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survival Survival upd Fixed the locker NPC running the correct command on leaving the locker (again) not sure how this guy reset his command! upd Updated treasure chest plugin (For next reboot) (edited)
survival Survival add @Moderator @Admin You re-gained access to /chc color menu and all the other /chc color for quick chat color setting! These colors should work anywhere in chat. add @Helper You also gained access to /chc color menu and all the other /chc color for the specific colors Dark Aqua, Red and White (Like it was in 1.12.2!)
survival Survival add @Moderator @Admin You gained /colorpicker & /colorlimits (Next reboot) for 10 pages you can click through for selecting any hex color to use in chat! πŸ”Έ I had an idea to use this on Creative for when I've re-built it for people to make custom items using literally and hex color using this menu! all the possibilities! add @Moderator Gained the ability to send chat announcements with /an You can use your new pretty colors in this too! ℹ️ You can use gradients with πŸŽ‰ (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated Treasure chest plugin /treasure hopefully this resolves the issues around animations with it. upd Updated chat plugin
survival Survival upd Hopefully fixed being able to click missive urls, for future me - Clear formatting after the url. upd Missives, changed all http to https in urls globally and fixed uptime url to the correct
survival Store add Added Hoglin & Zoglin spawn eggs to the contributor gifts at checkout, requested via @.tulips as a method to get an achievement unlocked due to not being able to push animals through portals. πŸ‘
survival Web add Published Feb 2022 BOTM blog post: πŸ”— #📢β”‚announcements πŸ”— survival Survival add @Pjeturr @WaterPoolPool@Lullaby93 Given out your prizes for winning Feb 2022 BOTM πŸ‘ Check your inv & echests. πŸ”— #🎉β”‚giveaway-events (edited)
survival Survival The end of the Winter 2021/22 Winter treasure chest was yesterday! 20th March 2022! We are now officially in spring! You can always see our calendar at /warp cove for timings for Treasure chests (Attached image). We are going to be late with a spring 2022 Treasure chest as I haven't yet fully finished building the Creative server for 1.18 from 1.12 for items to be designed for it. For those that were unaware of the date I will leave the Treasure chest at cove to be used, but remove methods to get keys! Use up your Winter21/22 Treasure chest keys now at /warp cove! before the Chest is removed! πŸŽ‰ Did one last blast out and dropped everyone online some last keys! rem Removed key drops for Winter 2021-22 Treasure Chest. rem Removed key drops from Vote chest at Cove! (edited)
survival Discord add Setup a discord bot for free stuff/cheap/sale to auto be posted to #deleted-channel as I swear I always just miss something. add Looking for Java Developers in #🗄β”‚help_wanted_archive πŸ‘ (edited)
survival Survival rem Removed some outdated missives for; Siege/Auction/Resetting playtime. πŸ”Έ Siege and Auction are planned to come back dont worry, just keeping current information updated. upd Changed Missive from Facebook to youtube sub, and updated a command in missives. add @mionathegreat Created a new graphic for the Feb 2022 BOTM for /warp botm πŸŽ‰
survival Survival upd Fixed these mental particles not being so mental in the casino.
survival Survival upd Fixed the custom recipe for making cobweb from 9 string.
survival Survival add Added the old portcullis gates back! I found a fork of the plugin that was updated, all your oldschool portcullis should work again! (Not bridges that's a separate plugin and there is no fork) add Added brand new /lottery plugin New lottery plugin! This one is in a GUI form, but you can still use /lottery buy 3 or /lottery status for text based information and use/. πŸ”Έ Taxes go to the /bal PirateCraft account. πŸ”Έ You can toggle lottery chat messages/reminders directly from /lottery πŸ”Έ Requries at least 2 people to be in a lottery for one to be draw, its drawn every 1 hour. πŸ”Έ Tickets are still £10 with a £25 pot and 15% Tax for winnings. upd Bounty plugin fixes saving bounties over restarts FINALLY I have been nagging this developer since I bought the plugin to fix this, he finally updated it, I tested it on test server, so we can finally use bounties properly again. πŸ”Έ Saves bounties over restarts πŸ”Έ Gained Crew support (No claiming crew bounties!) thanks @Markusi13 for that idea! πŸ”Έ GUI now displays bounty expiration upd Updated armor stand limiter plugin upd Updated Coreprotect plugin
survival Survival upd Updated premium suite of essentials plugin.
survival Survival upd Removed bold from lottery messages, and added cost for lottery tickets in the /lottery GUI. upd Updated all URLS in Missives (again) to make all italic and all blue, they were differnt colors and formatting and dark red.. very confusing! Also fixed the discord hyperlink working in missives. (edited)
survival Survival add Added /lotto alias for /lottery add Created #deleted-channel for @Helper @Moderator @Admin as another means for punishment logging, punishments will auto be logged here too (After restart)
survival Survival add Ship in a bottle comes back!! Next restart we should have ship in a bottle back (Build crates) ℹ️ When the Creative is re-opened, there will be a competition to design a LOT more things for these! Keep your eyes peeled and announcements on! (edited)
survival Survival add Re-added Force Lottery in Vote Treasure chest! I re-added my force lottery prize back into the /vote treasure chest! This time with a twist! It auto-adds an extra £100 into the pot as well as everyone else's money!
