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updated Website πŸ”΄ Removed a bunch of old forums for Bootywars/Creative/Hub Forums. πŸ”΄ Removed link from Forums dropdown on website to those forums.
updated Website 🟒 Re-made the map page πŸ”Έ This is the second most viewed page on the website and was very outdated. πŸ”Έ I have created a big new section on How to travel around PirateCraft I'm not sure how we didn't have this on the website before! Goes hand in hand with the live map instead of separating it to its own page. πŸ”Έ This also acts as a small FAQ about ships/teleporting. πŸ”Έ I linked to the Wiki timeline to get more eyeballs on it, so make sure its updated! πŸ”Έ I also added a How does the PirateCraft world differ survival vanilla Minecraft? for some quick spots of information about the server/world that may differ to vanilla and to tell people it is a survival! (edited)
Minecraft Pirate map. View PirateCraft players live position, chat and health. Talk to players in-game right from the browser.
survival Survival 🟒 Done massive amounts of regening, claim removal, and cleaning up of around 1/5th of the map. πŸ”Έ Livemap should update itself over the coming weeks as people enter and update the regened chunks. πŸ”Έ Should hopefully be finished with map cleanup by end of the month.
updated Website 🟒 Upgraded from our Legacy Community theme to their newest one, I figured out the issue to why it wasn't loading content (It was the host blocking!) πŸ”Έ More modern activity feed πŸ”Έ Users/Groups (Crews) got "Homes" for their profiles, I've disabled it for users for now as there's no decent way for you to customise what's shown on your "home" profile page. I've kept the "home" showing on Groups as I plan to find or build something to allow you to create a full Crew homepage on it, with videos/images/text or whatever! I already found 1 plugin, but its a bit sketchy to use. πŸ”Έ Much better & improved website message system, full editor now too. πŸ”Έ You'll notice when viewing/using peoples profiles/groups (crews) will be slightly differnt, using newer technology that isn't so ancient.
Pirate minecraft server – Ships, Cannons, PVP and Build Protection
updated Website 🟒 Added a bunch of Fields to your website profile to make it useful, I filled out mine as an example. πŸ”— πŸ”Έ Changed age to show age instead of date πŸ”Έ Removed skype/twitter handles and replaced with "Discord username" πŸ”Έ Removed the contact section all together, everything is in 2 sections "base" and "piratecraft" πŸ”Έ Updated "your skills" to be "how do you like to play" which I also added things like PvP, Eco, Roleplay, building, Redstone etc, these can be searched for to find specific players with these skills! (If they fill their profiles out!) For example will show all people that enjoy landscaping! Help you find people interested in specific areas! πŸ”Έ Added Portfolio section that allows linking any oEmbed website (imgur/youtube/twitter etc) This means you can attach an entire gallery of images from Imgur or a video from youtube for your base/portfolio! πŸ”Έ Added "about you" section, which has an editor! This lets you add links and format text! πŸ”Έ Added Location as a text box for you to enter your location, which you can choose to put as something real like on earth, or location based in PirateCraft sword Edit your website profile by Hovering over your name top right when you log in and click "Edit Profile" then you can click "PirateCraft" under the "Edit Profile" header. or change this for your username πŸ’‘ If you have any more ideas for profile fields that may come in handy for Piratecraft please do #🔭archived-suggestions them! πŸ’‘ Its possible to make the profile page the default page for accounts so if we get people to fill them out, they could be interesting! (edited)
Pirate minecraft server – Ships, Cannons, PVP and Build Protection
Pirate minecraft server – Ships, Cannons, PVP and Build Protection
updated Website 🟒 Added way to edit your website username! You can now do this yourself! πŸ”— Log in then go to Edit Profile > Settings > Change Username this will first check the username is available. ℹ️ Underscores in usernames are not supported. ⚠️ This will not update any existing links to your profile or mentions on the website. ⚠️ The automatic skin/avatar based on your username is not currently working, im working on trying to figure out how to fix it. (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Updated voting plugin 🟑 Updated premium suite plugin
πŸ–₯️ Server / Bungee 🟑 Updated OS which Updated Java & Updated Web server 🟑 Updated Bungee server (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 Added custom recipe; being able to craft 1x cobweb with 9x string via @Fabul0usGandalf in #🔭archived-suggestions
survival Survival 🟑 Massive update to all Anti-cheat variables for checks, back in May I switched to crowd sourced configs for Anti-cheat settings, which dramatically reduced false positives. It disappeared out of the blue but has recently been re-created and after a comparison from our old checks, every check has been tweaked by the looks of things. πŸ”Έ It looks they default relog time to 15 seconds from 5! So they must be confident there are no false positives, Im not so convinced. I will keep their settings for now and see how we go. ℹ️ Remember, as always, if you have false positive kicks REPORT IT with as much detail as possible/video on how to reproduce into #📁β”‚bugs-archive Do not just moan like a bitch, actually act on it, otherwise it cant be fixed. We have had false positives fixed in 24h after reporting before.
