June 2021 Changelogs – Crate Overhaul 🧰

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Overhauled Treasure chests from the ground up, created Spring Treasure chest, created new consistent tiers and color schemes for future Treasure from all Treasure Chests/Events. PirateCraft Resource Pack updated with more event items, Re-made beach area at warp cove. Regenerated locker, Created helmsman kit and brewing got new features! For more information read the post below.

Changelogs are posted live to our discord server in the changelogs channel, make sure you join our Discord server to be the first to see changes and other content!

  • Moved NPC for /auc and disabled the Hologram at /warp cove as the auction ended! Surprised that everything from the garage sale auction sold!
  • The Travelling Merchant from /shop2 has departed with his Sea Lanterns! He will be back in the near future with different goods!
  • Removed the /msg sent when logging in about the Ranks & Commands page update, this works really well for getting people to see new features, the website tracks analytics and I can see it was being used!
  • Removed the PvP combat timer from GriefPrevention as its recommended to not have 2 PvP tag timers, Still have the 15s PvP timer from our PvP Manager plugin, If there are any issues with Siege/combat after this change, please tell me and I will put it back on! I’m going off a recommendation from the developer.
    • This change was reverted due to other issues it caused.
  • Removed the Helmsman Rank from Discord Booster until this security issue is solved with the Discord plugin.
    • Don’t worry your permissions were added in a different way! So you will still get your Discord Booster perks!
    • This will actually solve the Discord boosters wanting to /rankup in-game again!
  • Created /kit helmsman for Discord Booster which is a custom head voted for in #contributor channel!
    • 1x Discord custom head every 30d.
    • Puts your username onto the lore!
    • Puts the date you used the kit onto the lore too! (I cant remove the underscores from the date sadly)
  • Added to the whitelist for similarity via IronAR in #suggestions.
  • I re-designed /warp cove spawn/beach/Crate areas!
    • I was desperate for more space at /warp cove as the beach was too small and everything was on top of each other/a jumbled mess.
    • I extended the beach dramatically and built a second beach opposite, I’m tempted to make more of the Cove beach so we have more room, what do you think? tell me if you think I should make the beach bigger!
    • Moved /warp cove spawn to under the Bar for better “flow” of where to walk, and its closer to /warp ships.
    • New information board that I can put graphics on!
    • Treasure Chests /treasure Got moved to individual ships on the shoreline (Thanks IndexOutOfMJ & ScriptX I borrowed this idea from your version of the cove!) These guys are working on a longer term version of the cove! Stay tuned!
    • The Resource pack parrot /getpack got his own stall, and I moved that giant hologram for it!
    • Room for activities! Drops, chests, whatever, just more room! I’m tempted to make it bigger!
  • Spring Treasure Chest 2021 is live!
    • Get yourself down to /warp cove or view the #announcements of whats inside & how to get keys!
  • I have completely overhauled Crates from the ground up! Now Called Treasure Chests.
    • I Re-branded to Treasure Chests to be more consistent in-game and with the server theme of Pirates Arr! (I already had it as /treasure!) Consider this update Treasure Chests v3 as nothing was kept, I entirely re-made the configs!
    • New consistent color scheme for item names & lore as well as new rarity categories!
    • New information on HOW to get keys for the Treasure Chest! No more reliance on signs! Its shown on the item! (This wont be shown on the item you win don’t worry!)
    • New use of spacers to separate rarity of items into rows.
    • New Information panel to credit people that have helped contribute item names.
    • New information legend for item colors & rarity labels.
    • New Star “drop rate” system to allow more stars for super rare items that have harder drop rates & Better formatting for star system + different star.
    • New Consistent formatting for display of item & the item you get! Rarity labelled and comes after lore of item with the new pirate flag name of the crate on each item!
    • New drops rates to be more generous!
    • New Holograms per Treasure Chest! For additional information, example Legacy Chests: to use your keys up!
    • New v3 config template for new Treasure Chests for upcoming chests to follow the new format!
  • New consistent name structure for new Chests throughout the year, we now have: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter each year, instead of random names like Xmas/Halloween.
  • The HeadCoffer2 & DeadMansChest are now considered legacy! So use your keys up these will not be updated! New Crates inbound!
  • I made a noticeboard for /warp cove!
    • Manually made at present, no dynamic content.
    • Just telling people what the cove is for and what /treasure Chests are available.
  • PirateCraft resource pack version 1.8.8 was released!
    • Markusi13 added a ton more event item’s into the pack including the Spring Cleaner from the latest Spring /treasure chest!
    • Added custom models for Event items: Tormented Slicer of Herobrine, Lights Bane, Treat Blade, Trickster Blade, Werewolf Claws, Molten Axe, Secret Sauce, Morph Shard x2, Soulless Sabre, Hell Slayer, Gypsy Axe, Soul Reaver, Frostie Blade, Santa Blade, Wither Slayer.
    • If you already have the pack set in-game using /getpack it will automatically update! Nothing to do!
    • More info /resourcepack
  • Updated protocol plugin to allow 1.17+ clients to connect to the 1.12.2 server.
  • Gave out #giveaway prizes.
  • Updated resource pack plugin that broke when I updated to the Protocol hack plugin to allow later clients on the 1.12.2 server.
  • /checkrank was fixed with the previous update.
  • Added 2 new missives about the website gallery & Treasure Chest guide, updated Ranks page information.
  • Updated Brewing plugin!
    • Pour your ruined Brews into a Hopper to get the glass bottle back
    • Coffee & New Recipes can now reduce drunkness!
  • Updated PvP tagging plugin.
    • Changed teleport protection to cover ALL damage, this should help prevent tpa traps.
  • I regenerated Davy Jones Locker to be entirely fresh!
    • Made room for salty pirate messages to be dug into the fresh sand.
  • One for BE, Fixed the gb flag showing on the live map, I still do not understand how it deleted itself. lazydog11
  • Updated the hierarchy for Live map ordering of online players.
    • I created a new permissions for each rank and re-made the ordering for the live map. Before I used existing permissions which has changed over years and the order wasn’t exactly right sometimes!
  • Added PirateCraft Logo to Live map to act like a “back” button to the live map page when its being viewed full screen.
  • Updated all SSL certs for maps.
  • Added 4 new alias to quickly promote/demote Privateers!
    • /addhelper /removehelper /addtemphelper /removetemphelper
  • Added a new message when you have used up all your /sethomes to explain how to get more homes, hopefully this will work with deckhands that ask how to set more homes!
    • Idea was from Discord, Reached 95 servers on discord and it was asking me to get Nitro to get up to 200!

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Big thanks to @bombniks for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Bombniks

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