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February 2022 Build of The Month; Entries and Winners!

Ahoy you filthy pirates! This is the first BOTM since the server updated to 1.18 so we will see plenty... View Article

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PirateCraft updated 6 Minecraft versions to 1.18.2 πŸŽ‰

PirateCraft is now running 1.18.2. Upgraded from 1.12.2 to 1.18.2, nothing was lost, you can just log in and continue... View Article

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November 2021 Build of The Month; Entries and Winners!

Ahoy you filthy pirates! Look at all the submissions of this month! We have a lot of old players this... View Article

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Save port Nassau, New Providence Island 2021 🏝️

Save port Nassau Welcome to Port Nassau, The largest port on New Providence Island, a haven among buccaneers of the... View Article

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September & October 2021 Build of The Month; Entries and Winners!

Ahoy you filthy pirates! Behold the entries and winners of the Build of the Month for September & October 2021!... View Article

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October 2021 Changelogs – Spooky πŸ‘»

Part 3 of the /vote update, /shop2 was re-built so shops are cheaper! New inhabited heat-map of the over-world shows... View Article

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September 2021 Changelogs – Updates to Voting, Competitions & Autumn Treasure! 🍁

A new Autumn Treasure Chest along with a new winter competition, Part 2 released for the remade /vote update, new... View Article

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August 2021 Changelogs – Treasure World, Item Design Competition, New Vote Crate and Casino πŸ—οΈ

We had our first ever item designing competition on our brand new Treasure World for Creating items on Creative with... View Article

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July 2021 Changelogs – New End Island & BattleπŸ‰

New end island and dragon fight, along with fragments which can create unique gear, collectable mob head drops with unique... View Article

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June 2021 Changelogs – Crate Overhaul 🧰

Overhauled Treasure chests from the ground up, created Spring Treasure chest, created new consistent tiers and color schemes for future... View Article

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