July 2021 Changelogs – New End Island & Battle🐉

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New end island and dragon fight, along with fragments which can create unique gear, collectable mob head drops with unique lore, rewrite to some commands, lots of website updates! read post below for more information!

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July 31st Server wide ship battle!

Today is the day of our PirateCraft Server-wide ship battle! You can find out more about it on our discord in this annoucement.


  • Mob kills will now have a 1% chance in dropping a mob head for ALL mobs!
    • Some mobs like sheep have 16 different heads to collect! Each one is custom!
    • You cannot farm these! Each time you get a mob head drop your chance for another one drops by 50%! This gets reset each server reboot!
    • Lore will be custom to you! your username will be forever bound to that head drop to make it unique!
    • You can use your looting enchanted items for a better chance in mob head drops!
      • Level 1 Looting: +0.5%
      • Level 2 Looting: +1.0%
      • Level 3 Looting: +1.5%
    • I have also designed the Head drops lore to follow my new Collectable Treasure color/design guidelines! These are head drops are classed as Common
    • The End Dragon has a 100% chance in dropping a head.
    • Its entirely possible to have context based head drops, for example a charged creeper or a baby mob! None of the heads currently have these options! so get finding and suggesting!
  • Re-opened up /warp end
  • Fixed void deaths re-spawning you at /warp end
  • 1.17.1 clients can now connect to the 1.12.2 server!
  • Congrats to EisenGraf who passed his trial as Moderator!
    • Added EisenGraf as support agent for Support tickets!
    • Added EisenGraf as Forum mod & added Mod badge!
  • Added a Golden Hoe (Manoeuvre Tool) to /kit staff via Espul in #suggestions
  • Updated /kit ship & /kit sailor_rankup, Golden Hoes to have the same name/lore as other Manoeuvre Tool kits so they all match.
  • Updated Jump pads plugin.
    • Should finally after all these years respect & work with the AntiCheat
    • I had a jump pad at cove that yeeted you like 2000 blocks for fun, but sadly the AC kicked you for flying
  • I updated /howtoplay
    • Re-iterated that this is survival
    • Added Live map section
    • added Navigate via warps section
    • Re-worded most of the existing starting points
    • Added rules section
    • Fixed heading actually being clickable to open website getting started page.
    • Gave Ships its own clickable section
    • Added message to say 1.12.2 client is recommended via harbinger787 in #suggestions
  • I updated the NPC information at /warp end NPC
  • Moved the jump pad at cove that you first see to be able to jump over the notice board but also bypass all stairs and ladders up to the main shops! Based off #suggestions via khaiethan
  • Added highlighting /howtoplay and /rules in chat Like I did with 🙂 and 🙁 thanks for reminding me in #suggestions DeofiloW1
  • Updated ProtocolLib
    • This seems to have broken the item showing in chat plugin, its been reported.
  • End Island Fight /warp end fully redesigned by:
    • MionaTheGreat
    • RatRaceRobot
    • MajSay23
    • IcyWizard1
  • Added new dragon drops! 8 Dragon Fragment drops (Heads) added to the dragon!
  • Created set of Dragon Armour and also Dragon Weapons to collect and build from your dragon fragments, see /warp cove Tradesman.
  • Added 2 plugins to put the vanilla dragon on a timer to spawn every 6 hours
    • I hate the default dragon boss, and I;m looking for someone to make a custom dragon mob in mythic mobs for PirateCraft to replace it!
  • Added a /dragonslayer for person that killed the dragon last as well as a statue at /warp cove
  • Added Claimed NESW walkways from the main /warp end island to get to outer islands, feel free to build off these but do not block them or try and use them as a means for your own gain!
  • Created NPCs & Info guides at /warp end and /warp cove for the End/Dragon/Fragments/items information.
  • Added the Travelling Merchant back to /shop2
  • Updated the permissions of all builders for server survival and creative
  • Trough inactivity the build leaders have removed a bunch of Builders. If you were one of the removed builders and are still building please write a DM to ScriptX or IndexOutOfMJ.
  • I added a “bot check” plugin to the bungee, it will definitely need tweaking or replacing, i’m not a fan of how it asks each person to verify before they can log in.
  • Cleaned up all old kits (You didn’t see these, but we had about 40+!)
  • Re-named the NPC at /tuts to Tutorials, Made him glow and interactive opening up /guides once clicked.
  • Updated spawn message when you try and place blocks to include /wild and /warps via Evanstormchaser in #suggestions
  • Added new /guide doors
  • Added new /guide creative
  • Added new /gallery and /guide gallery
  • Added new /bans and /guide bans
  • Added temporary /msg when people log in to tell them about this new guide for doors! Not everyone uses discord!
  • Fixed /videos going to the correct /guide videos
  • Updated /resourcepack
  • Rough update to /commands
  • Updated /guide vote
  • Updated the Missives message guide link to the new website URL.
  • Moved Gates missives to global from Deckhand, so everyone will see it.
  • Updated /guides which was a miss-match of info, guides and random commands.
  • This will be only guides & info, check it out, its changed!
  • Next reboot made /info run the same as /guides so everything is the same index.
  • Re-added View Distance 12 for Sea Artist (Media), It was disabled as using a client past 1.12.2 does not load any chunks at all! So all ranks that inherit Media make sure you are using 1.12.2 or you may experience chunks not loading!
  • The End dragon will teleport the dragon to the center when the first player enters the end now.



