February/March 2016 Build of the Month: Winners

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So your votes have been cast and checked, so it’s now time to reveal the winners of the February/March 2016 Build of the Month! Refresh your memories of all the entries by looking at the February/March 2016 Build of the Month Competition post! Whilst all of the builds entered were fantastic in their own ways, the top three as voted by the community are ready to be announced!

First place

Castle of Mariejois
Built by Lawzoneon

Congratulations on Lawzoneon and his simply stunning castle! The amount of time and effort it took Lawzoneon to build this castle paid off with an incredibly comfortable victory! Congratulations! Keep the fantastic building up!



5,000 claim blocks
A special Build of the Month kit

Second place

Delta Tower
Built by gildor_stinky

A fitting build to have earned a prize in the competition, Delta Tower boasts but one example of what can be achieved with a high level of dedication over time, and is therefore not only a fantastic build, but a fantastic choice of build to help inspire all players! Congratulations!



2,500 claim blocks

Third place

Built by Lithvather, with help from Steintod, Reptaria and ToxicKingRS

A fantastic example of co-ordination and what can be achieved when working as a team, this build seems seamless! They say that many hands make light work, and this build just goes to show how true that statement can be! Well done all involved, you’ve earned this position!



1000 claim blocks

Congratulations, not only to the winners, but to everyone who entered! All of your builds were fantastic, and absolutely none of you should be at all discouraged from building! This competition was very intense, but we want to see what all of you have to offer in terms of building, so please get as involved as you can in all future Build of the Month competitions! Keep up the building, everyone!

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