May 2021 Changelogs – Gardener Rank! 🌴

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Entirely new staff rank “Gardener”, intended as a temporary rank for non-admin staff to help admins with regenerating land. New Locker command!. New Travelling Merchant and much more! Keep reading for all of May’s changes!

Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

  • Removed the Enderpearl block on the entire the /warp south (Which included the arena Region).
    • This was on due to the drama caused by the players that had claimed land here before and were requested that south have a pearl block to stop them escaping into a safe zone.
    • This does mean that players Are able to escape the arena into a PvP safe Zone.
  • Moderator and Admin Gained ability to Leave the locker if they locker themselves using /mvtp to get out.
  • Moderator and Admin Gained ability to use staff chats in locker.
  • Admin Gained ability to use WorldEdit commands in the Locker to Regen bad things in the sand.
  • Updated Missives
    • Disabled all insult & joke Missives – Removed 13 missives. This was taken over by “Perry” at Cove. Naughty parrot!
    • Removed a few duplicate missives that said similar things, for example, we had 3 missives that explained you could use /track that’s all in 1 now.
    • Updated Missive for requesting staff help to use the Support system instead of creating a forum thread for direct staff communication.
    • Updated Suggestions/Bugs be reported to Discord instead of Forums as this is what people do now!
    • Fixed formatting on 90 Missives (Disabled &current) that had double colors added for no reason.
    • Added Missive about reporting players using the Support Ticket system.
    • Added Join email newsletter. Missive
    • Added Missive that if you become a Discord Booster you’ll get the Helmsman rank in-game.
  • When people try to use /gm 1 or /gamemode it will auto-send them to creative now.
  • Allowed a specific swear bypass for Helper and Moderator.
  • Changed RegEx for URL filter to allow claims to be trusted/access trust etc to BE members with /trust that thought it was posting the Belgium top-level domain! BE leaders Taulov, lazydog11, Bazurka, Petalface, SpikyCactus, BGraph This one for your Crew.
  • I created a custom /locker <username> <reason> command for Moderator & Admin (Been on my to-do list for years!).
    • Requires a reason.
    • Sends the player to the locker, Automatically sets a warning for the reason given, which is also sent to the player so they know why they have been sent!
    • Checks if the user is in the locker, if they are it clears their inventory. This is for those that have collected multiple Sand Dollars in one sitting, so they can get out quicker a second time!
  • I created a custom /unlocker <username> command for @Moderator @Admin to remove yourself from the locker or another player.
    • Don’t use <username> and it’ll run on yourself!
    • It checks if you/player is in the locker first before attempting to teleport out of locker!
  • I created a /flip command for Carpenter+ This was originally requested by Lego in #suggestions.
    • Flips a coin 50/50 and outputs in chat the result with who flipped the coin.
    • Broadcasts to people within a 20 block radius of you.
  • Removed “Push Back” Globally from all PvP safe zones, What this did was when you were PvP tagged and tried to run into a PvP safe zone it would “bounce” you back to not let you escape into a safe zone, now you can run into one.
  • Added Vulnerable when PvP tagged when running into safe zones, Now when you run into a PvP safe zone when you are PvP tagged you will be “Vulnerable” to still PvP as you ran into it while tagged!
    • The PvP Combat tag timer resets back to 15s each time you are hit while in the PvP safe zone! So you can actually finish a fight if you ran into a safe zone as long as you don’t let the combat timer run out!
    • Alternatively, you can escape if you can outrun your opponents and the PvP Combat timer (Yes Pearls work before you ask).
  • Added Titles when you enter & exit /warp arena and /warp south arena that tells you entered the PvP region and tells you if keep inventory is on.
  • Added chat messages when you enter and exit /warp arena and /warp south arena, in case you miss the title somehow.
  • /roll I created a Dice roll for Carpenter+ to go with my new /flip coin flip script.
    • Rolls a six sided dice and outputs in chat the result with who rolled the dice.
    • Broadcasts to people within a 20 block radius of you.
  • Updated Permission error messages for anyone below Carpenter when they try to /flip or /roll to tell them they need to /rankup.
  • fixed /locker having tab-auto complete for usernames Moderator and Admin Locker using tab complete!
  • Added potion splash to the South flat arena.
  • Temporarily removed the /recount plugin for a means of trial and error to see if its the cause of this report: CreatingWithKass and IronAR.
  • Added WorldEdit Visuals to Survival for Admin WE Regens!
  • Created Gardener Rank!
    • The cleanup crew! This is a rank with WorldEdit permissions to select & regen terrain.
    • This is a temporary rank Idea I came up with for Helper & Moderator to help out Admin from time to time in mass regenerating large regions of the world back to begin fresh virgin terrain.
    • There is no ETA for when this will happen yet, I have put this in place to test myself and see the restrictions we have to work within, so stay tuned.
