February 2021 Changelogs – New /shop7 & Valentines 🌹

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  • Crew Score Overhaul! /crewscore
    • Complete overhaul for score calculation by Xeron/Creeprr.
    • Member count, KDR, and ally count now contribute directly to the score rather than modifying it – large crews will no longer be catapulted to extreme scores.
    • Reduced score contribution from claimblocks and money.
    • Increased score contribution from being active.
    • Score contribution from being active now scales with member count – this should give larger crews more flexibility when it comes to being ‘active.
    • Fixed issue where negative KDR would not produce a score.
    • Tweaked score scaling.
    • /crewtop to see a list of Top Crews.
  • Slight alternations to Anti-Xray settings
  • Updated some AC checks, thanks Encode42!
  • Added 5s Cooldown to using shop signs to reduce lag caused by people spamming them.
  • Auction 20 Ended, Moved the NPC back to the building and disabled the Hologram at cove.
  • Gave Community Manager access to TPS commands to diagnose if were having server issues/network issues.
  • Gave Moderator access to another additional TPS command (we have 4!).
  • Removed Winter Crate 2020.
  • Gave Admin some in-game player analytics commands with some handy player statistics.
Head Drop from Feb 4th
  • Greatly reduced the use sign shop cooldown from 5 seconds to 1 seconds from community feedback.
  • Some more blocks added to the /doors blacklist as some sketchy tomfoolery was happening with them! Thanks for the report trooper306. Claim blocks sent for the bug bounty!
    • Now blacklisted:
      • DROPPER
      • HOPPER
  • Updated Crew plugin.
    • Fixes wrapping long colored strings/words
  • Updated Entity manager plugin.
    • Adds better Armour stand limiting.
    • Added system for managing grouped entities, This affects only overflow and will not affect entity natural spawning. This has not been set to any specific entities but will be added to Armour stands so should not affect any farms.
    • Added /mfm list (range) for Admin so they can check how many mobs are in a range and teleport to that area with a lot of mobs.
  • Made all Crate animations take half the time! /warp cove Treasure chests!
    • The animation was set at 6 seconds, I have set it to 3 seconds now and is much faster. Via Tech6 in #suggestions. There is only a global modifier for animation speed so it has to be ALL crates not just Vote ones.
  • This one is just for Helper & Community Manager, I moved your /warp private.
    • Thanks to claymaester who already built you an island next to the Mod & Admin islands, I removed the one from inside Cove and put you with us! So you now have your own “Nobody can enter this region” apart from Helper, Community Manager, Moderator and Admin.
    • It’s a big old area, so build additional islands each like Mods have done, use it as a safe haven for Helper Discussion and to put items that need to be confiscated…
    • Claim goes back 100 blocks and it’s bedrock to sky, so you also have underground! Just be aware this is a shared space, build and use it as you wish!
  • Valentines Coupon code cupid added for 15% off /donate.
  • New Valentines Brew! Our first player submitted brew by Jmoo_ is now live! Sweet Juice/Lover’s Brew/Cupid’s Tincture Do not ask them for the recipe! This will tell us if we can have player submitted brews or not!
    • A Brew hint is available at at /warp brewing.
  • Added a small valentines gift for everyone at /warp brewing from all the team here!
  • Jump pads at warps will no longer yeet other entities, as much fun as it is to push mobs onto jump pads it’s not needed. This will save some resources not having to check for all entities, only players for jump pads.

