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Game Mechanics

If you wish to learn more about the game mechanics and how to use plugins on our server, then please visit the Guides information pages.

Community Wiki

Take part in the community Wiki, recording the server history, crew information, crew history, about server wars, create your own content about PirateCraft! PirateCraft Wiki.

Punishment Checker

Check any players history of warnings, bans, mutes and kicks from punishment checker.

About PirateCraft

PirateCraft was founded in 2012 by Tom Lewis (GodsDead) And Liam (SuperGL), we are a Pirate Themed minecraft server that is run by its amazing community.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact the PirateCraft team by email, there is a contact form on the team page.

Uptime & Status Report

We have a public status page for PirateCraft at

Uptime Report for PirateCraft: Last 30 days

/50 Online

Mobile Page


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