March 2021 Changelogs – New Rules 📜

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Entirely re-made pirate marketplace /shop2 and /shop3, Keep Inventory added to arena, Massive re-write of server rules and much more!

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  • Pirate Marketplace Entire of /shop2 /shop3 and /shop8 was re-made entirely from scratch by IndexOutOfMJ and ScriptX and built into /shop2 and /shop3
  • Migrated everyone from shop8 to the new AMAZING /shop3.
  • Migrated everyone from shop2/shop3 to the new AMAZING /shop2.
  • Created a video to showcase this MASSIVE upgrade to the /market
PirateCraft Marketplace 2021 update - New /shop2 & /shop3
  • Added Keep inventory to /warp arena so you can all just smash the s**t out of each other and not worry about losing anything! Durability will still be used on items!
  • Added death re-spawn location as the spawn for /warp arena so if you die in the arena you will re-spawn in the arena.
  • Helper Temp mute time doubled!, from 6h to 12h maximum.
  • Fixed Moderator long outstanding bug with temp mutes, Mods now have their temp mutes back at a maximum of 365 days for those that really need a break from talking.
  • Added Temp Warnings for Helper up to a maximum of 2 weeks! These are like public notes to warn people not to do something again.
  • Created giveaway for the 3 brand new corner shops at /shop2.
  • Updated the /warp arena spawn location & death re-spawn location.
  • Bought the premium version of our PvP Tag plugin and updated this today.
    • Gives us a few more options.
  • Moved the Analytics to network based to record analytical data for all servers into one web ui.
  • New chat trigger for “Toxic” (Thanks Bazurka!) all this does is send a chat message to the user to tell them to report behavior issues into the report/support system for staff.
  • Updated Crew plugin.
    • Added ability for me to set events for war finally!
  • MajSay23, Last_Word, Nationalistic you have been given your #marketplace shops at /shop2 from the #giveaway you are ready to move in!
  • Updated big board at /warp shop filling in all the shops that were re-made! Board is nearly full!
  • Updated all the shop markers on the live map.
  • Removed map marker for /warp howtoshop as that no longer exists.
  • New Enderpearl cooldown of 15s when you are PvP tagged in combat! & Reduced normal pearl cooldown from 5 seconds to 3 seconds for building/normal use! Massive thanks to Encode42 for forking the EnderPearl cooldown plugin and adding this feature for us! Pearl cooldown was a great discussion in #suggestions and general chat, it ended up in #consultant_council where we talked out many, many options in detail and it always came back to this suggestion! So thanks to Nationalistic who’s suggestion this was!
  • Removed NPC from spawning for the Combat log, not sure why the developer thought it was a good idea to auto turn this on when I specifically had it set to off.
  • Added brand new vote website for Vote12 as the old website seems to have disappeared from the internet.
    • now redirects to
    • The old server list was Keep an eye on it to see if the website comes back up, then I can swap it back once its back up.
    • The URL may require cache/DNS clearing to work, it works fine in Private window for me!
  • Updated the Vote12 Button in-game for /vote the new server listing.
  • Freshened up the rule page, adding a lot more information & context.
    • Header image changed including command & report hyperlink in header.
    • Wrote a better introduction to rules in general.
      • Specifically including how players ask if something is a rule, due too much false information being passed around!
      • Linked to reporting.
    • Updated General Rules 2. to include no Instigating & stalking.
    • Added rule to General Rules: 3. 3. Do not attempt to bypass a punishment by private messaging another staff member.
    • Re-parsed nearly all rules where we listed things, to This includes but not limited to; to explain the list is not extensive.
    • Changed rule General Rules: 4. 3 to specifically say not to abuse ANY shop sign for scamming. This was never allowed.
      • People that abuse shop signs will have their permission removed for using shop signs from now on.
    • Amended General Rules: 4. 4 to include people using /suicide to evade PvP death and using /back.
    • A Massive set of rules added to Chat rules for #1. Updated to PG-13 which is a content rating.
      • Added rules that are auto filtered by the chat plugin to explain they are not welcome. Example no racist comments/spamming, this seems extremely obvious yet players continue.
    • Added Chat Rule 2. 4. To not slander people (reduce toxic behaviour)
    • Building & Claiming Rules 6. New rule; Box bases need to be built underground.
    • Added Appealing section.
    • Added section about locker.
    • Moved Griefing to under “Building & Claiming Rules” as its own rule with sub-rules & explained how you request regeneration & rollbacks.
    • Slight re-wording for 2.1 and 2.2.
    • Added building rule to explain you are allowed to use the ship plugin to make things other than ships, such as turrets, cranes & trains! Just no airships! I saw someone ask this recently so thought I would add it. Specifically, no airships as they are used to grief with lava/water/tnt.
    • Added rule specifically about not using Alternative accounts, this is written in the introduction but was missing from the list of rules.
    • General rules, added Do not impersonate staff.
    • Chat Rules, added Do not cause drama in public chats. Divert your complaints to either support or the forums.
    • Updated General Rules 4. 2 and added 4.3. To separate duping from exploiting plugins.
    • Moved TPS/FPS/Redstone lag from shops to general rules to be generic about any form of lag machine or plugin issues is forbidden.
    • Created a list of Approved Mods and added this to the rules page
  • New rule
    • Do not report or message staff with false accusations
    • Do not abuse the reporting system or communication with staff to settle a spat with another player.
  • Created forum thread for new rules and pinned it so it shows in /motd when you log in.
  • Added temporary /msg when you log in to tell each person that the rules have updated and to refresh yourself with the new ruleset targeting bad behaviour. There is then no excuse for anyone to have not seen the new rules.
  • You can check anyone’s punishments in-game with /bminfo or check your own with /bminfo you can also use flags to show specific information -bans, -kicks, -mutes, -warns and even filter by -time. All this information is public on the website anyway, this just acts as a fast way to quickly check in-game! Very good to quickly see how trustworthy someone is!!
  • Had to spend a day tidying up /warp south here’s a before and after!
    • No more Traps, Player claims, Grief, Spam Signs, Turf Wars, Giant squares of stone brick at a public warp!
    • This was all on one side of south, which just happened to be the shortest distance from a public warp that players could claim on! I have expanded the south claim to match the rest of the warps. (I wonder why there were turf wars)
    • We will build a flat Arena that players can update here that fits in with the south design! Builder, Build Leader shouldn’t take too long if I move south to creative!
    • Nothing was lost! Bases were moved (This took the time!) thanks to lazydog11 helping me remove the 2000 claims around this area!
  • Shop owners can now rent the ship regions again!
    • I figured out the permissions for having a global shop limit, but still limiting shops to 1 per person, but allowing to rent shops from other “groups”, which I use to sell ships at /warp ship warps. This will give me many more options later to have separate groups of rentable regions outside of marketplace if you own a shop already.
  • Updated all SSL certs, so all maps back up!
  • Blocked mobs being able to hurt you at /warp shop After people using Entermites/Killer bunnies! Not fair if you can’t fight back! So these mobs can still spawn and run around, but won’t hurt you. I can block mobs if people spam them.
  • Removed Withers from being spawnable at the marketplace.
  • Removed being able to make a big door out of portal blocks (Thanks dpex81)

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Big thanks to @bombniks for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Bombniks

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