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πŸ”΄ Updated /motd πŸ”΄ Added coupon code "valentine2019" until Sunday for 10% off /donate
Happy valentines from PirateCraft!
2 Likes, 0 Comments - PirateCraft (@piratecraft) on Instagram: β€œHappy Valentine's from PirateCraft! Get your free valentine's gift at /warp cove! There is a new…”
πŸ”΄ Valentines There is a small gift chest at /warp cove to claim! we are also dropping a new Pirate chest today!
πŸ”΄ Updated /motd in-game & updated the server list MOTD
πŸ”΄ Added a drop every 30m for a key for our BRAND NEW Crate deadmanschest, a new pirate themed crate, the drops for this WILL STOP when I feel like valentines is over (very soon). The 30m drop is only to celebrate valentines.
πŸ”΄ Added the deadmanschest treasure chest to /donate (Its not on the website store yet)
πŸ”΄ Formatted /server to be easier to read, so its not just one giant orange blob (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated the website navigation to (hopefully) fix the fixed navigation on mobile & desktop
πŸ”΄ I have a Mass Claim cleanup proposal Please look at the spreadsheet with 1100 claims I want to delete, I need replies in
πŸ”΄ updated crates
πŸ”΄ added new ship battle #16 tool to chest πŸ”΄ removed server list & MOTD about valentines πŸ”΄ removed 30m key drops for Valentines πŸ”΄ removed valentines chest at cove
πŸ”΄ updated Minecraft server to block glitch
πŸ”΄ Actually removed the valentines messages from the server list MOTD (There's 2, personalised and not personalised, need to remember this!)
πŸ”΄ Updated /auc with mostly all custom items from our confiscation months ago, this auction has starting bid prices due to the incredibly low ball wins from last auction (my fault for starting it all at 0!) I think this is auction number 4? (edited)
πŸ”΄ @Deleted User Added auto reactions for #📋β”‚changelogs #🔭archived-suggestions and #📢β”‚announcements πŸ˜ƒ
πŸ”΄ Got the test server back up on 1.13 with a relatively recent backup of the main world, very limited plugins as I test them 1 by 1 again, the ones we have are the latest versions on there, please do start checking. /server test I am testing importing all users Essentails data, which is /homes and balance. Please check these and report in #deleted-channel (edited)
πŸ”΄ @Contributor /near is now a custom plugin, It does not show pirates that are invisible or sneaking (We also have a few other versions that can show allys/rivals & crew names, more disgussion will happen in #🔭suggestions_chat ) πŸ”΄ @Contributor /back will no longer allow returning to the last position if they were killed in PVP! This should hopefully stop those PVP backers! All thanks to @Creeprr big him up! (edited)
πŸ”΄ @Contributor /near will now show a coloured crew tag next to the username, green means ally, red rival and grey is neutral. So you can quickly see whos with who! Quickly figure out if someone is a foe! (edited)
πŸ”΄ Hopefully disabled the chat kicks for 1.13 clients (it was super simple too) they will still drown mind.
πŸ”΄ πŸ”ƒ Updated the Anti-cheat 4 versions and updated configs (To the recommended version, but still not the latest due to πŸ› ) We will be using a new anti-cheat for 1.13+ due to the developer just disappearing. great paid resource and paid configs πŸ€” πŸ”΄ ⏫ Added hologram plugin for spawn due to new players still not being able to read signs/motd/books/npc messages/website/wiki sigh. πŸ”΄ πŸ”ƒ Updated chat plugin to block some naughty glitches (edited)
πŸ”΄ Via @cysteen request ( Added some chat rules for: πŸ—¨ "I cant swim" gives message to user πŸ—¨ "gay”, β€œgey”, β€œgae” now replaced with lame/meh πŸ—¨ single letter L/l replaced with landlubber
πŸ”΄ + Added #🗄β”‚help_wanted_archive channel where @Owner @Admin & @Build Leader can post server wide help that's needed in reply to the #🔭archived-suggestions I made got upvoted.
