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Survey results of nearvanish
Should we completly hide people from /near that have invisability potion active? Or Continue to obscure.
No, keep it as it is, showing someone is near but not their username!
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 59%
Yes, Do not make pirates show at all in /near when invisible!
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 41%
survival Survival upd Closed the first Survey, with a total of 88 submissions! The results have been posted above with 59% voting to keep /near as it is.
survival Survival add It was my birthday last week, so I've made a NPC called Cove Giveaway at /warp cove and put a birthday cake in it that everyone can grab a copy of!
survival Survival add Added new /survey
πŸ‘» Survival add Added a Blood moon recurring event see #📢β”‚announcements ℹ️ Been AFK again, Got sick & had an excessive amount of things take priority IRL, so all Halloween themed things will slowly drip in late over time.. Hold on to your barnacles we have some more things to come πŸ”— (edited)
survival Survival add Gave out #🎉β”‚giveaway-events giveaway Autumn 22 keys! use /crate claim 🦜 Discord add Added new #🎉β”‚giveaway-events πŸ”— (edited)
Survey results of Save last server location
Do you want the proxy server to save the last server you was on?
Yes, When I log on, I want to be put back on Creative if I left there
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 60%
Nope! Always send me to survival first!
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 40%
survival Survey & Proxy Server upd Closed the second Survey, with a total of 230 submissions! βš–οΈ The results have been posted above with 60% voting for the server to remember which server you was on last for when you next join. I kind of wish it posted how many people voted when I submit it. add Added a plugin to the proxy server (For its next restart) that should do this. (edited)
πŸŽƒ Survival add Added Key Fragments to Bloodmoon Mob drop table Mobs will have a chance of dropping a key fragment when killing mobs in a blood moon.. you can then craft a key using 3x of these fragments in a straight line in a workbench! You can then use this key in the brand new Bloodmoon Treasure Chest at /warp cove add Bloodmoon Treasure Chest Will you get a trick or a treat? All drops have the exact same percentage! πŸ”Έ There is no other way to obtain key keys! The only way is to craft from key fragments! owo add Fragments & Crafting: add Added a Fragment trade at /warp cove Tradesman for the odd few Fragments that spawned without color (whoooppps) so you can trade the bum ones for good ones πŸŽ‰
survival Survival upd I changed all the "Tricks" that can happen to you when using the Bloodmoon Treasure Chest at /warp cove πŸŽƒ So they are each a little differnt, and you wont know which one until it happens, Im also not going to say what they do!
survival Survival rem Removed /kit GunpowderPlot22 which I apparently forgot to post a change-log for! πŸ”Έ rem Removed Sale Missive (and closed the sale that was suppose to auto end for summer! Somehow it was still going) rem Removed sale missive from /motd 🌎 Website rem Removed a bunch of crappy wordpress plugins that have drastically sped up the website page loading
πŸ’» Host upd Updated Java/OS/DB Etc (Log for myself) ℹ️ Looks like we are having some issues with the Host, as it went down last night and I didn't notice as I was asleep (Lots going on IRL for me atm) Ive contacted them to look into options.
πŸ’» Host upd Completed some hardware maintenence with the Host, very impressed with their support and speed! #📢β”‚announcements βš™οΈ Proxy server upd Updated Proxy server add Added maintenence plugin (May not keep this) πŸ”Έ Basically a proxy level whitelist. survival Survival upd Updated Missive and /motd to link to November Build of the month πŸ”—
survival Survival upd Bloodmoon changes, Quite a few people like the concept, so we will look into changing drops, rates and how often they happen. The bow has been gotten a ton by a lot of people! Slight nerf until new item(s) can be created. πŸ”Έ Changed blood moon to happen every 5 Minecraft days instead of 3 πŸ”ΈMob health multiplier increased from 3 to 4 πŸ”ΈBloodmoon key fragment drop nerfed πŸ”ΈAdded Boneblock and bone drops to drops and reduced iron drop amount ℹ️ If you wish to design the base item drops and/or a new set of things for the Bloodmoon Treasure chest please do in #🧰β”‚treasure_chests and #👹β”‚mob_items these are super basic mobs, these are not mythic mobs, so think vanilla items, and 1 custom fragment, so that we can do all other items in the Treasure chest.
