Building Cannons are unlocked at Gunner rank, You can shoot pre-built cannons as a Deckhand and load pre-made cannons as a Sailor or bypass all ranking and donate.
At present there are 3 cannon types that can fire 5 different projectiles. You can build a maximum of 15 cannons as Gunner, 20 as Lieutenant, 30 as Commander and 50 as Captain.
You can use /cannons in-game for a basic tutorial on how to build a cannon, Watch the video below or follow the how to build steps.

  • Gunner Rank (To build)
  • 3 black wool or 2 Iron blocks
  • 2 stone buttons
  • 1 torch
  • 1-3 Gunpowder (Per shot)
  • 1 Projectile (Per shot)
  • (Optional) A clock to auto-aim
  • (Optional) Sign for Cannon information

How to Build

Once you have the right rank, you can build different types of cannons, If you place a blank sign on the side of the barrel, it will give cannon information and its owner.

Carronade Black Wool Cannon

Start by building your barrel, 3 long out of black wool, each end of the cannon needs a stone button, at the rear of the cannon you place a torch on top of the barrel.


Detailed Information:

The Carronade cannon has a maximum load of 3 gunpowder, each gunpowder multiplies the velocity by 1.0, Spread of 1.0, Anyone next to the canon without a helmet will get 5 blast confusion (potion effect) Has a fuse of 1 second, barrel cool down of 3 seconds, When aiming, has a Maximum horizontal angle between -45° to 45°, Has no recoil, Is not a front loader (can be loaded from any angle), Is not rotatable, has a mass of 1000kg (For ships) can be fired by right clicking the end button or torch, There is an option to auto-reload projectiles & gunpowder via a chest and fire using attached redstone signal.

Iron Cannon

Start by building your barrel, 2 long out of Iron blocks, each end of the cannon needs a stone button, at the rear of the cannon you place a torch on top of the barrel.


Detailed Information: N/A


Start by building your barrel, 2 vertical high out of Iron blocks, top of the cannon needs an iron pressure plate, at the bottom of the mortar you place a torch.


Detailed Information: N/A


You can view working examples of cannons on the main /spawn ship, Inside the cannon shop at /warp cove and a working demonstration of redstone linked, auto loading cannons at /warp gates.

Types of Projectiles

Cobblestone – Cannonball

The Cobblestone cannonball has a velocity of 3, penetration of 1, Fires 1 cannonball, spread of 1, Explosion power of 2 (Creeper is 3), with a fuse of 1 second, Direct hit Damage of 10, If a player is next to an explosion 5 damage, Potion range of 5, Potion duration of 7, Potion amplifier of 1, Potion Effects harm & slow.

Diamond – Hardened Cannonball, Blasts through Obsidian

Melon Seeds – Canister Shot

TNT – Cluster bomb

Firework – Incendiary

Loading, firing and aiming

You load gunpowder first by right clicking with gunpowder (Sulphur) in hand, you can load a maximum of 3 gunpowder for maximum velocity, Then right click a cobblestone block onto the barrel (It should disappear) Your cannon is ready to be fired! Take aim by clicking a clock on the barrel and taking aim or with an empty hand; right click the side of the barrel to take horizontal aim, Shift right click will decrease the angle, Right clicking the upper or lower side of the barrel will increase vertical angle, Shift right click to decrease angle.
Fire the cannon by right clicking the torch or back button.

Video Tutorial



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