πŸ–₯️ Server 🟒 Servers back up. Not sure why stuff like this always happens when i've just gone to bed, brought back up 8am this morning while having my morning dump. Shame it was a 30 second fix and was down all night because I was asleep! (edited)
updated Bug Fixes 🟑 Changed the mail system after donating, I ended up creating 1 global command and deleting the mail command from every single package. Bug report 🟑 Fixed website spelling mistake. Bug report 🟑 Fixed Store spelling mistake. Bug report 🟑 Fixed Missive spelling mistake. Bug report 🟑 Fixed Forgot Password link on the website login page thanks for the report @Deleted User (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 Added 30 cooldown to /me as people keep abusing it. Via @duckmasterizzy in #🔭archived-suggestions
survival Survival 🟒 Added 30s cooldown to /mail send via @.tulips in #🔭archived-suggestions 🟒 Buffed new player starting claim blocks from 100 to 225! 🟒 Increased the First claim size from being 4 blocks around the chest to 7 blocks distance around the chest, ending up in a 15*15 first claim area (as close to a single chunk as I could get) πŸ”Έ Much bigger area for a starting base (you cant build a starting base in 50 blocks) this now equates to 225 blocks. πŸ”Έ Makes it harder to place lots of small claims outside spawn, they will have to move around a bit. πŸ”— Via me in 🟑 Nerfed selling claim blocks value from 0.6 to 0.5, much easier to calculate now. 🟑 Blocked /SellClaim /SellClaimBlocks for new spawns to prevent people using bots for free money with the new bigger starting claim blocks. (edited)
updated Bungee / Website 🟒 Added a layer of security to the bungee server 🟒 Changed how all emails are sent on the website. πŸ”Έ To stress test the new emailing system I emailed all non-activated accounts on the website, resending them the activation link email. πŸ”Έ If you registered to the website and never received your activation email to use your website account, check your emails now and activate!
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Premium suite 🟑 Updated Crates plugin (Performance) 🟑 Updated Chat plugin, Been putting this off due to the sheer amount of issues it caused earlier for me. πŸ”Έ Apparently the ignore issue that caused crashes is fixed, but it required re-importing all old ignores from Essentials, Ive done a dry run and this took over an hour and a half to import while the server was booting... I mentioned this to the developer and he's created a separate import feature, so hopefully the server will just boot and I can import in the background without the server being unusable for 1+ hours. It is what it is, its going to need to happen at some point to get chat working again cross server, ignores working etc etc. We will see at 10.30am GMT at reboot. EDIT He decided to do the conversion at server boot, even though he added a command to import, I cant stop it once its started, so youre just going to have to wait for it to finish which could be hours. Hopefully your old ignores are still there! (edited)
survival Survival ℹ️ Re-testing the ignore feature today as it was suppose to be fixed, I found out theres still 3 plugins that are fighting for the use of it, GriefPrevention was somehow taking over it. πŸ”΄ Removed permission form GriefPrevetion handling ignore as it doesn't work in most instances. πŸ”΄ Wiped the data for ignored players from GriefPrevention so its not conflicting for when the chat plugin finally fixes it, if you can now see some people talking you would rather not. 🟑 Me and @atalantaa tested the fixed ignore in the Chat plugin, and it turns out, its still crashing the server each time its used, so that entire process of converting this morning, waste of time. Still issues with it, no idea how this is still possible, so no ignore for now.
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Crates plugin (for next restart) to hopefully fix keys not working.
updated Creative 🟒 Added Cove to Creative Hubflat world for @Builder to update & add sections (Don't give away any secrets you find!) πŸ”— 🟑 Updated Hubflat WorldBorder on creative from 2000 to 4000 worldborder.
updated Creative 🟒 Created new custom sea world Event and pasted in the @Builder Pirate Event island, which I'm introducing today as Nassau πŸ”— Sneak Peek 🟒 Added permission for @Builder to bypass WorldEdit restrictions in this world. ℹ️ Any changes should now be made directly to this world and not the copy in HubFlat from now on @Builder now were getting close for release.
survival Survival 🟑 Fixed ranks showing when hovering over names in chat to show the coloured name thanks to @iwanidev in #🔭archived-suggestions for reminding me to do this!
survival Survival 🟑 Updated plugin that allows new clients to connect to the old server to support 1.16.3 🟑 Updated chat plugin to a test version to debug this /ignore crashes. (I'm going to whitelist this mornings reboot to test it) updated Bungee 🟑 Updated bungee server to support 1.16.3 🟑 Updated Chat counterpart for cross server chat (Still disabled until this ignore issue is fixed)
updated Creative 🟑 Updated ship plugin 🟑 Updated Permissions plugin 🟑 Updated Live Map plugin πŸ”Έ Fixed the dodgy rendering of the creative worlds. 🟑 Updated Updated NPC plugin 🟑 Updated Updated Big animated doors plugin 🟑 Updated Updated Premium suite of essentials 🟑 Updated Essentials Suite of plugins 🟑 Updated Chat Plugin
survival Survival & Creative 🟑 Fixed Cross-server chat with prefixing chat with ! Hello and fixed cross server /msg too!
updated Creative πŸ”΄ Removed plugin to run commands from NPCS, converted to the built in function from the NPC plugin itself like I do on survival. 🟑 Changed NPCS click commands to use NPC command system. 🟑 Updated Mutliverse spawn location on creative so its now in sync with /spawn on creative 🟑 Fixed being able to actually interact with NPCS on creative spawn, added the flag player-interact for future reference.