      • After a few hours work trying to add restrictions & protect claims, it’s just not possible, the only restrictions I can give the rank are to limit to inside claims that the group owner is trusted on (Big oof). So it will need to be monitored cleanup! I could create big temporarily regions during these cleanup times but that means were restricted to one area at a time!
      • This does regenerate ores as well as terrain, so this can’t be a perm rank, we don’t want infinite ores, this ain’t no prison server.
      • Regen does not work on spawners!
  • Added Gardener Name tag above head.
  • Gave Admin the ability to set Gardener rank.
  • Added WorldEdit logging into our universal logging system.
  • Drastically updated Async WorldEdit Settings, they were very dated to our old server settings.
    • Moved Clipboard storage from Disk to RAM, should be faster, The disk is NVME so not too much faster, but still faster!
    • Set to 8 CPU cores instead of 4.
    • Lots of behind the hood tweaks.
  • Updated Proxy/VPN block message when attempting to join the server through a proxy/VPN. To mention you can request a VPN bypass on a specific account via for those people that require a VPN on their network, I mentioned this when I released it but thought it would make more sense to have it in the error message.
  • Created a Travelling Merchant, This Merchant will only be around temporarily to sell his stock of impossible to get item(s). First item was Sponges!
    • The Merchant is a way to get hold of basic items that are otherwise impossible to get hold of outside of rare event drops! The Merchant knows this, so his prices match the impossible to get items!
    • Limit to 5 sales Per person.
    • 1 Item only at a time sold by the Merchant
    • Great for getting money out of the eco!
    • Verified in #consultant_council by Consultant before I introduced this to make sure it couldn’t be misused.
    • Put in /shop2 on purpose, this is a Premium Market that will continue to have small random events to draw in people to the marketplace.
    • I wanted to have a set global stock, but sadly I’ve been let down by the plugin and this wasn’t possible, I’ve requested it so hopefully in the future we will be able to have limited stock of items.
  • The Build Leader & Builder team are slowly going to start updating some super oooolllld parts of the Cove over time in drips and drabs, here’s your first installment from MionaTheGreat updating the shipwreck that is between Covetown & the marketplace! Look how stunning this looks! Thanks a million Miona it looks beautiful! You can go see it yourself by visiting /warp cove and walking towards /warp shop or start at shops and walk towards cove!
  • Fixed Media Render distance being 12, the plugin updated at some point which required it to need 2 permissions instead of one. Media You will be able to capture top quality screenshots again!
    • Thanks Cirquo for the heads up!
  • Temporarily disabled Discord Boosters being auto given via discord to in-game due to a bug that requires the developer to fix.
    • We can manually give out Helmsman Rank for discord boosters! So you will still get your rank you will just need to message me directly when boosted for now.
  • Removed Commander inheritance from Helmsman, Those that Discord Boost and got a free Contributor rank, you’re welcome not quite sure how I managed to do that one!
    • Because of the above issue, I’ve had to change how Discord Booster are handled in-game, Sadly the developer of DiscordSRV has refused to fix an issue with how ranks are synced so I’m being forced to use Contexts instead of Ranks. which means permissions are granted for Discord booster from Deckhand rank based on a context instead of a separate rank (I know its stupid, I can’t help it if the developer won’t fix security issues)
  • Added context-based permissions for Discord Booster which is again now automated again!
    • Coloured username and badges will auto be set if you are a booster but it will not show as a separate rank (RIP Helmsman).
    • Sadly this means, as I can’t auto set a rank, that overhead colored names will not work, as it requires checking for a rank BOO! I’m waiting on a bug fix from another Nametag plugin before I can switch it to hopefully solve this! AHHHHHHH
    • One benefit is you will be able to /rankup.
  • Fixed S3 Shop for some reason being part of the Shops group, but having custom pricing and extend time on it, very weird! Now updated to be the same as all the other shops!
    • S3 got £361 Cheaper each month to rent! from £1686 down to £1325
  • Fixed S8 Same issue now fixed!
    • S8 got £MUCH Cheaper I didn’t take a before screenshot to see by how much, expect about the same.
  • Travelling Merchant is back!
    • You can buy 80 Sea Lanterns in one go!
    • 1 Item only at a time sold by the Merchant at all times!
  • Auction 23 “Garage Sale” is Live, use /auc in-game!
    • This is auction number 23! 5+ days bid time.
    • £10 Junk Special! This is a polar opposite auction! This is selling all the confiscated junk items at £10 each!
    • This auction is targeting new players to get some super cheap tools! (And to clear out some crap in storage!).
  • Updated Hologram at /warp cove to tell people that /auc has been updated, you can click this Hologram or the NPC who has been relocated for Auc 23!

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Big thanks to @bombniks for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Bombniks

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