πŸ”΄ Added #🏠build_help for Pirates to post your build projects and ideas to work with others! Have an idea you want to build and want to find some people to help? head to #🏠build_help Post if you have an idea, an existing project or are bored and want to help with a project! Even saying something like "I'm free and want to work on something with someone" is fine! Remember you can also post times you are available (With timezones) and use Teamspeak to communicate πŸ˜ƒ
πŸ”΄ Fixed 1.13 clients drowning on the survival pirate
πŸ”΄ Maintenance; Updated Chat, Analytics, Heads & Crate plugins, Updated Server & bungee.
πŸ”΄ Updated Essentials suite of plugins, this is your homes/balance/mail/teleporting, This is a larger update which brings 1.13 compatibility which we couldn't update to before due to breaking backwards compatibility. πŸ‘‰ Teleportation now loads chunks async, hopefully its faster. πŸ‘‰ Beds won't be set in nether and the end where they explode (edited)
πŸ”΄ Please welcome @Deleted User as our new forum moderator!
πŸ”΄ Fixed our Analytics so its recording & working again (after months not working!) πŸ”΄ Fixed the Video plugin on the website to allow me to add new videos. πŸ‘‰ Added 2 ship battle videos made by Elo to (edited)
πŸ”΄ Spent the entire day re-making the Staff team page from scratch as it was so outdated! πŸ‘‰
πŸ”΄ Changed the color of the PVP missive text so you can read it.
πŸ”΄ Full server update & reboot, updated bungee & paper server, made some MySQL config changes.
πŸ”΄ Pushed a backup of the auto ranking data from the 17th March 2019, it somehow deleted itself so pirates were doing /rankup and their completed XP challenges were marked as not done, this means the completed tasks for ranking has been rolled back to 3 days ago. (66kb file vs 8.8mb!) pirate (edited)
πŸ”΄ Discord Moved all of the channel icons to the left of each channel to all line up instead of being wonky, and renamed #🎲β”‚general_lounge as a general chat lounge, re-named the category too.
πŸ”΄ New Pirate Bible Re-named to The Pirate Code from @.xeron. #🔭archived-suggestions. I spent the entire day re-making The Pirate Code, over 11 versions published today, the formatting is an utter bitch to get text in the right place! Get it now with /kit bible Anyone can help update The Pirate Code, the raw book code is on the Wiki, but make sure you count the characters used and count the lines to make sure not to screw up the page formatting in-game, this is VITAL to not screw up pushing text onto another page! Read the bullet points! πŸ”— (edited)
πŸ”΄ You can now drop items when PvP tagged from the request from #🔭archived-suggestions
πŸ”΄ /auc updated This is auction number 5. This round there is no really "special items" but starting to sell off a lot of the extra stuff we have.
Image attachment
πŸ”΄ Updated chat plugin
πŸ”΄ Added Packed ice & Cobwebs to the captain gifts for when you get the captain contributor rank.
πŸ”΄ Next reboot will; Update server & bungee, remove the dynamic view distance to see if that's what's causing people not showing for others, Enabling a second stats plugin to collect data to see if we can move to it, updated a custom plugin by @Creeprr to test some additional claim protection.
πŸ”΄ Added Donkey, Mule, Llama & Parrot Eggs to donator gift choices (edited)
πŸ”΄ PirateCraft has been re-branded to PrincessCraft, we no longer have pesky fighting to get in the way of being a princess and no more siege! ❀ 🐬 Please install our new official Resource pack (edited)
This is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is Magic-inspired texture pack! However, this is only in the sense that it's bright...
πŸ”΄ We're all princessed out, we are back to PirateCraft! (edited)
🏑 The @Builder team finished /warp north its now live! They have spent months building this amazing beautiful warp for PirateCraft and its a really unique. Welcome to the NORTH! Massive thank you to @BGraph @cysteen @pashjn @stevenking169 @Pjeturr who made this happen! (If I have missed out names, ping me in the builder chat!)
πŸ”΄ Changed /warp norths biome to Taiga & thawed the snow, also allowed using doors there.
