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    Design 15 Playtime kits competition! (2022) Submit a single item or a whole kit!

    What are we looking to create?

    I have implemented a system that can give players a reward for playtime, seperate from ranking up. I have created 150 rank(s) to unlock prizes every 10 level increments, so we need a total of 15 kits!

    The first playtime kit 1 would be the first kit you unlock, and playtime kit 15 would be the last, so prizes can be stacked accordingly.

    People that already have the playtime would be able to unlock all 15 kits straight away.

    Overiew of competition

    • We need 15 kits for playtime rewards, the amount of items in these kits is not fixed, items do not need to all be custom, they could contain a single custom named item and the rest of the kit are vanilla item(s) as padding/additon.
      • The custom item(s) can have the players username embedded into the lore by using  {USERNAME} where you want the username to be displayed.
    • Items are created on /server creative you can organise these into chests at /warp treasure to create kits, then you can follow the saving guide at the end of /customitem for how to save and submit these.
    • You submit you items or full kits to /discord under the kits categories, selecting the correct tags, or you can submit them to this forum thread if you do not have/want discord.
    • Read /customitem or follow the online guide & video to learn how to make custom items step by step.
      • Its important that you follow the item lore gudielines to be consistent with the rest of our treasure lore. You are allowed to use any coloured names for items as you please, including gradients and custom icons to make items unique.
      • Under the “How to obtain” section of lore, you put the kit name the item is designed for, for example you would write “Playtime unlock /kit playtime9”.
      • The black flag lore would be “{USERNAME} Playtime Reward #kitnumber” So then the item is dynamic to the person that generated it and this doubles up on which playtime reward specifically it came from.
      • The Rarity of item(s) increases as the kits get harder to unlock, playtime1 would be common rarity items, playtime15 would be legendary rarity, look at the table below for rarity guidelines for lore.
    • Items should be pirate themed.
    • Kit items don’t even need to be items, they could be commands!
    • Entry end date is 1st January 2023.
    • Wins 30 keys for an item picked for the Treasure chest then 5 keys for each additional item added!


    Item Lore Rarity Guidelines

    /kit playtime1 – Common

    /kit playtime2 – Common

    /kit playtime3 – Common

    /kit playtime4 – Uncommon

    /kit playtime5 – Uncommon

    /kit playtime6 – Uncommon

    /kit playtime7 – Rare

    /kit playtime8 – Rare

    /kit playtime9 – Rare

    /kit playtime10 – Epic

    /kit playtime11 – Epic

    /kit playtime12 – Epic

    /kit playtime13 – Legendary

    /kit playtime14 – Legendary

    /kit playtime15 – Legendary

    Henrus Justen
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    I am looking for world of mario

    lisa la
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