Name Tags

On PirateCraft you can use /tags to set a custom nametag above your head! This shows under your username!

How do I unlock Tags?

Tags are unlocked a few ways on PirateCraft

Tag PackHow to Obtain
Base Tag Pack Emotions/Emoji, Current Status of what you are doing, and what you want to trade for!Deckhand! Everyone gets these.
Team Colors Tag Pack These are a set of 12 team color tags you can set for events or games the community runs to put people into teams!Deckhand! Everyone gets these.
Rank Upgrade Tag Pack each /ranks upgrade you make unlocks a new set of tags to use!Rank up /ranks
150 Playtime rank rewards Tag pack Use playtime rewards /prewards to unlock 150 ranks from your playtime, each one of these ranks unlocks a tag for you to use! /prewards Playtime Rewards Guide
Staff Tag Pack include a set of tags from Privateer and then more tags at CommodoreBecome a staff member
Contributor Tag Pack are tags unlocked when you buy a contributor rankUnlocked from lieutenant & Captain
Discord Booster Tag Pack are a set of tags to show off your contribution to boosting the discord serverBoost our /discord
Item Creator Tag pack If you are consistently generating items for the server to use, you gain the Treasure Hunter rank which unlocks a pack of Item Creator tags!Consistent Item Designer
Seasonal Tags There are changing seasons tags related to seasonal events, treasure chests and mob drops to collect! These will be for each season only!Acquire from each season set of events
Achievements tags Are tags that are very hard to unlock and require to do something very specific, currently there are only “flex” tags available at /warp cove that you can buy for 100k, 200k and 300k./warp cove at the overhead tag NPC
PvP Tag Pack you can buy from the Store.
Buy from the Store.
Random meme pack 1 is a set of random tags that do not fit elsewhere.
Video of meme pack 1 in-game.
Buy from the Store.
Random meme pack 2 is a set of random tags that do not fit elsewhere.
Video of meme pack 2 in-game.
Buy from the Store.

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