survival Survival rem Removed Grog master key from Alchemist at /warp brewing I didn't like my system for how people find a new brew, im going to figure out a system where all that needs to happen is for the player to consume a brew and first time person to do that, will get the grogmaster crown. rem Removed the upstairs Grogmaster room at /warp brewing aswell as the hologram
🦜 Discord add Added new #🎉β”‚giveaway-events for last set of Autumn 2022 Treasure Chest keys πŸ”— add Gave out prizes for last winners/sur πŸ”— survival Survival add Added a new /survey about mob spawns and Bloodmoon! get your votes in! βš–οΈ (edited)
survival Survival upd All the drops for mobs have been changed during a Bloodmoon thanks to @Drbipper πŸ¦‡ (edited)
🌏 Website upd Partly fixed the online users widget I built, currently will only show players on Survival and not Creative, but at least its partly back! πŸ”Έ
survival Survival upd Disabled AFK kick on Creative to break the infinite loop of being kicked between servers. Thanks @Taulov πŸ”Έ The new proxy software treats kicks differntly as they were before with little control. (edited)
creative Creative add @Helper gained the ability to edit/create kits on Creative with /kiteditor
βš™οΈ Proxy server rem Removed 2 plugins from proxy server. πŸ”Έ Maintenece & server remembering plugin (Not working as intended)
Survey results of mobs1
Shall we increase the vanilla mob spawns everywhere? Were are quiet so we have spare resources to play with!
Yes, Increase Mob spawns
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 58%
Nah, I like it as it is!
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 42%
Bloodmoon, Do you like the concept of a bloodmoon enought to keep it and change its settings and drops?
Keep the Bloodmoon, but change the Drops, Settings and Treasure Chest item(s)
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 82%
Remove the Bloodmoon mechanic, Im scared of mobs
🟨🟨🟨 18%
Wtf is a bloodmoon?
🟨 0%
survival Survival upd Shut the last /survey about mobs and published (above) an amazing 230 people submitted replies, amazing feedback. πŸ”— upd Buffed mob spawns based off the survey result being 58% in favor. ℹ️ Takes effect next reboot 28/Nov/2022 09:00 AM (UTC+00:00) πŸ”ΈAxolotls buffed +1 πŸ”ΈMonsters buffed +10 πŸ”ΈAnimals buffed, Doubled! πŸ”ΈWater Animals buffed, Doubled! πŸ”ΈWater Ambient buffed, Doubled! πŸ”ΈWater-underground-creature buffed +1 πŸ”ΈAmbient buffed, Doubled! add Gave out the last Autumn Treasure Chest 2022 giveaway prizes πŸ”— creative Creative rem Removed /ie type from people as it could be used to get some sketchy things. Thanks @Contt ❀️
survival Survival πŸŽ… Christmas starting early! add Go grab your /kit Xmasdecor22 free Xmas decoration kit made by the wonderful @Drbipper ❀️ rem Disabled 10 year birthday kit (Forgot this was left on still) (edited)
creative Creative upd Updated plot plugin 8 versions. πŸ”Έ Mostly bug fixes πŸ”Έ Only show visible players in /plot near add Added admin shop NPC plugin for me to build things directly on creative to move over later.
survival Survival πŸŽ„ Xmas Advent Calendar is now live! Every day you will be able to collect a new free gift from the Snowman at /warp cove you can find him warming his snowballs by the campfire! but he may wander around the cove! πŸ”Έ 25 custom gifts to collect from 1st dec to 25th December! ❣️ Massive thank you to @Drbipper & @TobySF for creating the advent items for xmas 2022! (Plus a god's Christmas special item) 🀣 (edited)
trophy Created New competition! add Discord Annocement add Full Details coin Black Friday/Cyber monday 50% off sale add Created coupon code black_sails for 50% off all /store
survival Survival upd Updated Premium essentails plugin & its Libs πŸ”Έ Improved invsee for staff πŸ”Έ Way to properly freeze players! πŸ”Έ Fix for warmup timer showing lower timer by one second upd Updated Treasure Chest plugin, Bugfixes upd Updated Survey plugin, Bugfixes upd Updated Crews plugin, Bugfixes upd Updated /recount plugin, Bugfixes upd Updated Anti Cheat πŸ”Έ Improved Move check upd Updated Jump pads plugin πŸ”ΈSound can now only play once for a jumppad location.