updated Bungee πŸ”΄ Deleted last server location of everyone on the bungee, so next time people log into it should go to the Survival no matter what their last server was. ℹ️ Figured out a bug with /server Creative not allowing you to connect with the message in the screenshot above, @atalantaa would get disconnected every time she tried to visit Creative server, I solved this by simply deleting her player.dat. I need to know if this happens to anyone else or if this was a one off, because then I can nuke everyone's as its creative so nothing of importance will be lost. please post in #📁β”‚bugs_chat-archive if this also happens to you. Also post in #📁β”‚bugs_chat-archive if you can think of any issues for me wiping everyone's player file on creative (Saves inventory, last location read Nothing to do with your plots or builds.
survival Survival 🟒 Added Relocate power block for Big animated doors for all Sailor+! use /doors and re-set your power block now! I was waiting for a suggestion I made to add a limit for distance the block can be from the door. πŸ”Έ The power block can be up to 25 blocks from the door, the same as wireless redstone for shops. Thanks to @rivvurwood for helping test this new addition.
updated Website 🟑 Fixed online users widgets working on website on both sidebar and mobile online checker. πŸ”—
updated Creative ⚠️ Wiped player.dat for everyone on Creative (Inv, last location , XP etc) Nothing to do with builds or plots! these were not touched ℹ️ This should hopefully fix every person that gets instantly proxy kicked trying to connect to Creative or was forced to use due to constantly being redirected to creative when using the proper domain πŸ”— Related:
survival Survival 🟑 Reduced cooldown for using [i] in chat from 5 mins to 2 mins via @rivvurwood in #🔭archived-suggestions
survival Survival key Summer Crate will be getting taken down this Saturday 19th September, so if you still want keys get them now! /warp cove to see the crate items! πŸ”—
updated Website 🟒 Added polls to any forum thread! Create your own poll for your forum thread, could be used for crew decisions or server suggestions that require multiple options. πŸ”— Test thread with a poll (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Crews: changed the minimum size a crew needs to be to request an ally to 3 members, it was set at 1, so anyone could create a 1 man crew and ally. This now matches 3 members in a crew to rival another crew. 🟑 Crews: reduced percentage of online leaders needed to demote a leader from 75% to 51% (the majority) Prepare for the backstabs. If this goes to shite and doesn't work out, then someone can make a #🔭archived-suggestions to set it back to 75%, like I had it. Make sure to give it some time testing first, to really see how changing to 51% changes things. (edited)
survival Survival Biggest change i've ever made to PirateCraft... πŸ”΄ Removed the carpet at spawn. Testing a bug report from @creatingwithkass about randos dying when using /spawn its on a solid block, but the only inconsistency is you spawn on carpet, so lets see how it goes!
survival Survival πŸ¦€ Some crabs πŸ”΄ Removed Summer Crate 2020 (RIP) from /warp cove πŸ”΄ Removed Summer Crate 2020 from /donate & store. πŸ”΄ Removed Key drop (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Reduced Ender Pearl cooldown from 10 seconds to 5 seconds to match the teleport timer warmup. Please can you make your mind up on if you want an ender pearl cooldown or not in #🔭suggestions_chat we have had it on and off, and on and off and on and off over years. Make your minds up! πŸ”Έ Via@mqstic in #🔭archived-suggestions 🟑 Updated ship in a bottle plugin 🟑 Updated Big animated doors plugin 🟑 Updated Chat plugin 🟑 Updated NPC plugin 🟑 Updated Admin NPC shop plugin (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Fixed Missive message, closing bug report via @creatingwithkass πŸ”΄ Removed summer crate hologram, closing bug report via @creatingwithkass
updated Survival 🟑 Next reboot should fix vote sites registering votes again, the test server took over the vote port which stopped the main survival binding to that port when it restarted. There are no commands to reload the plugin in game (Good job devs) So requires a reboot.
survival Survival 🟒 For this mornings reboot, I added a plugin that patches a few known exploits, I've only enabled checks for things I've had issues with as to not create more problems with it causing oddities elsewhere (And to keep diagnosing weird issues simpler) So if any mechanics changed as of this morning's reboot, make sure to report in #📁β”‚bugs-archive
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Chat plugin 🟒 Added Parkour plugin
survival Survival 🟑 Fixed dodgy TPS issue from the last few days (and crashes because of this) 🟑 Updated premium essentials plugin πŸ”΄ Removed parkour message when you logged in
survival Survival 🟑 Changed the poor /wild permission error message to explain that its for deckhands and you can still use the sign at /spawn if you intend to use wild over deckhand. Thanks to @bomkers for the #🔭archived-suggestions .
