Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests

Find Treasure at /warp cove

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    Treasure Chests

    /Treasure chests, also known as Crates, are server made treasure that require a key to open, these are special event Treasure Chests found at /warp cove that will drop a random custom item from the Treasure chest when used.

    Collectable Items

    The only way to obtain the collectable colored items in-game is either through Treasure Chests or through Events where items will be dropped/won, there is no other way to obtain Colored items. This allows people to understand the difference between collectable/rare items and player base items that don’t have colour in their name & lore.

    Treasure Chest in-game.

    Color Codes & Treasure drop rates Guide

    As of June 2021 there is now a consistent color guide for item names & lore, as well as a star-based drop rate system to tell you how rare an item is! You can also get this information in-game using /treasure.

    Item colors has taken inspiration from the Borderlands games for rarity levels, and items have consistent colored names as well as matching rarity stars.

    Color code legend
    • Legendary – Dark Red with red lore
    • Epic – Gold (Or Orange) with yellow lore
    • Rare – Yellow with Dark Aqua lore
    • Uncommon – Blue with white lore
    • Common – Green with white lore

    Star Drop Rate ✪

    The more stars an item has the rarer it is to get dropped!

    Stars can go beyond 5 stars! A Legendary Item could have 6 stars and the other Legendary items could have 5 stars, this means that the 6-star Legendary item has a lower drop rate than the other Legendary items and therefore is super Legendary! The same happens for a 5 Star Epic Item, or a 4 star Rare item!

    Most of the time items will have 1-5 stars, but once in a blue moon we may introduce a super Legendary item which will require an extra star!

    What Treasure Chests are there?

    Seasonal Treasure Chests

    We have seasonal based Treasure chests that change each year, keys can be obtained for these from the Store page, Keys are also automatically dropped every 30m in-game to a person online and they can also be obtained from the Vote Crate. When we have events happening Keys will sometimes be added as drops as part of events on top of event items!

    • Spring Treasure Chest
    • Summer Treasure Chest
    • Autumn Treasure Chest
    • Winter Treasure Chest

    Permanent Treasure Chests

    Our /vote Treasure chest is a permanent chest that’s always available at /warp cove and /spawn, keys for this Treasure are given from voting for PirateCraft on Vote websites! More information about voting can be found on our vote page.

    We also have a Contributor Treasure chest which is a treasure for people that purchase a Contributor rank, each purchase of a contributor rank gets a Contributor Treasure Chest key.

    • Vote Treasure Chest
    • Contributor Treasure Chest

    Themed Treasure Chests

    From time to time we will have themed Treasure chests around a theme or event, these are super special crates that won’t be around for long!

    • Pirate themed Treasure
    • Special one off Treasure chests based on a holiday or real world event.

    Keys to open Treasure Chests

    Keys can be obtained in a multitude of ways!

    • Buy them from the Store or use /donate in-game.
    • Seasonal Treasure Chest will have keys dropped every 30m in-game to 1 person online!
    • /vote for Vote Treasure Chest keys to get Vote Chest rewards.
      • The Vote chest will sometimes have Keys to other Treasure Chests in it to open other Treasure!
    • Play events that have Key drops
    • Buy keys off other players from the player-run /shops
    • Purchase a Contributor Rank for Contributor Treasure Chest keys

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