survival Survival add Bloodmoon Treasure Chest updated! πŸ†• Item Bloodmoon Battle Axe! Thanks for the new item @Drbipper ❀️
survival Survial add Created a section at /warp cove for the advent snowman! β˜ƒοΈ
survival Survival add Created Trick or Treat! Brew ❀️ thanks @TobySF! add Created Custom mob with custom drops that spawns when the Trick or Treat! brew is consumed along with some other special things ❀️ thanks @TobySF! add Created a new /recipe 22 for the new brew add Created poster for update add Created custom script to spawn custom mobs on players (No idea why this isn't part of the plugin) upd Updated Alchemist NPC at /warp brewing with new brew alert2 Discord announcement for it (edited)
🌏 Website upd Updated staff list on online widget to highlight current team members! πŸ”—
survival Surival/Creative upd Fixed Privateer rank loading @Helper Gremlins in the server room again! πŸ‘»
survival creative Surival/Creative upd Updated /motd
add Added 1.19.3 Client support to the 1.18.2 servers! βš™οΈ Proxy server upd Updated proxy server for 1.19.3 Minecrarft support survival Survival upd Updated ViaVersion (protocol hack software) upd Updated Vote plugin (Bugfixes) upd Updated Analytics plugin @Bazurka (Bugfixes) upd Updated profile plugin (Features, admin only tho) creative Creative upd Updated proxy server for 1.19.3 Minecrarft support upd Updated ViaVersion (protocol hack software) πŸ‘Ά (edited)
survival Survival upd Re-setup casino at /warp cove Casino fixed upd Extended coupon code black_sails 50% off until the 14th at request of @Ironic_Iron
survival Survival upd Reduced how often the Bloodmoon happens from every 5 Minecraft days to 20 πŸ”Έ Its very hard for new players with no items! upd Buffed the Bloodmoon Key Fragment x3 for drops! Should drop much more regular!
survival Survival rem Removed Coupon code from Missive/MOTD βš™οΈ Proxy server upd Updated proxy server a few days ago and didn't leave a changelog! 🌎 Website upd Got website back up, still having issues with it. (edited)
survival Survival add Added Fun plugin I need to write docs for before I can announce it! πŸ”Έ Having to fix a bunch of issues that happened to the website, so I can write docs for this plugin before I can tell you what it is/how to use! upd Updated premium essentials plugin & Lib (Mostly bug fixes and some admin things) upd Updated Bounty plugin πŸ”Έ The bounty plugin now no longer relys on NMS, but this does mean that items created using the plugin such as player heads for head hunting and bounty compasses will no longer work and new will have to be created. πŸ”Έ Fixed an issue with action bar messages βš™οΈ Proxy server upd Updated proxy server 🌎 Website upd Fixed online user widget loading upd Fixed sudden speed decrease because of recent system upgrade that required a bunch of plugins to be re-installed
survival Survival 🩸 Introducing Vampires add Created Vampires guide add Created /vampires (Guide) add Use /vampire to control your vampire abilities add Created /warp vampire For Altar demos on how to build add Created Vampire Rank that we can set its own permissions for, has its own overhead Vampire tag and vampires are shown in the Tab list by the Moon Badge.
survival Survival add @Admin Gained access to /vampire set to change vampire settings per player, vampire, infection, food, health add @Helper Gained /vampire list to see currently infected and vampires online and /vampire show <user> to see the status of other Pirates turning
survival Survival upd Updated /motd upd Updated /vampires upd Updated Login message
discord Discord add Added #🧛β”‚vampires to keep Vampire chat in one place.
survival Survival upd I fixed the Dec 25th Advent free gift at /warp cove, I removed it and re-added it, literally no idea why it didn't work when the other 24 worked fine! πŸ”Έ If you claimed it and nothing happened, this is classed as a "new" item, so you will be able to claim this again!
survival Survival add A new /survey has been created to see if you wish Vampires to be secret or not! πŸ”Έ Some people requested them to be secret and not shown on the tablist/overhead name or a rank so they can sneak up on people and not be targeted! πŸ”Έ Vote now and get your last set of Autumn 22 Keys for voting!
survival Survival add Added Winter 2022/2023 Treasure Chest thanks to @Drbipper ❀️ add Added Coupon code januarysales23 for 15% off for the new year sales! add Added /kit NY2023 Custom Item + Winter Treasure Chest keys! add Setup keyKey drops keyUpdated /vote chest with Winter keys keyUpdated 30m key drop script keyAdded keys to /kit NY2023 keyUpdated Staff NPC at /warp private keyRandom drops when im online keyAdded #🎉β”‚giveaway-events keyAdded keys to store upd Updated /motd and Missive for Winter 2022/2023 Treasure Chest & Sale coupon code Missive. upd Moved the Autumn 2022 Treasure Chest to the Rusty Keg at /warp cove so you can use old keys still! rem Removed /kit Xmasdecor22 creative Creative add Created /warp crates for @Helper and above to not organize together in the spawn area πŸ˜‚ (edited)
survival Survival add Created /kit NY2023 for everyone! Thanks for the design inspiration @jpcello my brains a little rusty after new years LOL πŸ”₯ Get it while its hot! πŸŽ‰ 2️⃣ 0️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ πŸŽ‰
survival Survival rem Removed advent NPC from /warp cove
survival Survival upd Solved the FPS lag at /warp cove. ❓ SHIFT+F3 was giving me opaque_particles as the cause, and nothing else, So in my client I disable particles being shown in-game in batches until i found the batch that fixed my FPS, turned out to be DRIPPING_LAVA and guess what I was standing near? The Bloodmoon crate! Removed it and fixed the FPS lag, so I have changed the particles shown on the bloodmoon treasure chest at cove, which seems to have solved the crazy FPS drops at /warp cove Shame as I loved the dripping blood effect! Added screenshot to show how cool it looked before πŸ˜‚ Thought I would write up how I found this out, in-case you have issues elsewhere around the world and need to diagnose them.
