Creative Plots

How to play PirateCraft Creative Plots

PirateCraft Creative plots can be accessed in a few ways, from Survival you can use /server hub and right click the creative NPC to get to the creative world, or you can visit /warp station from survival, enter the portal and right click the NPC, or you can connect directly with in your server browser. In the Near future we will have /play and /creative from all servers.

How do I get back to Survival?

Use /hub or /spawn and click on the Survival NPC from Hub, or use /server survival, or you can /hub or /spawn and use the server selector tool, or you can use /play and click the survival server icon from the GUI.

What is PirateCraft creative plots?

Creative plots is a flatworld separated into 64×64 plots for people to claim as their own to work on Server projects, Arenas for mini-games, Personal projects, test redstone, test ship designs etc! Plots can be merged into mega plots, friends added and plenty of settings, with Worldedit and VoxelSniper being limited to each plot or megaplot! Can I just create one massive mega plot from all my plots anywhere I want? YES! This is what I want people to do, create Mega plots and treat it as your own flatworld, the maximum number of plots you can merge is 16 64×64 plots, and you get the road blocks too!


  • Plot downloading & cross server saving and loading oh yeah!
  • Plot swapping / copying and cross world plot moving
  • Plot merging, your own plots or between friends
  • Plot entry notifications / per plot time / weather / music etc with the flag system
  • Mob protection and per plot mob limiting
  • Interactive chat commands such as plot listing
  • Plot rating, ranking, complexity analysis, and auto clearing calibration
  • Plot schematic saving, loading and pasting as well as BO3 exporting
  • Per player settings such as plot chat and entry notifications
  • Command recommendation if you mistype something
  • Plot commenting and inboxes
  • Pistons and Sand/TNT cannons are properly restricted
  • Per plot redstone settings + plot redstone disablers
  • Fast async worldediting
  • WorldEdit & VoxelSniper restricted to plots
  • Four tiers of plot allowance: Owner, Helper, Trusted, Denied
  • Plot naming (for teleportation)


For all commands in-game use /plot to list them, they are also listed on a plot just outside the Creative spawn on signs.


  • /plot claim Claim the current plot you are standing in
  • /plot auto Claim the nearest plot
  • /plot delete Delete a plot (Admins only)
  • /plot swap Swap two plots (Admin only)
  • /plot move Move a plot (Admins only)
  • /plot copy Copy a plot (Admins only)
  • /plot grant
  • /plot setowner Set the plot owner (Admins only)


  • /plot visit [player|alias|world|id] [#] Visit a plot Aliases: visit,v,tp,teleport,goto,home,h
  • /plot kick Kick a player from your plot
  • /plot middle Teleports you to the center of the current plot


  • /plot trust Allow a pirate full build in your plot
  • /plot add Allow a landlubber to build, as long as you are online!
  • /plot deny Deny a scub from your plot
  • /plot remove Remove a player from a plot
  • /plot merge Merge a plot you are standing in with another one.
  • /plot unlink Un-link a mega plot
  • /plot setflag Set plot flags
  • /plot done Set a plot as done (Admins only)
  • /plot continue Continue a plot that was previously marked as done
  • /plot setdescription Set the plot description
  • /plot setalias Set the plots name
  • /plot sethome Set the plot home
  • /plot toggle Toggle per user settings


  • /plot inbox Review comments for a plot
  • /plot comment Comment on a plot
  • /plot chat Toggle plot chat on and off


  • /plot save Save your plot (Admin only)
  • /plot load Load a plot (Admin only)
  • /plot download Download your plot
  • /plot schematic Schematic command for (Admins only)
  • /plot bo3 Import/Export plot as bo3 (Admins only)


  • /plot set Set a plot value <biome|alias|home|flag>
  • /plot clear Clear a plot
  • /plot music Play Music in your Plot
  • /plot setbiome Set the plot biome


  • /plot confirm Confirm an action
  • /plot info Display the plot info
  • /plot list List plots
    <forsale|mine|shared|world|top|all|unowned|unknown|player|world|done|fuzzy <search...>> [#]
  • /plot rate Rate the plot [#|next]
  • /plot target Target a plot with your compass <<plot>|nearest>
  • /plot help Get to the help menu

Plot Limits Per Rank

/100 Online

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