Automatic Item Sorting


Automatic item sorting is a system that organizes items in your chests and inventory. It also allows you to quickly deposit items from your inventory into chests as sorted stacks, automatically!

How can I use this? To use all the features you need to be a Captain Contributor Rank. Lieutenant contributor ranks get access to automatic inventory sorting only.

Auto Deposit and sort items into single chests

Shift+left click a chest to quickly deposit inventory items into a chest.
This will instantly add all items from your inventory into the chest, matching only items already in the target chest.

As an example; a chest with only cobble in it will only remove cobble from your inventory when you shift+left click the chest, it will be stacked and sorted!

This allows for chests to be setup once for storage, never worrying that your items will become disorganized.

Handy for dumping groups of tools or common building blocks from your hotbar into themed chests like “farming”, “adventuring”, “mining”, and “building”.

Auto-sorting chests

/autosort chest

When you open a chest or chest minecart, the contents will be automatically re-stacked and sorted, grouping similar items together. The first time this happens, you will get a brief explanation in chat. This can be disabled with the command /autosort chest

Chests with an asterisk (*) in their name are ignored when auto-sorting to give pirates an easy way to disable sorting for specific chests (or even all your chests, if you’re concerned about other players sorting them on open). Pirates can rename chests with an anvil.


Auto-sort player inventory.

/autosort inv

When you open your inventory, it’s sorted in the same manor as explained above for chests. your hot-bar is untouched.

Like the chest sort, this can be disabled by using /autosort inv

Deposit all your inventory into nearby chests

Captain Contributor rank has the ability to /DepositAll

Deposit all finds all chests (within one chunk of your location) that you have permission to open and automatically deposits any items from your Inventory (but not your hotbar) which match items in those chests.

Setup is as simple as organising items into your chests that you want the items to go into, stand nearby run /depositall and your items are now automatically organised into those chests!

Blacklist items being deposited from your inventory

You also have your own personal block blacklist to ignore blocks you don’t wish to automatically deposit!

You can use this through the /deposit command, all blocks are auto-tab complete for quickly finding the correct material name for the block!

/deposit blacklist add <block>

/deposit blacklist remove <block>

/deposit blacklist list

Auto refill hotbar block stacks

Ever been building and you have to re-fill the blocks from your inventory into your hotbar to keep going? No more with automatic hotbar stack refilling!

Stacks of blocks will be pulled from your inventory and replaced in your hotbar when you run out placing them so you can continue building quickly!

Auto refill tools before they break

If you have spare tools in your inventory, when a tool is about to break it will be automatically swapped out for another from your inventory, you can control this with /toolrefill

[message type=”info”]Automatic Item sorting is only available to Contributor Ranks[/message]

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