survival Proxy upd Updated Proxy server software add Added Cross server chat plugin (I'm re-building creative at present) And its working! rem Removed VPN blocking plugin, Why? that cant be good right? Microsoft /Mojang should have completed their migration from Mojang to Microsoft accounts as the due date was March 10th 2022, with much tighter restrictions imposed by Microsoft themselves on accounts, this should theoretically prevent people having 100's of accounts at their disposal as each and every account needs to be migrated to a Microsoft account, which requires access to the original email of the Minecraft account, this has definitely stitched up many many people that bought accounts online cheap, got gifted an account, borrowed an account or just no longer have access to their original emails, but this is how Microsoft wanted to tackle abuse from Alts/Bots. And i'm curious if it worked or was a waste of time from Microsoft. We will see. This does also mean you should no longer require asking for access to use a VPN, it should just work again πŸ‘ (edited)
survival Survival rem Removed this channel join/leave message in chat for chat channels, as it's only staff that this benefits and we barly leave our staff channels, so fully disabled all around as its just chat spam. thanks to Bloodworth22 for the query about the message.
survival Survival add Buy a pre-made ship-in-a-bottle again! Shipwright shop is back open! Both at /warp cove and /warp ships upd Halved cost of ships I halved the cost of pre-made ships in a bottle, from £150 to £75 for a schooner and from £50 to £30 for Dhows. (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated dock0 at /warp ships with more info and clear indicators where to place a ship-in-a-bottle shipinabottle
survival Survival rem Removed the punishment plugin from trying to publish to discord, just not working.
survival Survival add πŸ†• New kit! /kit elytra This is a one time use kit for everyone to obtain their own Elytra! get them while stocks last! πŸ¦‹ πŸ”Έ Allow everyone to fly around the world much faster! upd @Ae0n updated some of the chat filter messages to fix some inconsistencies.
survival Survival rem Removed April fools chat/kit.
survival Proxy upd Updated Proxy server software upd Updated Chat plugin cross-server plugin survival Survival upd Updated Chat plugin (here we go again). ℹ️ The chat plugin seems to be the cause of the server crashes in the last 6~ days, I have no idea if this update will fix it, or what other issues he will introduce. Why is it always the chat plugin? I swear this guy never tests updates. I have been bedridden for the last 6 days and unable to sit up at my desk with some super flu variant (Not the rona) I'm still extremely sick but well enough to try and tackle the reboots the chat developer has caused. Somehow they managed to create 3.9GB of data in a table with 13k rows and 5 columns, so I have nuked the lot and updated the plugin, I'm hoping this is a solve to the reboots, but only time will tell. Discord screenshot is the amount of notifications I've been sent about reboots but being too sick to do anything.
survival Re-Added CrewHomes & Kills to live map add From next reboot re-added the Crew homes and Kills to the live map as the plugin got updated. parrot Remind yourself πŸ‘‡ of the commands on how to set an icon for your Crew home! (from next reboot) πŸ”—
survival Survival upd Did a temporary fix for rubber banding issue in PvP, will have to be manually fixed after each restart by @Moderator+ for now.
survival Survival upd Updated Shop2 design from Halloween theme to plain. Trees have been removed as well.
survival Survival - Upgraded to 1.18.2 add Upgraded server software to 1.18.2 please update your clients! πŸ‘‰ parrot Mass updated plugins for 1.18.2 upd Updated voting upd Updated tablist & overhead nametab upd Updated CPU profiling upd Updated jump pads upd Updated dynamic view distance upd Updated Essentials upd Updated Live map (Shift+Reload to clear cache) upd Updated server NPC shops upd Updated NPCs upd Updated Anti Cheat πŸ”Έ May fix some rubber banding, please test. upd Updated /doors upd Updated punishment plugin @Moderator upd Updated ship plugin & its Cannon plugin upd Updated shop renting plugin massive thanks @andrewandy ❀️ upd Updated worldguard upd Updated worldedit upd Updated premium suite of essentials and its dependency rem Removed Protocol hack
Minecraft Java 1.18.2 Released
πŸͺ“ Forest Felling time! The forests around PirateCraft are about to take a few axes, the Lumberjack at /warp cove is open to buying Logs from Everyone for a small amount of time! piratecoin So collect your logs and sell them to the Lumberjack at /warp cove today!
survival Survival rem Temp disabled custom map making plugin to see if its the cause of a bootup pause error for next mornings reboot.
survival Web add Published March 2022 BOTM blog post: πŸ”— #📢β”‚announcements πŸ”— survival Survival add @Pjeturr @Lullaby93 @PandamoniumPrime @romich02 Given out your prizes for winning March 2022 BOTM πŸ‘ Check your inv!
