January 2021 Changelogs – Milk!🥛

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Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

  • Updated premium essentials plugin on all servers for consistency.
  • Updated Anti-Cheat on all servers.
    • They were all different versions, now they all match and Creative didn’t even have Anti-cheat until now!
    • Massive thanks to @Encode42 for the updated and ongoing support for Anti-cheat configs! He’s handling all your AC bugs reports that are confirmed & reproducible! (If you report them and don’t just moan in-game!)
    • Made all servers use the same config, so I can update it once and it’s updated on all servers!
  • Added @Encode42 as Developer
    • Encode42 will be a blue boy in-game now! This role inherits Captain rank!
  • Updated /crew plugin.
    • I manually updated the languages file, Tedious. This should fix being able to accept/deny crew alliances. Which is now Click in chat to accept/deny!
    • Adds 60 seconds timeout for conversations
    • Adds Default Ranks Crews that do not have any ranks setup will now get default ranks for their crews, we will have to see how this works in practice.
    • Now warns when removing the last leader from a clan.
  • Updated some false positive checks from the AntiCheat thanks to @Encode42.
  • /crew roster changed to /crew members as requested in #suggestions via @Cappur
  • Version 4 of the Cove Spawner is live! Massive thanks to @IronAR for this big update!
    • 2x Skeleton Spawners.
    • 3x Cave spider Spawners.
    • Now with an auto-sorting system into chests!
    • /warp spawner
  • The Winter Crate 2020 #giveaway ended and I have given out all keys to the winners!
    • Congratulations @Atalantaa @Petalface @Tulipss you have all been given 15x Winter Crate keys!
    • I have sent these as though they were /donate packages!
  • Removed Essentials Chat.
    • This is mostly a test to see if we lose any features by removing it, I think by now the chat plugin is mature enough to cover all features Essentials Chat offered and it’s a bit silly having 2 chat plugins let’s hope nothing goes missing! Do create a #bugs if you suddenly notice a chat feature vanishes (or if an old alias no longer works).
  • Fixed tab list without requiring a reboot or adding the plugin back!
    • Essentials had an override setting to change the display name without using their chat plugin. (After spending hours learning how to use the Premium Essentials Tablist feature) It’s been one of those days…
    • Displayname is fixed throughout so in messages and other chat things.
    • Just clocked that it doesn’t actually order people in any organised fashion, now I’ve noticed this, I can’t unsee it. Maybe ill try and find a way to sort the Tablist to at the very least into Ranks so it’s a bit tidier, I don’t really want to use another plugin. I will ask the dev to add sorting.
Had one of those days where everything just breaks/goes wrong. I need a beer.

