PirateCraft Rules

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The PirateCraft rules are based around common sense and fairness, this page outlines the most common rules Interpretation and enforcement is down to the discretion of the PirateCraft Staff Team.

This page is not intended to be a full and final list of every existing rule and possible case. The staff team reserves the right to judge each case individually and punish or forgive at their discretion. These rules apply to all areas including Discord (where applicable).

Rules can change at any time, rules are also available in-game at /rules.

You are responsible for all activity on your account and from your IP. The use of alternate accounts is forbidden.

If you are in doubt if something is allowed, ask a Staff member as a private support ticket, Discord or Forums. This allows us to correct any mistaken answers from players.

Use your common sense, if something seems like it shouldn’t be allowed it most likely isn’t!

If you have an issue with a player you can report them privately to staff by creating a support ticket.

General Rules

  1. Be polite & respectful to players AND staff
    1. We DO NOT tolerate poor attitude or disruptive behaviour.
  2. No Instigating, trolling, harassing, stalking, bullying
    1. Do not copy usernames of players
    2. Do not attack/pester a players or staff repeatedly
    3. Do not disparage or agitate players or staff
    4. Do not threaten players or staff
  3. Staff decisions are final
    1. Do not contest or harass staff members over punishments.
    2. Lost goods will not be replenished, do not beg or ask staff for replacements
    3. Do not attempt to bypass a punishment by private messaging another staff member
  4. Do not game stats, bounties, or abuse game mechanics.
    1. Do not let yourself be killed by allies or crew members to claim bounties.
    2. Do not abuse game or plugin mechanics for uses they were not intended.
    3. Do not duplicate anything, if you find a dupe exploit create a ticket, we will reward you for reporting!
    4. Do not abuse shop signs to steal a player’s balance.
    5. Contributors: Do not /back after pvp-related deaths/suicides (including end crystal bombing).
  5. Do not sell in-game items or money for real-life money or trades.
  6. Do not impersonate staff
  7. Do not report or message staff with false accusations
    1. Do not abuse the reporting system or communication with staff to settle a spat with another player.
  8. Do not use Alternate Accounts
    1. Do not avoid Punishments with Alts.
    2. Do not use Alts to own multiple shops
    3. Do not use Alts to spy on enemy crews, steal items, gain access, or perform actions you would not be able to on your main account.
    4. Do not flood the server with lots of bots
    5. If you play on the same internet connection as friends or family, please feel free to pre-warn staff in a support ticket so you are not flagged as using alts.
  9. Use common sense.
    1. These rules aren’t exhaustive; if something doesn’t appear in these rules but seems like its illegal then it probably is!
  10. Do not create machines that cause lag to the server or peoples clients, Do not exploit plugins to cause TPS drops.
    1. Anything that causes significant TPS or FPS lag such as large redstone contraptions may be removed by staff.
    2. Excessive gigantic farms that create TPS drops may be removed by staff.

Chat Rules

  1. Keep everything displayed in chat PG-13 at all times.
    1. This includes but not limited to; Crew chat, private messages, crew names, weapon names, usernames.
    2. No swearing, this includes the use of abbreviations that contain swearing
    3. No racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-religion or otherwise offensive content – we have zero-tolerance for hate speech
    4. No overly political or religious topics
    5. No spamming
    6. No arguing
    7. No unnecessary use of uppercase
    8. No trolling or any form of intentionally misleading other players
  2. Keep chat readable and non-toxic.
    1. English in global, please. Our team cannot moderate multiple languages.
    2. Write in full sentences & Do not spam chat with the same message over and over
    3. Do not bypass or abuse the chat filter.
    4. Do not slander players or the PirateCraft Team.
  3. Do not cause drama in public chats. Divert your complaints to either support or the forums.
    1. Anyone participating but not limited to word-sniping, bickering, pettiness, will be muted/kicked on the spot. Insistence on participation in drama will result in a ban.
  4. Do not share private information with other players.
    1. Do not dox players.
  5. No advertising at all (that includes other servers)
    1. An exception to this is self-promoting Twitch or YouTube channels when they create PirateCraft content
      Self-promotion is limited to once every 30 minutes. Please do not spam advertise.