survival Survival add Added header and footer information when you open the tab list tab πŸ”Έ Ping, Balance, Your local time (in your timezone) and the server time are all shown now live, this saves having to run the ping command and also quickly see the time/servertime for events and organizing with players. πŸ”Έ Added wording on how to get πŸ†• /support add Created /support which is an alias for /request and I updated all the information. πŸ”Έ Fully re-wrote what was in /request to be support related and links to in-game commands and website links. πŸ”Έ Next reboot this should tab complete. upd Updated /staff dramatically, its always outdated so it now mostly links to main website and in-game options. upd Updated /ranks to fix staff ranks page listing online staff link upd Changed /help as an alias to /guides you can still use /ehelp if you ever use this menu, so now this goes to the guides index. upd Fixed /lotto buy 3 working, the parameters were not working before. upd Fixed quick swap using 1-9 on keyboard, Not sure when this fixed or what fixed it, but apparently it was a bug πŸ› Resolved itself through updates. upd Updated every single /guides page (over 70) with a new header that says "Guides" that you can click and it goes back to the guides index instead of just a line.
survival Survival add πŸ†• Fishing Contests! From tomorrows reboot there will be a brand new plugin that will introduce Fishing contests to PirateCraft! πŸ”Έ Mon-Sat 4x Daily contests for 10min "Largest fish" at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 You can sell your fish with /fish shop Bigger/rarer the more you will get! πŸ”Έ Saturday has a 60min "Specific Fish" rarity contest at 03:00 & 15:00 Server time with top 3 players getting cash prizes! πŸ”Έ Sunday has a 60min "Specific Fish" rarity contest at 03:00 & 15:00 Server time with top 3 players getting cash prizes! πŸ”Έ Sunday has a 30min "Largest Fish" contest at 13:00 Server time with top 3 players getting cash prizes! πŸ”Έ Sunday has a 45min "Most Fish" contest at 20:00 Server time with top 3 players getting cash prizes! ℹ️ Only during contest times will you be able to fish custom fish, you can sell your fish caught at any time using /fish shop ℹ️ There will be an NPC at /warp cove to sell your fish too aswell. ℹ️ Custom fish are biome specific, so you will need to try fishing in differnt biomes! ℹ️ You can "catch" Baits, which you can attach to fishing rods for boosts and yes; normal fishing rod enchants do help! ℹ️ Press tab to see /servertime this is new from today! ℹ️ Use /fish top to see the top leaderboard of the current contest! add Added /fish and /fishing that both have the parameters /fish shop and /fish top (For next reboot) upd Updated /coinage text. (edited)
survival Survival add πŸ†• Created Easter egg hunt for 3 unique one off /kits that you unlock by finding the most Easter eggs! πŸ”Έ See #📢β”‚announcements for Information, or just start by going to /warp cove πŸ”— ⏰ Event Link πŸ”—
survival Survival change Cleaned up the @Helper team change Added @jpcello and @PandamoniumPrime as Helper
alert Shops Shop s11 has been unrented du to not beeing used as a shop!!
survival Survival add Re-added /calc 2+2 and also works from /solve for quick in-game calculator, this is cadet+ add Created /events so that we can list when Seasons/Events are happening, I added in the fishing times & Lottery times to this too! upd Updated BOTM missive & the Wiki Missive upd Removed some unnecessary lines in tab upd Updated premium essentials locale chat file (edited)
survival Survival add I Fully re-wrote /claims in-game Guide. πŸ”Έ About 90% more information. Everything has click events to run/suggest commands and with hover overs. πŸ”Έ Dynamic /claims 3 which shows your actual claim amounts and claim blocks (there is no total placeholder sadly). (edited)
survival Survival upd Fixed/Changed the Next/Previous page buttons for all /guides and all menus in-game that use this system! Finally figured out where it was moved to! Much cleaner and matches my Titles now.
