mods, etc.
    2. X-ray texturepacks are strictly forbidden.
    3. Hacked/modded clients such as Baritone are strictly forbidden.
  3. Texturepacks should be limited to only aesthetic changes.
    1. Texturepacks that give you any sort of  advantage in pvp are forbidden.
    2. X-ray texturepacks are strictly forbidden.

Warp & Shop Rules:

  1. Killing AFK people at warps is allowed – be careful!
    1. Try to AFK in safe areas away from warps.
    2. Goods lost will not be replenished.
  2. /warp shop rules:
    1. Traps, villager breeders, mob farms, and beacons are not allowed.
    2. Renting shops in order to sell them for profit is not allowed.
    3. Creating fake [rent] signs is not allowed.
    4. Creating flashing lights and noteblock songs or other devices that cause lag are not allowed.
    5. Shop eviction can happen if you are inactive and only log on to re-rent your shop


Punishments can be singular or a mix of the following: Kick, Jail, Warning, Temp Mute, Permanent Mute, Temp Ban, Permanent Ban, Stats & Rank reset.

By breaking the rules and being banned, you forfeit your right to keep your belongings and these may be removed.

Bans and tempbans can be appealed on the forums. Other forms of punishment cannot be appealed and will be denied.

Punishment Checker

Check any players history of warnings, bans, mutes and kicks from punishment checker.


If you wish to make some amendments to this page, please do so on the Wiki.

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