πŸ”΄ Set up a 250 block radius render around north to try and fix the squiffy map render when I pasted in North πŸ”΄ Setup @elo106 as a proper Editor on the website to host his BOTM properly on the blog, stay tuned! & added the Media badge to his forum account. πŸ”—
Minecraft Dynamic Map
πŸ’° 30% OFF with Coupon code PirateBasket from /donate or πŸ”΄ Added Easter Basket 2019 Chest thanks @.xeron. ! πŸ”΄ Added auto random key drop every hour for Easter basket keys! πŸ”΄ Added 15x Easter Basket keys to /donate store β„Ή Get yourself to /warp cove to see all items in the Easter crate, Left click to see items, right click a key to use it! (edited)
Image attachment
πŸ”΄ Updated /motd and server list motd.
πŸ”΄ Next Reboot: Updated BuyCraft plugin & chat plugin & Chat bridge plugin for the proxy (edited)
πŸ”΄ Fixed the SSL cert on the map page needed a renew, maps back up πŸ”΄ new blog post by @elo106 for April 2019 BOTM:
Minecraft Dynamic Map
πŸ”΄ Next reboot: Updated protocol hack to allow 1.14 clients to connect to our 1.12.2 server. (We are working on upgrading, just a hell'a lot of broken plugins into 1.13) Known issues when using a newer client: ⚠ 1.14 Fireworks may not trigger correctly due to changes of how the explosion is triggered, Respawning may be slightly slower. ⚠ 1.13: Block connections are now serverside (Will need to test this) Please continue to use a 1.12.2 client. and keep an eye on #deleted-channel We will have to update to 1.13 before 1.14 as there is no straight convert (The world data changes). (edited)
πŸ”΄ Added #deleted-channel to report bugs, as an extension of Which should still be used for longer posts you really want fixed, discords more for quick simple fixes. πŸ”΄ Updated proxy server
πŸ”΅ Creative Updated Server, Updated Protocol hack to allow 1.14 clients, Updated Chat plugin, Updated plot plugin. πŸ”΄ Survival Updated Protocol hack for 1.14, Updated chat plugin
πŸ”΄ @.xeron. Updated Treasure Chest crates (edited)
πŸ”΄ Gave everyone back the /ignore command, looks like the developer changed the permissions, this is handled by the chat plugin now. Some of you may have double ignores with /eignore which you still also have, this will be handled by Essentials (try to just use /ignore now) Being handled by the chat plugin should give us more control across servers too.
πŸ”΄ From #deleted-channel @Cappur Reported that dogs were invincible again, I reverted a change to allow attacking dogs again, but this may have other PvP changes as I had to enable PvP checking via GriefPrevention again, do take note of changes. Thanks for help test @Nado994 (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated Buycraft plugin
πŸ”΄ Wiki Added Notification plugin, the same as Wikipedia for notices of changes, theres also a notification system; full information
Notifications (formerly known as Echo) is an engagement tool for Wikimedia and MediaWiki sites to inform users about new activity in a unified way. It provides notifications to users of various events related to their account, including new talk page messages, edit reverts, m...
πŸ”΄ Fixed crew title and crew rank showing when hovering usernames in chat
πŸ”΄ Updated /auc
Image attachment
πŸ”΄ Admins can now /nick players, this is a tool for them to re-name bad usernames. You can NOT ask for a nickname. It will be up to the team member how they decide to punish, most likley with a nick of their choice. 1⃣ Nicknamed players now show up in italics in tablist 2⃣ Real usernames are now shown when you hover over their username in chat 3⃣ An admin may use the Nickname system to set colors/format/names during an event to show team status. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated Essentials plugin, all your main commands & updated the messages file that was wowfully outdated, active next reboot. Hopefully this should fix the random messages that no longer show. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Next reboot » Added /glow for #💎β”‚contributor ranks, you can even pick your color! πŸ”΄ Next reboot » Added Custom jump pads for messing about around market/warps (No fall damage) (edited)
πŸ”΄ Added jump pads at /warp cove, /warp shop and /warp shop2 at /warp south and /warp north
πŸ”΄ Weekend event live read #📢β”‚announcements
