October 2021 Changelogs – Spooky 👻

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Part 3 of the /vote update, /shop2 was re-built so shops are cheaper! New inhabited heat-map of the over-world shows we need to expand the map when we get updated to the latest Minecraft, tons of spookiness with a new creative building competition! Read below for more information.

Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!


  • Part 3 of my /vote updates! 15 new collectible items, Doubloon Fragment system for much more choice!
    • 10 Winners each month!
    • Created Vote Trader NPC at /warp cove
    • I created 15 Collectible items, split up into 3 tiers.
      • Gold Doubloon Armour set, Sword & Shield.
      • Silver Doubloon Tools & Bow set.
      • Bronze Doubloon Chainmail set.
    • 1 Tier Doubloon = 1 item of your choice! Pick what you want, collect the sets!
    • Designed in a way that anyone can create Items to replace these items using the treasure world! So we are future proof!
    • Doubloon Fragment system
      • Runners up, places 4-10 get given Doubloon fragments.
      • I created a system where you can break your winning Gold, Silver and bronze doubloons down to multiple fragments or craft fragments into any of the Doubloons to target specific items!
        • 2 fragments = Bronze Doubloon
        • 4 fragments = Silver Doubloon
        • 6 fragments = Gold Doubloon
      • There is no tax or cost to trade between these!
  • Added Missive for new /vote Treasure at /warp cove.
  • Removed September BOTM missive.
  • Updated Anti Cheat plugin across all servers.
  • Tweaked the schedule system by 30 seconds, which fixed sending people to creative at reboot!
    • It will automatically show you a boss-bar timer and send you back to survival after 6 mins, no need to spam /server survival any more! just chill for 6 mins on creative and it’ll all be automated!
  • Shop s71 has been evicted, shop was not stocked, scam sign too, use your shops as shops, and not storage or just to own them.
  • Admins requested: new rule that was mostly a grey area for shops:
    • 6.2: You cannot use your shop primarily for a vault, shops have to be active and in-use.
  • Please give a huge welcome back to Coldat as a Helper!!!
  • Deleted all empty shops at /shop2 in preparation for halving their sizes & another test I want to trial!
  • Entire of /shop2 was re-made from scratch again! Massive thanks to ScriptX, IndexOutOfMJ, MajSay and RatRaceRobot
    • All shops were made half the size so they would be half the price.
    • 4 corners shops we left as the largest shops in the entire marketplace as some pirates wished to keep giant shops
    • I am Trialing 2 Malls, each of these has 4 separate shops, extremely cheap and in a prime location at shop2.
  • Added a new “inhabited” live map layer to the overworld.
  • 19th of October was my birthday, so I have made you some custom items at /warp cove to loot from the treasure chest!
  • Enabled a setting to try and solve an issue with 1.14+ clients and books.
  • Created graphical banner for the Cove “booth” thing.
  • Created a portal from /warp cove that transports you directly to /server creative Halloween world!
  • Copied over events world from creative. “Nassau” a super old build by some players that no longer play on the server. I asked them to build this world so we could have an events world we could update constantly and hold events on.
    • I named the event world after the infamous Pirate island, Nassau. You may have seen from black sails TV show! Hopefully we can get some more of its lore into events here!
    • Created region around this world the same as other event world flags, no PvP for when its open and ready.
    • The plan is this world will be used for all sorts of events throughout the year(s) PvP tournaments, Fishing events, Ship battles, hopefully the entire world will be redesigned multiple times in that time too! An ever changing canvas, we will see! be superb to have Builders and Build Leaders constantly update it when they feel like it on creative for it to be updated on Survival!
  • Added Smoke plugin, this is a decoration plugin for admins to add working smoke physics to server builds, this is an ancient plugin that I got updated years ago and never got around to putting it on survival! its been working on creative for those years!
  • Added Custom mob plugin.
  • Added Disguise plugin.
  • Run a full render on the inhabited map layer on the live map, this seems to be actually pulling data from the chunks over the entire server history of chunk use! Which is absolutely mental.
  • Fixed permissions working in Events world.
  • CallieMav Fixed that special command I made for you (You know the /killeveryoneonlineandstealtheirarmor one)
  • Created graphic for /warp cove notice board for the Creative Halloween Pumpkin Patch Competition, that points towards the portal to enter it!
  • Created pressure plates in front of the notice board that trigger the following addition:
    • Created /comp and /competitions.
  • We had an issue with the shop plugin which required me need to wipe the database that sign data for linking books & trades to chests., Don’t panic, I keep backups & no items are lost! its just the linking of signs to chests!
  • Updated OS & Hardware reboot.
  • Updated proxy server.
  • Added 7 New Halloween themed items to the Autumn 2021 Treasure Chest at /warp cove thanks to DeofiloW1
  • Added Halloween guillotine head basket gift for everyone at /warp cove to loot!
  • Fixed bitly link for latest comp in missives
  • LEGO removed old missive about bottle that’s no longer active.
  • Changed the Jack ‘o Lantern to be a normal pumpkin in the Halloween 2021 Guillotine Head Basket gift at cove, last night It was a lit pumpkin, which you couldn’t put on your head! so some of you have limited editions.
  • Removed Summer 21 Treasure Chest from /warp cove hopefully people have used all their keys up by now!


