Survival February Changelog roundup 2020 – Faster ships!

I’m on this train of monthly recaps for changelogs over the previous month, this is a bullet pointed list of... View Article

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Survival Changelogs January 2020

Changelogs from December 12st 2019 – January 30th 2020 on main Survival server. Changelogs are posted live to our discord... View Article

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Changelog roundup from August to December 2019

Its been a long time since I have posted a changelog update to the website, I post changelogs live to... View Article

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Crew leaders can now set a daily tax to members! & Changelogs catch-up!

Crew leaders can now tax their crew members automatically every 24 hours with a maximum of £5 a day fee... View Article

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The new Chunk Entity/Mob Limiter

I swapped out our old Ancient Chunk mob limiter for a new one with more features (And one that actually... View Article

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3 Months of changes: Store referrals, New siege blocks, referral prizes, warp north is live! (Changelog round-up)

Change-log roundup for the last 3 months 3 months, 20 days since our last change log round-up, you might want... View Article

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Contributor /near hides invisible & sneak, /back is disabled when killed via PvP

Survival Server Added custom /near plugin. Contributors have access to /near. for those that don’t know what it does, near... View Article

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Dynamic render distance, Welcome Baz! Website changes, New Rank, Discord Sync & upcoming Ship Battle!

I’ve made a few changes since the last changelog, lets hope I can remember everything. Survival Server Updated main server,... View Article

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Demoted 352 Inactive crew leaders, Reduced locker coins, Removed Xmas world

I seem to be playing catch-up with changelogs again! This should roughly be most recent changes. PirateAuction /auc fixed losing... View Article

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Christmas world now Lootable! in-game /Wiki is back!

/warp xmas Christmas world is now lootable, it resets the world every 12 hours, so at 12:00 am/pm. Push notification... View Article

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