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    Create PirateCraft a Creative Pirate spawn!

    We don’t have a decent Creative spawn, we need one, can you create something like the header image or the image below? Or even re-create it?

    This is the type of thing we need for a PirateCraft Creative spawn! i want to expand out creativeness with NPC, Holograms etc but we don’t have a spawn!

    You don’t even need to write signs! We will do that! We just need BUILDERS! Work together, work solo, build as big or small as you want, there are no requirements just that its Pirate themed! i really like this style above and below if that helps give inspiration!


    • How does Captain for 4 months sound?
    • A ton of claimblocks
    • In-game Monnney!
    • A custom named & lore sword/bow/pick/potato to your naming requirements?

    What if we work as a team!? Do we split the prize?

    No you all get goodies (If you all work on it! we don’t like no clingons for a free ride!)

    How do I enter?

    Just start building on creative, /server creative, get a plot anywhere resize to you needs and get going! once you have something post the plot number in here!


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    Creative Spawn submission plot ID 28;13

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    Is there any way that entrants could use worldedit for the duration, just for terraforming? This would make the build so much easier and more fun!

    • Topics: 773
    • Replies: 3268
    • Total: 4041
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    Bump! I have removed this from the MOTD so please get your entries in!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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