April 2021 Changelogs – New /warp south arena ⚔️

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New arena at /warp south, new rank for discord boosters, New Admin, 2 New rules, NPC positions were re-set, some bug fixes and plugin updates too, more information in the post below.

Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

  • New! /doors now have a notification setting in the GUI! This Alerts the Owner of a door when its been toggled! Massive thanks to IronAR That had this idea!
    • Good for testing if a redstone contraption is working with a door!
    • Could act as a sort of proximity sensor if you set the doors up with redstone! Someone walks on a pressure plate activating your door and it sends you a message in chat with the door name so you know what door it is!
    • See attached video of it in action!
  • Gave our BOTM Feb 2021 Prizes.
  • Updated death recount plugin, hopefully, fixes console errors
  • Removed the /msg that was sent to everyone when they logged in telling them that rules had been updated, this should have been plenty enough time to alert everyone of the changes.
  • Shop owner expiry notifications gained title + sound warnings!
  • Removed the April fools Acid water! This was fun it should be on more often for odd days!
  • Updated the format of /servertime to show Day name/Month name and made it gold/orange to fit in with the rest of the servertime text. Before it was in the USA format which none of the rest of the world uses! Who does Month Day year!?
  • Everyone gained access to a new command /mailignore playerName/uuid/all this blocks /mail being sent to you from a certain player, or entirely from everyone with /mailignore all this works as a toggle to turn it on/off.
    • You will still be able to be sent mail from Helper, Moderator, and Admin & Console.
  • Promoted Atalantaa to Admin
  • Promoted khaiethan to Moderator
  • 2 new Rules Added. After a team discussion, we are bringing back an old rule and introducing a new rule that we have always followed but never written down.
    • 3 warnings in 3 months will be escalated into a punishment based on context.
      • This will not be automated, this will be at staff digression.
    • Excessive punishments will result in harsher punishments.
      • Punishments are a chance for a player to stop and think about their actions and what they have been punished for; a second chance to be allowed to continue to play.
      • Collecting excessive punishments will result in much harsher future punishments.
        • This will not be automated, this will be at staff digression.
  • Removed Easter gift chest at cove
  • Wiped the cove jail history
    • We had almost 300 pirates in the jails! Now it’s much tidier for the team.
  • Updated the online staff widget on the website for team ranks for all the latest changes!
  • /rules got updated in-game to match the official rules, massive thanks to EisenGraf who learnt how to make the custom text & formatted the website rules into /rules so they were updated!
    • All rules with a sub-set of rules now have hover-overs to tell you in-game!
    • If there are any typos or mistakes give EisenGraf a little message, there are so many rules and I could have typos in my website rules too!
  • /staff got tidied up thanks to Lego who also created more staff pages for staff that didn’t have pages! We now have /caldera23 /waterpool /torkey /simbud /encode42 /eirikh1996 /creatingwithkass /claymaester /badbrando If we’ve missed anyone give one of us a ping and we will get it added! Thanks Lego!
  • Gave our prizes for Halloween Pumpkin competition.
  • Updated premium suite of essentials.
    • This introduced an update that I requested a while ago that I’m excited for! It add the ability to have 10 randomly picked locations for a warp! To give an example of how this could be used: We could if we wanted, have when you use /shop2 pick one of 1 of 10 random warp positions, so you could situate a warp right outside a shop(s) so instead of randomly rotating your orientation, it would place you outside a shop randomly.
    • When teleporting to a player, now considers if a player is sitting/on a vehicle.
    • The developer added one of my suggestions to manually reset /back via a command for a player with /resetback.
    • A message will be sent to you if your back was reset, We also have the option to set a custom reason per reset, or silently do it so no message.
    • Should fix /top onto fences not sending you directly down to earth with the force of a thousand suns.
      • Closes issue #117 Thanks to EisenGraf & CreatingWithKass
