October 2021 Changelogs – Spooky 👻

Part 3 of the /vote update, /shop2 was re-built so shops are cheaper! New inhabited heat-map of the over-world shows... View Article

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September 2021 Changelogs – Updates to Voting, Competitions & Autumn Treasure! 🍁

A new Autumn Treasure Chest along with a new winter competition, Part 2 released for the remade /vote update, new... View Article

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August 2021 Changelogs – Treasure World, Item Design Competition, New Vote Crate and Casino 🗝️

We had our first ever item designing competition on our brand new Treasure World for Creating items on Creative with... View Article

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Website Changelog January 2020

Changes made to the PirateCraft Website January 2020 Added padding to all blog post content & headings, added a bigger... View Article

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Changelog roundup from August to December 2019

Its been a long time since I have posted a changelog update to the website, I post changelogs live to... View Article

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Updated online pirates micro mobile website with sort & search

I wanted to trial being able to search online users and order by rank or alphabetically, so I updated the... View Article

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Changelogs have moved out of the forums to their own blog category

I have spent the last few days customizing the website theme to allow me to separate the changelogs into their... View Article

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