survival Survival add Re-added Pirate Inventory Inventory sorting and /deposit all should start working again as of tomorrows reboot (22/Apr/2022 09:30 AM (UTC+00:00)) with massive thanks to @IndexOutOfMJ who runs the development of Pirate Inventory. Hopefully this version resolves the performance issues we were having with it. πŸŽ‰ @Contributor πŸ”— (edited)
Automatic item sorting is a system that organizes items in your chests and inventory. It also allows you to quickly deposit items from your inventory into
survival Survival rem Removed the Easter egg hunting event for next reboot at 23/Apr/2022 09:30 AM (UTC+00:00) So if you haven't found your easter eggs yet, thats your countdown /warp event survival Website upd Fixed a bug with @Moderator list not auto updating on staff page upd Added @Taulov to Admins section πŸ”— upd Updated all staff onto the website online widget @Helper πŸ”— (edited)
survival Survival rem Removed login message about Easter egg hunt rem Removed Easter hologram and heads from cove rem Removed Old 2021 Event NPC at Cove upd Moved old 2021 Event NPC at Cove to the Museum upd Pushed update for Item Sorting plugin for next reboot with massive thanks to @IndexOutOfMJ (edited)
survival Survival 🐟 Minor /Fishing Contest changes 🦐 Buffed Uncommon fish and Nerfed Common fish to try and balance getting less common fish 🦐 Slightly Nerfed Legendary rarity and buffed Rare rarity fish drops. (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated server software upd Updated Chat plugin, this should fix /ignore (again) πŸ”Έ Fixes for /ignore upd Moved the custom tab-view & overhead plugin from Survival to Proxy server and installed their bridge plugin on Survival πŸ”Έ This should give us the ability to have Cross-server tab list, but also one layout for all servers (Creative etc). ⚠️ Seems this has broken placeholders displaying, I have contacted the developers to see why. Half solved, need to fix AFK placeholder. upd Updated Voting plugin upd Updated Analytics plugin πŸ”Έ πŸ”ƒ This version is patching database changes, so there is no going back after this upgrade! add Added plugin to show NPCS on live map (Not yet fully setup in-game) πŸ”Έ This will help players find where NPCS are on the live map for guides, trading and quests. (Untested) survival Proxy upd Updated Chat plugin bridge for proxy server plugin upd Updated Analytics plugin (edited)
survival Survival add Added placeholder addon for Essentials for moving to tablist on proxy (edited)
survival Survival upd disabled essentials changing the tab list and displaying afk in tab, this is so that one plugin manages the tab list and not two fighting over it. This changed how tab is displayed, but Its too cluttered, I need to experiment a little more to tidy it up. Temporary this cluttered until I get some time to play around! I got it working cross server so it's ready for when I reopen creative. πŸ‘
survival Survival rem Ive been forced to remove the analytics plugin due to the developers botched "upgrade" process getting all servers stuck at boot. Sadly until this is fixed I will be without Analytics tracking.
survival Survival upd Updated BOTM Missive to May 2022 which is now open! Thanks @Lullaby93 survival Website πŸ”— Pinned May 2022 BOTM competition!
Ahoy Pirates! We are back with another Competiotion! Summer is approaching, so we will surely see something hot this month! Don't sweat too much, grab a Beer
survival Survival / Creative upd Got the player tab list looking as it did before, Figured out the missing setting I needed to toggle to customise it! Now I have full control now theres no more conflicts! Woop woop! Should hopefully be able to set Server/World/Group/User specific settings to tablist now!
survival Website upd Updated maximum and minimum coordinates for the BOTM entry form to 15,000 to match world size on entry form, thanks for the report @Lullaby93 πŸ”— survival Survival upd Slightly nerfed the loot_table chances for Wither Skeleton dropping a skull and Zombified Piglin dropping gold_ingot due to reports of mass farming for gold_ingot (OP food) & Wither skeleton heads for withers for nether stars for Beacons. πŸ”Έ Pre 1.18 (When we were on 1.12) we blocked all gold farming, so I understand why its suddenly exploded with more mobs available and being able to do it now! We will have to see how badly it effects PvP in the long run being albe to farm/mine gold for Gapples etc! A conversation happened before we moved to 1.18 but we forgot about it until the reports started rolling in πŸ˜‚ Wither skeletons are dropping sun flowers temporarily instead of coal as I wanted to test that the loot tables did actually update! (edited)
survival Survival rem De-Registered all un-rented shops at /shop2 in preparation for a third redesign of shop2 to make them smaller (cheaper)/update the markets theme. The "massive shop" and "quite large" shop were just way, way too big and failed (sadly) I'm close to getting creative back open for everyone, so once I've done that then the build team can start work on the redesign and shrinkage of shop2. s68 deregistered s23 (small back room) deregistered s24 (small back room) deregistered s56 deregistered s53 deregistered s52 deregistered s50 (small front room) deregistered s02 (small back room) deregistered s04 (small back room) deregistered s49 deregistered s69 (Fecc shop backed up!) deregistered ℹ️ Everyone still left at shop2 Don't worry about shutting shop yet, keep your shops open until creative is back up and were ready to re-design shop2, I started cleaning up early so that nobdoy rents and starts designing a shop! (edited)
survival Survival add Added no tag for mobs attacking when in staff in /duty as requested. rem Temp removed the Pirate inventory sorting plugin again as its still got some issues with performance screwing the cpu, its being worked on! (edited)
survival Survival upd Fixed hologram on Casino jackpot machine at /warp cove ℹ️ The voting plugin seems to be error out when it sends out top voting rewards each month (Its the first today) so I have reported this bug to the Voting developer, it must have happened when I updated it.