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Live map plugin (You will need to empty your browser cache for the map page! Press CTRL+F5 on updated Bungee 🟑 Updated bungee server updated Main OS 🟑 Minor OS version upgrade (reminder for myself mostly)
survival Survival 🟒 When the server reboots each morning, instead of kicking you, it should automatically send you to creative and once the survivals back up, it should automatically send you back into survival! ℹ️ I have no idea if this will actually work perfectly, but if it does it should be a bit smoother than having to re-ping and not know when its back up in those ~3-4 mins it takes to reboot. ℹ️ If this does work, we can put a parkour/elytra course at Creative spawn to play around in while you wait. ℹ️ This is a listener, so if the server shuts down for any other reason (Not a crash) but a restart it should also do the same. (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 Added /parrots to PvP tagged whitelist via @IgnFry in #🔭archived-suggestions
updated Website 🟒 Updated FAQ page Adding Frequently asked Suggestions is FAS a term? Please take the time to add more if you can think of suggestions people repeat over and over even if it was asked 1 day before and they do not read! Then we can just delete and link them to the FAQ! πŸ”— (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 NEW! Sailor+ can now use /cleanlight to fix lighting in the loaded chunks in your render distance! πŸ”Έ I've run this server wide before on the entire world, but it just drags the server down to unusable mess, so that's not an option, luckily there's a user mode! πŸ”Έ Take note of the shadow on top of the sea but also the underwater structure, this isn't just for fixing lighting with ship shadows! πŸ”Έ 30 Second cooldown on the command so its not spammed, There is still no limit or cost to use this command! Just a cooldown, if it turns out it creates lag then I will have to increase the cooldown. 🟒 Added Light Fixing plugin to do the above! 🟒 Added light fixing plugin dependency 🟒 Added Poll plugin again so we can do in-game polls again! All the votes!
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Removed old missive about having multiple shops, closed this report: Thanks @creatingwithkass & @harbinger787
Describe the bug (A clear and concise description of what the bug is): The Missive cycle still says that contributors are able to rent up to four shops, which is no longer the case. The message sho...
survival Survival 🟑 Backdated ship in a bottle plugin as its been spamming the console since I updated it. 🟑 Changed the no staff online message from /helpop to tell the user to use Discord/Forums if no staff members are online, thanks for the #🔭archived-suggestions @NicoSemsrott
survival Survival ℹ️ Started getting random JVM crashes today (6 of them), No changes today or yesterday so out of thin air! With JVM crashes they leave no proper log of what happened or why, so its a shot in the dark, seeing that I had the lighting plugin and polls plugin disabled before, Ive removed these in the hope its one of them. πŸ”΄ Removed lighting plugin πŸ”΄ Removed Polls plugin 🟑 Updated Bungee server & Rebooted physical machine.
updated Survival 🟑 Updated Analytics plugin (For next reboot! I missed this mornings!) This is for me & @Admin that it may not work today properly. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Opened up the end main island for dragon spawning again, for dragons breath lingering potions! If theres an issue again where it spawns another egg, I will have to remove it again and destroy any eggs it creates, so report to me if it spawns one at any point.
updated Survival πŸ”΄ Temporarily disabled enderdragon spawning due to buggy mechanics, we will look into this don't worry! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 End World Changed end respawn location (on death) to end up at /warp end location, so you don't spawn on the dragon exit portal. 🟑 Blocked explosions on End main island I have put a region over the land (Not up to the end crystals) to block explosions from people killing people with bed explosions, beds are way too cheap to be used as explosives! 🟑 End Put bedrock where the dragon egg spawns (may be replaced) 🟑 End Protected the area where the Dragon egg spawns to prevent it being teleported/pushed with a piston/exploded/moved if it does spawn again. ℹ️ These changes are so we can have the ender dragon spawn again so you can get dragons breath, there is a bug that the egg keeps spawning each restart, and we do not want any more eggs no debate over this! Hopefully these simple changes duct tape fixes it. πŸ”΄ Removed /kit poop rip (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Bought & Added Resource pack plugin at present this does nothing, but soon after testing we will be releasing our resource pack! 🟒 Added 5 x Dead Man's Chest #2 2020 Keys to the store! at $4.99 - That chest that's been at cove for about 6 months you haven't been able to use, you can now buy keys (Better late than never 🀣 ) Miscommunication on my behalf I shouldn't have sold this crate (I'm sorry max for ruining your crate) 🟑 Updated webstore page 🟑 Updated chat plugin (throwing some errors in chat grr) πŸ”΄ Removed "buy staff heads" from Store (These went ages ago but were still on the store front!) halloween Halloween crate coming in replace for DeadMans Chest keys that I have now removed. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Increased all cannon ranges by around 25% 🟑 Increased projectile velocity for all projectiles & cannons to make aiming easier 🟑 Buffed several projectiles: πŸ”Έ Cobblestone and shrapnel projectile direct hit damage buffed πŸ”Έ Diamond projectile direct hit damage buffed significantly; it should 1-shot players again as before. πŸ”Έ Firework projectile direct hit damage buffed significantly, AoE damage and range reduced 🟑 Mortars should now serve as ultra-long range bombardment. πŸ”΄ Gods did a fucky-wucky and now im sad. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Backdated chat plugin, out of the blue for no reason JVM crashes are back, which gives me literally 0 information to what the cause is.
updated Survival Still unsure whats randomly causing the JVM to crash out of the blue when nothing has been changed, so doing all I can without logs. πŸ”΄ Removed Resource Pack plugin as that was the other thing I recently added. 🟑 Updated premium Essentials plugin 🟑 Updated Analytics plugin updated Creative 🟑 Updated premium Essentials plugin 🟑 Updated Analytics plugin updated Bungee / OS 🟑 Updated Bungee server 🟑 Updated OS/Rebooted Nothing worse than being left in the dark without knowing what the cause is. (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 Gave @Admin The ability to /viewrange 15 <player> to set a players View Distance to 15 chunks temporarily until they log out, great for screenshots or videos!
