Vote 3 times for a Vote Key! You can vote on each website every 24 hours!
There are 9 Vote websites, so that’s 3 keys every 24h!

Open all vote websites at once

Open all 11 voting websites

Make sure to allow “pop-ups” for this link to work.

Allow pop-ups for the link above to work

Vote one by one

Vote Commands

  • /vr ? To view all /vr commands
  • /vr stats Your Vote Stats
  • /vr milestones View milestones
  • /vr top10 total Top 10 Voters all time!
  • /vr top10 votestreak Top 10 vote streaks!
  • /vr lastvote See when you voted last
  • /vr claim Claim your rewards & Milestones
  • /vr claim rewards [#/All] Claim your rewards
  • /vr claim milestones [#/All] Claim your milestones

Whats a vote key?

Vote Treasure chest at /warp cove being used

A vote key is a key you can use on a /Treasure chest at /warp cove to win prizes!

All you need to do is vote for PirateCraft on at least 3 of our vote websites listed above, You can do this once a day and you don’t have to be in-game to collect, You’ll get issued your prize when you next log on. You can also use /vote, in-game.


Vote Milestones

Milestones are extra rewards when you vote so many times in total, you can view milestones in game with /cr milestones and click the names in chat.

Milestone Name
Votes Required
Voting Milestone 13£10 & 1 Vote Key
Voting Milestone 2
20£20 & 2 Vote Keys
Voting Milestone 3
30£30 & 3 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 4
50£50 & 4 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 5
100£100 & 5 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 6
150£150 & 6 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 7
200£200 & 7 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 8
300£300 & 8 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 9
400£400 & 9 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 10500£500 & 10 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 11600£600 & 11 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 12700£700 & 12 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 13800£800 & 13 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 14900£900 & 14 Vote keys
Voting Milestone 151000£1000 & 15 Vote keys

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