survival Survival/Creative/Proxy upd Tablist/Overhead Updates πŸ”ΈResolve issue with tablist screwing up when you moved between Creative/Survival. πŸ”ΈCustom header/footer based on what server, Creative now shows plot count at bottom & Different header. πŸ”ΈChanged [AFK] to show before a username and removed italic and made it dark purple, so all tags are shown before players (same above head, just after username) πŸ”ΈFixed [duty] showing in tablist and tag πŸ”ΈChanged creative tablist prefix to just [C] in dark aqua, to show that player is on creative. πŸ”ΈπŸ†• Created a Combat tagged timer above heads that ticks down live, instead of making everything red, a [Tag] like everything else and now managed by one plugin not another! ℹ️ I put on all tags to myself to see how crowed it could possibly be as a staff member on creative, afk in Duty mode πŸ˜‚ πŸ”ΈSidenote, I don't like that it shows Duty when afk, I will have to see if I can make it auto remove Duty/Busy from staff if they go into afk, not sure how I would do this yet.
survival Survival upd Disabled part of the PvP manager plugin that was still trying to override tab/tag when in combat.
survival Survival add Added temp msg when players login to alert of the star wars event going the next few days!
survival Survival add Added new tag above head for Deckhands only to show their Newbie protection countdown time left, this should hopefully make it extremely simple to know who's brand new by looking at them, so you can help them out more! I'm even tempted to put an extra icon in the tablist for them too, maybe I will test that next. Once their newbie protection wears off, it just displays their normal tag. upd Updated overhead tab names again, this time adding prefixes to tab names to show [Duty] when staff are in duty, I also reduced the config size by 80% by making all prefixes dynamic default, the one downside was Rear Admiral became Rearadmiral πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ upd Updated survival server software survival Proxy upd Updated proxy server software upd Updated plugin that does custom MOTD in server list. survival Server upd Updated OS & Java, rebooted physical machine for the first time in a very long time!
survival Proxy / Survival / Creative upd Managed to get the Analytics database upgrade to complete finally, Re-added Analytics plugin to all servers for upcoming reboot. @Bazurka (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated server software rem Removed Star wars day wookie hunt rem Removed login message sent for event.
survival Discord add Gave @Media and above the ability to create/manage Discord events to plan with pirates in #📗β”‚uptime_logs or schedule server events for everyone to easily keep track of when things are happening. add I created a May 2022 BOTM event to remind people to submit their builds before the 25th! add Updated /motd when you log in, the first message you see to replace the "we updated to 1.18" message to link to may 2022 BOTM. This is one of those things I always forget to update! (edited)
survival Survival & Creative map Brand new user interface for live maps! I have completed an update to the live map that replaces the entire frontend UI with a more modern third party one, this is something I have been testing for a very long time and worked with the developer to get some cool quality of life features added for us! add Multi Server in one map! You can switch between Survival & Creative live maps from the same interface! green_small_diamond Creative URL is now: add Searchable Player settlements, Warps, Players, NPCS, Crew homes, Deaths All layers can now be searched! Game changer! add Toggle chat box Chat will no longer vanish, you can toggle on/off. add Follow players Double click players to automatically follow them! add Right click menu Right click on the map for more options add New Render Engine Faster loading map layers, like the creative plots being drawn onto the map. We should be able to show our tens of thousands of layers with not as much lag now! πŸŽ‰ map Addresses to access Survival πŸ”— πŸ”— The old CreativeURL has been fully changed. πŸ”— πŸ”— The old maps still work! If for whatever reason you prefer the old map, you can access them via these URLS, please do tell staff why you are using the old ones, so that the new one can be fixed/updated. πŸ”— πŸ”— ℹ️ See a black screen? Clear your cache by pressing shift+reload on your browser.
survival Discord upd Renamed #💬β”‚live_gamechat & moved it to under the PirateCraft category, removed an entire category from the sidebar that it was under. (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated server software upd Updated custom head plugin upd Updated Treasure chest (Crates) plugin upd Updated Voting plugin πŸ”Έ Hopefully this fixes giving out prizes upd Updated PvP Manager plugin upd Updated Entity limiter plugin upd Updated Dynamic view distance plugin πŸ”Έ May fix some chunk loading issues for some people. upd Updated moderation plugin (edited)
survival Survival upd Fixed pirates being able to get out the locker!
survival Land Regeneration upd Warp South trapbases have been unclaimed and regenerated (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated server software upd Updated sign shop plugin to create shops, dev version. πŸ”Έ Should fix a bug with formatting colors that are not present in items to prevent scams for event items that are not event items. πŸ”Έ New Adds command /signshop ignore to toggle shop messages (To prevent people spamming your shops to get your attention) πŸ”Έ New Adds shop inspection tool by clicking sign with Book and Quill. (From Cadet) Will take effect this mornings reboot 30/May/2022 09:30 AM (UTC+00:00) (edited)
survival Survival add Gave @Admin the ability to use Book and quill on anyone's shop sign to inspect a shop.
survival Survival add Re-added custom map art plugin for next reboot to re-figure out what the issue was, it looks like I never reported the issue I had with it to disable it! oof!