discord Discord add Added #🎣β”‚fishing_comp πŸ”Έ Submit custom fish ideas! Plus you can design a custom fish for the resource pack to go with it as that's in the works now! πŸ”Έ Submit a bait type! πŸ”Έ Submit changes to the competition schedule / when and what or propose a new one (Based off the existing comps that exist) LARGEST-FISH, MOST_FISH, SPECIFIC_FISH upd Moved at old channels marked as πŸ“ Archive into our archive category, tidy up a bit. Nobody's used these at all, so presume we don't need them any more public!
🌎 Website upd fixed forum moderator roles to work again, one of the updates at one point killed the role @Moderator @Admin
proxy Proxy upd Updated proxy server
survival Survival upd Updated Hallowen Brew (223 - The Jack o'Lantern) πŸŽƒ Removed until this years Halloween when we will bring it back! Feel free to submit a new mob or drops into #👹β”‚custom-mobs and #👹β”‚mob_items early as possible! πŸ”Έ Removed custom Halloween boss from spawning πŸ”Έ Removed Witch from spawning πŸ”Έ Removed carved pumpkin kit being forced onto peoples heads upd Updated Vampires to be Invisible / Hidden (On next server reboot) πŸ”Έ Disabled plugin setting vampire rank when you become a vampire πŸ”Έ Disabled overhead Vampire tag and tablist showing who the vampires are! πŸ”Έ Voted on by the communtiy! I will publish the survey results when I can next get in-game! πŸ”Έ I will need to manaully flush the vampire rank from everyone after tomorrows reboot!
survival Survival add Created @Bazurka a new 2023 Smart ass Tuesday item! πŸ”Έ Got some good numbers for you today, even played around with graphs! add Created kit for smartass item, because I changed it to have username shown when given to someone! for @Admin add @Admin Gained /kit kitname <username> the ability to force a kit onto someone. πŸ”Έ Not just for smart ass Tuesday, could be used to give a quick claiming or sailing tool to new players!
discord Discord add Added new #🎉β”‚giveaway-events for 15 x Winter Treasure chest keys πŸŽ‰ All you need to do is react to this! πŸ‘‰ survival Survival add Gave out keys from last discord giveway for 15 x Winter Treasure chest keys πŸ‘‰
Survey results of vampires
Should vampires be secret? (No Rank, Tab or overhead display)
Yes! Remove Rank/Overhead/Tab display!
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 57%
No! Keep showing whos a vampire!
🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 43%
☝️ Survey had 475 votes... πŸ‘€ rem Closed Survey & removed from featured (Popping up when you login) (edited)
survival Survival rem Removed the Vampire rank manually from X amount of πŸ§› Vampires πŸ‘€ ℹ️ You are now in top secret vampire mode, who will know? will people throw holy water on everyone!?
🌎 Wesite upd Updated all internal SSL certificates for sub-domains, like to be proper origin certificate authority 15 year lease certificates. (Hopefully) πŸ”Έ First time doing this, so not 100% sure its all correct, If something didnt work, they will(should) throw big errors in browsers! Hopefully not, and then I dont need to worry/think about renewing SSL certs for a long time! πŸ˜‚
creative Creative add Added an automated book that opens when you join creative, with quick commands that are most used by people as soon as they join creative. πŸ”Έ As all kicks, kick people to creative, this is explained with a quick 1 click back to survival. πŸ”ΈIf you went to creative on purpose, you may want to quickly list all your plots, by clicking that second option. (Also available in the /motd that shows up) ℹ️ This isn't end game what I want, but its partway, there is not a way to detect if you were "kicked" to creative to have this specifically for kicks, creative just sees you joined the server. (edited)
discord Discord add Created #📷β”‚media_gallery which is a forum version of #📷β”‚media it seems like a much cleaner way to organize, categorize (tag) gallery's! as each post is its own thread! I would prefer #📷β”‚media_gallery get used in favor of #📷β”‚media from now on, but I have left both open for now. Please do re-post screenshots you have posted in #📷β”‚media to the #📷β”‚media_gallery so that they can be tagged and organised! I will create a separate thread in there to request tags for the forum. (edited)
survival Survival add Added Preview kits this allows you to preview kits you don't have access to yet! We've had this all along and I only just realized I can do this! πŸ”Έ Added preview kits from Cadet-Captain Ranks, this required writing names and descriptions for all kits, as well as setting an item to show its not accessible yet. πŸ”Έ Great for another method to teach how to /rankup πŸŽ‰ πŸ”Έ Much neater having proper names and descriptions πŸ”Έ This is going to require more time to continue and finish all the other kits, but its a good start!
