PirateCraft Arctic Event 2024: Conquer Glacial Highlands with Custom Mobs & Loot

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Welcome to Glacial Highlands! 🏴‍☠️

Ahoy, mates! At last, the long-awaited Arctic Event has arrived on PirateCraft! Prepare to set sail for the Glacial Highlands, an island overrun by strange mobs led by the infamous Rolaf The Great. The locals seek your aid in restoring peace and harmony to their once-beautiful home. Are you ready to embark on this epic adventure?

Conquer the Glacial Highlands: Epic PirateCraft Arctic Event

Event Details

  • Location: Glacial Highlands (New World)
  • How to Participate: Use /warp event or the portal at /warp cove to access the island. Speak with “Lime” for more information.
  • Mobs: Encounter a total of 22 unique mobs, including 4 main Bosses, 5 Boss Minions, 2 Primary (Mini Bosses), and 11 Secondary mobs.
    See Warren on the island for more details!
  • Boss Fights: Collect Viking Helmets by defeating primary and secondary mobs. Trade 3 helmets with hidden explorers on the island to challenge the bosses.

New Items and Tags

  • Discover 99 new items and 3 collectible tags scattered across the island.
  • Consult Smithy for item details and Taggins for tag information.

How to fight the bosses?

Acquire Viking Helmets from killing!
Trade these with the explorers dotted around the island.

See Charlie For details on the explorer’s location!

Event Credits

Event Organisers; MrLimeWise, Drbipper & Calendil_
Map Builder; Calendil_
Mob God; MrLimeWise
Item Forger; Drbipper
Video Editor: CommanderTechno
Technical Lead; GodsDead

Massive thank you to the whole PirateCraft team for testing and feedback!

Meet The Mobs

The Bosses

Rolaf The Great

The Leader of the warriors. Known for his chaos and powerful axe! Also has a great friend name Thor!

Spider Queen

Web slinging Queen Loves to bite and send her minions the make you intoxicated with her venom!

Fire Keeper

Yeahhhh, He’s Red hot powerful good luck dodging his lava. your gonna need a lot of fire potions for this!

Ice Giant

Brrrr This Giant is freezing found in the caves near the fire keeper! not freeze to death, nor get squashed!

Boss Minions

ThorYes Its the Mighty Thor!

Son of Odin!
Fire BabyThese Pesky Babies are red hot willing to give you a taste of the flames!
So be warned They are Hot! Like Lava hot and Good Looking!
Queen SpiderThe Spider queens Head Minion, Fast and venomous! Don’t let her get near you or have fun being tortured by the venom running through your Veins
SpiderlingsSpiderqueens Minions also a primary mob located on the island venomous proceed with caution!
ZombIce Giant’s Cold baby’s! They pack a punch don’t get swarmed by them!
Note: Drunken Vikings are used by rolaf but are a secondary mob!

Primary (Mini Bosses)

Frozen Pirate CaptainHe has to be one of the greatest pirates you have ever seen. so it would seem!
Good Luck He has 2 spawn points on the island
The WoodsmanHe chops Wood and loves his Pillager Friends! (note the pillagers don’t drop loot)

Secondary Mobs

Drunken VikingsBear and Axe and look like keni? these fellas are not to messed with when they are drunk!
Frozen DeckhandArgh its a deckie with a sword, Get Him!
Frozen Pirate(2 variations)Cold Hearted Pirate! Heart of ice don’t let him make you freeze up!
GremlinLikes to go out with a bang! Also very fast!
Ice Spiderice ice baby.
Ice wraith (2 variations)Frozen Vexes that will haunt you!
Penguins its penguins! they are not cuddly thou!
SnowmanFrosty the snowman (coming soon)


Join us in the Arctic Event 2024 and prove your prowess as a pirate! Venture into the Glacial Highlands, confront mighty bosses, and claim epic loot. Gather your crew and set sail for adventure today!

Fair winds and following seas, The PirateCraft Team

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