survival Survival - End Crystals make phantoms ignore you! Slightly changing Phantom behavior as a lot of people find them annoying, so without fully removing them, I have added a way for you to be ignored for not sleeping! @TobySF is going to monitor feedback from the community on this and report back to me in a few days how its going! These settings do not need to be set in stone! add Phantoms will orbit crystals Place crystals in areas you do not wish to be disturbed by phantoms and they will orbit around them and not attack, set to 25 blocks think of an end crystal as a invisible "shield" add Phantoms will always drop XP Free EXP! Place a crystal, get Phantoms orbiting, wait for day for them to burn.. Profit! coin add Phantoms size will be between 0-30 Just for fun, phantoms will spawn in differnt sizes now. add Phantoms min time since last slept increased They used to wait 3 hours until they would spawn on someone with insomnia, now its 4 hours. upd Increased phantom max-y to match 1.18 chunk height. upd Slightly buffed phantom health to 25 to counter the traps they can now get stuck in. ℹ️ TIP If you do not have insomnia, then no phantoms will ever attack you anywhere on the server, they will only attack people that have insomnia. ⏲️ Will take effect as of tomorrows reboot 31/May/2022 09:30 AM (UTC+00:00)
survival Survival rem Disabled the "big phantoms" 🀣 somehow these big bois cause some lag issues! oh well! ℹ️ Looks like the Custom map art plugin is working fine!? Now im confused why I disabled it in the first place! πŸ”Έ Who wants to make us some new pirate artwork for some new custom maps? Go make some artwork and post it in #📷β”‚media that could be used on maps we could sell cheap at cove! (edited)
survival Survival πŸ–ΌοΈ Cove Gallery back up and running! πŸ”Έ The Cove gallery NPC never worked properly, I finally figured out a fix and I cant believe how simple it was.. sell each painting by itself instead of the splatter art that breaks! πŸ˜‚ πŸ”Έ Massive thank you to the wonderful @Ae0n and @Smokeyriver Who have re-decorated the Gallery room to look fantastic ready for exhibitions! πŸ”Έ Drastically reduced every piece of artwork to £15 in-game, as they can be duplicated and re-sold! πŸ–ŒοΈ All the paintings in the /warp Cove Gallery were painted by /NicoSemsrott years ago for PirateCraft! These are custom pieces of art! (These will be back in the resource pack once we re-make it!) Nicos instagram for artwork, you can commission art from her! 🎨 Are you an artist and want to have a painting in-game? If you are an artist and would like your some of your custom artwork decorating homes of PirateCraft, you can submit a piece! The rules for the gallery are these have to be Pirate themed and painted/created for PirateCraft, they can be lore, fanart or crew related, but they have to be custom made and be artwork! You can either post them into #📷β”‚media and tag me or Dm me them directly! ℹ️ Each item frame in game is 128*128 pixels on a screen, so 4x4 frames would be 512x512px! These are very small canvas's! (edited)
survival Survival upd /crew home is now FREE the cost was replaced with a 30 min cooldown for everyone. πŸ”Έ Any funny business and the cost will be re-added! But the cooldown should be a fair trade! upd I have re-instated the size difference for phantoms, but they will be much smaller now, as the damage multiplies by their size!
survival World Snapshots - All Servers parrot World snapshot restoring is back! As most of you know I am still re-building the server since we moved from 1.12, so some missing features are slowly coming back, Snapshots was one of them! Snapshots are world backups that can be restored in-game live! These are differnt from a regen a regen re-creates the terrain from scratch based off the world generator. Restoring a snapshot allows me to restore selections of a world to a previous day, this is great for quickly rolling back grief or destruction to repair a build. All worlds can be restored to a snapshot, including creative worlds, this was one of the boring tasks I needed to complete before I started work on creative again, as creative can be volatile with all the tools to quickly paint terrain, I wanted this restore method back first! The reason this wasn't possible when I moved to 1.18 was due to the sheer world size doubling, so keeping 10 days of local world snapshots was larger than all local storage! I bought an additional storage server just to do this! πŸ₯³ Hopefully this makes you feel safe building on PirateCraft knowing this system exists! ❀️ ℹ️ Restore is a "last measure" and has to be requested as a support ticket as only I can do restores for Survival, but all admins will be able to restore in Creative! πŸ”— add Setup additional storage server add Created automated snapshots for all worlds on Survival and Creative add I now have local access to the entire world history back to 2016 - That's world backups for 6 years! πŸ”Έ I have no idea what we could use this for, maybe if we wanted to restore an old demolished city for nostalgia? These would be very manual as the worlds are in older formats. ℹ️ Snapshots started from 02/Jun/2022 11:00 AM (UTC+00:00) so anything prior to this will be much harder to restore. (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated server software upd Updated bounty plugin upd Updated Treasure chest plugin
survival Survival add Added protocol hack plugin to allow 1.19 clients to connect to our 1.18.2 server. ⚠️ Currently this will not work as we have to wait for our proxy server software to be updated! This is preparation! ℹ️ Since 1.19 was released, hopefully all plugins will start adding 1.19 support, this is a stage we have to be patient for developers to make any required changes to their plugin to support 1.19, There isn't any ground breaking changes from 1.18.2 to 1.19 so there shouldn't be any major issues for developers to get their plugins updated, but as always its a waiting game! I will tag the plugins as they are updated on PirateCraft on top of their usual changelogs so you are kept updated. upd Updated Voting plugin (1.19 support & bugfixes) upd Updated Updated world pre-generator (1.19 support) upd Updated Updated world border plugin (1.19 support) upd Updated Lottery plugin (1.19 support) (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated /motd to show the correct Build of the month message @Lullaby93 ❀️
survival Survival Preparation Cleanup of shops at /shop2 preparing for a third redesign (smaller and cheaper!) Those few with shops still there, don't worry nothing will be lost, when the time comes I will backup your shops and you will keep your spots! rem Removed s47 rent region rem Removed s51 rent region rem Removed s54 rent region rem Removed s57 rent region rem Removed s73 rent region
survival Survival upd Updated server software to latest 1.18.2 build (last). upd Updated NPC server shop plugin (1.19 support) upd Updated Crews plugin πŸ”Έ Disband command requires confirmation πŸ”Έ Adds permission FEE_BYPASS to ranks πŸ”Έ Adds coordinates to Land πŸ”Έ Assortment of bug fixes & performance with crew player lookup.
