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survival Survival add Botm Prizes awarded!! Congrats to the winners, missioncarp, @Calendil_ And @warbluke for winning your kits are awaiting to be claimed!!trophy 🎉 (edited)
survival Survival add Bloodtide Island Event Added scheduled loot spawning instead of using the built-in plugin schedule system, which for some reason stopped working, for the Friday-Sunday loot drops at west. 🔸 Currently setup every 4 hours on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, may change if required! 🔸As requested by @MrLimeWise Friday will have keep inv ON but weekends will have keep inv OFF, I have scheduled this to be automated too. add Bloodtide Island Event @Moderator @Admin I made a custom /bloodtide <open/close/keepinvoff/keepinvon> command for you to easily open/close the Region access to people, and also toggle Keep Inv for the region! 🔸 This now auto-tabs with its variables open/close/keepinvoff/keepinvon too for when we all forget the parameters! 🔸 This auto updates the Holograms at /warp event to tell players if the event region is open or closed and if Keep inv is on or off. add Setup for event 🔸Made some changed to build on creative/new spawns/blending terrain and changed biome 🔸Copied over build from Creative 🔸Moved /warp event and set second spot so its random 🔸Created region and all flags on both creative and survival 🔸Created holograms for spawn points 🔸Copied over data files for items/configs made on creative 🔸Created perms for @Moderator and @Admin to manually run the chest drop if they fancy it, so now they have greater control for one off events other than the automated weekend event(s). add Added to /events Via @jpcello request 🎉 â™Ĩī¸ Massive thanks to @Calendil_ and @TobySF and @MrLimeWise for setting this all up, Im just doing what im told for setup 😂 🔗 See (edited)
survival Survival rem Removed /tuts from next Reboot, odd leftovers from another time, was using a different warp system. upd Updated /shops to use the correct warp plugin 👌
survival Survival upd Bloodtide Island Event /warp event Changed region to allow mob damage upd Bloodtide Island Event /warp event Changed holograms to include /events upd Bloodtide Island Event /warp event Blocked use of /shops Aka blocked using warp command(s), theres bound to be a ton more ive missed lol find them and taunt @MrLimeWise 😂 upd Updated /events with exact times in /servertime for spawns of the loot
creative Creative upd Fixed a bunch of auto-tabs on Creative, for things like /warp will now show up in tab that will let you auto tab to, matched the same list as Survival. survival Survival rem Removed being able to /trust on all your claims by not standing in a claim. 🔸 Solves the issue of people accidently trusting people to all their claims without realising. 🔸 Resolves performance issue related to scaling
survival Survival 🎂 @Admin can now make you a custom birthday cake (Like I always did manually!) 🔸 Syntax is /cake <username> <age> or without an age use /cake <username> and it'll pop 32 into your hand! 🔸Use /cake for example & instructions if that's forgotten! 🔸 Automatically changes the date & year so no maintenance is required & also puts on who baked the cake! 🔸I created some pre-made auto tab examples from 11th-30th birthdays for even more speed! 🔸Logged use for records! 👀 ℹī¸ @Moderator has temp access so @MrLimeWise can generate his own Birthday cake haha 🎂
survival Survival upd Updated the plugin that denys /back into claims you do not have trust on (For next reboot) 🔸 Adds feature to prevent /back into worldguard regions with the specific flag on, which will be perfect for events! upd Updated PvP tag plugin (For next reboot) 🔸 Improved detection of PvP deaths for kill abuse upd Updated /vote plugin (For next reboot) 🔸Cache imrpovements 🔸Added placeholders for last month vote totals (This will be good for cove)
survival Survival add Created /kit 11years for our 11th birthday! 🔸 Set preview perm to see it in /kits before you unlock it from /warp event add Created 11 Years tag to unlock from /warp event add Setup flags, NPC, warp, holograms and some testing of new flags at the warp event dungeon maze for this small event. Next Restart 🕐 add Re-added the Bloodmoon plugin for Autumn event. 🔸 Same mob drops as last year, but changed the shard to say 2023 🔸 This is prep, the items will drop but the crate and crafting the key will not be live yet! Get a head start on collecting items!

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