February 2022 Build of The Month; Entries and Winners!

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Ahoy you filthy pirates! This is the first BOTM since the server updated to 1.18 so we will see plenty of new building blocks in the builds of this month! Now let’s check the entries and winners of the Build of the Month for February 2022! Make sure to leave a comment for the hard work of these pirates! 

Screenshots taken by Ae0n.

February’s winning survival builders!

First PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
Lullaby93 WaterPool Pjeturr
Captain RankCommander Captain RankLieutenant Rank
10000 Claimblocks7500 Claimblocks5000 Claimblocks
1st Place Trophy2nd Place Trophy3rd Place Trophy
A set of special BOTM ToolsA set of special BOTM ToolsA set of special BOTM Tools
Build in /warp botmBuild in /warp botmBuild in /warp botm

1st Place

Mura di Gerico

by Lullaby93

2nd Place

SS Blackflag

by WaterPool

3rd Place

The Swann Queen

by Pjeturr

Wow those builds are breathtaking! Make sure to congratulate the winning pirates! And while you’re here, why don’t you submit your build for next month Competiotion?

Full list of entries for February 2022!

We had many amazing entries this time, so take a look also at the rest of the builds!

Tortuga Tower

by PietroMazzocco

GodsDead in Black and White

by Tulips

Congrats again to all the skilled builders that took part to this epic Competition! If you want to participate in March’s BOTM for amazing prizes and good fun, make sure to submit your build by clicking the link below! Good luck, happy building!

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