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PirateCraft Halloween Event 2020 Custom MineCraft Halloween World

Halloween 2020

Halloween Event Overview PirateCraft Halloween 2020 was released as tradition towards the later end of October, On November 1st! Some... View Article

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Halloween Pumpkin Patch Competition 2020

‘Oi you spooky scalawags! Behold the entries of the Halloween Pumpkin Patch Competition 2020!  This was our first PirateCraft creative... View Article

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Minecraft Ship Tutorial: 30-Gun Frigate

STEP 3: Deck and Rudder STEP 4: The Gallery STEP 5: Gun-deck STEP 6: Main Deck STEP 7: Masts &... View Article

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July 2020 Build of the Month Competition

Himaji Castle By FatherAnderson This towering Japanese castle looks out over the lands of the north and is from the... View Article

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May 2020 Build of the Month Competition

Hey Pirates! This build competition was truly amazing. We had a range of entries from chapels to warships, with each... View Article

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March 2020 Build of the Month Competition

Thanks for your patience everyone! After a little over 2 months, we have another finished botm. We have 12 builds... View Article

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January 2020 Build of the Month Winners

Massive thanks for the amount of participation this month! It was amazing seeing all the builds. I personally loved to... View Article

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January 2020 Build of the Month Competition

Arrrg, it’s that time again! We had a stunning assortment of beautiful builds this month, ones that would make the... View Article

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Halloween 2019

Overview PirateCraft Halloween 2019 is coming to a close! Wrapping up I would like to shout out a massive thank... View Article

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August 2019 Build of the Month Winners!

This Months best builders! Maximus_Terragon ResidentGnome PizzaLover106_02 BotM Kit BotM Kit BotM Kit 1st Trophy 2nd Trophy 3rd Trophy 10000... View Article

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