πŸ”΄ Removed jump pads as it was giving people fly. πŸ”΄ Updated Discord plugin πŸ”΄ Removed event, PVP back on, Being shown on map again, Removed Server list MOTD & removed message from MOTD. πŸ”΄ Updated custom heads plugin & Analytics πŸ”΄ Updated Citizens (NPCs) and the book plugin that allows them to open books. πŸ”΄ Updated chat plugin (edited)
πŸ”΄ Added a Jukebox plugin to experiment with region based music. Edit it requires each player to open a website in a browser for it to work (lame) might look at a noteblock alternative* (edited)
πŸ”΄ Website backend updates to frameworks and dependancies for theme. ➑ : Lazy loading images, cache & minifying CSS/JS changes (might break some parts of the website that use JS) ➑ Starting to convert heading images to webp format (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated Maximum acquired blocks for Claims to 1,000,000 (As @lazydog11 hit the maximum of 500k! πŸ†) β„Ή TIP: Find out your total claim blocks by using /claimslist and its at the top written like this 271050 blocks from play + 1125 bonus = 272175 total. β„Ή TIP2: You can name your claims with /nameclaim <name> for easy recognition in /claimslist (Stand in your claim and /nameclaim Town center) (edited)
πŸ”΄ Upgraded @Builder (Craftsman) on Creative now have 50 plots and 50 merges. (was 30 & 16) πŸ”΄ Upgraded @Build Leader (Housewright) on Creative now have 350 plots and 350 merges. (was 250) - For server projects that require multiple people (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated permissions system on survival and bungee πŸ”΄ Added hotbar title plugin (edited)
πŸ”΄ Removed hotbar plugin, removed music plugin, janky ass plugins, that glow is on thin ice too (edited)
πŸ”΄ @.xeron. Added a ton of new death chat messages πŸ”΄ @.xeron. Got arrow/bow death messages working showing the bow name! (edited)
πŸ”΄ Changed the /msg private message system to be the chat PM system over essentials, this allows me to have hover over & click capabilities for all /msg you send and receive, at present its just set to click to /msg <username>. Im open to suggestions of what information is shown in /msg hover & what click events happen, click events can be on username, badge and message and be all separate click actions, same for hover information. β„Ή The /msg timeout works the same as the old system, if you are in a conversation with someone someone else cant steal your /r unless your conversation has been inactive for 30 seconds. πŸ› Known bug, if you are in the timeout period and start a new /msg conversation your /r wont be replaced with the new conversation you just started this bug has been reported.
πŸ”΄ Added /w /pm /m /t /whisper /tell as /msg alias's and /togglemsg, /ignorepm, ./nopm and msgtoggle to toggle msg (For those with perms). πŸ”΄ Updated Bungee server & client protocol hack to allow 1.14.2 clients to connect to the 1.12.2 server.
πŸ”΄ next reboot Updated the mob head dropping plugin a lot of versions, Entire config re-made in new format.
πŸ”΄ ⚠ Added more Siege blocks ⚠ Added Leaves, Tallgrass, Dead bush, and End_Stone to siege soft blocks (End stone to match dirt/netherrack of the other two worlds) This will happen next reboot (10.30am GMT tomorrow).
πŸ”΄ Upgraded builders to have 100 plots and 100 merges on creative πŸ”΄ Re-added the jump pads plugin (there is one at market at present while we test) hopefully it stops putting people in fly!
πŸ”΄ Temporarily removed the head drop plugin, as I think its the cause of the JRE crashes weve been having, I did update it recently and its showing in the Java crash logs as its SQLite issue, I have reported it to the developer and awaiting a reply. (still active until next reboot) (edited)
πŸ”΄ Shop referrals are now active #📢β”‚announcements
πŸ”΄ Added a cross server chat feature, just use an exclamation point before what you say !Ahoy Matey and this will prefix your chat in the other servers with what server you are in, I disabled /me from going cross server as this is a better way. πŸ”΄ Updated the chat on the Creative to have a better MOTD when you log in, it will show your plot count out of how many you have left! πŸ› Creative bug, for some unknown reason none of the chat plugin permissions are working, must be a bug.
πŸ”΄ /auc was updated! No gif yet! plan to do this tomorrow! get budding now!
Change-log roundup for the last 3 months 3 months, 20 days since our last change log round-up, you might want some grog to read through the changelogs over the last 3 months! The changelogs are in a rough order of when they were completed, fromoldest to newest. You can see Ch...
