PvP Server

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How to Join and Play

You can join the PirateCraft PvP server in a few ways:

  • Log into PirateCraft and do /server pvp
  • Log into PirateCraft and use /travel and click the PvP server
  • Log into PirateCraft do /warp travel and go through the PvP portal
  • Log into PirateCraft use /hub and right click the PvP NPC
  • Use pvp.piratemc.com direct from your server list

To get back to survival you can use /server survival, /travel, /hub, or survival.piratemc.com.

You will spawn on a desert island, right click the join sign to join the PvP playground.

This is a Free For All Style of PvP, where everyone is against everyone, there are no timers or game start times, its always running.


We currently only have 1 PvP map, there is no Live map for this.