survival Survival add Added Preview kits for all the single rankup reward kits. πŸ”Έ Added preview kits from /kit Cadet-Quartermaster_rankup kits πŸ”ΈThese now all have display names, descriptions and not accessable icons. rem Disabled New year kit /kit NY2023 (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated Premium suite of essentails plugin upd Updated Voting plugin πŸ”Έ BugFix: Prevents totals randomly resetting upd Updated Analytics plugin, Bugfixes add @Moderator gained /shakeitoff <player> -s (Also on creative, -s is for silent, not sendin player a message it happened)
Dismounts Entitys riding a player, or a player riding an entity. If player name is used then target player will not only lose his passengers but be ejected from his current vehicle too
creative Creative upd Updated Premium suite of essentails plugin & dependacy upd Updated Analytics plugin, Bugfixes upd Updated essentails plugin
survival Survival upd Changed daily restart time back to 10:30am GMT πŸ”Έ 9.30 was too early for me to ever get time to push plugin updates πŸ˜‚ I may even push it later if I need to!
survival Survival add Gave our #🎉β”‚giveaway-events Giveaway keys for winter 22 treasure chest! add Added new #🎉β”‚giveaway-events Giveaway for 15x treasure chest keys! All you have to do is react! πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘‰
🌍 Website - Support system add The website support/ticket system is back up and working. πŸ‘‰ πŸ”Έ I had to "nuke" it and set it up from scratch, the developer released an "update" that destroyed all the data, and filled the database with duplicates, for example there were 904 categories all called "General". Sadly this does mean that all existing tickets had to be exported to a spreadsheet and are no longer avalible on the website. πŸ”Έ New: When you put in your username/email/Discord/UUID this is now saved to your customer profile and do not have to re-fill them in each time. add New support agents added @Moderator @Admin
survival Survival upd Updated Premium suite of essentails plugin upd Updated TAB/Overhead name plugin upd Replaced worldedit selection plugin for @Admin that do that sort of thing! Same one as on creative now (Much better one!)
survival Survival upd A rare, very welcomed update for the shop plugin! Sign shop plugin updated! πŸ”Έ Adds /signshop ignore command to ignore Signshop messages. πŸ”Έ Adds shop inspection tool to see shop owner information including last seen time uses WRITABLE_BOOK (May change this later) πŸ”Έ Now allows commas to be used for currency separation instead of just periods. (1,000.00 and 1.000,00 are now both valid prices). πŸ”ΈYou can now dye and add glow to your shops with dyes and ink sacs! πŸ”ΈFixes improper color formatting for falsely colored items. upd Updated Live map plugin πŸ”Έ1.19.3 πŸ”ΈImprove performance with lots of map markers upd Updated Essentails plugin(s) πŸ”Έ Various minor bugfixes (edited)
survival Survival add Gave out#🎉β”‚giveaway-events Giveaway keys for winter 22 treasure chest! add Added new #🎉β”‚giveaway-events Giveaway for 15x treasure chest keys! All you have to do is react! πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘‰
survival Survival upd Increased max balance from 250k to 300k at request of @jpcello πŸ‘
survival Survival upd Pirate Marketplace shops are on sale! Massive discount now live! πŸ”Έ All Shops have a 15% discount! Get ya booty down to /warp shop! πŸ”Έ Shop2 have a bonkers 32% discount 🀯! Get ya booty down to /shop2! πŸ”ΈSince the makret has a lot of empty shops at present, I have dropped the price to allow more people to rent them πŸ”ΈTrialing market based pricing, /shop2 shops have been moved into their own group of shops, which allows its own algorithm to calculate cost, allowing for a big discount! upd Updated default shop price calculations if a shop isnt in a group (All shops should be in a group) but this is a fallback. add New! Full shop spreadsheet has been shared public! See a breakdown of all shop sizes and prices! Discount prices are shown in orange! πŸ”ΈThis was my staff only spreadsheet that I used to calculate all prices, and has been around for years, cleaned it up and embedded it so it can be used by you via the economy page to get an overview of all shops! πŸ‘ Big thanks to @_Augustus_Caesar for updating the shop region volumes in the spreadsheet so that I could get new calcualtions made and the spreadsheet updated and live! πŸ‘‰
survival Survival rum Pumpkin Ale brew ingredients changed to work! upd rum Fixed an old brew by changing its ingredients for Foul Pumpkin Ale/Fermented Pumpkin/Pumpkin Ale (ID 37) πŸ”Έ Thanks to a report from @Lullaby93 Pumpkin Ale ingredents conflicted with Fine Beer (ID 2) and picking new ingredients! πŸŽƒrum New Pumpkin Ale Hint by @Lullaby93
Alongside the ingredients of the old Ale, I went in my garden in the jungle, grabbed some pupmkins and shoved them in the caudron, the drink was starting to get a good taste, but I felt like it was missing some scent, so I decided to throw in a handfull of the seeds of the fruit which grows in my garden, it was defenetly delicious so I let it cook for a lil longer and then I fermented it in my barrel for some years, well the wait was worth it, for the pirates who love the taste of pumpkin this is your brew! Will you be able to replicate this unique scent?
