March 2021 Build of the Month Competition

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Ahoy you filthy pirates! Behold the entries of the Build of the Month for March 2021! 

The Eternal Shop of Hydra

by dpex81

The Eternal Shop of Hydra located at /shop2

Doom of Valyria

by Atalantaa

Beyond the harbours of Volantis rests the Doom that threatens to destroy us all.. The Dragonlords have tamed it into an arena, yet only the bravest of Valyrian Knights train here.

Banan ‘o war

by Pjeturr

Banana boat! OriginalContent™

Ballroom of the Royal Bunker

by Petalface

The Royal Bunker. Built in a secret location deep under London, this ostentatious series of rooms provide a fitting living quarters for the Royals in event of war or other disaster. For national security no images of this place can normally be shown, however in their wisdom photographs of the ballroom have been graciously distributed among the public to help alleviate concern for the Royal’s wellbeing in these difficult and dangerous times. In detail: The ceiling panels are a particular treat. Painted by the great Minecraftangelo, and supported by impeccable cornicing, looking up really brings to mind the cosmos in all its glory. Moving down ones eyes are gifted with the view of fabulous Connemara marble pillars, behind which a tasteful wallpaper reminds us above all else of the utter class of our Royal leadership. The flower pattern of the tiled floor represents man’s truimph over nature; reforming those aspects of the wilds found most pleasing into a surface unmatched by anything naturally generated – let alone mere grass or forest floor. This entire room is a slap in the face of the gods.

Vila de Picoli


CSN Palace

by Darth_Puss

A palace placed in CSN capital with many building styles. This palace is taking from in real life buildings in scale 1:1. It has parts of Barberini palace the Quirinale, palazzo reale di Torino and others.

Wow! This month’s builds were a few, but they were amazing right? Stay tuned for the winners announcement! Before you leave, don’t forget to go submit and prepare your submissions for the next competition… I can’t wait to see them!

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