alarm @everyone Introducing Playtime rewards, overhead tags and 15 new one-time kits!! trophy NEW! Playtime rewards are rewards for playing! smirk_two_hand These are in addition to working your way up through the pirate ranks! πŸ”ΈRegular small rewards for playing naturally including in-game money and unlocking cosmetic overhead /tags for each of the 150 rewards! πŸ”ΈGet started now, click β€œclaim” on /prewards each rank will unlock a new tag in /tags you can track /playtime πŸŽ‰ πŸ”ΈPrimary incentive is for new players to start them off, but all existing players playtime is backdated to claim rewards! 🀩 πŸ”ΈUnlocking all 150 ranks earns each player £70,725 in-game, this requires a lot of playtime! You can see the website table for reference. πŸ”Έ 🏷️ NEW! Tags Unlock tags to show above your head as a means for decoration, showing your status, emotion, if you want to trade or PvP! I’m sure we will expand on the use cases over time! πŸ”ΈUse /tags to get started, you will already have some unlocked! πŸ”ΈThere are 10 category packs of Tags; Base pack, Rank upgrades, playtime rewards, staff, contributor, Discord booster, Item creator, Seasons, PvP and a random silly pack. 
 You can see how each is unlocked on the website guide. πŸ”ΈIf you have any ideas for tags to add to the server, you can design & submit them in #🏷β”‚tags 
 πŸ”Έ treasurechest NEW! 15 Kits added! 15 new /kits to unlock some unique custom treasure to collect! πŸ”ΈUnlock a one time kit every 10th level you unlock from playtime rewards! You can preview the /kits without unlocking them!
 πŸ”ΈMassive thanks to @Drbipper who created these wonderful kits! A new Treasure hunter rank with custom tags was introduced for this treasure making! πŸŽ‰ (edited)

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August 2021 Changelogs – Treasure World, Item Design Competition, New Vote Crate and Casino πŸ—οΈ

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July 2021 Changelogs – New End Island & BattleπŸ‰

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June 2021 Changelogs – Crate Overhaul 🧰

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May 2021 Changelogs – Gardener Rank! 🌴

Entirely new staff rank “Gardener”, intended as a temporary rank for non-admin staff to help admins with regenerating land. New... View Article

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April 2021 Changelogs – New /warp south arena βš”οΈ

New arena at /warp south, new rank for discord boosters, New Admin, 2 New rules, NPC positions were re-set, some... View Article

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