Pirate Resource Pack & Skins

PirateCraft Resource Pack

The PirateCraft resource pack works on top of your existing resource pack!So you can use your favorite resource pack and just add the Pirate extras on top!


  • Loads of PirateCraft Event weapon models!
  • Works with your existing packs over the top! Doesn’t change blocks!
  • Custom painting artwork from @nicosemsrott
  • Big animated door sounds for when using /doors
  • Custom Main menu panoramic & Custom Logo
  • Custom items/kit models like Grappling hook by @Markusi13 or the custom made ship in a bottle model, or the kit claim inspect tool!
  • Dark UI
  • Vanilla tweaks, including;
    • Low Fire
    • Thin Rain
    • Low Shield
    • No Vignette
    • Ping Colors
    • Directional Hoppers.
  • 3D Pirate decoration (Custom items!)
  • Bespoke 3D Gun models for when Guns come!
  • Pirate swords arr!

PirateCraft Custom MineCraft Skins

PirateCraft has a set of custom made skins, created by the wonderful PaulOnFire.

These skin previews are interactive! You can drag your mouse on each of the skins to view it from all angles!

You can quickly set the PirateCraft skin by clicking the “Set this skin now!” button, this will automatically open the minecraft.net website and send the skin to it, its as simple as logging in!

Recommended Resource Packs.

There are millions of resource packs available to use with the PirateCraft resource pack, here are a few PirateCraft favorites from players and staff.

Recommended Client Mods

PirateCraft has a strict policy on client mods to keep game-play fair for everyone that join, so no “hacked clients” allowed.

There are some useful client mods that we do allow and are recommended

  • Optifine MineCraft optimization tool with many features
  • WorldEditCUI for showing WorldEdit selections on Creative


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