  • Admin Gained /resetback (playerName) (reason) (-death) (-s) -s is for silent, -death is to reset /dback which is only for back on death, but players have full /back.
  • Added /warp jail for Helper, Moderator and Admin to quickly get to the Cove Jails Via Solembus13
  • Changed the proxy server for an entirely different Proxy server.
  • Added optimized Java flags to Proxy server again.
  • Changed The Veteran channel to be called #consultant_council to avoid confusion with the word “Veteran” with people expecting to be added just for long playtime, this was never the case and was purely for consulting advice on changes. Via Atalantaa.
  • Fixed a bug with Build Leader, Moderator and Admin being able to set Builder rank.
  • Fixed /addtempbuildercreative alias.
  • Fixed the Deadmanschest2 crate working at the cove.
  • Added a second spawn location for /warp arena that’s picked at random when you use the /warp arena.
  • Updated Jump pads plugin.
  • Updated PvP Manager.
    • New ability to disable the PvPManger checks in regions! I disabled the PvP Manager checks in /warp arena this means you won’t get put in jail for PvP abuse and it also means it wont PvP log you if you leave during combat.
  • Added flat arena under /warp arena you just turn around when using the warp and jump down through the water!
  • Updated the /warp arena region to not include PvP above the arena when looking down onto a fight, so you are now safe to spectate from above the arena on top of the Barrier blocks!
  • Bumped the Chat filters max CAPS chars from 5 to 6 to allow 5 Char Capital TAG names for /crew which makes no sense as the crew command is not filtered through the caps filter at all and I found no proof for it when searching, but none the less. Closing Ticket #120, IronAR for the report and CreatingWithKass for making the ticket!
  • Made a change to the punishment plugin chat priority.
  • Blocked a bypass that allowed muted players to talk in Crew/Ally chat by using the GUI Toggle in /crew Now muted players should actually be muted across board.
  • Re-enabled PvP tagging in /warp arena Via khaiethan in #suggestions.
    • Same PvP tag as rest of the world, if you log out you will loose!
    • I have still disabled the kill abuse, so you wont go to jail in the arena!
    • This should block commands again once you are tagged.
  • Added #events Discord channel via awesomecow329 from #suggestions to allow players to organise and publicly broadcast when they will be doing their Crew/player held event! All organisation can go in here too!
    • This is not for server-based events they will always be shown in #announcements.
  • Updated /info siege to include the list of blocks able to be broken during looting time.
  • Reset the positions of every NPC.
    • Moved Perry out of the Jails to put him in the offices at cove.
    • Made a backup of NPC locations so I can easily reset them!
    • Thanks to Tulipss who stole Perry then told me he stole Perry to alert me that the NPC plugin wasn’t blocking stealing them.
    • Moved the Auctions NPC back to the office as there’s no current Auction on. I move him out when we have auctions!
    • I hid the hologram for the “Event shack” I have at cove beach.
  • NPC’s will now be blocked from being stolen in boats!
  • Given out prizes for BOTM March 2021 Winners.
  • Made my first ever TikTok video! (How do you do, fellow kids?)
  • Added a temporary admin claim outside of /warp south that contains a flat platform as requested by IronAR.
    • You can pearl + fight safety on this platform! Just until we get a proper area for you all.
  • Created a new rank Helmsman for Discord Booster at present the only benefits are:
    • Green username with Aqua badge.
    • Overhead Name Tag.
  • Updated Anti Cheat quite a few versions.
    • Updated Anti Cheat checks, massive thanks to Encode42.
  • Removed BottleXP plugin, I checked its use over the last few months and its used once or twice a week by a couple of people. Waste of resources!
  • Added a new arena to /warp south that is entirely flat, has a re-spawn location, quick to access, No keep inventory as requested!
    • No keep inventory!
    • Entirely flat.
    • PvP zone is the island + the water.
    • Little orange parrots mark the borders!
    • Quick jump pads from /warp south.
    • Re-spawn at the start of the bridge at South.
    • Working Drawbridge to shut off people coming in easily!
    • Massive thanks to the builders Atalantaa, IronAR, Pjeturr, LEGQ, GodsDead.

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Big thanks to @bombniks for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Bombniks

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