updated Survival 🟑 /warp spawner Cove Community Spawner got optimised thanks to @IronAR it should output more mobs. Also closed up all the empty underground holes/caves so mobs wont spawn in those restricting mobs in the entity manager, they will all spawn in the spawners now! Edit: @Deleted User I found your droid sign. (edited)
updated Survival / Creative / Test 🟑 Just spent my entire evening sorting out 8 years of schematics that have accumulated across servers, I had over 750 just on survival, 100+ on creative. I've deleted 80% of them, re-named to find things and now All servers share the same schematic folder! I've been meaning to do this for years to make it easier to copy builds between servers but been putting off sorting through 8 years of schematics. All done! Creative/Test now share the Survival Schematics folder, which will make moving things between servers much easier!
updated Discord 🟒 Added the discord halloween event bot πŸ‘‰ #🎃halloween_bot , if you wanna know more about it check out Happy trick or treating! 🍬 πŸŽƒ
updated Discord 🟑 Older news, but we've reworked how we give out the veteran rank on discord. πŸ”Έ Quartermasters no longer automatically inherit the rank, and inactive/hostile people will be removed. πŸ”Έ Veterans will be hand-picked by me to represent the community and answer questions Gods and I have, and to have civil discussions about suggestions... given you lot are terrible at that in #🔭suggestions_chat ℹ️ Given I've been messaged about this rank a lot in the past 48 hours, if anyone is interested in getting the veteran rank please message me directly and I'll pass on the details. The rank is purely cosmetic.
updated Creative 🟑 Upgraded the Creative server from 4gb ram to 10gb ram, just because I have it spare, bigger schematics and worldedit I guess! (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Via #🔭archived-suggestions Changed the error text in Chat items being displayed from 5 mins to 2 mins via @atalantaa 🟑 Via #🔭archived-suggestions Added /kit stick for everyone at 1 hour cooldown. For use for checking claims quickly when you don't carry a stick around, its so cheap I can't see this being abused? if I'm wrong tell me haha. updated Bungee 🟒 Added new /server survival2 for survival 1.13-1.16 Testing server (You won't be able to access it as it does not exist yet!) This is prep πŸ”Έ The plan will be (at some point) to duplicate the server with 1.13 and get 50-70 people online on it, playing for an hour or so to test its performance, this is the only way I can properly get decent performance test. I tried this before years ago and nobody helped test, so that was the end of it! I'm trying again, this time I might even force a test! Depends how much time I get, I only have weekend's at present (life busy). (edited)
updated Survival 🟒 For @Helper @Moderator @Admin Added /kit staff as a quick set of tools to inspect/claim land. Bonus points if you use the PirateCraft Resource pack as it will show a custom item for inspecting land! πŸ”Έ Can be used every hour. πŸ”Έ Rule is, No selling. This is a staff tool. Names are bound to the items lore in-case they do end up in shops then its logged. This is a copy of the /kit claim everyone can use once, so you too can get the pack and see custom Item skins for this and LOADS of Event weapons, be mindful this is for 1.12.2 and will show as just black items in anything later. πŸ”— (edited)
PirateCraft Resource pack for Contribute to PirateCraft/ResourcePack development by creating an account on GitHub.
updated Creative 🟒 Added new custom pumpkin plot world that I made, custom plots, custom roads. 🟒 Added /plot rate to rate plots 🟒 Added /plot done to mark a plot as done/complete. 🟒 Added Builder's Utilities plugin πŸ”Έ No-clip /noclip, /nc & Nightvision /n, /nv & Advanced Fly /advfly, /af or GUI: /bu πŸ”Έ Worldedit simplified deform commands πŸ”Έ Ability to place secret blocks easily /secretblocks πŸ”Έ Banner Creator GUI /banner πŸ”Έ Right click iron trap doors to toggle them. /bu πŸ”Έ Rotate Glazed Terracotta /bu πŸ”Έ Break stacked slabs /bu 🟑 Fixed all Creative worlds to set you as creative when you go into each world. (edited)
updated Survival 🟑 Pinned the Pumpkin build competition to /motd so people can find it. 🟑 After weeks of Testing I finally figured out a really obscure bug with Crew data not saving periodically (Which is why I haven't enabled taking money out of your crew balances for duping money!) Turns out that it saves data at the EXACT same time as another plugin, which was blocking the save event, since this was such an obscure bespoke event I struggled to replicate the bug for the developer so we have been stuck for months on it, I figured it out tonight with some deep dive logging into MySQL logs! πŸ”Έ Tomorrow morning I will re-enable periodic saving for Crew data, with a custom made crew plugin with debugging enabled for all save events. πŸ”Έ Tomorrow I will re-enable being able to withdraw money from your Crew balances once the new version of the plugin is live and the new configs have been enabled. πŸ”΄ Removed PirateCraft 8th Birthday Crate from Cove. 🟒 It's my 32nd Birthday tomorrow (19th) so I have put up a cake present for everyone at /warp cove to grab a copy of, I will remove this after the 19th, so go grab some cake & custom cake heads! updated Test 🟒 Added all Custom mobs back onto /server test for you @calliemav
map Creative πŸ”΄ Blocked wither spawns on Halloween Pumpkin map (For the love of god give me a break from being a pain in the ass, please!) πŸ”΄ Removed noclip/gm3 from Everyone 🟒 Gave @Builder noclip/gm3 (tpgm3 from the builder utilities) 🟒 Gave @Builder bypass permission for hidden plots 🟒 Gave Sailor+ /plot flag set hide true You can hide your plots from people again! Your plot will show as a void to them! But it will still show no the livemap! Keep your plot secret! πŸ”Έ The only rule with this is You are not allowed to hide plots near /spawn at all Fly to somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the map, if we need to figure out a way to move plots we can do that! πŸ”Έ For the Creative world only! Not for halloween/pumpkin patch! πŸ”Έ Builders & Staff can see your plot, to make sure you're not just making load of willies LOL Not that it matters, itll be hidden! 🟑 Fixed BigDoors limit for all ranks, I screwed up the permissions on creative for how many big doors you can create! Fixed now. (edited)
key Test Server 🟒 Added @.xeron. Halloween 2020 Crate for Testing! πŸ”Έ Dr Max needs your testing! Spam the shite out of this crate for him! /server test stand on the pressure plate and get 20x keys! you can try it for yourself for drop rates! πŸ”Έ Report issues/drop rate issues in #🎃halloween for @.xeron.