⏳ Auction 7 /auc Gif 18.5mb, Mp4 1.8mb! Looks like im using mp4s from now on! (edited)
πŸ“œ Website ship guide updated Fixed the page actually loading, the syntax highlighter was breaking the page from loading, I removed the gfycat embed and embedded the raw webm video that auto plays, MUCH faster, Started to convert the allowed blocks to be Collapse links, so far ive done Dhow and Schooner, working my way through the rest. πŸ”— (edited)
πŸ”΄ Updated #👋β”‚welcome added a ton of roles and fixed up some old stuff.
πŸ”΄ Please Welcome @elo106 properly to the PirateCraft team as SeaArtist (Media) role. Elo's consistency and quality with the Build of the Month is exactly what we need as a Pirate community! So this is a much deserved promotion, thank you Elo. ❔ SeaArtist Perks include a custom color in-game, access to /pweather and /ptime to set weather and time to get good screenshots, also their view distance is doubled to 12 view distance (Once the plugins back up that does this) They can also toggle /busy
πŸ”΄ Creative Fixed all chat permissions so they work again! you can now /msg, /ignore /motd again! πŸ”΄ πŸ†• Cross server /msg You can now use /msg cross server! msg people on creative or survival! πŸ”΄ Creative Fixed Cross server global chat on creative, you can now use !This is my message to send a global cross server message from Creative to survival πŸ˜ƒ
πŸ”΄ Creative Filled world & generated map (So there wasn't those ugly marks all over it) πŸ”—
πŸ”΄ Creative Moved /spawn out of the Hub to the creative world, since we never got around to needing a hub! in the near future the /server hub will be re-branded to /server creative. β„Ή @Browe_ will hopefully be making a better Creative spawn (A small pirate island in some water on a 2x2) but he is very busy at present with another server project, so if anyone else wants to create a new Creative spawn, please go ahead and make it on a 2x2 plot! (Make sure to include the signs from the current /spawn) @Build Leader @Builder (edited)
πŸ”΄ Re-branded /server hub to /server creative πŸ’  Re-named the Bungee instances of hub to creative (Bungee needs a restart to fully fix it) πŸ’  Set Server properties and world changing plugin to both spawn in the Creative world πŸ’  Made a really rudimentary new spawn for Creative, I moved the NPCS and Holograms from the Hub world to Creative spawn. πŸ’  Updated /motd to reflect changes and sticking to /travel over /play now (this will get updated soon). πŸ’  Updated sub-domains, server list messages, you can now use in your server list. the old will still work too. ⚠ Super annoying bug with Plots plugin that wont allow me to remove/unload the Hub world or it breaks all plots URGH DEVELOPERS. (edited)
πŸ”΄ Creative matched hopper settings to survival As requested in #🔭archived-suggestions via @cysteen I have updated the /server creative to have the same hopper settings as the main server.
πŸ”΄ Changed the main server reboot message to say to come back in 10 mins instead of 1 as it takes that long to reboot now (we need a plugin purge)
πŸ”΄ Creative Bug fix from @nicdv in #deleted-channel - the 1.13+ clients getting kicked for tab spam, i fixed it on Survival and not creative, should be fixed now.
πŸ”΄ Updated /info siege with new soft blocks (Thanks @lazydog11 )
πŸ”΄ Updated Ban system to fix Console log errors
πŸ”΄ Added jump pads back to the /warp shops marketplace. πŸ“Ή Also a reason to make a quick video to remind myself how to edit video and find the intro files lol its been too long!
πŸ”΄ Updated Brewing plugin: πŸ”Έ NEW Support Magma Block as Heat Source πŸ”΄ Updated Jump Pads plugin πŸ”΄ Removed Ship shop at /warp shop3 (edited)
πŸ”΄ In light of the recent discord 'raids' I have disabled permissions for non-verified members to post in 90% of channels (exception being #📁β”‚support_archive and #🏝_old_general_unverified_old-🏝) πŸ”΄ If non-verified players wish to be verified, please ask staff in-game or in #🏝_old_general_unverified_old-🏝 πŸ”Έ This is intended to be temporary (edited)

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