survival Survival rem Updated server list MOTD to be old version (Removed vampire message) rem Removed /msg when logging in to tell you about vampires rem Removed Vampire plugin (Until next spooky season!) ⏰ On Next reboot rem Removed Bloodmoon plugin (Until next spooky season!) ⏰ On Next reboot rem Removed Spooky brew and vampire message from /motd upd Moved Bloodmoon Treasure chest to the Rusty keg at /warp cove so that keys can be used up. πŸ”Έ Changed its hologram to explain its no longer active. (edited)
survival Survival upd Updated Treasure chest (Crate) plugin. upd Updated profiler plugin
survival Survival upd pirateship Removed brick blocks from Dhows, this must have been accidentally added when I moved from 1.12 IDs to names. Thanks for the report @DirectorAnivian
survival Survival add NEW! Added /cplaytime to check your playtime in a GUI over periods of time. add NEW! Added /cplaytime <username> @Moderator @Admin to check other players playtime across time periods. πŸ”Έ Playtime broken down into a nice GUI, for Hour, today, previous hour, yesterday(s), week, 7 day ranges, Current month, 30 day ranges, current year or 365 day ranges. πŸ”Έ This shows in a GUI how active someone is, how long they play for across certain periods, when they were last on and for how long each time, very helpful indicator for how active someone is and what times they play, could be used for staffing to figure out time-zones or moderation to see when people were last online for whatever reason. (edited)
survivalcreative Survival, Creative & Test upd Connect Directly to Creative Finally found a fix for the outstanding issue of not being able to directly connect to servers via server list addresses! This was an outstanding issue after moving proxy hosts. βœ… πŸ‘‰ Always use this, this is the main server address! you can use /server to bounce get around from here. πŸ”Έ Direct Connect Servers: βœ… πŸ‘‰ Creative server βœ… πŸ‘‰ Test server βœ… πŸ‘‰ Survival server (Shouldn't really matter now as you no longer get remembered what server you was on last, legacy really) ❎ πŸ‘‰ Play server (Server not yet active) upd Fixed correct player counts showing on direct connect servers upd Fixed hovering over online player count numbers to show usernames of who's online! (edited)
βš™οΈ Maintenance & Proxy upd Updated Proxy server upd Updated proxy flood plugin upd Updated Java/OS/Mysql etc. derp Server didnt boot this morning as Mojang session servers were down, so it just hung reeeee (edited)
🌎 Website - Wiki 10outof10 PirateCraft Wiki is open! upd Upgraded MediaWiki software to the latest and greatest! πŸ”Έ Including all extensions, database upgrades etc add Entirely new Mediawiki skin/theme to match Wikipedia! (Much cleaner!) add Added VisualEditor! Its time to retire the old school TinyMCE visual editor in favor of the super fancy new VisualEditor to edit wiki pages! sooooo much easier! add New Dark mode option! Sign up and you can turn on dark mode for the Wiki! add Added 2fa add Added inter-wiki to quickly link to content from other wikis! πŸ”Έ upd Lots more things that I forgot to write down as I was doing them and am doing this changelog too late πŸ˜‚ πŸ”Έ See extensions here ℹ️ The purpose of the Wiki is to keep a history of your PirateCraft events, Crew information, Lore, events, etc! Add to the timeline or create guides for the community! Or just an overview of your character to be put into the PirateCraft history books! ℹ️ Remember You can post wiki links in chat! They are whitelisted for easy sending detailed information about crews, events etc in-game! Use the Wiki as your own Crew website! its got much easier with the visual editor now! (edited)
⚠️ Cross server chat temp disabled. survival creative πŸ§ͺ Survival / Creative / Test Servers upd Updated chat plugin πŸ”Έ Surprise Surprise, the chat plugin broke something on an update! 😠 I've had to disable Cross-server chat temporarily across all servers while the chat developers fix the errors with it, reports made and just have to wait on them. πŸ”Έ Solved the double chat issue in #💬β”‚live_gamechat but found another issue with it, its showing both Creative global chat and survival global chat in the same channel, which is a pain in the butthole, one more issue to add to the never ending list! upd Updated Mob manager plugin βš™οΈ Proxy server rem Removed cross server chat plugin temp 🌎 Website - Wiki upd Updated the infobox for player pages πŸ”— πŸ”— (Example use here) The wiki is very dated and a lot of incorrect information! Feel free to start updating, I started a Wishlist for some things that would be nice to see people create on the wiki or update (edited)
🦜 Discord add Added access to #📙β”‚wiki_logs and #📗β”‚market_logs for Verified Discord users, as additional informaiton if requred.
