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Here at PirateCraft when you /vote, you play vote-roulette. Why can’t I just have prizes? You’re a pirate, you like to take risks. That’s why we have an element of danger involved in our voting system!

To activate the Vote-Roulete you need to vote for PirateCraft on at least 3 of our banner websites, You can do this once a day and you don’t have to be in-game to collect, You’ll get issued your prize when you next log on. You can also use /vote, in-game.

What are the Prizes?

Once you vote on at least 3 websites below, a prize will be issued at random, this is our current prize list. (It’s going to get more dangerous)

  1. 1 TNT
  2. £10 in-game cash
  3. £20 in-game cash
  4. £30 in-game cash
  5. 3 XP Levels
  6. 7 XP Levels
  7. 10 XP Levels
  8. £40 in-game cash (Lieutenant’s +)
  9. £50 in-game cash (Commander’s +)
  10. £60 in-game cash (Captain’s +)
  11. GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL; For 3 minutes, you will be jailed in The Cove prison, Cell 1.
    Players will be able to torture you!
  12. GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL; For 5 minutes, you will be jailed in The Cove prison, Cell 2.
    Players wont be able to torture you in this cell.
  13. Zombie Party, Must be your birthday.
  14. And On The 7th Day; Vote 7 days in a row or more and get an extra £10 added to your wallet, Kaaaa-Ching!
  15. 1% chance you will win a half a stack of diamonds!

Voting Milestones

  • Deckhand Milestone (30 votes) wins: £100
  • Cadet Milestone (60 votes) wins £200
  • Sailor Milestone (100 votes) wins £200
  • Carpenter Milestone (200 votes) wins £300
  • Gunner Milestone (500 votes) wins £500
  • Boatswain Milestone (1000 votes) wins £1,000

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