  • Trying out a new method to get people attention of things that have changed or are for a short time! Added bossbar message about valentines present/new brew + coupon code when you log in.
    • When it finishes will also send you a /msg from console in-case 10 seconds is too fast for you.
    • Will send you a 10 second bossbar message with details about /warp brewing for the free gift + brew hints!
MajSay23 Here also demoing the head you get from your free gift at /warp brewing.
  • Added new NPC shop Alchemist at /warp brewing The Alchemist is found in the Library at Cove Town, which is accessed from using /warp brewing
    • Sells 10x Brewing recipes! These were already being sold at Cove, but were hidden in room on signs!
    • Now much more visible inside a glowing NPC in the correct location at /warp brewing.
    • All recipes are £50 in-game.
    • I did not write these smokeyriver did! So these are Ancient books!
  • Added Holograms at /warp brewing.
    • Hologram added at Brew Hints at the Brew Shack.
    • Hologram added at Brew House that shows all brews.
    • Hologram added at Library.
  • Removed old shop signs for brews at cove.
  • Added NPC at /warp cove in the Bar that opens up the same shop as the Alchemist at /warp brewing.
  • Changed the bar at /warp cove a bit inside.
  • The #giveaway ended with Melepe taking this sexy prize! 1x Custom »–Cupids-Bow-❥ for Valentines 2021! (And a bunch of custom heart heads!)
Valentines 2021 Giveaway Prize from our Discord.
  • Removed Bossbar/Msg when you log in about Valentines.
  • Removed Valentines gift basket from /warp brewing.
    • The Cupids Tincture will stay on! This wasn’t a Valentines only Brew, but we are considering making it a seasonal brew, For Spring only. As well as releasing other seasonal brews, like you see in real life with companies that release seasonal variants of their brews!
  • Updated all Popup shop rent prices (/shop8)! Looks like I messed up the algorithm when I made the popup shop group for shops which all the shops at shop8 are! I must have copied the stalls group algorithm which divided the shop price by 7 (as these are a maximum of 7 days rent) /shop8 were being rented at $5 a week roughly! A little insane. Its all fixed now back at the prices the shops should be. There still super cheap as there tiny shops, so it might increase to maybe ~$40 a week.
    • People at /shop8 basically been getting free rent! LANDLORD COLLECTS! So apologies to you Polsair you were right in the fact that some shops has insane cheap rent. Popups will now follow all other shops.
  • s64 and s62 were moved to the correct “shops” group, they were somehow in their own “shop” group where ive also screwed up and missed the S off “shops” when setting their group.
    • grafando your S62 Went from $791 a month to about $387.66 a month! (It was using the default fixed algorithm as It wasn’t grouped correctly!)
    • Rose1523 your S64 Went from $791 a month to about $898.128 a month! (It was using the default fixed algorithm as It wasn’t grouped correctly!) S64 is MUCH bigger than s62, so this one increased a little bit.
  • Via #suggestions from duckmasterizzy We now have Alias for all kits!
    • /kdh for /kit deckhand
    • /kcd for /kit cadet
    • /ks for /kit sailor
    • /kcar for /kit carpenter
    • /kgun for /kit gunner
    • /kbs for /kit boatswain
    • /kfm for /kit firstmate
    • /kqm for /kit quartermaster
    • /klt for /kit lieutenant
    • /kcom for /kit commander
    • /kcap for /kit captain
  • Please welcome the entirely re-made /shop7 (Version 3)
    • This was the fastest emptying of all shops, removing all existing, building new shops from scratch and technically making them work in the history of the marketplace. With our amazing new Build Leaders IndexOutOfMJ & ScriptX getting this built today I managed to get it live today!
    • Every shop got bigger s77-s82 was re-made much larger into properly sized shops.
    • Converted to pop-ups s77-s82 were made as Pop-up shops, with a max extend of 5 days you can extend your rent, you will have a maximum of 3 weeks before they change hands! Not permanent, and no more stalls!
    • No more obstructing Tree Listening to community feedback about shops not being in-view we have moved the tree (As it was so nice) to over the river! So it wasn’t lost! its now the backdrop to /shop7.
    • We lost a shop! Sadly in the process of making all shops bigger and better, we had to make room, this involved having to remove a shop.
  • Updated /warp shop board of all shops with recent changes! thanks to Lullaby93 for the heads up! Echest was also added to /shop7 as requested!
  • Fixed typo in /market via Capt_Lugnut and CreatingWithKass. Closes ticket https://github.com/PirateCraft/dev/issues/111.
  • Markusi13 Fixed Spelling Mistake & Ticket Number 69 (Of course) Thanks, Solembus13 & CreatingWithKass https://github.com/PirateCraft/dev/issues/69.
  • Updated premium suite of essentials plugin.
    • Small change in teleportation so /warps /back /top /spawn /tpa. Added 0.1 block height to try and stop people from falling through blocks. Do report any issues in #bugs
    • Fix when teleporting player on top of water and resulting in player being placed on bottom, now it should place player where target location was defined.
    • Fix for possible abuse when using /tpa and /tpahere commands while canceling one of those and forcing wrong one to be accepted. Now it will properly accept the one which was offered and clicked in chat.
  • Added missing permission for Admin to re-create /warps again! Will allow them to add warps to the GUI for temp events if /warp event is taken/in-use.
  • Updated /report to include extra information when reporting players.
  • Promoted BadBrando, Caldera23 and Coldat to Moderator
  • Added /chc mute for all Moderators now to mute the entire chat!
  • Moderator, Community Manager, Media, Helper will join Admin in being able to talk when the chat is muted now!
  • Removed all old /ewarp commands (Legacy).
  • Removed old /email command (Legacy).

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Big thanks to @bombniks for creating this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Bombniks

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