Building & Claiming Rules

  1. Only claim land intended for use.
    1. Try to move away from the eyesight of spawn, warps, and other players before claiming & building.
    2. Claiming land can’t be used as a tool or weapon against someone else.
    3. Do not claim land to siege or block a player.
    4. Do not set home for intentions of raiding or killing another player. Only set home’s you intend to use for a home.
  2. Griefing partially allowed in small quantities, but is frowned upon.
    1. Rule of thumb is to claim the land you want, then it can’t be griefed.
    2. You can request land be regenerated on the forums.
    3. Rollbacks are possible but have to be requested in a ticket. Rollbacks are only granted for catastrophic loss, for an exmaple an entire city.
  3. Do not manipulate the contents of claims through the use of ships/gates.
    1. This includes but not limited to; stealing chests or parts of buildings or opening iron doors through the use of ships.
    2. Stealing unlocked ships is allowed.
  4. No offensive structures.
    1. This includes but not limited to; phallic structures, symbols, and signs.
  5. No building outside of worlds (Not on top of nether).
    1. You are strictly prohibited from building on top or underneath worlds.
  6. Strictly no AFK pools or farms.
    1. This includes but not limited to; auto-fishing farms and enderpearl farms.
  7. Box bases need to be built underground
    1. If you plan to live in a square box, it needs to be hidden underground to not be an eyesore for players around you.
  8. You are allowed to be creative with using the Ship plugin for vehicles other than ships, but no airships!
    1. For example, you can create turrets, cranes, trains!

Glitching, Resource Pack & Client Rules

Please play fairly.

  1. Do not hack, cheat, or use glitches.
    1. If you find an exploitable glitch, create a support ticket.
    2. Items lost to glitches will not be replaced.
  2. Do not use any Minecraft client mods
    1. This includes but not limited to; X-ray, schematica, replay mod, pvp mods, etc.
    2. Hacked/modded clients such as Baritone are strictly forbidden.
    3. You can use approved mods such as Optifine
  3. Resource Packs should be limited to only aesthetic changes.
    1. Resource packs that give you any sort of advantage in PVP are forbidden.
    2. X-ray Resource packs are strictly forbidden.

Public Shop & Warp Rules

  1. Killing AFK people in public warps is allowed – be careful!
    1. Do not AFK in public warps expecting to be safe
    2. Goods lost in public warps will not be replenished.
  2. Traps, Cannons, villager breeders, mob farms and beacons are not allowed at shops
    1. You can create attractions like theme parks or bars!
    2. You can use the big doors plugin for your shops! /doors
  3. Renting shops in order to sell them for profit is not allowed.
    1. Shops are reserved for people that want to rent one
  4. Do not create fake shop signs to scam players
    1. This includes but not limited to; creating fake rent signs.
    2. Breaking this rule may result in loss of ability to create shops
  5. Do not create flashing lights or noteblock songs at shops
    1. Shops are a shared space, so we can’t have obnoxious visuals or sounds.
  6. You can be evicted from your shop for being inactive or breaking the shop rules to allow someone else to use your rented space.
    1. Shops that don’t sell anything for a long period of time will be unrented for someone else to use.
    2. You cannot use your shop primarily for a vault, shops have to be active and in-use.


  1. 3 warnings in 3 months will be escalated into a punishment based on context.
    1. This will not be automated, this will be at staff digression.
  2. Excessive punishments will result in harsher punishments
    1. Punishments are a chance for a player to stop and think about their actions and what they have been punished for; a second chance to be allowed to continue to play.
      Collecting excessive punishments will result in much harsher future punishments.
    2. This will not be automated, this will be at staff digression.

Punishments can be singular or a mix of punishments based on the context of the rule-breaking this can include Jailed, Kicked, Warnings, Temp Mute, Being Lockered, Permanent Mute, Name changed, Permissions removed, Temp Ban, Permanent Ban, Stats & Rank changed.

By breaking the rules and being banned, you forfeit your right to keep your belongings and these may be removed.


Bans and temp bans can be appealed on the forums. Other forms of punishment cannot be appealed and will be denied.

Do not private message staff requesting a punishment be removed, all requests need to be public on the forums.

What is the Locker?

The locker is a bespoke punishment on PirateCraft. The concept is based around “Davy Jones’ Locker”, a purgatory world where you can’t talk or run commands, you can only do one thing, break and place sand.

If you are sent to the Locker, you will need to break sand and exchange this sand for “Sand dollars” with Davy Jones on the pirate ship that you spawn on, this is the way you pay your way out of the locker.

  • You get a fresh empty inventory in the Locker world
  • There is no food or tools in the Locker.
  • You cant talk or use commands in the Locker.
  • You have to get yourself out of the Locker by collecting sand and paying your way out with Sand Dollars, there is no other way out of the Locker.
  • You can be sent back into the locker to have to pay a higher sand dollar cost!
  • The locker can be seen on the live map.

Punishment Checker

Check any players history of warnings, bans, mutes and kicks from punishment checker.


You can find some player based rules on the Wiki, this is a good place to edit in rules you think should be on this page but are not!

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