survival Survival add Gave out #🎉β”‚giveaway-events Giveaway keys for winter 22 treasure chest! add Added new #🎉β”‚giveaway-events Giveaway for 15x treasure chest keys! All you have to do is react! πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘‰ (edited)
proxy Proxy upd Updated proxy to support 1.19.4 clients survival Survival / Creative / Test upd Updated plugin that allows latest client 1.19.4 to connect to 1.18.2 server (edited)
survivalcreative πŸ§ͺ Survival, Creative, Test upd Updated Premium suite of essentials plugin + dependency plugins πŸ”Έ Lots of bug fixes and better memory management upd Updated packet plugin that allows newer clients to connect, bugfixes. survival Survival & Test upd Updated PvPManager plugin πŸ”Έsword Re-Added EnderPearl Cooldown while PvP tagged Back at 15s as it was in 1.12.2. πŸ”Έ πŸ› There is a feedback bug with time left as its a comflict between two plugins doing Cooldowns on Endpearls, It displays the 15s PvP tagged timer in-game as 3x 5s which is weird! I have submitted the bug report to both developers. (edited)
add Added 150 playtime rewards /prewards πŸ”Έ Total money each person can make is £70,725 in-game if you claim all 150 playtime rewards. πŸ”Έ Each reward unlocks a /tags for that playtime reward, so there are 150 tags to collect from these rewards. πŸ”Έ Every 10 playtime rewards, you unlock a unique one time use /kit thanks to @Drbipper who made all of these! β™₯️ add Created a website guide page for rewards add Added Tags plugin and over 260+ tags that can be used to show status above your head πŸ”Έ 10 category packs of Tags; Base pack, Rank upgrades, playtime rewards, @HelperTags, @Moderator Tags, @Contributor Tags, @Discord Booster Tags, @Content Creator Alerts Tags, Seasons, PvP and a random silly pack. 
 πŸ”Έ How to unlock each will be listed on the website tags guide page πŸ”Έ If you have any ideas for tags to add to the server, you can design & submit them in the newly created #🏷β”‚tags add Created a website guide page for tags add Created Treasure Hunter rank for @Content Creator Alerts @Drbipper that inherits its own unique tags add Created #📗β”‚rewards_logs log for staff to see all reward claims live upd Updated /motd upd Updated tab plugin to allow a second tag above player heads ℹ️ For those peolpe that got in too early at release who spam clicked when the kits were still in the same group, so it thought you claimed all the kits, dont worry! I also created some custom logging for playtime rewards, so I have a list of everyone that needs these playtime rewards reset to claim again! We just need to find some time! πŸ“° Annoucement (edited)
proxy Proxy upd Updated Proxy server upd Updated MOTD plugin
survival Survival upd Queued an update for tomorrows reboot, that should hopefully re-enable cross-server chat again. 24/Mar/2023 10:30 AM (UTC+00:00) upd 7/17 Players playtime kits reset that got in too early with "grouped" kits, slowly working through the 30 commands to run per player, its so tedious. πŸ”Έ @_Augustus_Caesar @1nrn @Akatsuki_Elrqc @playdoh_eater @jpcello @xXimonx @AstroSailer_ done! Check your /kits πŸ‘ Rest of you, Ill slowly do them as I go, too tedious to do in one go πŸ₯±
survival Survival upd Updated Chat plugin
survival Survival add Created alias /whowas <username> for @Admin to see username history quickly via database lookup since we lost that function! (auto tab will work next reboot) add New perms for @Moderator to use this! add Created alias /signlookup <username> for @Admin Much faster than having to write the lookup command and use parameters, defaults to 48h window. (auto tab will work next reboot) add New perms for @Moderator to use this!