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Crews plugin. πŸ”Έ Should periodically save data again. πŸ”Έ Crew bank withdraw has always had permission set, and apparently just works in a different way now, Im not available today to figure it out but its something to do with crew leaders having to toggle on withdrawing, either through a command or the GUI. Turns out all the in-game messages require a big update, which will take a few hours due to having so many custom messages. If you can figure it out let me know, you have permission and there is no toggle to disable withdraws in the configs. reading the updated messages in game it should output Withdraw is not allowed, use /%clan %toggle %withdraw to allow it then there is another withdraw message that reads Middle-click to toggle the status of withdraw So I presume a leader has to go into your crew GUI and middle click a bank withdraw option? πŸ–₯️ Server 🟑 Big change today, Im still randomly getting JVM crashes out of the blue (Birthday treat), so i've switched Java to Oracle's Java, they make it much harder to keep updated but lets see if its the Java version causing this. If they continue then i'm going to assume we have some bad memory and will need to do a memtest, Im hoping I don't have to do this, as this will take the server out of action. 🟑 Rebooted physical machine, I shouldn't have to do this! God I hate Java! 🟑 Updated Bungee server ℹ️ I found that my local backups are 104GB and the backup box is 100gb! coincidence that its full and we have JVM Crashing? It could be my rsync task somehow locking up and killing the JVM constantly trying to copy files to a full backup server. I will be checking logs! Be bloody brilliant if this is the issue as it would be such a simple solve! πŸ”Ά Ive changed my backup script to not include 25GB of data we don't actually need backed up, free up that space just incase! (edited)
updated Test server 🟑 Pulled @.xeron. changes to Crates for #🎃halloween So get on there and spam the crap out of it again! Report any issues into #🎃halloween please! halloween /server test (edited)
survival survival 🟑 You can now delete crew rank names with spaces in, this was a fix I requested that was pushed with today's crew update but he forgot to put it in the changelogs! Now if you make a crew rank with a space in it, it'll auto add an underscore.
survival Survival 🟑 Updated brewing hints at /warp brewing with 2 new brews: both are super decent if you find them so good luck!
survival Survival 🟑 Upcoming restart updated Crews plugin πŸ”Έ Should fix next page in the Invite GUI
survival Survival 🟒 Whitelisted commands while in jail /msg /reply /r /rules /help /seen /ping /mail /helpop /h so people in jail can actually talk to @Helper @Moderator @Admin via #🔭archived-suggestions we had all this in our previous Jail system, but I forgot to copy over the whitelist to the new plugin!
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Removed my birthday crate at cove, oldman now. 🟒 Re-added Resource pack plugin as this wasn't the cause of the crashes! Hopefully I will be able to set this up properly if we don't have any more damn issues! (Next reboot)
updated Test server 🟑 Updated Halloween crate with following changes: πŸ”Έ Soul Scythe reduced back to sharpness 9 and turned into iron hoe as we found it overly effective πŸ”Έ Sealed Fate changed to unbreaking 2. πŸ”Έ Reaper and Ghoulish Elixir completely reworked. πŸ”Έ Arrows completely reworked and effects changed. πŸ”Έ Reordered arrows and some heads. ❕ Please tag me with any feedback in #🎃halloween
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Anti Cheat to latest version. 🟑 Updated all Anti Cheat checks, thank you @encode42 who manages the AntiCheat configs! If you have any false Positives please tag @encode42 in #📁β”‚bugs-archive with your method to re-produce! (Video always helps!) updated OS Update 🟑 Updated SSL Certs for Map, Creative map & 2 Admin webpages. πŸ”Έ If your web browser is reloading the map over and over, you need to empty your browser cache for πŸ‘ 🟑 Java updated (Seriously f--k you oracle you absolute pieces of s--t for the method required to simply update Java, seriously go f--k yourselves with your licence agreement oracle) updated Bungee 🟑 Updated bungee server (edited)
updated Test/Play/Creative 🟑 Put the same version of the chat plugin & premium essentials onto Test/Play/Creative to match survival as these all work over bungee together.
