Mature Pirate themed Minecraft Server with working Ships and Cannons

Connect & Play

Open Minecraft » Multiplayer » Add Server » Put our IP: in the server address. After joining, Leave spawn shipwreck and start building, Semi-Vanilla Minecraft with a Pirate Theme and custom mechanics.
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Ships & Cannons

Build your own custom Ship and sail the oceans, equip it with working cannons to sink rivals! You can Sail and Steal small Dhows as soon as you spawn! /rank up in-game to use larger ship types, or /donate to bypass ranking and unlock all ships and cannons!
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Pirate Crews

Be part of an Empire, Build or join a crew of Pirates and play together. Crews get private chat, alliences, crew home, kills and stats tracking, crew member vitals and setting your own custom crew rank names!
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Protecting Builds

Pirates can protect their builds or plots of land easily on PirateCraft, no commands needed, just a golden shovel! More Claim blocks are awarded for game-play. Read further about Claiming Land and Builds on our guides page.
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Automatic Ranking

Auto-Rank up the Command hierarchy to gain features, commands, sethomes, kits and more permissions! Ranking is based on game-play statistics, Check out Rank features and how to obtain a promotion. Use /rank in-game to monitor promotion progress.
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Statistics Tracking

Game-play Statistics are tracked live! PVP, Travel, Deaths, Builders, Mining, Gametime and much more are available in game with /stats and, we use this data to auto-rank players.
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Custom Brewing

Brew custom pirate Grog! PirateCraft has 86 custom brewing recipes! You can brew and barrel-age good hard booze! Learn more on the Brewing page.
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Working Gates & Bridges

Build unlimited gates and bridges of any size for your castles and forts! Build a moat with a working bridge and working portcullis gate! All triggerd by a simple leaver or redstone! Get creative and build traps!
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