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    Help testing the new crew ranks update

    Get yourself onto /server test or and use the new /crew GUI!

    • I want to know if your existing Crew based ranks copy over or if you have to start from scratch setting ranks for people, I assume they are set from scratch.
    • I updated the Crew data today on test server to match what the crews are today on Survival 28th June 2020
    • Crew leaders creating and assigning ranks is set at Sailor like it is at present
    • Setting permissions to ranks is set at carpenter!
    • Feedback can be in this forum thread or on discord.

    How does it work?

    Leaders have the ability to create ranks and give them permissions to perform several actions inside the crew.
    Unlike /crew trust, ranks with permissions allows leaders to have a finer control of who can do what. Ex.: A rank can handle invites (invite permission), another takes care of moderation (kick permission), etc

    Suggestions of ranks

    Coleader: helps take care of the crew; permissions: all
    Treasurer: manages the crew’s bank account; permissions: bank.balance, bank.deposit, bank.withdraw
    Ambassador: manages the crew’s relations with other crews; permissions:, ally.add, ally.remove, rival.add, rival.remove, war.end, war.start
    Recruit: a member in trial; permissions: stats, kills, mostkilled, rank.list


    /crew rank create [rank]: creates a rank with this name
    /crew rank setdisplayname [rank] [displayname]: sets the display name of the rank (it can be more than one word and colored)
    /crew rank assign [player] [rank]: assigns a user to a rank
    /crew rank unassign [player]: unassigns a user from a rank
    /crew rank delete [rank]: deletes a rank
    /crew rank list: lists the crew’s ranks
    /crew rank permissions: lists the available permissions for ranks
    /crew rank permissions [rank]: lists the rank’s permissions
    /crew rank permissions [rank] add [permission]: adds a permission to the rank
    /crew rank permissions [rank] remove [permission]: removes a permission from the rank


    Available permissions for ranks

    A player can view those permissions in-game using /crew rank permissions

    ally.add: can add an ally
    ally.remove: can remove an ally can use ally chat
    bank.balance: can view the bank balance
    bank.deposit: can deposit money
    bank.withdraw: can withdraw money
    bb.add: can add a message to bb
    bb.clear: can clear the bb
    coords: can view the crew’s coords
    fee.enable: can enable the member fee
    fee.set: can change the fee value
    home.regroup: can regroup the crew
    home.set: can set the crew home can tp to the crew home
    invite: can invite someone to the crew
    kick: can kick someone from the crew
    modtag: can modify the crew tag
    rank.displayname: can modify a rank’s display name
    rank.list: can list the ranks
    rival.add: can add a rival
    rival.remove: can remove a rival
    war.end: can end a war
    war.start: can start a war
    vitals: can view the crew’s vitals
    stats: can view the crew’s stats
    kills: can view his or other’s kills
    mostkilled: can view the mostkilled
    description: can change the crew’s description

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    Very exciting. I started tinkering with it. Here are a few first thoughts:

    • When opening /crew gui … the crew info is displayed to the left out of the picture (unable to read all info) – reformatting ?
    • when looking at ones own members list the ‘next page’ button does not work
    • when using crew list or allies list the C in every crew’s description is missing
    • color codes for crew ranks can be used but any CAP letter will be ignored ( Citizen => citizen , PM => pm )

    The attached pictures will visualize the above notes.



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