Live Map

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Map Layers

Hover over the layers icon top left, under the zoom controls to toggle showing different markers on the map.

  • Player settlements (Off by default) These are markers added by Contributors in-game, the get to choose the marker icon they want.
  • Players, These are the current online people being shown live
  • Warps, These are the /warps available in-game for everyone, these are all free to use and PvP free, so you are safe in their spawn zones.
  • WorldBorder, Self explanatory here, this is the border shown for the world.
  • Regions (Off by default), These outline the region file names, using the Minecraft region file format. This is so entire regions of the world can be tracked to see if we can re-generate an entire region of chunks in one-go, these are colour coded:
    • Yellow Regions – Pending Regen, Currently every single region marker as we haven’t started any form of regeneration yet (Waiting until we move to 1.13)
    • Green Regions – Have been Regenerated, will have a date of last regen.
    • Red Regions – Marked for regen in the next 2 weeks, click the region to see the date it was marked for regeneration. The region will have been searched by a team before its marked for regen, old claims will need to be removed first.

How do I hide myself on the Live map?

You can stop yourself showing up on the Live map by:

  • Potion of Invisibility, there’s a 3min one or an 8min one, we also have some custom brews that have Invisibility!
  • Hidden in Shadows , In light level 0 which is full shadow, you will be hidden from the live map, this works inside/underground and in shadows.
  • Sneaking, if you hold shift you will “sneak” this will hide you on the map, so you can sneak up on someone, this may be a little slow!

I’m a Contributor how do I place a marker?

All Contributors have access to placing markers under the “Settlements” layer by simply planting down a sign.

  1. Line 1, On the first line of the sign put [dynmap]
  2. Line 2, Text displayed on the marker icon on the live map
  3. Line 3, Text displayed on the marker icon on the live map
  4. Line 4, Set an icon by putting icon:iconname, If you leave it blank you can use this space for more text and the default settlement icon will be shown.

The Settlements layer is hidden by default.

Marker Icon Lists

How do I talk from the map?

Talking from the map was removed due to abuse from anyone that used it.

How can I hide from the map?

You are hidden from the map if you have an active invisibility potion, if you are sneaking or you are in a 0 light level area; a cave with no torches for example.


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