survival creative Survival & Creative upd Updated Analytics plugin @Bazurka
survival Survival upd Never thought this day would come, Increased the limit on claim blocks from 1 million to 1.5 million claim blocks πŸ˜‚ We have people hitting the limits! add Added bypass to grief-prevention claim block limits for @Moderator @Admin
upd 17/17 Pirates Playtime kits reset that got in too early with "grouped" kits, all done. πŸ”Έ @JArchaius @Frog616 @Deleted User @YouSayDamian @scar_litty @Sir_Panda_TheIII @ShotoTodoroki @Deleted User @Clxpt @IgnGath /kits to claim your playtime kits πŸ‘
πŸ›’ Store add Added PvP Tag Pack to /store πŸ”Έ Unlocks 9 permanent overhead tags to show off to pirates in-game! /tags πŸ”Έ Pirate PvP Themed! πŸ”Έ On sale $3.59 at 40% off! until the end of next month! That's only $0.39 per tag! πŸ”Έ Swap /tags at any point! πŸ–ΌοΈ 🌍 Website upd Updated tags guide to link to store page for PvP Tag pack πŸ”Έ (edited)
survival Survival - Ship battle preparation ⚠️ The following is preparation for a ship battle and won't have permission to use this early! πŸ˜‚ Keep an eye on #📢β”‚announcements and the forums for when the next battle will be! add Created Ship-battle coordinator NPC to manage actions for ship battles. πŸ”ΈCollect the New limited edition Ship Maneuver Tool #16 for the next ship battle. (Costs £10 in-game) πŸ”ΈAutomatically set Navigator rank to yourself (for 4 hours), which unlocks all ships for a ship battle. (Costs £10 in-game) πŸ”Έ Info button to open up /shipbattle πŸ”— add Created /shipbattle alias for /guide shipbattle links to wiki pages, and will show date for next ship battle. add Created 3 new /kits for Navigator rank /kit gunpowder /kit cannonball and /kit cannistershot πŸ”Έ These will reset every 30m and have a maximum of 4 uses, these are free resources for ship battles. add Spawned in 4 big ships to use in the next battle with differnt sails upd Moved /warp event to ship area, added perms for /warp shipbattle to get into the arena upd Redesigned the /warp event spawn area 🌍 Website add Created NPC Ship-battle coordinator Wiki page add Created NPC Category on wiki, this will automatically list all pages set in the NPC category upd Updated Ship-battle wiki page πŸ”Έ Still requires a lot of updating, maybe someone can add images? πŸ”– Homework Remind yourself how ships can cannons work!
survival Surival upd Fixed @Admin lookup command (Whoops)
discord Discord upd Fixed when closing tickets, to actually move them into a closed tickets categroy. There was no overflow category setup due to discords limit of 50 channels per category! Plenty of room now for tickets we wish to archive instead of delete. upd @Helper Fixed Ticket creation sending a message into the staff channel!
survival Survival add Added Spring 2023 Treasure Chest thanks to @Drbipper ❀️ πŸ”Έ Only 10 days late to official spring! That's my bad! πŸ˜‚ add Added /kit keys for @Helper Staff Team πŸ”Έ I retired the NPC at staff warp add Setup keyKey drops keyUpdated /vote chest with Winter keys keyUpdated 30m key drop script keyAdded keys to /kit keys keyRandom drops when im online keyAdded #🎉β”‚giveaway-events keyAdded keys to store keyGave @Drbipper his 192 keys upd Moved the Winter 2022-2023 Treasure Chest to the Rusty Keg at /warp cove so you can use old keys still!
survival Survival add Elytra's are back! We decided it might be fun for everyone to be able to fly around to divebomb pirates so go grab your /kit elytra2023 today! add We've made a few minor adjustments to the server's language filters to improve chat moderation. As a result, some 65 common words may appear as different phrases or expressions. We apologize for any confusion this may cause, but we believe this will help create a safer and more enjoyable environment for all players.
survival Survival add Added Flying! Everyone can now fly! Regarding the last update, some requests were made for actual wings, so I have added Flight Charges. πŸ”Έ You pay £1 to fly 1 block! Enable flying with /flyc and double jump! πŸ”Έ A bossbar shows how many flight charges you have, and you can recharge your Flight charges with /recharge πŸ”Έ Hovering costs Flight charges πŸ”ΈWhen you run out of flight charges you get teleported to the ground safely πŸ–ΌοΈ *May want to take this opportunity to take some base screenshots! * πŸ˜‰

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