survival Survival add πŸ†• Edit signs with shift+right click unlocks at sailor rank! πŸ”Έ Bringing back this very old feature! It checks you have permission to build to edit the signs, so be careful of people editing your shop signs if you have trusted them in your shops! upd Updated NPC server shop plugin Fixes shift+right clicking items into chests Active next reboot 12/Jun/2022 09:30 AM (UTC+00:00) (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated Chat plugin upd Updated Analytics plugin upd Updated Protocol hack plugin to latest dev build (sadly still not working with proxy server software) upd Updated view distance plugin survival Proxy upd Updated Chat bridge plugin upd Updated Analytics plugin ℹ️ I trialed updating to the latest 1.19 dev proxy server, but this broke both clients connecting! Too early I guess, we will have to stick to using 1.18.2 for now sadly, I'm in contact with the developers to see if we can resolve the issue(s). πŸ”Έ Initial investigation points at the tab plugin needs updating from the looks of the errors, I guess we play everyone's favorite game, the waiting game πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« (edited)
🐸 You can now use the latest Minecraft client to connect to PirateCraft servers! πŸ”ΈFor 1.19 upgrade See survival Proxy upd Updated Proxy server software upd Updated MOTD plugin for Proxy upd Updated cross server tab plugin for Proxy (This was the holdup for letting us allow 1.19 clients to connect)
survival Survival upd Updated Image to map plugin to fix splattter maps add Added May 2022 BOTM Submissions to BOTM hall with new map, all entrants got a copy of your map art in your inventory/echest, whichever had a space for me to put a copy in! πŸ”Έ Check your inv for maps @Lullaby93 @FearMyFeedEU @KiltedBeekeeper @Olveron @Drbipper @xeode @TobySF
survival Survival trophy Gave our prizes for May 2022 Build of the month winners! πŸ“’ πŸ₯‡ The Soul Reaper @Lullaby93 πŸ₯ˆ Fear’s Globe Theater by @FearMyFeedEU πŸ₯‰ Egyptian Brewery by @KiltedBeekeeper πŸ”Έ Camp On the Waters Edge by @Olveron Map in inv πŸ”Έ Buried Treasure by @Drbipper Map in inv πŸ”Έ RMS Titanic V2 by @xeode Map in inv πŸ”Έ The Stronghold by @TobySF Map in inv survival Wesbite add Published @Lullaby93 May 2022 Build of the month πŸ”— survival Discord add Created Event for July 2022 BOTM πŸ”— πŸ”— (edited)
survival Survival & Creative add πŸ†• Rotation Wrench Craft a wrench out of 4x gold ingots (screenshot or video) that you can use to rotate and flip blocks! Unlocked at Carpenter Rank ⏲️ Goes live tomorrows restart! 27/Jun/2022 09:30 AM (UTC+00:00) ⏲️ Live and working on /server creative Where you also gain /rotationwrench to spawn one! πŸ“· Video In action!
survival Survival upd /back is now reset when pirates are lockered, so peolpe cant accidentally back themselves back into the locker! πŸ˜‚ Thanks for the report @PandamoniumPrime and @Bazurka locker
survival Survival add Created new information board at /warp cove to show how to create the Rotation Wrench. upd Updated /motd with Julys BOTM @Lullaby93 & added changelog for new Rotation Wrench rem Blacklisted rotating heads using the Rotation Wrench thanks to the #📁β”‚bugs-archive report from @xeode piratecoin £10,000 Bug bounty awarded in-game. (edited)
survival Website upd All builder applications now go direct to the @Build Leader now πŸ”—
🌍 Website upd Upgraded PHP version to latest and disabled deprecated notices displaying, this seems to have drastically sped up the website load speeds, cache was emptied so some pages will need the cache to be re-built.
