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How do staff moderate?

The PirateCraft Team moderate like police, they do not get involved unless they are requested to, this is why its so important that you report any issues you have, even just to have them recorded/noted for staff.

The PirateCraft team can not read minds! If we could we would be stealing vault codes and stealing all the gold! Don’t let issues build up, report them as soon as they are an issue to you! The team will not know unless you report it!

What do I use “support tickets” for?

If you have a reason to want to talk to staff directly, please create a support ticket instead of sending them direct messages in game/discord, then we can assign the task to someone and all staff can reply for a faster solution for you!

This page lets you communicate privately with the PirateCraft team, Helpers, Moderators and Admins using support tickets this is good for solving an issue you have or reporting toxic behavior from another player!

  • Request staff support that cant be done by asking for community help
  • Report players for breaking the /rules, bad behavior or actions privately.
    Please see separate “Reporting player(s)” section below for more information on what to report.
  • Major bugs, like duplication exploits or server crashing exploits.
    We run a bug bounty for legitimate game breaking bugs like these!
  • Get your voice heard! We have always listened to community feedback since day 1! Public forums and live chat like Discord are sometimes terrible platforms due to their nature of being public and the fear of being ambushed by “over-opinionated” people.
  • Request a rollback of grief land (Very rare but worth reporting!)
  • Request playtime to be fixed (Ongoing bug)

Support tickets use the same Login details you use for the forums, but they are completely separate way for tracking support requests.

If you would prefer to post publicly to the community, please use the correct forum.

What not to use support tickets for

Reporting player(s)

If you are unsure if you should report something, report it anyway! Staff will read and take note of any issues you have, no matter how minor they are, then its recorded! If its not reported nothing can ever be fixed!

We like to keep the server friendly as possible for players, so you may consider reporting people for things such as:

  • Report players that “scam” people regular, for example people tricking you to click a shop sign to steal your balance. This is frowned upon and should be reported.
  • Report players that are hostile or toxic in chat for no apparent reason.
    • What is “Toxic behavior”? the term is loosely thrown around, sometimes incorrectly. Usually is best described by someone that may over-identify and act out the parts of who they are, such as the victim, bully, perfectionist or martyr. Creating drama in their lives or be surrounded by it by creating pity parties. They always need attention.
  • Report players that Dox (Publish or threaten to post private or identifying information)
  • Report offensive builds

Some guidelines to consider when reporting players

  • Where possible player vs player disputes need to be resolved by the players involved, try not to get staff involved in player disputes if possible, this is a pirate themed Minecraft server with PvP & Stealing.
  • Don’t write walls of drama text, please use to the point sentences with as much relevant detail as possible.
  • You must fill out your in-game username in the ticket form so we know who you are and the player(s) usernames who you are reporting.
  • You have to state basic facts; Time, timezone (that you are in), date etc as part of your report.
  • Include as much proof/evidence for your report as possible. Videos, Screenshots, Logs are the best things! We do have server logs for mostly everything, please make our lives easier!

Addressing mental health during Covid

As a team we have noticed a greater uptake in “toxic” (I call this too much internet/online) behavior from people during the period of Covid, Mental health is effecting millions of people because of Covid and a lot of young people do not understand the stress they are under and “act out” anonymously online as that’s where they are spending most of their time, in our case that outlet is Discord/Minecraft as there are no real world repercussions for peoples anger and toxicity towards people hidden behind an online handle.

This is putting extra strain and stress on the moderation team too from people that need to take a break.

With people being stuck in their homes for longer periods of time, not attending school/work in person, not even being able to see peoples facial expressions from being hidden under masks, humans are not designed to be hidden anonymously behind a computer all day! This creates “toxic” people. Sadly research shows that Coronavirus is going to have an impact on long term mental heath for a lot of people.

Our place in this world is to keep our server a welcoming environment, we can only moderate other peoples behavior! So remember everyone is human on the other end of your chat.

Over the years Minecraft has been advertised to younger and younger audiences which has populated all Minecraft servers with a greater number of younger people with less patience and not learned to fully control their emotions, creating another avenue for bad behavior.

This is why we ask you to report issues so they are tracked by staff and can be appropriately moderated.