  • Changed creative Halloween world border to be smaller compact area to cordon off an area for a new event! This was my Simple idea to let us reuse the work I put in last year for this world and easily be able to know what was entered!
  • Moved Halloween spawn to be in the middle of the moved over world border.
  • Halloween Pumpkin Patch Competition 2021 now open!
    • Quick Start /warp cove and walk through the Halloween portal! find a pumpkin plot and /plot claim! This is all on /server creative on /mvtp halloween this year being run by the amazing DeofiloW1
    • Your goal is to make the spookiest Pumpkin patch possible! The pumpkin is a starting point for those that want something to carve or change/build on, but there is no limit to your spooky creativity!
    • Feel free to add friends and work together!
    • Once you have finished your spooky build use /plot done and post a screenshot into #pumpkin_comp with your Plot ID!
    • Rate your favorite builds with /plot rate
    • All entries need to be /plot done by 30th of Nov 2021!
    • First Place Prizes
      • The Harvest Moon Sickle
      • 10,000 Claim blocks Given! OR 6x Autumn Treasure chest keys
    • Second Place Prizes
      • Crescent Moon Sickle
      • 7500 Claim blocks Given!
      • 4x Autumn Treasure chest keys!
    • Third Place Prizes
      • Quarter Moon Sickle
      • 5000 Claim blocks Given!
      • 2x Autumn Treasure chest keys!
  • Gave permission to Deckhand+ to access the halloween world again. /mvtp halloween when on /creative
  • Created Pumpkin portal at /creative /spawn and exit/return portal on the Halloween world! For those that use creative and the spawn!
  • Created holograms for the portals on the pumpkin world to name the portals easily!


  • Published September 2021 Changelog blog post.
  • Promoted Bombniks to forum moderator.
  • Spent some time trying to speed up the website in a whole host of technical ways, This metric has gone from a D-F Rating to an A, so thats improved, but there is still some TTFB issue I cant figure out and a metric ton of new age optimisations that need to happen, but i’m gassed out.
    • Better than it was, I will chip away at it from time to time.
    • Google pagerank still stinks
  • Added a separate username field to the tickets support page, for some reason the default name that I renamed to username does not show up anywhere, so all tickets don’t have a username attached. I think the name field gets auto populated with your logged in username of the website, Ive just required a second username field to make sure we get it logged as most people dont bother to write their username when making a ticket.
  • Updated staff application form by simplifying roles, no longer directly apply for Moderation, you have to apply for Privateer (Helper) first.
    • Staff applications are always open, if you have something else to help out the community and the role isn’t on the list, I can create roles, just fill out the form!
  • Promoted CreatingWithKass to forum moderator and support ticket agent.
  • Fixed the competition image in the forum thread for Halloween.


  • Upgraded the discord server to appear in Discord’s “Discovery” system.
  • Gave out giveaway prizes to TobySF, awesomecow, CreatingWithKass
    • New giveaway for 15x Autumn Treasure Chest Keys for 3 people
  • Gave out giveaway prizes for Decsain, Necron12 and Spooklips your keys have been sent. Use /crate claim (Perfect timing with the recent update to the Autumn Treasure Chest in #announcements )
    • Created new #giveaway for 15x Autumn 2021 Treasure Chest keys for 3 people.
  • Fixed the Competition URL in #announcements for the Halloween Pumpkin Patch Competition 2021
  • Thanks to Discord Boosters, we got ourselves Icons for Ranks on discord! Currently we just picked emojis we have!
  • Created new rank Item Designer for help from my #help_wanted for times when we need that extra juice of creativity for quickly getting some items designed!

More Reading!


Big thanks to @bombniks for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Bombniks

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