  • Added the ability to toggle PvP in your plots! /plot flag add pvp true disable with /plot flag add pvp false (For PvP/Weapon/Armour Testing)
    • Available from Sailor rank!
  • Added Confiscate plugin, admin tool to auto Confiscate items.
    • Will automatically Confiscate hacked items and Super powerful weapons over a threshold!
  • Added ability to take damage from falling/fire/PvP etc when you are in /gm 0 (For PvP/Trap testing)
  • Added for Helper /itemname /itemlore and /enchant to make custom item(s) with lore and enchant them to their maximum vanilla enchantments. (Creative)
    • It does allow stacking multiple enchantments you typically can’t do in vanilla, but the enchantments themselves are vanilla.
    • Soon ™️ Will be available to normal players once some testing has been done!
  • Added ability for Admins to bypass /enchant limitations with both infinite levels on items and also invalid items. (Creative)
  • Updated permissions to be able to get potions out of your inventory again
  • Updated /doors plugin
  • Removed useless parkour plugin from creative
  • Removed old painting switcher plugin
  • Removed terrain generator I was not using
  • Removed ping plugin we no longer use
  • Removed sign edit plugin we no longer use


  • Added Surprised Pikachu as a Emoji and a sticker on discord!
  • Added permissions for Build leaders to post in #announcements
  • Added more Discord Emoji
  • Updated #welcome as this hadn’t been updated since it was first created!I created a list of key channels in it & updated the logo at the top too, it was still out Halloween one!
  • Temporarily paused #suggestions
  • We got Discord Threads!

Website & Youtube

How to create big working animated doors in MineCraft - PirateCraft
  • Added Redirects to the new “Creating moving doors, draw bridges and portcullis gates” guide on the website for the two old pages, this means anywhere these have been linked previously will be redirected to the new location!
  • Updated guides directory to link to the new doors guide.
  • Me and MionaTheGreat tackled updating the Getting Started page on the website!Massive thanks to MionaTheGreat who kicked it off with editing the images to be more unique and fixing the formatting of a lot of the old page into being fresh and new!
    • I created a new video for the top of the page for connecting (It was still showing a 1.11 client!)
    • Updated a lot of information, added new information, added many more links and sections! Just a good refresh!
  • Updated staff list on my website online users widget! New Helpers & Moderators should now show up as staff on the widget!
  • I updated the homepage.
    • I re-wrote the features sections to be more to the point, and made their headings clickable.
    • I added big buttons to each of the features to make them stand out, and removed sections that had 2 buttons/links previously and combined those into one page (Doors page!)
    • I created a publications section on the homepage! I’m generally proud to be featured in such publications and I wanted to show off that we have been published in these online magazines!
      • In the UK, PCGamer & RadioTimes are household names, RadioTimes magazine has been around since 1923 so to get blogged about, I’m super proud of! A lot of these publications have been around for years, but I’ve never thought to feature them on the website! Now there front and foremost to new people landing on the homepage! If you have seen PirateCraft featured on any other large publications or even large YouTube videos send me a DM, and if there are enough I will make an entire publications page!
    • I updated the visuals for “Change-logs” section. Now that we’re all caught up with latest changelogs thanks to Bombniks I thought I would make it simpler to understand, I removed all the categories for the multiple servers and all out changes between all servers have been combined into each blog post, no need to have separate server blog posts now.
    • I also added a link to our discord in this section to explain that’s where live changelogs are posted.
  • I updated how Javascript is loaded for better speed, so if anything broke with this change make sure to report it in #bugs
  • Fixed the support website page not loading, its back up!
  • Added a section on the Treasure Guide on How to get Collectable Items
  • Added in section for Player & Mob heads, including dragon head drop treasure! (Not in screenshot!)

More Reading!


Big thanks to @bombniks for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Bombniks

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