# April BOTM Closing! ## Entries close in a few days! There is no specific theme so anything goes (as long as they follow the rules listed below) ### Rules 1) Your Build has to be In Survival 2) All Entries must be acceptable (Pg) 4) Entries must be submitted by the 25th of April! 5) No specific theme is required, anything goes! 6) You cannot submit a previously entered build that placed in the top 3! Any questions, please ask in #🏆︱competitions or dm @TobySF ## Submission Form is: https://piratemc.com/competitions/ Good luck and get those last build submitted! Love TobySF & MrLimeWise @BOTM Alerts

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Big update for 1.5.1.

Bukkit finally updated! Which means that I could finally upgrade bukkit to the latest version 1.5.1, with the new version... View Article

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Welcome to PirateCraft

Piratecraft is a pirate themed minecraft server. We plan on having a custom generated world, with secret cache’s of loot... View Article

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