survival Survival 🟑 Updated premium essentials plugin 🟑 Updated Crew plugin updated OS 🟑 Moved back to the other Java version we were using. ℹ️ If you are a crew leader, you can toggle withdraw from the bank by using /crew click on your crew then the Gold Block which says bank, you can Middle click this to toggle if you crew can withdraw money.
survival Survival πŸ”΄ Disabled the second PvP Tag "Combat timer" from the Premium Essentials plugin that decided to add one, as well on top of our PvPManager. πŸ”Έ Resolved "Dont show bossbar when hitting mob" (edited)
Describe the bug (A clear and concise description of what the bug is): When a player hits any mob (hostile &amp; passive), a combat tag pops up like when a player tags another player. The playe...
survival Survival ℹ️ A day of fixing developers mistakes today isn't it! what is wrong with them! πŸ”΄ Re-blocked permission for people to set their personal and crew friendly fire to make themselves not enable PvP for themselves at will! πŸ”΄ Re-blocked permission for people to toggle setting crew fees, its disabled in the config but he allowed it in-game to be toggled which is confusing. πŸ”΄ Blocked default crew permissions from deckhand given by the developer, he basically gave every single permission to Deckhands, which made unlocking things at later ranks pointless! And whats mental is hes standing by the decision to automatically give out all permissions. puffi puffi Developer decided to automatically give permissions for what He thinks everyone should have in his latest update, randomly enabling features! Well that's one way to fuck up my day, spending hours trying to figure out why some peolpe can be attacked and others cant, also there is no feedback! Not even a message in chat to say "This player toggled off their PvP!" brilliant logic! (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 Re-done all the region flags on warp west to be the same as /warp cove with an enter message. 🟑 Reduced the size of /warp west Region dramatically, it was covering half an ocean before and over some players base! 🟑 Gave permission to @Admin to build/modify on west, but nobody else, revoked permission from all individual people and random groups I had on it. πŸ”΄ Removed Legacy admin claim over the whole island. (edited)
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Missives, removed competition link to Septembers BOTM thanks @creatingwithkass Closed: πŸ”Έ Added the Halloween Sale as a Missive 🟑 Moved the Missives config to the PirateCraft github and gave all @Admin and @Deleted User access to update missives past and present! Because im terrible at remembering to change/update these! (edited)
updated Test server 🟑 Updated Halloween crate with hopefully the final update. Please give me feedback in #🎃halloween and tag me, I'd like to have the crate out for Monday.
survival Survival 🟑 Updated premium essentials plugin. πŸ”Έ This was suppose to fix the instant TP everyone suddenly got for warps/spawn, but its only active when you click on /warp, which isn't too handy, so until he fixes the warmups hes broken, everyone got temporarily instant warps/spawn. 🟑 Updated Crew plugin updated OS 🟑 Moved back to the other Java version we were using, At this point when we get JVM crashes out of the blue, Im out of ideas for what could be causing it, so I may have to do some memory testing to make sure the hardware isn't failing, I've talked to the community that make Java and they don't have any ideas from the logs either, which isn't helpful. Don't worry tho, I have backups all offsite if anything drastic happens.
survival Survival 🟒 @Admin Can now build/break on any shop! Rented or new, flags auto updated for all existing shops! 🟒 @Admin Gained shop commands to kick people out of shops and un-rent, manage shops! πŸ”Έ /as unrent s100 un-rents shop πŸ”Έ /as tp s100 teleports to shop πŸ”Έ /as tp s100 sign teleports to shop sign πŸ”Έ /as settp s100 sets the shops teleport location πŸ”Έ /as setowner GodsDead s100 Changes the owner of a shop πŸ”Έ /as addsign s100, /as delsign s100 Adds and removes signs from shops, so signs can be moved. πŸ”Έ /as delfriend GodsDead s100 Removes a friend from a shop region
survival Survival 🟒 Added new rule Warp & Shop Rules, 2.e to rules page 🟒 New /rules 5 added for shops;
Shop eviction can happen if you are inactive and only log on to re-rent your shop
ℹ️ We have never had staff able to evict people from shops, until today. We have an issue at present with inactive players/crews hogging shops logging on once in a while to keep their shop rent paid, leaving it mostly empty stock. This rule is for @Admin to evict renters from shops at their discretion, for example if you are a "Friend" on a shop and are really active and keep the shop stocked, but the owner is inactive, Staff discretion may be that's completely fine. Where as if a shop owner is inactive, as is their crew and this is well known and they only camp the shop, this is where we would evict people, especially from a shops history and how long its been squatted. Opening that shop back up to the community that are active & playing. Any evictions will be posted into #📋β”‚changelogs and there is no rule to give the shop to other people, it will be first come first serve.
🏑 Creative 🟒 Copied in the entire market to creative so @Builder can start on the redesign for shop2 + make a new shop3. πŸ”— ℹ️ I replaced all chests with empty chests so I don't get any whiners πŸ‘ Also don't have to load all that NBT data too when building!
