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survival Survival

upd Updated PvP Tagging plugin 🔸 Fix error in block border on if Y coord is out of bounds 🔸 Fix pvp protection showing when player was in spectator mode change @Changelog Alerts

survival Survival

📰 Updated Rules

add Added /allowedmods (see screenshot) which links to the performance mods allowed on PirateCraft. 🔸 As Fabiously optimised is Fabric based, theres a specific rule to not add any other mods in addition to the performance pack itself. 🔸 Updated /rules page that talks about Client mods, that you can click the rule and itll open that guide. 🔸 Both click through to the install guides & have hover over additional information parrot This isnt anything new, but staff keep getting asked the same questions, this is to cut down on staff time repeating themselves. change @Changelog Alerts

creative Creative

upd Updated premium suite of essentails & dependacy plugins upd Updated tab bridge plugin for cross server tablist add Added Image to Map plugin thats the same as survival to replace the old one. add Added a void generator plugin rem Disabled the old image to map plugin rem Disabled a custom Enchantments plugin until were testing it again rem Disabled quests plugin until were testing again rem Disabled grapplin hook plugin on creative as I cant remember why this was active on here change @Changelog Alerts

survival Survival & Creative creative

Chat messages can't be verified!

add Added popup blocking plugin to Creative & Survival, Creative is live and Survival will take effect next reboot. 🔸 This is just a packet modification plugin to prevent this annoying popup on 1.19+ clients. change @Changelog Alerts

🗺️ Website / Discord

upd Updated the Discord exporting application for the website changelogs and announcements, last updated in 2022, surprised it was still working, the formatting is much better as it now supports discords markdown for headers etc. 🔸 🔸 (announcements shown on homepage) change @Changelog Alerts

discord Discord

Mass cleanup! (Not completely finished!)

Today the sidebar in the discord just wound me up how messy it was with so many unused areas, so I've gone on a full nuke to clean what I can. rem Backed up and then deleted ~210 closed tickets, this took a while, has to all be done manually, one by one... rem Deleted the categories Closed tickets 6-10, keeping the 1-5 to fill up. rem Deleted 2 staff staging channels rem Removed maybe 20 crappy "meme" emojis that are never used, so I can now use the ones I need for changelogs. rem Removed the staff building forum and combined it with our overall projects forum with new building tags. rem Deleted all the empty forums from the "Creators Area" Category, such as "Arena builds", "Npc items". add Created a new #🧰│workshop forum that will house ALL the creator forums, content was so far and few that it makes more sence to have 1 forum, and categorise all posts with tags instead. See #deleted-channel that I also created as an overview of each tag. 🔸 Please start porting anything from these archives into this new forum that you wish to still keep/have implemented. #🧰│treasure_chests #🎁│kits #🎁│kits2 #🍺│brew-ideas #🔨│custom-crafting #🎣│fishing_comp #🏷│tags #🧍│skins 🔸I went over all this content today and love a bunch of it, so i'm keeping these archived to add later! add Created a new section in #👋│welcome that links to guides, this has been in the staff staging area for months. upd Moved Arctic events channels to "Archive 2" Category. There's most likely lots more that can be deleted, but its bed time for me 💤 🛌 change @Changelog Alerts

survival Survival

add treasurechest Created a Mini-competition for replacing the items in the vote crate, get your submissions into this thread! 🔗 add Gave out prizes for Summer Crate giveaway keys add @Giveaway Alerts Added new giveaway for 15x Summer Crate keys 🛍 change @Changelog Alerts

discord Discord

Mass cleanup! (Part 2)

rem Deleted over 50 channels from Archive 1 & 2 Categories after backing them up (7GB worth) 🔸 Kept anything with useful information such as old suggestions rem Deleted a large amount of old Archived staff channels upd Cleaned up and moved channels in staff area That should be the end of the mass cleanup on the discord. change @Changelog Alerts

discord Discord

add Added "Resource pack" and "Mobs" tags to the #🧰│workshop forum for entrys, as Ive seen some reousrce pack work in #📷│media 🤌 is all planned, just working on what to do with 1.20.5+ compleltly changing everything, especailly with old server software etc. change @Changelog Alerts

survival Survival

upd Updated Crew plugin this morning. 🔸Adds hex color support on bb messages 🔸Fixes killing by explosion counting as kill 🔸Fixed crew trust permission when resizing griefprefention claim 🔸Adds new mod command to display crews bb, /crew mod bb display 🔸Adds conformation before reset KDR 🔸Adds chat color permissions 🔸Adds ability for staff to rename crew 🔸Adds the ability to charge money on bank deposit, not enabled but may be good for eco 🔸A ton of bug fixes ⚠Crew chat discord I initially updated to try and get Discord Crew support re-added, but the developers got more issues with it, ive made a ticket and waiting on his reply, ive disabled the discord intergration and reloaded, but it seems it needs a reboot to disable it fully. This is giving error messages when using crew chat, this should be temp until next restart. You can still use crew chat, so I will keep this version of the plugin as its the latest and it fixes a bunch of other things. change @Changelog Alerts

survival Survival & Discord discord

upd Disabled the Discord integration with crews again, it was throwing an error every time a /c was posted, waiting on dev to reply to the error its giving. 🔸 There was a second issue where all the crew chat channels had multiple copies somehow, BE had 7 for some reason! This was another issue, so Ive cleaned up all the empty duplicates. change @Changelog Alerts

survival Survival

⚔️ Crew Update

upd Updated Crew plugin for next restart should; 🔸 Hopefully fix the discord chat integration for your crew chats /c & /c join 🔸 Adds ability to set default rank for new clans 🔸 Adds ability to limit unverified crew members in a crew total. change @Changelog Alerts

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