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    Welcome to our first competition for designing event items! We will be starting simple with a Summer Treasure Chest to iron out any kinks!

    If you missed the news, I created an entire creative world with in-game tutorials, example kit items to re-name and edit, in-game tutorial items, copy & paste templates and a detailed website guide page on following the Treasure format for PirateCraft (So its clean, universal and easy to understand for everyone, instead of just random item colors and random lore)


    Wait what? What do we have to create?

    This is a competition to name items (any Minecraft items that isn’t OP like elytra) and write some lore for it to go into the Summer Treasure Chest 2021!
    It’s that simple, Name And lore, if it’s a weapon it will also need enhancements picked! This is all done on a custom creative plot world and is super simple, and I have already made examples for you to edit and easily see the treasure format for Name & Lore!


    Sounds simple! What’s the theme?

    We have never had a Pirates of the Caribbean themed anything! So this year this will be a PirateCraft Treasure chest for “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” the very first POTC film! the one that kicked off the franchise!

    So pick any lore from the first POTC movie and create an item from it, for example you could create a piece of gold called “Aztec Gold” with the lore “Curse of the Aztec Gold,  Taken from the stone chest of 882 pieces of Aztec gold” (Use this as an example to learn to create items!) someone needs to submit this one! Free easy entry for someone! I have edited my one of my examples to this exact item below!


    Cool, what can I win?

    If you get your item(s) added to the Treasure Chest you will get:

    1. 30 Keys for the Treasure Chest
    2. Your name added to the Credit of the treasure chest for everyone to see, forever linked to this one of a kind chest!


    What items need to be created?

    Not many at all, these could all be made within a few hours!

    • 3 legendary (none made)
    • 4 epic (none made)
    • 5 rare (none made)
    • 7 uncommon (none made)
    • 9 common items (none made)


    How do I get to this world and make items?

    1. /server creative
    2. /warp treasure OR /spawn then right-click the Treasure NPC.
    3. Find any empty plot and do /plot claim
    4. Read the tutorials via /customitem and use /kit customitems for item based tutorial!
      1. The three comands to make items are /itemname, /itemlore & /enchant


    • Use /kits on creative for examples you can edit, or understand what type of item needs to be created based on its rarity.
    • Read the detailed treasure guide
    • At the bottom of the treasure page are copy & paste templates for items! This is the quickest way to design entirely custom items, by using my templates!


    What is the format(s) these items need to be in?

    See the treasure page for more information or look at the /kits.

    The item name needs to be the same colors as the rarity the item is going to be (You pick what rarity).

    The item lore also has specific colors for each lore, you can check in /treasure at any time. Then we have spacers between information, we have a small italic pirate flag with the event the items from, then we explain how the user can obtain that item, so in a few years time, if someone finds this item they can instantly understand where/how it was created (Unlike a lot of old event items).

    For the treasure chest we need 2 item versions, one with lore to explain how you get keys and one for the actual item you get, that does not show the Vote/treasure/donate commands, its easiest to create the main item peoplewill get first and then you can easily just append/edit additional lines to the HOW TO OBTAIN KEYS section.

    Heres a copy and paste example using my own copy & paste format from the treasure guide page using my Aztec Gold as a Epic item as the item you receive from the Treasure chest.

    /itemname &6Aztec Gold
    /itemlore 1 &eCurse of the Aztec Gold
    /itemlore 2 &eTaken from the stone chest
    /itemlore 3 &eOf 882 pieces of Aztec gold
    /itemlore 4
    /itemlore 5 &8⚑&o Summer 2021
    /itemlore 6
    /itemlore 7 &f&lRARITY
    /itemlore 8 &6▌ ✪✪✪✪
    /itemlore 9
    /itemlore 10 &f&lHOW TO OBTAIN
    /itemlore 11 &6▌ Summer Treasure Chest &f/treasure

    Which will look like this in-game


    Then you can duplicate the item by using your middle mouse button, and you can edit the 11th line and add lines 12-16 to create the display item for the treasure chest!


    /itemname &6Aztec Gold
    /itemlore 1 &eCurse of the Aztec Gold
    /itemlore 2 &eTaken from the stone chest 
    /itemlore 3 &eOf 882 pieces of Aztec gold
    /itemlore 4 
    /itemlore 5 &8⚑&o Summer 2021
    /itemlore 6 
    /itemlore 7 &f&lRARITY
    /itemlore 8 &6▌ ✪✪✪✪
    /itemlore 9 
    /itemlore 10 &f&lHOW TO OBTAIN
    /itemlore 11 &a▌ Vote &f/vote
    /itemlore 12 &b▌ Drops &f/treasure
    /itemlore 13 &6▌ Store &f/donate
    /itemlore 14
    /itemlore 15 &e&nPurchase keys @
    /itemlore 16

    Which gives you this in game!

    I want to make an item have enchants that go above the default top values!

    Staff have the ability to add this to an item, you will have to request what you would like them to change (we cannot set attributes).

    This is designed on purpose to get players to focus entirely on following formatting guidelines and thinking about names/lore & enchants on items without making anything too complex! Keep it simple! Keep it fun!


    I’ve made items, how do I submit them?

    1. In your plot use /plot done. This creates a list of submitted items in a list with /plot list done.
    2. Submit your items for review to the Discord Channel labelled “Competition_Entries“.
      1. Submit your plot ID with a
      2. Screenshot of the item you created so people can check its format, and check its in theme with the competition.
        ! Make sure you have made both versions of an item, the Display item and the version that a player will get!


    I messed up! how can I edit my plot again?

    You simply need to do /plot continue


    How long will this competition stay open?

    7 Days, it ends Sunday 29th August 2021.



    1. Item names & Lore cannot contain player names or inside jokes
    2. Item have to follow the treasure format and rarity guidelines
    3. Don’t write fake enchantments like Knockback 1000, you can, however, write fake enchantment related to the lore of the item, for my Curse of the Aztec Gold example you could write a fake enchantment as lore as “Curse of heathen gods” as this is related to its lore.


    Schedule & Future Treasure Chests

    I would like this to be a properly scheduled event for each season, I’ve used to pick dates for universal seasons for PirateCraft to give us dates when we should make the next set of Treasure Chests and when the old ones need to come down!

    We will be pushed for the last few weeks of summer, but I’ve done the hard work (I’ve already done drop rates and I’ve already made a template file! I just need items, where I’ve made a treasure world!)

    • Current Season 21st June (Summer 2021)
    • Autumn 2021, 22nd September
    • Winter 2021, 21nd December
    • Spring 2022, 20nd March


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