Cannons can be built at any rank, with better cannons being unlocked at Cadet, Sailor, Gunner, and Firstmate. Alternatively you can bypass all ranking and donate.
At present, there are 17 cannon types that can fire 12 different projectiles. You can build a maximum of 15 cannons as Gunner, 20 as Lieutenant, 30 as Commander, and 50 as Captain.
You can use /cannons in-game for a basic tutorial on how to build a cannon, Watch the video below or follow the how to build steps.

  • Several blocks of cannon material (grey/black wool, coal/iron/gold blocks)
  • 2 stone buttons (3/4 for double/triple cannon)
  • (Optional) 1 stone/iron/gold pressure plate for coal/iron/gold mortar 
  • 1 torch
  • 1-3 Gunpowder (Per shot)
  • 1 Projectile (Per shot)
  • (Optional) A clock to auto-aim

How to Build

Once you have the right rank, you can build different cannon types: Carronades, Cast-Iron, Iron, and Bronze cannons. Improving the material of the cannon will increase its range, while increasing its length will improve its accuracy.

All cannons can load a maximum of 3 gunpowder; each gunpowder increases the velocity and range by a small amount. Anyone next to the cannon without a helmet will get 5s blast confusion (potion effect). All cannons have a fuse of 1 second and barrel cooldown of 3 seconds. All cannons have maximum horizontal and vertical angles between -45° to 45°. Cannons have no recoil and can be loaded from any angle. Cannons can be fired by right-clicking the end button or torch, There is an option to auto-reload projectiles & gunpowder via a chest and fire using an attached redstone signal.


You can view examples of all cannons inside the cannon shop at /warp cove.  A working demonstration of manual-firing and redstone-linked auto-loading cannons can be found at /warp tutorials.

Rusty Carronade

Start by building your barrel, 3 long out of grey wool, each end of the cannon needs a stone button, at the rear of the cannon you place a torch on top of the barrel. The rusty carronade shares the same design with the carronade and all medium cannons – but with a different material in place of the wool.


Iron Short Cannon

Start by building your barrel, 2 long out of Iron blocks, each end of the cannon needs a stone button, at the rear of the cannon you place a torch on top of the barrel.


Detailed Information: N/A

Iron Mortar

Start by building your barrel, 2 vertical high out of Iron blocks, top of the cannon needs an iron pressure plate, at the bottom of the mortar you place a torch.


Detailed Information: N/A

Cannon Designs

Cannon NameHow to BuildRank RequiredAllowed ProjectilesRange (blocks)AccuracyNotes
Rusty Carronade3 grey woolDeckhandStandard, Cannistershot, Shrapnel, Burning40Very poor
Carronade3 black woolCadetStandard, Cannistershot, Shrapnel, Burning55Very poor
Cast-Iron Short Cannon2 coal blocksSailorAll70Poor
Cast-Iron Medium Cannon3 coal blocksSailorAll70Average
Cast-Iron Long Cannon4 coal blocksSailorAll70Good
Cast-Iron Mortar2 coal blocksSailorAll70GreatShoots in an artillery style
Iron Short Cannon2 iron blocksGunnerAll90Poor
Iron Medium Cannon3 iron blocksGunnerAll90Average
Iron Long Cannon4 iron blocksGunnerAll90Good
Iron Double Cannon7 iron blocksGunnerAll90AverageShoots 2 standard cannonballs
Iron Mortar2 iron blocksGunnerAll90GreatShoots in an artillery style
Bronze Short Cannon2 gold blocksFirstmateAll120Poor
Bronze Medium Cannon3 gold blocksFirstmateAll120Average
Bronze Long Cannon4 gold blocksFirstmateAll120Good
Bronze Double Cannon7 gold blocksFirstmateAll120AverageShoots 2 standard cannonballs
Bronze Triple Cannon10 gold blocksFirstmateAll120AverageShoots 3 standard cannonballs
Bronze Mortar2 gold blocksFirstmateAll120GreatShoots in an artillery style
Custom Cannons you can build on PirateCraft

Loading, firing and aiming

You load gunpowder first by right-clicking with gunpowder (sulfur) in hand, you can load a maximum of 3 gunpowder for maximum velocity. Then right-click a cobblestone block (or any other projectile item listed below) onto the barrel (it should disappear). Your cannon is ready to be fired!

Take aim by clicking a clock on the barrel and taking aim or with an empty hand; right-click the side of the barrel to take horizontal aim, Shift right-click will decrease the angle, right-clicking the upper or lower side of the barrel will increase the vertical angle, shift right-click to decrease the angle.
Fire the cannon by right-clicking the torch or back button.

Projectiles to load into Cannons

There are 12 different cannon projectiles that you can load into cannons. Each projectile has a special effect; some projectiles do very high player-damage (enough to 1-shot any player), while others work like long range splash potions.

The type of cannon you load these projectiles will affect its range, but not its damage or effect.

A full list of all projectiles and their stats can be found below.

Projectile NameRankItem Player damageExplosive damageSpecial Effects
Standard cannonballDeckhandCobblestoneHighStandard
CannistershotSailorMelon SeedLowNoneSplits into 16 smaller projectiles over a wide area
ShrapnelSailorFlintLowLowSplits into 4 small projectiles, ideal at damaging blocks with low explosive resistance.
Burning cannonballSailorFire ChargeHighNoneSets a small area on fire. Fire will not spread.
Hardened cannonballGunnerDiamondVery highHighCan explode underwater. Can break obsidian.
ClusterbombGunnerTNTLowVery highSpawns TNT nearby.
Penetrating cannonballGunnerFireworkLowLowCan penetrate up to 16 blocks.
CatapultGunnerLeadNoneNoneLaunches the player.
Cursed projectileFirstmateDragon breathNoneNoneWither II & Slowness II over a small area.
Frozen projectileFirstmateIceNoneNoneSlowness IV over a small area.
CorpseFirstmateRotten fleshNoneNonePoison II & Hunger II over a small area.
Blinding projectileFirstmateInk sackNoneNoneNausea & Blindness over a small area.
Custom Cannons you can build on PirateCraft


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