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Premium suite of Essentials plugin πŸ”Έ Should fix warmups on warps/spawn. 🟑 Updated Resource pack plugin /usepack piratecraft 🟑 Updated one of the regex checks on chat thanks @Bazurka 🟑 Updated a 1.13 swimming check in the AC config thanks @encode42
addedfixed Hardware Update: The hosts scan turned up issues with the RAM and they have replaced it all! This is absolutely fantastic news, and hopefully will be the end of utterly random JVM crashes that have been happening with no consistency or reason. This has actually been super stressful for me and finding issues with the RAM is actually great news to me, its all replaced and were back up and live now. If another JVM crash happens I will end it all by hugging a creeper kys addedfixed The server will be down for 2-4 hours from now (11:30am GMT 27th Oct 2020) as I have booked in the host to run a full memory test on the hardware pirateflag_2 This is to diagnose if there is any issues with the RAM causing JVM crashes, not many people online at this time on a Tuesday morning! (edited)
survival Survival 🟒 Added Custom mob plugin 🟒 Added Disguise plugin halloween Last chance to get your pumpkin patch made on /creative ! πŸ”—
survival Survival 🟒 Re-added the Halloween crate that vanished this morning, magic crate. pufferfish The test server was setting people to sailor after I updated a plugin on it and dev removed permissions, fantastic! So some of you got set to sailor on survival! If you need your rank setting back to what it was PM me on discord as you wasn't online when I fixed some people this morning.
survival Survival 🟑 Reduced Respawn Protection from 5 seconds to 1 second due to the sheer amount of people that keep requesting it in #🔭archived-suggestions This was enabled at 5 seconds for people with slow internet to respawn & be able to load chunks and entities before someone spam killed them where they have spawned, it also acted as protection against people that camp your home respawn location after you have been killed in a siege, giving you a few seconds to not be repeatedly killed over and over and over and over and over, but you wanted it changed, so its changed. I think its best suited having 5 seconds respawn protection to stop kill abuse, I can't really see a reason to change it to lower, but for some reason you all keep suggesting it.
Event. Turned up various drop rates. Turned up damage on all mobs a little. Drop rates will be monitored and adjusted as event goes on. Feel free to send Data on your drop rates as the event goes. Glad to receive feedback.
survival Survival 🟑 Updated Protocol hack plugin to work with 1.16.4, includes an assortment of fixes aswell as 1.16.4 support. 🟑 Updated Resource pack plugin /getresourcepack /getpack plugin. 🟑 Updated Brewing plugin πŸ”Έ Hopefully fixes the really obscure bug I found where pistons will not work in the same chunk as a barrel! 🟑 Updated premium suite of Essentails plugin 🟑 Updated /wild message in chat once used to tell the user they can use it again! Via @Deleted User in #🔭archived-suggestions 🟒 Enabled Enderpearls at /warp event Halloween2020 Event due to how much of the map is designed as parkour can get tedious. via @Nationalistic in #🔭archived-suggestions 🟒 Re-enabled Grappling hook pulling yourself server-wide, but not pulling others πŸ”΄ Disabled pulling others with grappling hooks server wide for /warp event to prevent pulling mobs/people into the lava as its a PvP free zone. The plugin does not respect Multi world permissions, so its global. updated Bungee / OS / Java 🟑 Updated OS & Java version. 🟑 Updated Bungee server ℹ️ PSA Please check your attitude. The amount of disgusting comments I have seen about this absolutely superb event is astronomical. Hundreds of hours have been poured into giving YOU content to play and giving YOU custom event items. If you see someone writing messages being an entitled spoilt degenerate, getting angry/emotional about not getting more free drops for an event, you have my blessing to tell them to shut the fuck up. @Helper feel free to mute these disgusting people. The TLDR of it is, if you are a negative piece of shit constantly. Events will not happen. End of. I just want to thank @calliemav fro such an amazing event the mobs are outstanding, I have no idea how you continue to make such unique abilities each time! There will be a release post for all Credit where credit is due, I need 5 hours free!
survival Survival - Added Shop Tp Warmup add Added 5s warmup to /as tp for shop owners, So this matches all existing teleporting. Giving instant TP for anyone lucky enough to have a shop is quite a perk for just having a shop! Lots of people abusing this recently when falling into Lava (Aka mindmeld420 at warp event!) We have also had a lot of reports in the past of people using this to escape PvP battles as a quick way out. πŸ”Έ Apart from Captains! You gained a bypass permission to keep your instant TP to your shop! (edited)
change Website - Fixed Punishment Checker upd Fixed the ban tracker website updating, thanks to @Kangy_Roo for the report and @iwanidev for the Issue. Now closed: add Run a manual update on it, so its updated, it should auto update itself again now. πŸ”— πŸ”— (edited)
change Creative - Pumpkin Patch Competition 2020 Entries Closed! halloween Pumpkin Competition now closed! I cant wait to judge these! I've seen some utterly stunning builds! The end date was the 31st October, but I got way distracted by the big Halloween event release! Now its properly closed for entries, Judging will happen soon! Thanksto @lazydog11 for reminding me I had it still open! rem Removed Missive for Pumpkin Competition! rem Removed Access to the Creative halloween plot world! (edited)

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