creative Creative add Re-built creative server from the ground up to 1.18.2 from 1.12.2. add Wrote and published blog post/made videos about creative server, including some roadmap for community projects parrot Make sure to read all the changes on our blog post! Squark! πŸ”—
PirateCraft Creative server has been re-built and is open again! You can join Creative in-game via using /server creative or you can connect
discord Discord add Created #deleted-channel For Creative feedback πŸ‘ add Re-built the Builders & Events discord server a few days ago upd Changed channel names to have line spacers, updated categories to not have icons and replaced with lines, changed a few icons for channels. Hopefully looks a bit cleaner. rem Archived voice text channels as voice channels now have text built in. (edited)
creative Creative updtrophyBuffed Saved inventories per player from 5 to 20 saved inventories. /invsave upd Updated Plot plugin upd Updated Async Worldedit Plugin upd Updated VoxelSniper plugin upd πŸ§ͺ Updated Loot Chest plugin (Plugin i'm testing) upd Updated live schematic brush plugin (Massive update @Builder ) Going to require re-setting up 🀣 πŸ”— upd πŸ§ͺ Updated Plot Grid selector plugin (related to above) In testing for future plans.
survival Survival upd Updated Anti cheat, 1.19 client support! πŸ”Έ Improved Move checks, fixed some false positives upd Updated big /doors plugin! πŸ”ΈAdded 1.19 support πŸ”ΈFixed bottom row of blocks sometimes lagging behind the rest of the door when dragging over other blocks (BigDoor, SlidingDoor). πŸ”ΈAllow certain types of attached blocks (e.g. torches, rails, plants, redstone, etc) to be part of doors on 1.18+. upd Updated Chat plugin πŸ”ΈAdded 1.19 support, and added option to disable the 1.19.1 chat reporting feature (Not confirmed) upd Updated Premium suite of essentials πŸ”ΈπŸ†• New command for everyone /pos this prints out to chat your position, hovering over shows much more detailed information, Chunk, Region (Helpful later) Direction facing, Biome you're in, Light Level, And the Nether coordinates (For portal construction) Clicking pastes your cordinates into chat that can be sent to staff to use with /tppos @Moderator can use /pos <player> πŸ”ΈπŸ†• Massive, I can now create custom recipes that produce custom items, or use custom items to create custom items! This is big! I asked for this 2-3 years ago as a suggestion and its finally been added! Stoked to be able to make custom crafting recipes and make custom items now. This includes custom recipes for campfire, stonecutter, smithing, blasting, smoking too! I will create a suggestion Discord channel for custom recipe ideas you may have! I will have to re-make the custom ones I made in the past as the storage got wiped for the old ones. πŸ”Έ/warps GUI got all screwed up with the update as glass was added around the edges and we lost a lot of the GUI space, this just needs tidying up, so dont worry. πŸ”ΈAdded cross-server functionality back for cross server portals. upd Updated CPU profile plugin upd Updated View distance plugin
survival Proxy upd Updated Chat cross server plugin upd Updated premium essentials cross server portal plugin creative Creative upd Updated live schematic brush plugin, adds a requested feature for myself to change the location of schematics to a shared folder! (Same as survival above) upd Updated Anti Cheat upd Updated big /doors plugin! upd Updated Chat plugin upd Updated Premium suite of essentials upd Updated CPU profile plugin
survival Survival upd I have temporarily changed /warp to show as a list in chat, while I wait for a bug to be fixed that I have submitted to the developer of the warps GUI only showing 1 warp to players after today's update. It seems only we are affected! typical! 🀣
survival Survival Slowly bringing back old features one by one πŸ™‚ add Using an invisibility potion will obscure your name from /near again. I am considering it would be better to fully remove your name from /near if you are invisible, I will create a poll at some point on discord to see how you want it. For now its back to how it was.
survival Survival add Created /kit independence for the 4th July 2022! Get it now! #📢β”‚announcements To see video of items! add Created Item trade page at the Tradesman NPC at /warp cove This is for updating broken event items to replace them for working versions. πŸ”Έ The first item in for trade is the Bowcaster crossbow this was designed to be more powerful, but was never tested before release. Which resulted in it not working, It was requested today that a working version be tradeable at cove, so I have done that. This required the enchants to be nerfed to top vanilla enchants for the crossbow. Your choice now, keep the old one, trade for a working version! upd @Contributor /condense was swapped to the Premium essentials plugin version today as it gives some better feedback in game, any issues with it, feel free to report it! πŸ”Έ You can also use /compact as an alias.
🌎 Website upd Updated documentation for creative guide page so its a little more relevant survival Survival rem Removed /kit independence as its now July 7th!

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