Save port Nassau, New Providence Island 2021 🏝️

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    Port Nassau - New Providence Island, PirateCraft
    Port Nassau – New Providence Island, PirateCraft

    Save port Nassau

    Welcome to Port Nassau, The largest port on New Providence Island, a haven among buccaneers of the sea, Governed by the Republic of Pirates.

    Nassau is in trouble, the island has been infested with beasts and the living dead! You have to help the settlers of Nassau town rid the island of these demons! In return the tradesmen of the town will trade infused drops from these beasts for Weapons, Armor, Special Arrows, Enchant Books, Shields, Custom Pets & Decoration Entities!

    How to play

    Join PirateCraft and use /warp event or you can /warp cove and jump into the krakens mouth!

    PvP is off at the island, so you will not need to fear Pirates, only fear the Beasts!

    Custom Pirate Mobs and Bosses

    Custom Pirate Bosses

    Scour the New Providence Island for tombs of the dead pirate lords and Admiral Salvotore! These bosses require a sacrifice to summon, talk to the Fruiterer at Port Nassau, I’m sure he’s got some information for you!

    Each of the bosses has the low probability of dropping a top tier 5 star item custom to them, as-well as custom Autumn 2021 items, Exp, a chance for their custom head too!

    Scarlet Salvotore

    PirateLord1 on Sacrifice sign

    Gale Stormheart

    PirateLord2 on Sacrifice sign

    Blackwell Nightwind

    PirateLord3 on Sacrifice sign

    Lazarus Graves

    PirateLord4 on Sacrifice sign

    Admiral Salvotore

    RedcoatAdmiral on Sacrifice sign


    Coming soon!

    Boss list

    1. Scarlet Salvotore – PirateLord1 (On Sign)
    2. Gale Stormheart – PirateLord2 (On Sign)
    3. Blackwell Nightwind – PirateLord3 (On Sign)
    4. Lazarus Graves – PirateLord4 (On Sign)
    5. Admiral Salvotore – RedcoatAdmiral (On Sign)

    Another custom boss coming soon!

    Stay tuned for a separate mini event soon! You’ll meet the Haxor!

    Follow us on Discord to be alerted!

    Port Nassau - New Providence Island, PirateCraft

    Custom Mobs found on New Providence Island

    There are a whole host of unique custom crafted beasts you’ll come across on New Providence Island, will you be able to find them all?

    1. Mermaid
    2. Piranha
    3. Nautilus
    4. BabyNautilus
    5. TropicalFish1
    6. TropicalFish2
    7. TropicalFish3
    8. Puffi
    9. Seagull
    10. Merchant
    11. Fisherman
    12. Sailor
    13. Deckhand
    14. Scallywag
    15. Boatswain
    16. Cannibal
    17. Cannibal Chief
    18. Battle Boar
    19. Captain Redcoat
    20. Redcoat 2ndMate
    21. Redcoat lieutenant
    22. Redcoat Swabbie
    23. Herobrine
    24. Melony
    25. Shiney
    26. Tnty

    Treasure items!

    There are over 150+ items to collect between drops from mobs and bosses, then you can trade infused items on top to craft more items, pets and decoration! You can view all the Items available from /warp event and talk to the Blacksmith.

    Watch the video below to see all item drops from mob drops and trades! This is the spawn of /warp event.

    Save Port Nassau, New Providence - Item Showoff 2021


    Visit the Blacksmith to view all the possible drops from mobs and bosses.


    Visit the tradesman to trade infused items for custom arrows, enchant books, armour, bow & shield.

    Beast Merchant

    Visit the beast merchant to trade infused items for pets and decoration entities.

    Credit to the PirateCraft community

    Built by the community for the community!

    A CallieMav experience

    CallieMav outdoes himself every event, this is the biggest event hes ever created, with 6 custom boss mobs, 26 custom mobs and over 170+ custom items!

    Callie tweaks the Mobs, Drops & Items regularly throughout the event! So this is an ever changing collection of mobs and items. If you want to keep updated with changes live these are posted to our Discord changelogs as they happened!

    Calliemav made all the custom mobs, bosses, items, skills, spawner’s, random spawns & drops, this is a Calliemav experience!

    Technical & Project Management

    Me; GodsDead, I tie things and people together. Media, Website, Discord, Backend, NPCs, NPC trades, warp, portals, holograms, custom scripts, boss spawning, plugin configs, all the technical bits and bobs!

    Port Nassau - New Providence Island, PirateCraft

    Build Team

    An absolutely stunning build from the community build team, put to use after being finished a few years ago, this has to be one of the best PirateCraft build projects to come out of the community, and will stay with us for many years.

    Build Leaders


    Build Team


    External build assets

    Lots of over-world structures like sunken ships were copied in by the build team from a Pirate themed map from PlanetMinecraft that I can no longer source! If we ever find it again, we will give credit! The worlds still on the creative server.

    Alpha & Beta Testing Teams

    In previous years we have opened the flood gates only to have things broken or unbalanced, this time I decided on Alpha and Beta testing and it worked wonders! We will implementing this into any other large scale events for the future.

    Massive thanks to the whole PirateCraft Team who helped in the initial 24h alpha testing to spot things that were straight up broken, and a massive thank you to the Contributor team who beta tested for another 24h so we could make last minute tweaks to drops and spawn rates.


    Screenshots by CreatingWithKass

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