  • Removed Giant Santa and Xmas gift basket from /warp west
  • An updated premium suite of essentials should fix a jail bug.
  • Updated how Brewing configs are updated, nothing should change but should make our lives easier updating brews.
  • Removed Winter Event
    • Moved NPC & Hologram from /warp cove to the Museum at cove.
    • Updated /warp event to go to Museum in front of Winter NPC.
    • Removed all Mobs spawning from the Winter world.
    • Removed Auto-key dropping for Winter Crate.
    • Removed /warp xmas and /warp xmas1.
    • Removed New years/300k Present at cove.
    • Unloaded and removed xmas world.
  • Added /servers as alias to /server.
  • Added New Brew! Bottle 'o Milk! My first brew!
    • Brew number #201.
    • Puts milk into bottles, so you can go out into the world without having to carry a bucket!
    • Works the same as drinking normal milk, removes all effects on you (positive and negative).
    • Variants are Spoiled Milk/Suspicious Milk/Bottle ‘o Milk.
    • Drinking Spoiled Milk will make you go blind, don’t drink Spoiled Milk…
    • Easiest brew out of the 201 to make! you just need to boil milk in a cauldron! But for how long and how many milks!
    • The slight downside is it will give you some slowness, to digest that lovely cow juice.
  • Brand new plugin! Recount what Killed you, what dealt the damage and display the name of the item that killed you!
    • This is automatic, on death you will get a detailed breakdown of what damage you took, this works for PvE and PvP! This is for everyone, so Deckhand +
    • Boatswain+ Gained a new command! /rec or the long version /recount taken this shows the recounted data for the last 30 seconds! See how much damage you took in the last 30 seconds and from what!
  • Meet Perry. Perry is a very, very naughty parrot, that is why Perry is locked up at the Jails at /warp cove
    • He can’t help but throw insults at whoever talks to him!
    • Perry is very non-PG, talk with caution!
    • I custom made how Perry works, so far he’s got quite a large vocabulary, the issue is that as it’s so large, I haven’t vetted what he says… So just be warned before you talk to Perry, he’s very very naughty!
I hope you like my insulting Parrot, he was a proof of concept idea to remove the insults from Chat but he works in a really unique way for future ideas!
  • An update from a previous changelog, the Accept/Deny is working again with crews and you can click it in-chat now. I fixed it a while back and forgot to test it, I noticed its working with my fixes today when someone was able to send me a request! So you can again request alliance with people.
  • Added /glow for all Contributor (Just white)
  • Added the ability to copy banners with more than 6 layers up to the permission you have, so if you are a Contributor and can make a banner with 15 layers you will be able to copy them, but if you can only make up to 11 layers you won’t be able to copy 15 layer banners.
  • Added an Armor Stand limiter to fix some issues caused by them.
  • Very minor, but I added 2 Enchantment table areas at the Library next to /warp spawner one downstairs and one upstairs. /warp brewing is a quick way to get there!
  • Created a back entrance to the Library at Cove Town for quick access from /warp spawner.
  • Free Melons at the PirateCraft Pantry at Cove Town is now working again! /warp brewing
    • This is for new players! A little bit of food if they are desperate!
    • Unique restocks per player, every 1h since you last used it, it’s a loot table so it will give you a random amount of Melons and 10% chance of a piece of bread!
    • Built a sliding portcullis melon door to enter and exit!
This, I think by memory was created by Hydra who were suppose to stock it, but it hasn’t been working for years! So I fixed it up and got it working automatically!
  • Removed Winter message from the server list MOTD. back to normal.
  • Added Auction 20.
  • Added Auction 20 Hologram at cove /auc.
  • Moved Auction NPC to near /warp cove spawn to get more people to realize there’s a new auction on!
  • Lumberjack at cove had permissions put back on.
  • Removed the Winter Contributor chest at /warp vip.
  • Some experimental changes to test performance. So please be patient if these do not work as planned.
  • Added Distributed Mob Spawns.
    • This is a test to see if we can improve mob spawning around players by trying to fix another of Mojang’s many mistakes. Consider every single player online that is walking around on the overworld loading mobs under them in dark caves that are pointless and never seen! The Idea of Distributed Mob Spawns is to distribute mobs per player instead of a global cap. This may be when one player is loading too many mobs around causing other players to not get many spawns.
    • This is untested and can only be tested live to see what effects it has on mobs and farms, I will again say to please be patient and calm if this has untold effects on your farms as this is the only negative effect I can see it has, I’m hoping this plugin targets natural spawning and avoids spawners for your farms, this test should tell us!
    • This is the plugin description for added detail:
      • Multiplayer natural mob spawning has a fatal flaw. It uses a global cap that is essentially only dependent on the number of chunks loaded. This means areas with lots of dark areas will get more mob spawns over other areas. This can lead to the situation where some players have many more mobs around them over other players.
      • Distributed Mob Spawns aims to solve this issue by preventing mob spawns around players who have exceeded the spawn limit around their mob-spawn-radius area.
      • Avoid situations where too many monsters spawn in player made dark room monster farms.
      • Also avoid situations where no monsters spawn in monster grinder when more than 1 player is online.
  • Slightly Buffed Animal spawns.
  • Slightly Buffed Monster spawns.
  • Testing the performance hit Anti-Xray has on the server.
  • Anti Cheat updated! This is a major upgrade, a lot of the plugin has undergone a rewrite.
    Massive thanks again go out to @Encode42 who has done an absolutely amazing job on the configs for the update and is also active in #bugs with Anti-cheat issues that are reported!
    • So make sure to report any #bugs you have with the Anti Cheat!, with a video on how to reproduce! if its not reported it can’t be fixed (and if you see someone moaning in chat, tell them this!!).
  • Updated resource pack selecting plugin /getpack.
  • Gave Moderator & Community Manager The ability to add/remove/temp Helper rank Privateer!

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Big thanks to @bombniks @lego for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Bombniks & Lego

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